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Double Top Double BottomDaily Support Trend Line
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Triple Top Chart PatternHead & Shoulder Triple Bottom Chart Pattern
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Monthly Resistance Trend Line  

Support Trend Line on Monthly Charts For Indian Stocks

Monthly Trend Line Support - Short Term

Name Current Price Pattern Date
Tips Industries 58.022/05/2019
Foseco India Ltd. 1314.622/05/2019
Ganesh Housing Corporation 58.0522/05/2019
Visesh Infotechnics 0.0522/05/2019
Kanoria Chemicals and Industries 61.322/05/2019

Monthly Trend Line Support - Medium Term

Name Current Price Pattern Date
Visesh Infotechnics 0.0522/05/2019
Visesh Infotechnics 0.0522/05/2019
IDFC Ltd. 36.1520/05/2019
Jain Irrigation Systems (DVR) 39.0520/05/2019
Landmark Property Development Co 3.617/05/2019

Monthly Trend Line Support - Long Term

Name Current Price Pattern Date
Rallis India Ltd. 148.6522/05/2019
BSEL Infrastructure Realty 1.820/05/2019
KCP Sugar Ind Corp 14.817/05/2019
Visesh Infotechnics 0.0517/05/2019
KCP Sugar Ind Corp 14.816/05/2019

Monthly Support Breakout

Name Current Price Pattern Date
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd 19.2521/05/2019
Tata Power Co. Ltd. 64.820/05/2019
BAG Films & Media Ltd. 4.320/05/2019
Time Technoplast Limited 85.5520/05/2019
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. 9.715/05/2019

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