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Stocks at 5 Day Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Liquid BeesView In Charts1000.0999.9981213450.0More Patterns..FINANCE
DSP Blackrock Liquid ETFView In Charts1000.0999.99615851.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Hinduja Global SolutionsView In Charts499.5499.397449.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Titan Company Ltd.View In Charts936.05935.753437320.0More Patterns..GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES
Indo Tech Transformers LimitedView In Charts74.9574.921535.0More Patterns..TRANSMISSION TOWERS
PNB Gilts Ltd.View In Charts24.023.99187358.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Siyaram Silk MillsView In Charts139.35139.2911807.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
SGBDEC25 Ltd.View In Charts3990.03988.210.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd.View In Charts65.7565.722949.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
Waterbase Ltd.View In Charts87.687.56252378.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Swan Energy Ltd.View In Charts100.45100.465147.0More Patterns..TRADING
CESC Ltd.View In Charts393.15392.93512662.0More Patterns..POWER
SKS Textiles Ltd.View In Charts35.135.0811318.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Sakar Healthcare Ltd.View In Charts51.050.975968.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd.View In Charts51.050.9711355.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded ScherView In Charts38.2438.2164766800.0More Patterns..BANKS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Solar Industries IndiaView In Charts908.25907.6150619.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.View In Charts533.45533.04177683.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Rupa and CompanyView In Charts118.85118.7527836.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Kokuyo CamlinView In Charts41.641.5640000.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETFView In Charts3807.853803.331686.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Pioneer EmbroideriesView In Charts16.816.7810332.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
NIIT TECHNOLOGIES LTDView In Charts1164.11162.69654345.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Shalby Ltd.View In Charts45.945.84111920.0More Patterns..Hospitals & Medical Services
Salona Cotspin Ltd.View In Charts35.635.55970.0More Patterns..TEXTILES - COTTON
ASCOM Ltd.View In Charts34.7534.78545.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Kirloskar BrothersView In Charts88.288.0729421.0More Patterns..COMPRESSORS / PUMPS
Adani Transmission Ltd.View In Charts189.4189.12389467.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Rico Auto Industries Ltd.View In Charts19.319.27254202.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
ICICI Prudential Nifty 100 ETFView In Charts108.36108.197250.0More Patterns..FINANCE
BHARAT 22 ETF - ICICI Prudential AMCView In Charts22.7522.712560974.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
LIC Housing Finance Ltd.View In Charts233.0232.614600400.0More Patterns..FINANCE - HOUSING
V.I.P. Industries Ltd.View In Charts233.5233.07340091.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Adani Enterprises Ltd.View In Charts133.95133.74239940.0More Patterns..TRADING
Oil India Ltd.View In Charts79.2579.14729080.0More Patterns..OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.View In Charts64.264.07117834.0More Patterns..POWER
ICICI Prudential NV20 ETFView In Charts49.9449.83612979.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Ganesh Housing CorporationView In Charts18.618.5653781.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Siemens Ltd.View In Charts1085.21082.86490959.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Tata Chemicals Ltd.View In Charts224.65224.161688620.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
Softtech Engineers Ltd.View In Charts36.536.423490.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
JSW Holdings Ltd.View In Charts1439.251435.99962.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Alkali Metals Ltd.View In Charts25.9525.898358.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
Affle (India) Ltd.View In Charts979.55977.1347516.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Gati LtdView In Charts47.847.68423853.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
SGBDEC2513 Ltd.View In Charts3900.03890.019.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Dynemic Products Ltd.View In Charts113.1112.8118354.0More Patterns..DYES AND PIGMENTS
Vimta LabsView In Charts59.8559.6924401.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Alicon CastalloyView In Charts180.85180.364568.0More Patterns..CASTINGS/FORGINGS
Aegis Logistics Ltd.View In Charts133.35132.98262157.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Symphony Ltd.View In Charts795.6793.3935314.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
ICICI Prudential Nifty Low Vol 30 ETFView In Charts77.076.784170572.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Nifty CommoditiesView In Charts2227.452221.10.0More Patterns..INDEX
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd.View In Charts7.06.987898.0More Patterns..CASTINGS/FORGINGS
REC Ltd.View In Charts86.9586.77935510.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.View In Charts103.0102.72000.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Nifty MetalView In Charts1553.551548.990.0More Patterns..INDEX
MPS LtdView In Charts213.7213.077890.0More Patterns..PRINTING AND PUBLISHING
GIC Housing Finance Ltd.View In Charts60.260.02171086.0More Patterns..FINANCE - HOUSING
Vasa Retail and Overseas Ltd.View In Charts6.556.5310909.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Cera SanitarywareView In Charts2309.652302.4537521.0More Patterns..Ceramic & Granite
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Star Cement Ltd.View In Charts69.869.5896300.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
