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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with E

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Name/SymbolCurrent PriceTechnicalFinancialsRecent Chart PatternsChartsMoving AverageCompare With Peers
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. - EIDPARRY138.5TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
E2E Networks Ltd. - E2E13.7Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. - EASTSILK0.65TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Easun Reyrolle - EASUNREYRL1.75TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
EBIXCASH WORLD MONEY INDIA Ltd. - EBIXFOREX425.4Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
eClerx Services Ltd. - ECLERX370.75TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Edelweiss ETF Nifty Quality 30 - EQ30255.0Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. - EDELWEISS40.15TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Edelweiss Nifty Exchange Traded Scheme - NIFTYEES11217.1Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Educomp Solutions Ltd. - EDUCOMP1.1TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eicher Motors Ltd. - EICHERMOT13096.0TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
EIH Associated Hotels - EIHAHOTELS204.3TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
EIH Ltd. - EIHOTEL70.95TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eimco Elecon (India) - EIMCOELECO211.9TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. - ELECON18.7TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Electrosteel Castings Ltd. - ELECTCAST9.2TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Name/SymbolCurrent PriceTechnicalFinancialsRecent Chart PatternsChartsMoving AverageCompare With Peers
Electrotherm (India) - ELECTHERM84.5TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Elgi Equipments Ltd. - ELGIEQUIP102.8TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Elgi Rubber Company - ELGIRUBCO11.2TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emami Ltd. - EMAMILTD207.2TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emami Paper Mills Ltd. - EMAMIPAP55.1TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emami Realty Ltd. - EMAMIREAL29.8TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Embassy Office Parks REIT Ltd. - EMBASSY336.45Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emco Ltd. - EMCO0.45TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emkay Global Financial Services - EMKAY29.6TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emkay Taps & Cutting Tools Ltd. - EMKAYTOOLS96.6Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Emmbi Industries - EMMBI47.2TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Empee Distilleries - EDL2.65TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Endurance Technologies - ENDURANCE594.45TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Energy Development Company Ltd. - ENERGYDEV4.4TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Engineers India Ltd. - ENGINERSIN60.85TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Name/SymbolCurrent PriceTechnicalFinancialsRecent Chart PatternsChartsMoving AverageCompare With Peers
Entertainment Network India Ltd. - ENIL130.0TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eon Electric - EON6.8TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Equitas Holdings Ltd. - EQUITAS37.45TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eris Lifesciences Ltd. - ERIS381.35TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eros International Media Ltd. - EROSMEDIA8.75TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
ESAB India Ltd. - ESABINDIA1029.45TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Escorts Ltd. - ESCORTS663.75TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Essar Shipping - ESSARSHPNG5.2TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Essel Propack Ltd. - ESSELPACK164.65TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Ester Industries - ESTER26.8TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Euro Ceramics - EUROCERA0.4TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd. - EIFFL79.0Technicals Patterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Euro Multivision - EUROMULTI0.4TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eurotex Industries and Exports - EUROTEXIND8.85TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Eveready Industries - EVEREADY51.65TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Name/SymbolCurrent PriceTechnicalFinancialsRecent Chart PatternsChartsMoving AverageCompare With Peers
Everest Industries Ltd. - EVERESTIND136.15TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. - EKC12.5TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Excel Industries - EXCELINDUS556.5TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd. - EXCEL1.0TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Exide Industries Ltd. - EXIDEIND139.5TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
Expleo Solutions Ltd. - EXPLEOSOL158.45TechnicalsFinancialsPatterns.ChartsMov AvgPeers
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*Blue Chip - Shares that are part of BSE 30, Nifty 50, BSE 100, CNX 100, CNX Nifty Junior
**Shares in which F&O (Futures & Options) can be played
***Midcap - Shares that are part of CNX Midcap, Nifty Midcap,BSE Midcap

( Intraday Analysis is on Real Time Data (Updated every 5 Mins). All Other analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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