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NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Visesh InfotechnicsVISESHINFOCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.10.05/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 50.002481 KView Other Patterns
KSS Ltd.KSERASERAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT0.10.05/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 50.001066 KView Other Patterns
Nagarjuna Oil RefineryNAGAROILREFINERIES0.250.15/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 40.00574 KView Other Patterns
Karuturi Global KGLMISCELLANEOUS0.40.25/ 19-Aug-190.150 / 37.502307 KView Other Patterns
Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd.NITINFIREMISCELLANEOUS0.70.45/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 35.71293 KView Other Patterns
Goenka Diamond and JewelsGOENKAGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES0.30.2/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 33.3362654View Other Patterns
ATN InternationalATNINTERMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT0.150.1/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 33.3319433View Other Patterns
DEN Networks Ltd.DENMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT92.866.0/ 19-Aug-1926.80 / 28.88380 KView Other Patterns
Quintegra SolutionsQUINTEGRACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.350.25/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 28.579199View Other Patterns
Impex Ferro TechIMPEXFERROMINING0.350.25/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 28.576641View Other Patterns
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd.HATHWAYMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT33.6524.45/ 19-Aug-199.20 / 27.34728 KView Other Patterns
SRS LtdSRSLTDMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT0.20.15/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 25.00160 KView Other Patterns
BAG Films & Media Ltd. BAGFILMSMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT3.02.3/ 22-Aug-190.700 / 23.33123 KView Other Patterns
Intrasoft TechnologiesISFTMISCELLANEOUS83.6565.25/ 19-Aug-1918.40 / 22.003056View Other Patterns
63 Moons Technologies Ltd.63MOONSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE115.291.05/ 19-Aug-1924.15 / 20.96174 KView Other Patterns
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd.INEOSSTYROPETROCHEMICALS591.25467.55/ 19-Aug-19123.70 / 20.9229349View Other Patterns
Cineline IndiaCINELINEMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT36.7529.3/ 20-Aug-197.45 / 20.2718823View Other Patterns
Shiva Mills Ltd.SHIVAMILLSTEXTILE PRODUCTS36.028.8/ 23-Aug-197.20 / 20.00889View Other Patterns
Nu Tek India Ltd.NUTEKTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES0.250.2/ 19-Aug-190.050 / 20.00186 KView Other Patterns
Alps IndustriesALPSINDUSTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.50.4/ 22-Aug-190.100 / 20.004069View Other Patterns
Pashupati Cotspin Ltd.PASHUPATIDIVERSIFIED62.450.0/ 06-Aug-1912.40 / 19.878436View Other Patterns
Prajay Engineers SyndicatePRAENGCONSTRUCTION6.75.4/ 22-Aug-191.30 / 19.4020640View Other Patterns
DCM Nouvelle Ltd.DCMNVLMISCELLANEOUS27.922.6/ 22-Aug-195.30 / 19.009271View Other Patterns
Tanla Solutions LimitedTANLACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE54.644.4/ 19-Aug-1910.20 / 18.68445 KView Other Patterns
Globe Textiles India Ltd.GLOBETEXTILE PRODUCTS23.9519.55/ 24-Jul-194.40 / 18.375545View Other Patterns
S Chand & Company Ltd.SCHANDPRINTING AND PUBLISHING57.7547.15/ 23-Aug-1910.60 / 18.3533760View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Prakash Industries Ltd.PRAKASHDIVERSIFIED38.2531.25/ 22-Aug-197.00 / 18.30377 KView Other Patterns
Gayatri Highways Ltd.GAYAHWSCONSTRUCTION0.550.45/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 18.1841726View Other Patterns
SCAPDVR Ltd. Ltd.SCAPDVRMISCELLANEOUS0.550.45/ 22-Aug-190.100 / 18.185029View Other Patterns
