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Year On Year Continous GrowthQuarter on Quarter FallYear On Year Continous Fall
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Quarter on Quarter Negative To PositiveYOY from Positive to NegativeQuarter on Quarter Positive to Negative

Year On Year Fall For Key Financial data for Indian Stock Market

High DeGrowth in Book value/Share 1Year

Name / Symbol Current Price / BVPS Other Patterns
Reliance Naval and Engineering L / RNAVAL 2.0/ -139.070Other Patterns
XL Energy Ltd. / XLENERGY 0.45/ -110.110Other Patterns
Suzlon Energy Ltd. / SUZLON 2.65/ -13.200Other Patterns
Unity Infraprojects Ltd. / UNITY 0.35/ -86.680Other Patterns
Jaihind Projects / JAIHINDPRO 0.7/ -283.170Other Patterns

Low DeGrowth in Book value/Share 1Year

Name / Symbol Current Price / BVPS Other Patterns
Adhunik Metaliks Limited / ADHUNIK 0.55/ -80.410Other Patterns
Tata Steel Bsl Ltd. / TATASTLBSL 21.2/ -1150.550Other Patterns
Sanghvi Forging and Engineering / SANGHVIFOR 32.0/ -14.570Other Patterns
Bedmutha Industries / BEDMUTHA 10.15/ -35.870Other Patterns
Rana Sugars / RANASUG 2.2/ -3.970Other Patterns

Fall in Net Cash Flow -1 Year

Name / Symbol Current Price / Net Cash Flow Other Patterns
KDDL Ltd. / KDDL 380.0/ -11.590Other Patterns
Bharat Electronics Ltd. / BEL 105.05/ -1948.000Other Patterns
Bayer CropScience Ltd. / BAYERCROP 3340.0/ -421.000Other Patterns
Sezal Glass / SEZAL 1.75/ -0.400Other Patterns
Antarctica Ltd / ANTGRAPHIC 0.75/ -0.050Other Patterns

Operating Profit 1Y Fall

Name / Symbol Current Price / Operating Profit Other Patterns
Reliance Communications Ltd. / RCOM 0.7/ -12669.000Other Patterns
Jaihind Projects / JAIHINDPRO 0.7/ -186.000Other Patterns
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd / KSK 0.45/ -252.000Other Patterns
Speciality Restaurants / SPECIALITY 65.9/ -9.000Other Patterns
Jain Studio / JAINSTUDIO 1.9/ -1.300Other Patterns

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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