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Stocks at 15 Day Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Liquid BeesView In Charts1000.0999.9971171340.0More Patterns..FINANCE
DSP Blackrock Liquid ETFView In Charts1000.0999.99715657.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
ICICI Prudential Liquid ETFView In Charts999.99999.98620363.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
SGBNOV25 Ltd.View In Charts3900.03899.46.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
ICICIM150 Ltd.View In Charts52.852.7773110572.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Zuari Agro ChemicalsView In Charts56.6556.603371938.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
SGBDEC2513 Ltd.View In Charts3900.03892.819.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Bharat Bond ETF - April 2030View In Charts1023.991021.7238995.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded FundView In Charts362.0361.1013833.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Bharat Bond ETF - April 2023View In Charts1010.511007.7742785.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
TV Today Network Ltd.View In Charts165.85165.3940916.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% JUL 2025 Sr-II 2017-18 Ltd.View In Charts3865.03853.84316.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Centum ElectronicsView In Charts253.0252.248854.0More Patterns..ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Granules IndiaView In Charts145.9145.4432126560.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
GMM Pfaudler Ltd.View In Charts2482.22471.0951705.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
HPIL Ltd.View In Charts41.241.013311863.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% MAR 2024 Tr-III Ltd.View In Charts3906.03888.07119.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Prime Securities Ltd.View In Charts30.430.2554344.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Nifty FMCGView In Charts25740.425606.80.0More Patterns..INDEX
Indo-NationalView In Charts425.1422.762514.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Max Financial Services Ltd.View In Charts408.45406.183172290.0More Patterns..PACKAGING
SGBNOV25IX Ltd.View In Charts3900.03877.612.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. View In Charts22.422.2667119475.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Sep 2027 Sr-IV 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts3950.03926.2972.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Biocon Ltd.View In Charts277.7276.04966840.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
MGEL Ltd.View In Charts54.2553.93727.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.View In Charts134.2133.27186584.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd.View In Charts28.228.0033146523.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd.View In Charts74.2573.68399522.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Oct 2027 SR-V 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts3900.03869.2177.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Rana SugarsView In Charts2.952.92667137869.0More Patterns..SUGAR
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Euro MultivisionView In Charts0.40.3966674435.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - HARDWARE
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Dec 2027 SR-VII 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts3895.03862.3491.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Sakthi Sugars Ltd.View In Charts6.56.4433376365.0More Patterns..SUGAR
Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund Ltd.View In Charts3885.63850.8960.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Libas Designs Ltd.View In Charts46.045.5733789.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Castex Technologies Ltd.View In Charts0.350.346667276756.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Pradip Overseas Ltd.View In Charts0.350.3466676113.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
SGBNOV26 Ltd.View In Charts3899.873862.482.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD.View In Charts27.226.926798401.0More Patterns..FERTILISERS
SJVN Ltd.View In Charts20.420.19333122840.0More Patterns..POWER
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.View In Charts108.0106.91909.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd.View In Charts9873.459769.668968.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Sovereign Gold Bond 2018-19 -Series-I Ltd.View In Charts3869.03828.2139.0More Patterns..FINANCE
HDFC SENSEX ETFView In Charts3546.733508.411249.0More Patterns..FINANCE
KSK Energy Ventures LtdView In Charts0.30.296667913295.0More Patterns..POWER
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Andhra CementView In Charts1.71.68100304.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Nifty50 TR 1x InvView In Charts452.95447.560.0More Patterns..INDEX
SandeshView In Charts472.85466.921041.0More Patterns..PRINTING AND PUBLISHING
Star Cement Ltd.View In Charts73.072.0833182428.0More Patterns..CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