GTL Ltd.GTLTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES2.21.8/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 18.1849886View Other Patterns
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd.SHRADHACONSTRUCTION44.1536.15/ 24-Jul-198.00 / 18.125181View Other Patterns
Sterlite Technologies Ltd.STRTECHELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT117.6596.6/ 23-Aug-1921.05 / 17.891374 KView Other Patterns
Tree House Education & Accessories Ltd.TREEHOUSECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE5.64.6/ 19-Aug-191.00 / 17.8647881View Other Patterns
AGC NetworksAGCNETCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE125.25103.0/ 19-Aug-1922.25 / 17.7623426View Other Patterns
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd.COFFEEDAYFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING79.965.8/ 19-Aug-1914.10 / 17.65695 KView Other Patterns
Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd.BLISSGVSMISCELLANEOUS89.4573.75/ 23-Aug-1915.70 / 17.55714 KView Other Patterns
McDowell HoldingsMCDHOLDINGFINANCE19.416.0/ 20-Aug-193.40 / 17.5327115View Other Patterns
Visa Steel Ltd. VISASTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS4.854.0/ 22-Aug-190.850 / 17.538630View Other Patterns
Punj Lloyd Ltd.PUNJLLOYDCONSTRUCTION1.150.95/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 17.39551 KView Other Patterns
Soma Textiles and IndustriesSOMATEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS2.92.4/ 20-Aug-190.500 / 17.246038View Other Patterns
Kshitij Polyline Ltd.KSHITIJPOLPRINTING AND PUBLISHING33.7528.0/ 19-Aug-195.75 / 17.048000View Other Patterns
VIP Clothing Ltd.VIPCLOTHNGTEXTILE PRODUCTS13.2511.0/ 22-Aug-192.25 / 16.9839175View Other Patterns
Precot MeridianPRECOTTEXTILE PRODUCTS28.924.0/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 16.965636View Other Patterns
Accuracy Shipping Ltd.ACCURACYSHIPPING36.7530.55/ 19-Aug-196.20 / 16.875090View Other Patterns
Neueon Towers Ltd.NTLPOWER0.60.5/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 16.675823View Other Patterns
FCS Software Solutions Ltd.FCSSOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.30.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 16.672264 KView Other Patterns
Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd.GAMMNINFRACONSTRUCTION0.30.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 16.67512 KView Other Patterns
Sita Shree Food ProductsSITASHREEFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING0.30.25/ 22-Aug-190.050 / 16.677435View Other Patterns
Parabolic DrugsPARABDRUGSPHARMACEUTICALS0.60.5/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 16.677775View Other Patterns
Splendid Metal Products Ltd.SMPLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS0.30.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 16.6724569View Other Patterns
Spentex IndustriesSPENTEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.30.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 16.67851 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
MBL InfrastructuresMBLINFRACONSTRUCTION6.35.25/ 19-Aug-191.05 / 16.6730874View Other Patterns
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd.CONSOFINVTFINANCIAL INSTITUTION34.028.4/ 22-Aug-195.60 / 16.472775View Other Patterns
Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd.OSWALSEEDSPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS25.0520.95/ 19-Aug-194.10 / 16.3710909View Other Patterns
S.S. Infrastructure Development Consultants Ltd.SSINFRAMISCELLANEOUS13.511.3/ 19-Aug-192.20 / 16.3023045View Other Patterns
RS Software (India) Ltd.RSSOFTWARECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE20.3517.1/ 22-Aug-193.25 / 15.9794481View Other Patterns
Navkar Corporation Ltd.NAVKARCORPTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT25.8521.75/ 23-Aug-194.10 / 15.86326 KView Other Patterns
Ganges Securities Ltd.GANGESSECUFINANCE37.9532.1/ 23-Aug-195.85 / 15.422292View Other Patterns