NIIT Ltd.View In Charts78.5578.3778311.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Cipla Ltd.View In Charts413.75412.435689960.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Poddar Housing and Development Ltd.View In Charts167.85167.31842.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Central Bank of IndiaView In Charts12.2512.21889063.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Bajaj Auto Ltd.View In Charts2051.12044.09834222.0More Patterns..AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS
FIEM Industries Ltd.View In Charts251.45250.5810419.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Setco AutomotiveView In Charts5.655.63120954.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% AUG 2024 Tr-IV Ltd.View In Charts3990.03975.55725.0More Patterns..FINANCE
JINDAL PHOTO LTD.View In Charts8.258.224247.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
Cochin Shipyard Ltd.View In Charts251.9250.96335051.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund Ltd.View In Charts3900.03885.0471.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Somi Conveyor BeltingsView In Charts10.2510.2118556.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Edelweiss ETF Nifty Quality 30View In Charts255.0254.00462.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Sundaram Brake LiningsView In Charts157.0156.382372.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Talbros Automotive ComponentsView In Charts70.370.0210901.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Deepak NitriteView In Charts380.45378.931136320.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance CompanyView In Charts7.57.47815.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Polycab India Ltd.View In Charts734.75731.81267192.0More Patterns..CABLES - TELECOM
AMJ Land Holdings LtdView In Charts14.614.5412220.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Jindal Stainless Ltd.View In Charts24.324.2822071.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.View In Charts197.55196.7354532.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
GE Power India Ltd.View In Charts464.05462.1218857.0More Patterns..POWER
RPP Infra ProjectsView In Charts30.930.7771786.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Zodiac-JRD-MKJView In Charts23.022.91911.0More Patterns..GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES
Inox Leisure Ltd.View In Charts270.15268.97648843.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% MAY 2025 Sr-I 2017-18 Ltd.View In Charts3928.03910.66308.0More Patterns..FINANCE
SGBJAN26 Ltd.View In Charts3906.663889.2146.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd.View In Charts2151.252141.5612799.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
Natco Pharma Ltd.View In Charts496.25494.0170563.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.View In Charts641.0638.0727158.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
OnMobile Global LimitedView In Charts15.0514.98192965.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Cupid Ltd.View In Charts139.4138.7562413.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Sundaram-ClaytonView In Charts1501.251494.071586.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.View In Charts14.4514.38399762.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
Union Bank of IndiaView In Charts28.7528.613572740.0More Patterns..BANKS
OCL Iron and SteelView In Charts2.052.0449206.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Hindusthan National Glass and IndustriesView In Charts28.428.261343.0More Patterns..Glass, Glass Product
GMR Infrastructure Ltd.View In Charts16.216.123.4565E7More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Nifty CPSEView In Charts1276.751270.430.0More Patterns..INDEX
Themis MedicareView In Charts242.2240.994650.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Birla Corporation Ltd.View In Charts417.55415.4592873.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
AIA Engineering Ltd.View In Charts1319.11312.3278928.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Biocon Ltd.View In Charts278.4276.954720660.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts4060.84039.3811447.0More Patterns..FINANCE
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Pricol Ltd.View In Charts35.835.61124477.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% 2027 SR-III Ltd.View In Charts3931.983911.09748.0More Patterns..FINANCE
ACC Ltd.View In Charts963.45958.321118230.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Shanthi Gears Ltd.View In Charts65.164.759954.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Indowind Energy LimitedView In Charts1.851.8437504.0More Patterns..POWER
SBI MF ETF Nifty JuniorView In Charts219.35218.14835305.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Nifty EnergyView In Charts10771.910712.80.0More Patterns..INDEX
CMI LtdView In Charts20.0519.9424059.0More Patterns..CABLES - TELECOM
GPT InfraprojectsView In Charts14.514.4217326.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Satia Industries Ltd.View In Charts65.264.8426139.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
PAE Ltd.View In Charts1.81.791107.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.View In Charts519.5516.5918341.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% MAR 2024 Tr-III Ltd.View In Charts3975.033952.1892.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Lovable LingerieView In Charts39.539.2716386.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.View In Charts27.227.041473120.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Dabur India Ltd.View In Charts434.85432.283389820.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Century ExtrusionsView In Charts1.651.6480437.0More Patterns..ALUMINIUM
Jai Corp Ltd.View In Charts49.449.11122410.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Indoco RemediesView In Charts200.05198.83125118.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
KCP Ltd.View In Charts44.243.93205847.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.View In Charts31.0530.86305597.0More Patterns..MINING