SGBOCT25 Ltd.View In Charts3970.03920.0443.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd.View In Charts1501.951482.69245126.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Sanghvi Forging and EngineeringView In Charts15.315.10332775.0More Patterns..CASTINGS/FORGINGS
Nifty50 TR 2x InvView In Charts517.9511.1770.0More Patterns..INDEX
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.View In Charts2916.52878.631036620.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% 2027 SR-III Ltd.View In Charts3903.73852.47768.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd.View In Charts106.8105.391636.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
WABCO IndiaView In Charts6248.456165.6112997.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sathavahana IspatView In Charts1.251.233337916.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Bedmutha IndustriesView In Charts12.7512.589781.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
International Paper APPMView In Charts5.255.184985.0More Patterns..PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% MAY 2025 Sr-I 2017-18 Ltd.View In Charts3901.663849.59307.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.View In Charts392.25386.9375405440.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Modi Rubber Ltd.View In Charts25.625.2467355.0More Patterns..TYRES
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% AUG 2024 Tr-IV Ltd.View In Charts3953.333896.69716.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Tilak Nagar Industries Ltd.View In Charts15.315.073389536.0More Patterns..BREW/DISTILLERIES
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts3890.03831.81221.0More Patterns..FINANCE
OCL Iron and SteelView In Charts2.01.9754351.0More Patterns..STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Responsive IndustriesView In Charts83.6582.3889653.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Engineers India Ltd.View In Charts60.0559.13671420140.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETFView In Charts567.33558.69943023.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Tokyo Plast InternationalView In Charts59.9559.01677262.0More Patterns..PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% Sep 2024 Tr-V Ltd.View In Charts3950.03888.25405.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Educomp Solutions Ltd.View In Charts0.850.83666727741.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Gillette India Ltd.View In Charts5235.055152.747929.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Mar 2025 Tr-VII Ltd.View In Charts3905.083842.4382.0More Patterns..FINANCE
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
I T C Ltd.View In Charts163.2160.5374.01155E7More Patterns..CIGARETTES
Spencer's Retail Ltd.View In Charts69.268.032469200.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
LIC NOMURA MF G-sec LT ETFView In Charts21.020.6268797.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Cambridge Technology EnterprisesView In Charts13.112.866712990.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Royal Orchid HotelsView In Charts43.4542.6748442.0More Patterns..HOTELS
IFCI Ltd.View In Charts4.053.973332893890.0More Patterns..FINANCIAL INSTITUTION
Beardsell LtdView In Charts6.856.722265.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% NOV 2023 Tr-I Ltd.View In Charts3984.023907.45142.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Reliance Industries Ltd.View In Charts1065.61045.092.108E7More Patterns..REFINERIES
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Nov 2024 Tr-VI Ltd.View In Charts3943.723866.84941.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.View In Charts519.75509.39363035.0More Patterns..Hospitals & Medical Services
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.View In Charts1824.51786.665115200.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Career PointView In Charts120.4117.89770499.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Sonam Clock Ltd.View In Charts38.7537.9428090.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Navin Fluorine International Ltd.View In Charts1290.91263.86409877.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - SPECIALITY
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Hindustan Zinc Ltd.View In Charts143.95140.92758416.0More Patterns..METALS
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts352.22344.61329.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Interglobe AviationView In Charts1027.31004.942729040.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Energy Development Company Ltd.View In Charts4.44.3033334997.0More Patterns..POWER
Tips IndustriesView In Charts97.8595.69336935.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd.View In Charts0.150.146667209933.0More Patterns..CONSUMER DURABLES
Euro CeramicsView In Charts0.30.2933337502.0More Patterns..Ceramic & Granite
ICICI Prudential Gold ETFView In Charts38.6737.796758715.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd.View In Charts62.460.966722756.0More Patterns..SUGAR