KSK Energy Ventures LtdKSKPOWER0.650.55/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 15.38528 KView Other Patterns
Skipper Ltd.SKIPPERMISCELLANEOUS46.9539.75/ 22-Aug-197.20 / 15.3499014View Other Patterns
Kanani IndustriesKANANIINDFINANCE3.63.05/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 15.281551View Other Patterns
Nagreeka Capital and InfrastructureNAGREEKCAPFINANCE6.555.55/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 15.271841View Other Patterns
Next Mediaworks Ltd.NEXTMEDIAPRINTING AND PUBLISHING12.810.85/ 22-Aug-191.95 / 15.2314047View Other Patterns
Network18 Media & Investments Ltd.NETWORK18MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT20.4517.35/ 22-Aug-193.10 / 15.16320 KView Other Patterns
Industrial Investment TrustIITLFINANCE60.051.0/ 19-Aug-199.00 / 15.004029View Other Patterns
Birla Cable Ltd.BIRLACABLECABLES - TELECOM44.6538.0/ 23-Aug-196.65 / 14.89121 KView Other Patterns
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd.SHREYASSHIPPING75.264.0/ 23-Aug-1911.20 / 14.897743View Other Patterns
Orient PressORIENTLTDPRINTING AND PUBLISHING117.85100.3/ 22-Aug-1917.55 / 14.89207View Other Patterns
Burnpur CementBURNPURCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS1.71.45/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 14.7130061View Other Patterns
MSP Steel & PowerMSPLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS5.454.65/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 14.6823965View Other Patterns
Cubex TubingsCUBEXTUBMETALS10.59.0/ 22-Aug-191.50 / 14.293319View Other Patterns
Zicom Electronic Security SystemsZICOMELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1.050.9/ 20-Aug-190.150 / 14.2919804View Other Patterns
Stampede Capital Ltd.STAMPEDEFINANCE0.70.6/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 14.2958582View Other Patterns
Zenith Birla (India) Ltd ZENITHBIRSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS0.350.3/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 14.2952764View Other Patterns
Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Ltd.MAHAPEXLTDFINANCE81.870.15/ 19-Aug-1911.65 / 14.24427View Other Patterns
Gyscoal AlloysGALSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS3.22.75/ 22-Aug-190.450 / 14.0620363View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Vakrangee Ltd.VAKRANGEECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE26.4522.75/ 23-Aug-193.70 / 13.993772 KView Other Patterns
TT LimitedTTLTEXTILE PRODUCTS36.7531.65/ 23-Aug-195.10 / 13.8816807View Other Patterns
Aksh Optifibre Ltd.AKSHOPTFBRCABLES - TELECOM6.155.3/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 13.82383 KView Other Patterns
Sumit Woods Ltd.SUMITCONSTRUCTION19.316.65/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 13.7323823View Other Patterns
SBI Mutual Fund - SBI-ETF 10 YEAR GILTSETF10GILTFINANCE221.3191.0/ 19-Aug-1930.30 / 13.69259View Other Patterns
Alchemist Corporation Ltd.ALCHEMMISCELLANEOUS1.10.95/ 22-Aug-190.150 / 13.642071View Other Patterns
KEI Industries Ltd.KEICABLES - TELECOM450.95390.3/ 22-Aug-1960.65 / 13.45107 KView Other Patterns
PC Jeweller Ltd.PCJEWELLERGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES27.924.15/ 23-Aug-193.75 / 13.448983 KView Other Patterns
Reliance Capital Ltd.RELCAPITALFINANCIAL INSTITUTION34.7530.1/ 23-Aug-194.65 / 13.3823977 KView Other Patterns
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd.EASTSILKTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.750.65/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 13.333501View Other Patterns
Ansal Housing Ltd.ANSALHSGCONSTRUCTION4.153.6/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 13.2538913View Other Patterns
Mask Investments Ltd.MASKINVESTFINANCE45.039.1/ 23-Jul-195.90 / 13.11182View Other Patterns
Trejhara Solutions Ltd.TREJHARAMISCELLANEOUS13.3511.6/ 19-Aug-191.75 / 13.116286View Other Patterns
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd.LAXMICOTMISCELLANEOUS13.812.0/ 19-Aug-191.80 / 13.0413909View Other Patterns
