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Interactive Stock Charts, Fin/Tech Data in One View, 5 Min to 10 Yr

Technical Stock Charts upgraded with Real Time Data updated every 5 Mins, Supported frequency from 5 Min to One Quarter.
Tech Data values can be viewed with mouse hover, while Financial data, Fibonacci & Pivot Data are displayed below the Charts

Intraday Charts are updated every Min. Data delayed by 15 mins, Financial data (Consolidated) in crores      Feedback On Charts

Supported Feature of Custom Stock Charts

  1. Supported Frequency 5 Minute to Quarterly Stock Charts
  2. Financial Data and Technical data in One single Chart View
  3. Supported Frequency 1 Minute to Quarterly
  4. Save Custom Settings
  5. Save Charts
  6. Compare Stocks with Peers/Index
  7. Customise chart Colors/ Settings

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(Intraday Analysis/Screener are on Real Time (updated every 5 Mins) and End of Trade day's Value expected tto be updated between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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