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Stocks at 100 Day Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Liquid BeesView In Charts1000.0999.9981167030.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Agro Phos India Ltd.View In Charts37.2537.249564090.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
Goldman Sachs S&P CNX Nifty Shariah IndexView In Charts250.5250.388292.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Syngene International Ltd.View In Charts602.7602.388154134.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
ADF Foods IndustriesView In Charts242.9242.718120789.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Vaibhav GlobalView In Charts699.25698.68629521.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded ScherView In Charts2755.052752.6412320.0More Patterns..BANKS
PPAP AutomotiveView In Charts560.9560.24228632.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts2799.552796.14193.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Arvind Ltd.View In Charts406.15405.2871459720.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
International Paper APPMView In Charts320.2319.44122626.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd.View In Charts467.05465.79310617.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Future Retail Ltd.View In Charts558.55557.0222359930.0More Patterns..RETAIL
Agro Tech Foods Ltd.View In Charts673.7671.5188809.0More Patterns..SOLVENT EXTRACTION
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts2891.02881.46267.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)View In Charts1372.51367.67578.0More Patterns..FINANCE
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts2830.02819.37782.0More Patterns..FINANCE
KEI Industries Ltd.View In Charts413.5411.878388710.0More Patterns..CABLES - TELECOM
Birla Sun Life Gold ETFView In Charts2870.02858.3830.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Triveni Turbine Ltd.View In Charts110.25109.77952733.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.View In Charts471.7469.6281504620.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.View In Charts18.218.10859283.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Shoppers Stop Ltd.View In Charts550.7547.58947072.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
SuperhouseView In Charts144.0143.15818960.0More Patterns..LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.View In Charts474.75471.6242030740.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Tata Chemicals Ltd.View In Charts724.1718.924745792.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Yes Bank Ltd.View In Charts330.9328.4889245540.0More Patterns..BANKS
The Paper Products LimitedView In Charts14.7514.639573614.0More Patterns..OTHERS
LIC Nomura MF ETF Nifty 50View In Charts109.1108.27551.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Piramal EnterprisesView In Charts2545.852526.52255783.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Arman Financial Services Ltd.View In Charts352.05349.3322490.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
SANGHVI MOVView In Charts187.15185.69249986.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
UTI Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts2785.752762.99751.0More Patterns..BANKS
Sundaram Finance Ltd.View In Charts1735.11720.1939504.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.View In Charts1068.251059.06139771.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
PVR LimitedView In Charts1365.251352.91301916.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Hero MotoCorp Ltd.View In Charts3652.753618.81265176.0More Patterns..AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.View In Charts776.1768.63744563.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
MINI_NIFTYView In Charts11022.010915.04.08525E8More Patterns..INDEX
Akzo Nobel India Ltd.View In Charts1879.41860.969072.0More Patterns..PAINTS
Hikal Ltd.View In Charts234.25231.94586188.0More Patterns..PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS
SPL IndustriesView In Charts24.7524.49055559.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
GHCL Ltd.View In Charts288.45285.422186900.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETFView In Charts2728.552699.89215.0More Patterns..FINANCE
TV Today Network Ltd.View In Charts471.0465.94884553.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Godrej Agrovet Ltd.View In Charts653.2645.911158927.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Bedmutha IndustriesView In Charts21.3521.09213450.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd.View In Charts1466.851449.08598704.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Ipca Laboratories Ltd.View In Charts676.3667.987171145.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Kiri Industries Ltd.View In Charts486.65480.533365182.0More Patterns..DYES AND PIGMENTS
Gyscoal AlloysView In Charts7.57.4015122016.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Tips IndustriesView In Charts110.75109.23260512.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd.View In Charts383.65378.323779693.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Summit SecuritiesView In Charts863.0850.4412608.0More Patterns..FINANCE
S&P CNX NIFTYView In Charts10710.510553.12.30623E8More Patterns..INDEX
Omax Autos Ltd.View In Charts168.7166.16533214.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
R*Shares CNX100 FundView In Charts113.48111.758441.0More Patterns..FINANCE
MRF Ltd.View In Charts74849.873669.84119.0More Patterns..TYRES
GAIL (India) Ltd.View In Charts342.75337.2724319650.0More Patterns..GAS
TCI DevelopersView In Charts521.0512.616177.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETFView In Charts102.2100.5232118.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Rupa and CompanyView In Charts429.6422.4956629.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd.View In Charts1595.71568.6751052.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
HDFC Nifty ETFView In Charts1102.111082.57460.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Havell's India Ltd.View In Charts539.35529.7151232410.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Kotak Mahindra MF Nifty ETFView In Charts109.02107.06260389.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.View In Charts455.85447.639875255.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.View In Charts608.55597.5882904350.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Endurance TechnologiesView In Charts1274.751251.7439684.0More Patterns..AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS
Bodal Chemicals Ltd.View In Charts136.55134.054586648.0More Patterns..DYES AND PIGMENTS
HILView In Charts1929.11893.810218.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Cerebra Integrated TechnologiesView In Charts60.959.7705278400.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - HARDWARE
KSB Pumps Ltd.View In Charts827.85812.0084001.0More Patterns..COMPRESSORS / PUMPS
Apcotex Industries Ltd.View In Charts530.8520.4935711.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts1114.811092.319276.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Central Bank of IndiaView In Charts72.671.1085575319.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
GNA AxlesView In Charts489.15479.00592851.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Century ExtrusionsView In Charts6.156.019206056.0More Patterns..ALUMINIUM
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd.View In Charts2559.752504.746237.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
L&T Technology ServicesView In Charts1313.851285.5679549.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Intellect Design Arena Ltd.View In Charts193.7189.397632334.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
BSE SENSEXView In Charts35286.734502.43.49406E8More Patterns..INDEX
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.View In Charts659.9644.13110617.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
United Spirits Ltd.View In Charts673.35657.0562130420.0More Patterns..BREW/DISTILLERIES
Greaves Cotton Ltd.View In Charts129.95126.786436373.0More Patterns..DIESEL ENGINES
Aarti Industries Ltd.View In Charts1233.61203.4634473.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
SQS India BFSIView In Charts532.05519.03612922.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
R*Shares Consumption FundView In Charts52.7851.46364055.0More Patterns..FINANCE
UTI-Nifty Exchange Traded FundView In Charts1124.21095.87267.0More Patterns..FINANCE
IDFC Mutual Fund - IDFC Nifty ETFView In Charts109.42106.5587942.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Plastiblends IndiaView In Charts210.5204.98429425.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.View In Charts4115.254007.1827839.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Jubilant IndustriesView In Charts183.7178.843199023.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
BANK NIFTYView In Charts26265.825570.81.32391E8More Patterns..INDEX
Cyient Ltd.View In Charts711.05691.698217043.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Liberty Shoes Ltd.View In Charts216.9210.889317213.0More Patterns..LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS
Power Mech Projects Ltd.View In Charts949.0922.05513444.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak Banking ETF - DivView In Charts268.28260.66121214.0More Patterns..FINANCE
SBI ETF BankingView In Charts264.79257.26560017.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Filatex IndiaView In Charts199.5193.78653042.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Transport Corporation of India Ltd. View In Charts286.65278.20325621.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Eicher Motors Ltd.View In Charts29949.729066.733446.0More Patterns..AUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS
Kotak NV 20 ETF - Regular PlanView In Charts50.7849.25871059.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Goldman Sachs Banking Index Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts2679.012594.9816116.0More Patterns..FINANCE
State Bank of IndiaView In Charts272.6263.9712.4676E7More Patterns..BANKS
HDFC SENSEX ETFView In Charts3675.03557.5613.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Natco Pharma Ltd.View In Charts830.4803.794295016.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
GeeCee VenturesView In Charts147.6142.69724298.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded FundView In Charts370.5357.73444.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Credit Analysis and ResearchView In Charts1360.71313.2847795.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
City Union Bank Ltd.View In Charts185.25178.656762345.0More Patterns..BANKS
Sanofi India Ltd.View In Charts5177.154992.559867.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd.View In Charts1481.41426.39231448.0More Patterns..TEA AND COFFEE
HDFC Bank Ltd.View In Charts2023.51944.723373370.0More Patterns..BANKS
Steel Strips WheelsView In Charts1218.71170.8110779.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Repro IndiaView In Charts711.75683.2349072.0More Patterns..PRINTING AND PUBLISHING
Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd.View In Charts16.015.3545112791.0More Patterns..VANASPATI OIL
Garware Wall RopesView In Charts995.9955.11613429.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Godrej Industries Ltd.View In Charts596.85572.375547823.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.View In Charts433.1414.974170133.0More Patterns..RETAIL
Asian Hotels (West)View In Charts305.0292.0052935.0More Patterns..HOTELS
Cadila Healthcare Ltd.View In Charts408.95391.2751949980.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
AIA Engineering Ltd.View In Charts1538.01471.1846419.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Cipla Ltd.View In Charts601.85575.1443080660.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Kalyani ForgeView In Charts338.75323.625515.0More Patterns..CASTINGS/FORGINGS
Jamna Auto IndustriesView In Charts89.5585.5271332160.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
NameView In ChartCurrent Price100 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.View In Charts18487.217625.6778.0More Patterns..ELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.View In Charts278.2265.129529502.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.View In Charts845.75805.51244866.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Pearl Global IndustriesView In Charts123.7117.73510029.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
JSW Holdings Ltd.View In Charts1906.351814.061660.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
BSE Ltd.View In Charts859.1817.369164877.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
JSW Steel Ltd.View In Charts327.5311.5553817870.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Steel Authority of India Ltd.View In Charts83.279.09351.95115E7More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS

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