Vodafone Idea Ltd.IDEATELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES5.755.0/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 13.04166 MView Other Patterns
Ujaas EnergyUJAASPOWER3.853.35/ 22-Aug-190.500 / 12.99132 KView Other Patterns
Beardsell LtdBEARDSELLMISCELLANEOUS11.9510.4/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 12.971175View Other Patterns
TVS ElectronicsTVSELECTCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE116.1101.25/ 23-Aug-1914.85 / 12.7958347View Other Patterns
Hexa TradexHEXATRADEXFINANCE11.7510.25/ 19-Aug-191.50 / 12.775903View Other Patterns
NaMEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd.MEPELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT28.324.75/ 23-Aug-193.55 / 12.54277 KView Other Patterns
IVRCL Ltd.IVRCLINFRACONSTRUCTION0.40.35/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 12.50493 KView Other Patterns
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd.DNAMEDIAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT0.40.35/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 12.5011324View Other Patterns
Andhra CementANDHRACEMTCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS2.01.75/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 12.5080106View Other Patterns
Barak Vally CementsBVCLCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS14.8513.0/ 22-Aug-191.85 / 12.462199View Other Patterns
Asian Hotels (North)ASIANHOTNRHOTELS95.9584.0/ 19-Aug-1911.95 / 12.451688View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.RELINFRAPOWER37.7533.05/ 23-Aug-194.70 / 12.4529406 KView Other Patterns
Capacit'e Infraprojects Ltd.CAPACITECONSTRUCTION177.75155.65/ 21-Aug-1922.10 / 12.43181 KView Other Patterns
Flexituff Ventures International Ltd.FLEXITUFFPACKAGING13.411.75/ 19-Aug-191.65 / 12.3110023View Other Patterns
GE Power India Ltd.GEPILPOWER806.6707.65/ 22-Aug-1998.95 / 12.2715705View Other Patterns
Sanghvi Forging and EngineeringSANGHVIFORCASTINGS/FORGINGS26.323.1/ 19-Aug-193.20 / 12.171212View Other Patterns
Vesuvius India Ltd.VESUVIUSREFRACTORIES1030.2905.0/ 20-Aug-19125.20 / 12.157462View Other Patterns
Prime Securities Ltd.PRIMESECUFINANCE34.1530.0/ 23-Aug-194.15 / 12.1526849View Other Patterns
DCMDCMTEXTILE PRODUCTS19.3517.0/ 23-Aug-192.35 / 12.1416718View Other Patterns
Punjab & Sind BankPSBBANKS19.116.8/ 23-Aug-192.30 / 12.0455468View Other Patterns
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd.JAYBARMARUAUTO ANCILLARIES157.05138.3/ 19-Aug-1918.75 / 11.9461874View Other Patterns
Allied Digital Services LADSLCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE13.912.25/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 11.8739491View Other Patterns
Sambhaav MediaSAMBHAAVPRINTING AND PUBLISHING2.952.6/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 11.8621097View Other Patterns
Surana Telecom and PowerSURANAT&PCABLES - TELECOM3.83.35/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 11.8415485View Other Patterns
Shanti Overseas (India) Ltd.SHANTIMISCELLANEOUS27.524.25/ 21-Aug-193.25 / 11.8212136View Other Patterns
Zodiac-JRD-MKJZODJRDMKJGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES28.825.45/ 19-Aug-193.35 / 11.63831View Other Patterns
Balaji Amines Ltd.BALAMINESCHEMICALS - INORGANIC251.15222.0/ 23-Aug-1929.15 / 11.6140600View Other Patterns
Shankara Building Products Ltd.SHANKARAMISCELLANEOUS290.45256.75/ 19-Aug-1933.70 / 11.6045503View Other Patterns
Future Enterprises Ltd.FELDVRRETAIL26.323.25/ 22-Aug-193.05 / 11.609789View Other Patterns
Dilip BuildconDBLCONSTRUCTION356.9315.65/ 23-Aug-1941.25 / 11.56204 KView Other Patterns
Alankit Ltd.ALANKITGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES18.216.1/ 22-Aug-192.10 / 11.54360 KView Other Patterns
Artemis Global Life Science Ltd.AGLSLMISCELLANEOUS48.843.2/ 23-Aug-195.60 / 11.481947View Other Patterns
DCW Ltd.DCWPETROCHEMICALS15.914.1/ 19-Aug-191.80 / 11.32198 KView Other Patterns