SKF India Ltd.View In Charts1471.41462.3921434.0More Patterns..BEARINGS
MphasiS Ltd.View In Charts675.65671.5583141.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
PTL EnterprisesView In Charts27.627.4316730.0More Patterns..TYRES
NHPC LIMITEDView In Charts19.4519.331.49449E7More Patterns..POWER
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.View In Charts78.9578.461.96177E7More Patterns..REFINERIES
Zota Health Care Ltd.View In Charts132.45131.6220950.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Sanghi IndustriesView In Charts19.118.98112475.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Shivam AutotechView In Charts9.559.4980274.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
MANXT50 Ltd.View In Charts208.19206.8787036.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.View In Charts150.4149.4567441.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.View In Charts203.85202.562984520.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Inspirisys Solutions Ltd.View In Charts20.520.378084.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Marico Ltd.View In Charts265.5263.813631580.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Crest VenturesView In Charts50.049.6818980.0More Patterns..FINANCE - HOUSING
NPBET Ltd.View In Charts112.0111.278335.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Sep 2027 Sr-IV 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts3971.53945.7287.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.View In Charts65.7565.325.24703E7More Patterns..OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION
Nifty FMCGView In Charts26358.826186.00.0More Patterns..INDEX
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.View In Charts392.3389.725153130.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
DCW Ltd.View In Charts7.67.55320664.0More Patterns..PETROCHEMICALS
Shreyans IndustriesView In Charts63.162.6816397.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
DiGiSPICE Technologies Ltd.View In Charts3.02.985287.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - HARDWARE
Granules IndiaView In Charts141.75140.82047070.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Future Market NetworksView In Charts8.958.8934546.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Balaji Amines Ltd.View In Charts252.05250.3660479.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd.View In Charts17.7517.6311072.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
UTI Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts3834.63808.52474.0More Patterns..BANKS
JK Tyre & Industries LtdView In Charts40.139.82548148.0More Patterns..TYRES
Bharat Bond ETF - April 2023View In Charts1022.981015.7746413.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
S H Kelkar & Company Ltd.View In Charts73.7573.2381874.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Radico Khaitan LtdView In Charts268.5266.59783580.0More Patterns..BREW/DISTILLERIES
Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd.View In Charts11.1511.0758419.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Shalimar PaintsView In Charts49.9549.59126074.0More Patterns..PAINTS
Xpro IndiaView In Charts15.2515.142308.0More Patterns..PACKAGING
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.View In Charts343.55341.021.09677E7More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Orient Cement Ltd.View In Charts43.443.08118197.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Rallis India Ltd.View In Charts171.1169.83344233.0More Patterns..PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS
HubtownView In Charts8.07.9477820.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
SML IsuzuView In Charts305.8303.536319.0More Patterns..AUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Indo Count IndustriesView In Charts23.923.72222548.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
CESC Ventures Ltd.View In Charts118.4117.533269.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Nila Infrastructures Ltd.View In Charts2.62.58181582.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Ester IndustriesView In Charts24.5524.3688047.0More Patterns..PACKAGING
The New India Assurance Company Ltd.View In Charts105.5104.68340178.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund - CPSE ETFView In Charts15.6315.5086912420.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.View In Charts181.45180.02123685.0More Patterns..TRANSMISSION TOWERS
Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.View In Charts8856.68786.611729.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Sarda Energy and MineralsView In Charts115.05114.1447267.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Krishana Phoschem Ltd.View In Charts49.048.611526.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
HOV ServicesView In Charts23.8523.665322.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Birla Sun Life Gold ETFView In Charts4030.03997.77258.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Sathavahana IspatView In Charts1.251.247936.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Surana Telecom and PowerView In Charts2.52.4812275.0More Patterns..CABLES - TELECOM
Nestle India Ltd.View In Charts15654.515528.4172873.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Vivimed Labs Ltd.View In Charts7.357.29165387.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
WABCO IndiaView In Charts6205.66154.7612821.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.View In Charts20.720.532.33055E7More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Omkar Speciality ChemicalsView In Charts2.42.3821564.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
SBI Mutual Fund - SBI-ETF 10 YEAR GILTView In Charts192.49190.882646.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Swaraj Engines Ltd.View In Charts905.65898.077677.0More Patterns..DIESEL ENGINES
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd.View In Charts54.954.44210752.0More Patterns..SHIPPING
