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Strong uptrend, Bullish stock in Indian Stock Market

Five days

Name Current Price Five days Old Price Price Diff (%)
SAL Steel 3.52.1562.79
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. 33.42159.05
India Tourism Development Corpor 267.05170.5556.58
Shekhawati Poly-Yarn
Spentex Industries 0.450.350.00

Ten days

Name Current Price Ten days Old Price Price Diff (%)
Spentex Industries 0.450.2125.00
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. 33.417.5590.31
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. 2.31.3570.37
Shankara Building Products Ltd. 444.55264.568.07
RattanIndia Power Ltd. 1.71.0561.90

Fifteen days

Name Current Price Fifteen days Old Price Price Diff (%)
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. 33.416.2106.17
Integra Garments And Textiles Lt 0.40.2100.00
THE RUBY MILLS LTD 241.55130.0585.74
Noida-Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. 5.953.380.30
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. 2.31.376.92

One Month

Name Current Price One Month Old Price Price Diff (%)
Capital Trust Ltd. 113.855.65104.49
Nitin Fire Protection Industries 0.60.3100.00
Eros International Media Ltd. 18.159.591.05
Andhra Cement 3.451.981.58
Noida-Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. 5.953.380.30

Three Months

Name Current Price Three Months Old Price Price Diff (%)
Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. 9957.372.77
DEN Networks Ltd. 82.8550.5563.90
ICSA (India) Limited 0.90.5563.64
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd. 8050.159.68
Tree House Education & Accessori 7.154.558.89

Six Months

Name Current Price Six Months Old Price Price Diff (%)
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Ltd. 15755.5182.88
Refex Industries 74.231.8133.33
HDFC Asset Management Company Lt 2665.21351.497.22
Sanginita Chemicals Ltd. 995386.79
Religare Enterprises Ltd. 33.8518.9578.63

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