Arihant Foundations & Housing LtdARIHANTCONSTRUCTION15.9514.15/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 11.292658View Other Patterns
Viji FinanceVIJIFINFINANCE0.450.4/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 11.11208 KView Other Patterns
Indosolar Ltd.INDOSOLARMISCELLANEOUS0.450.4/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 11.11178 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Hindustan Motors LtdHINDMOTORSAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS5.454.85/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 11.0157448View Other Patterns
Powerful Technologies Ltd.POWERFULCONSUMER DURABLES10.08.9/ 22-Aug-191.10 / 11.005000View Other Patterns
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. MANGCHEFERFERTILISERS28.325.2/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 10.9534037View Other Patterns
Sathavahana IspatSATHAISPATSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS7.857.0/ 19-Aug-190.850 / 10.835621View Other Patterns
Grand Foundry Ltd.GFSTEELSSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS1.851.65/ 19-Aug-190.200 / 10.810View Other Patterns
NBCC (India) Ltd.NBCCCONSTRUCTION31.9528.5/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 10.8018133 KView Other Patterns
Gati LtdGATITRAVEL AND TRANSPORT39.435.15/ 23-Aug-194.25 / 10.79758 KView Other Patterns
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.INDHOTELHOTELS135.95121.3/ 23-Aug-1914.65 / 10.781124 KView Other Patterns
Williamson Magor and CompanyWILLAMAGORFINANCE16.7514.95/ 22-Aug-191.80 / 10.753411View Other Patterns
Tainwala Chemicals and Plastics (India)TAINWALCHMPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS47.542.4/ 23-Aug-195.10 / 10.743015View Other Patterns
MPS LtdMPSLTDPRINTING AND PUBLISHING484.95433.0/ 22-Aug-1951.95 / 10.715158View Other Patterns
Vardhman Special SteelsVSSLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS69.6562.2/ 23-Aug-197.45 / 10.7014246View Other Patterns
Mohit IndustriesMOHITINDTEXTILE MACHINERY5.154.6/ 22-Aug-190.550 / 10.686938View Other Patterns
Confidence Petroleum Ltd.CONFIPETMISCELLANEOUS21.619.3/ 23-Aug-192.30 / 10.65168 KView Other Patterns
CMI LtdCMICABLESCABLES - TELECOM56.8550.8/ 22-Aug-196.05 / 10.6428789View Other Patterns
Music Broadcast Ltd.RADIOCITYMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT37.6533.65/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 10.6266959View Other Patterns
Hitech Corporation Ltd.HITECHCORPPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS78.7570.4/ 23-Aug-198.35 / 10.603221View Other Patterns
Somi Conveyor BeltingsSOMICONVEYMISCELLANEOUS12.3511.05/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 10.536525View Other Patterns
Khaitan (India) Ltd.KHAITANLTDTRADING19.017.0/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 10.531202View Other Patterns
JVL Agro IndustriesJVLAGROVANASPATI OIL0.950.85/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 10.5338988View Other Patterns
A2Z Infra EngineeringA2ZINFRAPOWER9.558.55/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 10.47354 KView Other Patterns
Mahickra Chemicals Ltd.MAHICKRADYES AND PIGMENTS56.050.15/ 19-Aug-195.85 / 10.456954View Other Patterns
Salona Cotspin Ltd.SALONATEXTILES - COTTON72.064.5/ 23-Aug-197.50 / 10.42669View Other Patterns
Vikas Multicorp Ltd.VIKASMCORPMISCELLANEOUS2.42.15/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 10.421359 KView Other Patterns
Shriram EPC Ltd. SHRIRAMEPCENGINEERING10.19.05/ 22-Aug-191.05 / 10.40158 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.HCCCONSTRUCTION7.76.9/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 10.391585 KView Other Patterns
Essar ShippingESSARSHPNGSHIPPING6.756.05/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 10.3711810View Other Patterns
AYM Syntex Ltd.AYMSYNTEXTEXTILE MACHINERY31.027.8/ 22-Aug-193.20 / 10.3214546View Other Patterns
Aro Granite IndustriesAROGRANITECeramic & Granite33.530.05/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 10.307794View Other Patterns
