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Return On Equity ratio Analysis of Bharat Electronics Ltd. - Deep Dive

Latest FY ROE
Period Ending - Mar-22


Good ROE
Period Ending - Mar-21

Good ROE
2.88 %
Trailing Twelve Months ROE
Period Ending - Mar-22


Very Good ROE
Most recent Quarter ROE
Period Ending - Sep-22


Good ROE
ROE Analysis of Bharat Electronics Ltd.
ROE Ratio of Bharat Electronics Ltd. with value of 22.66 means its generates profits efficiently by using its Shareholders Fund.
ROE Ratio of BEL has grown by 2.88 % Compared to previous Financial Year.
ROE Ratio with value of 20.48 was highest in Year Mar-19 in last Five Years.
ROE Ratio with value of 17.86 was lowest in Year Mar-18 in last Five Years.
Latest ROE Ratio with value of 19.53 is Greater than Average ROE of 18.99 in last five years.
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Bharat Electronics Ltd. Overview
CodePricePrevious PricePrice ChangeSector
BEL107.15107.0 0.140 % Electronic Equipments
Fundamental Analysis of BELTechnical Analysis of BEL
Defination of Return On Equity
The Return on Equity (ROE) is a profitability metric that measures a company's ability to generate profits using its shareholder's fund. ROE is calculated by dividing Net Income by Shareholders' Fund.   more ..
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FY - Historical Return On Equity of Bharat Electronics Ltd.
Change2.88 %4.80 %-11.57 %14.65 %-9.31 %36.16 %-1.93 %
Price Change68.51 %68.03 %-20.16 %-34.08 %-0.737 %28.03 %9.62 %
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FY Chart of Return On Equity of Bharat Electronics Ltd.