Bayer CropScience Ltd.View In Charts3330.83302.8232716.0More Patterns..PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd.View In Charts147.6146.3526594.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Reliance Industries Ltd.View In Charts1080.451071.292.15452E7More Patterns..REFINERIES
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% 2027 Sr-I Ltd.View In Charts3912.03878.743.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Tata Communications Ltd.View In Charts236.2234.18126110.0More Patterns..TELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES
Torrent Power Ltd.View In Charts280.95278.541502020.0More Patterns..POWER
Rain Industries Ltd.View In Charts54.7554.281026550.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Sakuma ExportsView In Charts3.453.42180371.0More Patterns..TRADING
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.View In Charts8.057.98667101.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Sterling ToolsView In Charts130.9129.7616860.0More Patterns..FASTNERS
HILView In Charts652.4646.7112403.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
GOCL Corporation Ltd.View In Charts125.65124.5514184.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - INORGANIC
Ingersoll Rand (India) Ltd.View In Charts621.2615.7139127.0More Patterns..COMPRESSORS / PUMPS
Kirloskar IndustriesView In Charts446.95442.951023.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
ARSS Infrastructure ProjectsView In Charts10.059.9628802.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% JUL 2025 Sr-II 2017-18 Ltd.View In Charts3957.03921.2243.0More Patterns..FINANCE
MOIL Ltd.View In Charts102.6101.67311130.0More Patterns..MINING
Nifty PSEView In Charts2146.652127.160.0More Patterns..INDEX
Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd.View In Charts3.33.2756823.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Nov 2024 Tr-VI Ltd.View In Charts3983.243946.78973.0More Patterns..FINANCE
SMS Lifesciences India Ltd.View In Charts178.05176.429864.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Dhanuka AgritechView In Charts327.85324.8327621.0More Patterns..PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS
Asahi India Glass Ltd.View In Charts150.9149.49100386.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Oct 2027 SR-V 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts3950.03913.077.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Genus Paper & Boards Ltd.View In Charts3.23.1782254.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
GTN IndustriesView In Charts5.35.251774.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd.View In Charts89.9589.160181.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
Eros International Media Ltd.View In Charts8.48.32204858.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
TGB Banquets and HotelsView In Charts2.12.0813253.0More Patterns..HOTELS
Williamson Magor and CompanyView In Charts9.459.365789.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Subex Ltd.View In Charts3.153.121312540.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% NOV 2023 Tr-I Ltd.View In Charts4025.03986.41144.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.View In Charts25447.725202.04959.0More Patterns..ELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL
AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd.View In Charts28.9528.6742206.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% Sep 2024 Tr-V Ltd.View In Charts3986.843948.08417.0More Patterns..FINANCE
The Grob Tea Company Ltd.View In Charts251.0248.5389.0More Patterns..TEA AND COFFEE
Mahamaya Steel IndustriesView In Charts69.068.3214991.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Career PointView In Charts122.95121.7355546.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd.View In Charts2.01.98212525.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Castrol (India) Ltd.View In Charts100.9599.931723010.0More Patterns..PETROCHEMICALS
IFB Industries Ltd.View In Charts266.65263.9532160.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
Bharat Bond ETF - April 2030View In Charts1040.971030.440206.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Karnataka Bank Ltd.View In Charts42.1541.721757210.0More Patterns..BANKS
Beardsell LtdView In Charts6.856.782043.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
D-Link (India) Ltd.View In Charts60.459.7883452.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
V-Mart RetailView In Charts1465.81450.6544359.0More Patterns..RETAIL
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.View In Charts65.7565.0720177.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Aries AgroView In Charts39.5539.1430568.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Hi-Tech Gears LimitedView In Charts75.5574.765542.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd.View In Charts174.3172.461699120.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Omax Autos Ltd.View In Charts19.819.5916061.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sequent Scientific Ltd.View In Charts73.572.71687121.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd.View In Charts101.099.91422915.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price5 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd.View In Charts13.8513.7176738.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd.View In Charts7.357.2766862.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Salzer Electronics Ltd.View In Charts61.360.6211091.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Punj Lloyd Ltd.View In Charts0.90.89303783.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
DCB Bank Ltd.View In Charts91.5590.53876484.0More Patterns..BANKS
Prabhat Dairy Ltd.View In Charts54.353.6940120.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Bank of Maharashtra.View In Charts8.858.75436832.0More Patterns..BANKS
PTC India Financial Services Ltd.View In Charts7.957.86689438.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Emami Paper Mills Ltd.View In Charts51.0550.478445.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
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