The Investment Trust of India Ltd.THEINVESTFINANCE135.05121.15/ 21-Aug-1913.90 / 10.294654View Other Patterns
Vaishali Pharma Ltd.VAISHALIPHARMACEUTICALS46.2541.5/ 20-Aug-194.75 / 10.274290View Other Patterns
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.CHAMBLFERTFERTILISERS149.1133.8/ 22-Aug-1915.30 / 10.26138 KView Other Patterns
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd.SOLARAPHARMACEUTICALS430.25386.2/ 22-Aug-1944.05 / 10.2472195View Other Patterns
Yes Bank Ltd.YESBANKBANKS59.2553.2/ 22-Aug-196.05 / 10.21163 MView Other Patterns
NCC Ltd.NCCCONSTRUCTION53.948.4/ 23-Aug-195.50 / 10.2011383 KView Other Patterns
Surana SolarSURANASOLMISCELLANEOUS5.95.3/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 10.1712647View Other Patterns
THE RUBY MILLS LTDRUBYMILLSTEXTILE PRODUCTS136.0122.2/ 23-Aug-1913.80 / 10.158533View Other Patterns
IFGL Refractories Ltd.IFGLEXPORCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS133.6120.05/ 23-Aug-1913.55 / 10.142495View Other Patterns
Dhunseri Tea & IndustriesDTILTEA AND COFFEE162.9146.4/ 23-Aug-1916.50 / 10.132448View Other Patterns
DLF Ltd.DLFCONSTRUCTION152.1136.7/ 23-Aug-1915.40 / 10.1212815 KView Other Patterns
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.MTNLTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES4.954.45/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 10.101153 KView Other Patterns
SubrosSUBROSAUTO ANCILLARIES206.35185.6/ 23-Aug-1920.75 / 10.0666164View Other Patterns
Indo Rama Synthetics Ltd.INDORAMATEXTILES - SYNTHETIC27.925.1/ 23-Aug-192.80 / 10.0423977View Other Patterns
Pioneer EmbroideriesPIONEEREMBTEXTILE PRODUCTS20.4518.4/ 23-Aug-192.05 / 10.028817View Other Patterns
Castex Technologies Ltd.CASTEXTECHAUTO ANCILLARIES0.50.45/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 10.00121 KView Other Patterns
Ortel CommunicationsORTELMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1.00.9/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 10.0011906View Other Patterns
Arrow TextilesARROWTEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS10.59.45/ 22-Aug-191.05 / 10.009142View Other Patterns
Reliance Power Ltd.RPOWERPOWER3.02.7/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 10.0014732 KView Other Patterns
HBL Power Systems Ltd.HBLPOWERELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT14.012.6/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 10.00128 KView Other Patterns
Smartlink Holdings Ltd.SMARTLINKCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE80.172.1/ 22-Aug-198.00 / 9.9910186View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Visaka IndustriesVISAKAINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS297.65267.95/ 23-Aug-1929.70 / 9.9829370View Other Patterns
Indiabulls VenturesIBVENTURESFINANCE188.85170.1/ 22-Aug-1918.75 / 9.932048 KView Other Patterns
RPG Lifesciences Ltd.RPGLIFEPHARMACEUTICALS168.05151.4/ 23-Aug-1916.65 / 9.9151288View Other Patterns
ISMT LimitedISMTLTDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS4.053.65/ 22-Aug-190.400 / 9.8826740View Other Patterns
Bartronics India Ltd.BARTRONICSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE2.552.3/ 21-Aug-190.250 / 9.8015285View Other Patterns
PremierPREMIERENGINEERING2.552.3/ 20-Aug-190.250 / 9.801917View Other Patterns
California SoftwareCALSOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE17.3515.65/ 19-Aug-191.70 / 9.8046067View Other Patterns
Oil Country TubularOILCOUNTUBSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS5.75.15/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 9.657633View Other Patterns
Siyaram Silk MillsSIYSILTEXTILE PRODUCTS213.25192.85/ 23-Aug-1920.40 / 9.5726884View Other Patterns
Patspin IndiaPATSPINLTDTEXTILE PRODUCTS5.755.2/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 9.577826View Other Patterns
MT EducareMTEDUCARECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE35.632.2/ 19-Aug-193.40 / 9.5536924View Other Patterns
Solex Energy Ltd.SOLEXMISCELLANEOUS30.427.5/ 20-Aug-192.90 / 9.547000View Other Patterns
SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES LTDSUVENMEDICAL256.45232.0/ 19-Aug-1924.45 / 9.53122 KView Other Patterns
RattanIndia Power Ltd.RTNPOWERPOWER1.050.95/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 9.52905 KView Other Patterns
Assam Company India Ltd.ASSAMCOTEA AND COFFEE1.050.95/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 9.52101 KView Other Patterns
Electrotherm (India)ELECTHERMENGINEERING126.2114.2/ 23-Aug-1912.00 / 9.5120577View Other Patterns
Jindal Stainless Ltd.JSLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS29.626.8/ 22-Aug-192.80 / 9.46232 KView Other Patterns
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd.AJMERASUGAR106.3596.3/ 23-Aug-1910.05 / 9.4536386View Other Patterns
Jubilant IndustriesJUBLINDSMISCELLANEOUS98.5589.25/ 23-Aug-199.30 / 9.4445422View Other Patterns
SKS Textiles Ltd.SKSTEXTILETEXTILE PRODUCTS27.625.0/ 19-Aug-192.60 / 9.422454View Other Patterns
Refex IndustriesREFEXCHEMICALS - ORGANIC72.365.5/ 23-Aug-196.80 / 9.4162439View Other Patterns
Optiemus Infracom Ltd.OPTIEMUSFINANCE43.6539.55/ 23-Aug-194.10 / 9.3987009View Other Patterns
Tera Software Ltd.TERASOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE26.6524.15/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 9.3896503View Other Patterns
Palash Securities Ltd.PALASHSECUFINANCE37.3533.85/ 19-Aug-193.50 / 9.371843View Other Patterns
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.LAKSHVILASBANKS41.938.0/ 23-Aug-193.90 / 9.312001 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Lokesh MachinesLOKESHMACHMISCELLANEOUS34.9531.7/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 9.309630View Other Patterns
Maral OverseasMARALOVERTEXTILE PRODUCTS15.614.15/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 9.293361View Other Patterns
Jet Airways (India) Ltd.JETAIRWAYSTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT34.531.3/ 23-Aug-193.20 / 9.28117 KView Other Patterns
Dish TV India LimitedDISHTVMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT23.321.15/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 9.2327562 KView Other Patterns
Indo Count IndustriesICILTEXTILE PRODUCTS41.8538.0/ 23-Aug-193.85 / 9.20173 KView Other Patterns
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd.AURIONPROCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE96.988.0/ 23-Aug-198.90 / 9.1817580View Other Patterns
VRL Logistics Ltd.VRLLOGTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT273.2248.2/ 19-Aug-1925.00 / 9.1562984View Other Patterns
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. ACEENGINEERING53.0548.2/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 9.14136 KView Other Patterns
WS IndustriesWSIELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT0.550.5/ 20-Aug-190.050 / 9.0913168View Other Patterns
Reliable Data Services Ltd.RELIABLEDIVERSIFIED28.0525.5/ 14-Aug-192.55 / 9.0929909View Other Patterns
BSE Ltd.BSEMISCELLANEOUS492.85448.1/ 19-Aug-1944.75 / 9.08155 KView Other Patterns
Times GuarantyTIMESGTYFINANCE31.9529.05/ 20-Aug-192.90 / 9.081111View Other Patterns
Man Infraconstruction Ltd.MANINFRACONSTRUCTION20.9519.05/ 22-Aug-191.90 / 9.07112 KView Other Patterns
KCP Sugar Ind CorpKCPSUGINDSUGAR11.610.55/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 9.0593580View Other Patterns
Madras FertilizersMADRASFERTFERTILISERS19.3517.6/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 9.04184 KView Other Patterns
HT Media Ltd.HTMEDIAPRINTING AND PUBLISHING23.2521.15/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 9.0353628View Other Patterns
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd.HILTONCASTINGS/FORGINGS9.458.6/ 22-Aug-190.850 / 8.993531View Other Patterns
UFO Moviez India Ltd.UFOMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT140.65128.05/ 23-Aug-1912.60 / 8.9623475View Other Patterns
Cinevista Ltd.CINEVISTAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT6.76.1/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 8.967978View Other Patterns
