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NameSymbolPriceFast StochaticPrice PointsFast Stochatic PointsView In ChartOther Recent Patterns
ACC Ltd.ACC1486.911.415110-Oct-19, 04-Sep-19, 19-Jun-19, 15-May-19, 31-Oct-19, 20-Sep-19, 16-Jul-19, 27-May-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.ONGC136.23.9285704-Nov-19, 22-May-19, 18-Oct-19, 09-Sep-19, 20-May-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Carborundum Universal Ltd.CARBORUNIV310.2539.241801-Nov-19, 23-Sep-19, 28-May-19, 30-Oct-19, 11-Sep-19, 20-May-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
National Aluminium Co. Ltd.NATIONALUM42.1515.217407-Nov-19, 23-Sep-19, 03-Jul-19, 31-Oct-19, 16-Sep-19, 27-Jun-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
AIA Engineering Ltd.AIAENG1641.81.0390306-Sep-19, 16-May-19, 18-Sep-19, 10-Jun-19, 23-Apr-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
MIC Electronics LimitedMIC0.80.014-Nov-19, 19-Aug-19, 29-May-19, 13-Nov-19, 20-Aug-19, 06-Jun-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.M&M578.4519.851630-Oct-19, 04-Jul-19, 27-May-19, 16-Apr-19, 16-Oct-19, 02-Jul-19, 24-May-19, 15-Apr-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
TVS SrichakraTVSSRICHAK1737.953.2513701-Nov-19, 24-Sep-19, 12-Apr-19, 01-Nov-19, 30-Aug-19, 11-Jul-19, 12-Apr-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Khaitan (India) Ltd.KHAITANLTD19.894.545505-Nov-19, 22-Aug-19, 20-Jun-19, 15-May-19, 14-Nov-19, 06-Sep-19, 15-Jul-19, 28-May-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Industrial Dev Bank of IndiaINDBANK7.617.307715-Oct-19, 22-Aug-19, 23-Jul-19, 17-May-19, 31-Oct-19, 16-Sep-19, 25-Jul-19, 20-May-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
NHPC LIMITEDNHPC23.5533.333329-Oct-19, 11-Sep-19, 28-May-19, 02-Apr-19, 29-Oct-19, 19-Aug-19, 27-May-19, 02-Apr-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.SHARDAMOTR1082.2533.120517-Oct-19, 06-Aug-19, 16-May-19, 29-Oct-19, 09-Aug-19, 24-May-19, 26-Apr-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Premier Explosives Ltd. PREMEXPLN160.152.2277224-Oct-19, 11-Sep-19, 01-Jul-19, 03-Jun-19, 24-Oct-19, 06-Sep-19, 02-Jul-19, 03-Jun-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
Airo Lam Ltd.AIROLAM28.067.09405-Sep-19, 29-Mar-19, 30-Nov-18, 26-Jul-18, 05-Sep-19, 30-Nov-18, 26-Jul-18, View in ChartsMore Patterns..
S.S. Infrastructure Development Consultants Ltd.SSINFRA13.798.076911-Oct-19, 16-Sep-19, 11-Mar-19, 11-Oct-19, 12-Sep-19, 12-Mar-19, View in ChartsMore Patterns..

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