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Interest Coverage ratio Analysis of Somany Ceramics - Deep Dive

Interest Coverage of SOMANYCERA
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Interest Coverage Analysis of Somany Ceramics
Interest Coverage Ratio of Somany Ceramics with value of 5.26 indicates the company does have sufficient profit to service its debt.
Interest Coverage Ratio of SOMANYCERA rose handsomely by 81.54 % this year.
Interest Coverage Ratio with value of 5.26 was highest in Year Mar-22 in last Five Years.
Interest Coverage Ratio with value of 1.20 was lowest in Year Mar-20 in last Five Years.
Latest Interest Coverage Ratio with value of 5.26 is Greater than Average Interest Coverage of 3.23 in last five years.
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Somany Ceramics Overview
CodePricePrevious PricePrice ChangeSector
SOMANYCERA513.0524.85 2.26 % Granite and Ceramic tiles
Fundamental Analysis of SOMANYCERATechnical Analysis of SOMANYCERA
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Interest Coverage Ratio measures how well a company can pay its interest expenses, which are concerned with outstanding debts.   more ..
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FY - Historical Interest Coverage of Somany Ceramics
Interest Coverage5.262.901.202.704.097.55-5.39
Change81.54 %141.37 %-55.51 %-33.94 %-45.88 %240.20 %-15.90 %
Price Change51.79 %364.24 %-78.08 %-36.77 %-3.53 %76.08 %-2.52 %
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FY Chart of Interest Coverage of Somany Ceramics