Cipla Ltd.View In Charts407.65398.175353290.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Shemaroo EntertainmentView In Charts50.0548.843328146.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Cera SanitarywareView In Charts2385.72327.237910.0More Patterns..Ceramic & Granite
SBIETFQLTY Ltd.View In Charts92.0789.710710296.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Ind-SwiftView In Charts2.22.1433347547.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Morepen Laboratories Ltd.View In Charts9.49.15747533.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
NelcastView In Charts30.529.683353290.0More Patterns..CASTINGS/FORGINGS
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd.View In Charts261.7254.623115323.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd.View In Charts19.3518.8267388247.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Ponni Sugars (Erode)View In Charts113.0109.9371966.0More Patterns..SUGAR
Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd.View In Charts117.35114.1147871.0More Patterns..PHARMACEUTICALS
Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.View In Charts106.45103.49331592.0More Patterns..HOTELS
Sreeleathers Ltd.View In Charts125.1121.62321051.0More Patterns..LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% FEB 2024 Tr-II Ltd.View In Charts3996.663884.7187.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.View In Charts1399.11359.96280090.0More Patterns..BANKS
Venky's (India) Ltd.View In Charts811.8788.763130986.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
SPL IndustriesView In Charts23.8523.1733647.0More Patterns..TEXTILE PRODUCTS
SBI Mutual Fund - SBI-ETF 10 YEAR GILTView In Charts192.0186.516452.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Jaihind ProjectsView In Charts0.80.776667650.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Dynemic Products Ltd.View In Charts115.8112.40321193.0More Patterns..DYES AND PIGMENTS
BASF India Ltd.View In Charts1099.31066.15309399.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - SPECIALITY
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.View In Charts0.550.533333706358.0More Patterns..TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Nestle India Ltd.View In Charts15108.614646.8165364.0More Patterns..FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Kotak Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts382.95370.68756229.0More Patterns..FINANCE
BLB Ltd.View In Charts3.33.1933322185.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Birla Sun Life Gold ETFView In Charts3990.053860.74286.0More Patterns..FINANCE
IFB Agro IndustriesView In Charts206.3199.2838593.0More Patterns..CHEMICALS - ORGANIC
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETFView In Charts3808.853675.81765.0More Patterns..FINANCE
UTI Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts3829.753694.572475.0More Patterns..BANKS
Pashupati Cotspin Ltd.View In Charts57.054.916744290.0More Patterns..DIVERSIFIED
SOVEREIGN GOLD BONDS 2.50% JAN2028 SR-VIII 2019-20 Ltd.View In Charts4025.03876.3331.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded ScherView In Charts38.1736.72134434650.0More Patterns..BANKS
ILandFS Engineering and Construction CompanyView In Charts1.751.6833317833.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Pricol Ltd.View In Charts35.834.4133126268.0More Patterns..AUTO ANCILLARIES
Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd.View In Charts0.250.241242880.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Punj Lloyd Ltd.View In Charts0.90.863333295902.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
NameView In ChartCurrent Price15 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development CorporationView In Charts0.40.38333312899.0More Patterns..CONSTRUCTION
Avenue Supermarts Ltd.View In Charts2079.71992.35730315.0More Patterns..RETAIL
Datamatics Global Services Ltd.View In Charts38.6537.013364329.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
ASCOM Ltd.View In Charts34.7533.26678545.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
ICICI Prudential NV20 ETFView In Charts49.6247.481313234.0More Patterns..FINANCE
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)View In Charts1915.31832.142566.0More Patterns..FINANCE
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded FundView In Charts4000.653824.079569.0More Patterns..FINANCE
SGBOCT25V Ltd.View In Charts4100.03918.3319.0More Patterns..MISCELLANEOUS
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded SchemeView In Charts3991.953811.3511242.0More Patterns..FINANCE
R Systems International Ltd.View In Charts87.9583.916754875.0More Patterns..COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.View In Charts2140.552042.363225560.0More Patterns..PERSONAL CARE
Cinevista Ltd.View In Charts4.54.293336929.0More Patterns..MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Ircon International Ltd.View In Charts373.8356.417466368.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
Gujarat Apollo IndustriesView In Charts128.6122.49711464.0More Patterns..ENGINEERING
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