Murudeshwar CeramicsMURUDCERACeramic & Granite12.8511.7/ 22-Aug-191.15 / 8.9522405View Other Patterns
MukandMUKANDLTDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS31.8529.0/ 23-Aug-192.85 / 8.9533155View Other Patterns
Vaswani IndustriesVASWANISTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS6.155.6/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 8.9417786View Other Patterns
Rajesh Exports Ltd.RAJESHEXPOGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES726.3661.5/ 19-Aug-1964.80 / 8.92267 KView Other Patterns
Oswal Agro Mills Ltd.OSWALAGROFINANCE6.756.15/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 8.8926778View Other Patterns
Karma EnergyKARMAENGMISCELLANEOUS10.159.25/ 22-Aug-190.900 / 8.871354View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Omkar Speciality ChemicalsOMKARCHEMCHEMICALS - ORGANIC5.655.15/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 8.8521985View Other Patterns
BLB Ltd.BLBLIMITEDFINANCE3.43.1/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 8.824388View Other Patterns
Vedanta LtdVEDLMINING137.4125.3/ 22-Aug-1912.10 / 8.8113071 KView Other Patterns
Morarjee TextilesMORARJEETEXTILES - COTTON12.5511.45/ 19-Aug-191.10 / 8.7622393View Other Patterns
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.PNCMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT14.8513.55/ 22-Aug-191.30 / 8.756575View Other Patterns
Lypsa Gems and JewelleryLYPSAGEMSGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES4.03.65/ 20-Aug-190.350 / 8.7531553View Other Patterns
Sanginita Chemicals Ltd.SANGINITACHEMICALS - INORGANIC78.972.0/ 20-Aug-196.90 / 8.7536680View Other Patterns
Gandhi Special TubesGANDHITUBESTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS296.05270.2/ 23-Aug-1925.85 / 8.734646View Other Patterns
Asian Granito IndiaASIANTILESCeramic & Granite208.75190.55/ 23-Aug-1918.20 / 8.7280058View Other Patterns
Gufic BioSciences Ltd.GUFICBIOPHARMACEUTICALS60.2555.0/ 19-Aug-195.25 / 8.7178696View Other Patterns
Parin Furniture Ltd.PARINMISCELLANEOUS70.0563.95/ 19-Aug-196.10 / 8.717090View Other Patterns
Control Print Ltd.CONTROLPRTRADING248.85227.2/ 19-Aug-1921.65 / 8.708302View Other Patterns
GVK Power & Infrastructures Ltd.GVKPILPOWER4.64.2/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 8.701522 KView Other Patterns
Shiva Texyarn Ltd.SHIVATEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS103.194.15/ 23-Aug-198.95 / 8.681643View Other Patterns
Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.GODFRYPHLPCIGARETTES971.3887.05/ 23-Aug-1984.25 / 8.67220 KView Other Patterns
Bang OverseasBANGTEXTILE PRODUCTS32.329.5/ 23-Aug-192.80 / 8.6715238View Other Patterns
CARE Ratings Ltd.CARERATINGMISCELLANEOUS547.4500.05/ 23-Aug-1947.35 / 8.65174 KView Other Patterns
Alembic Ltd.ALEMBICLTDPHARMACEUTICALS50.3546.0/ 22-Aug-194.35 / 8.64223 KView Other Patterns
Balaji Telefilms Ltd.BALAJITELEMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT49.2545.0/ 22-Aug-194.25 / 8.6346506View Other Patterns
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.DHFLFINANCE - HOUSING40.737.2/ 23-Aug-193.50 / 8.6030865 KView Other Patterns
NelcastNELCASTCASTINGS/FORGINGS37.334.1/ 23-Aug-193.20 / 8.5825210View Other Patterns
Country Club Hospitality & HolidaysCCHHLHOTELS3.53.2/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 8.5720572View Other Patterns
Harita Seating SystemsHARITASEATAUTO ANCILLARIES403.65369.1/ 23-Aug-1934.55 / 8.566764View Other Patterns
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.APLAPOLLOSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS1301.351190.0/ 23-Aug-19111.35 / 8.5623084View Other Patterns
Airan Ltd.AIRANCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE17.5516.05/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 8.5549788View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
J Kumar InfraprojectsJKILCONSTRUCTION121.35111.0/ 23-Aug-1910.35 / 8.53150 KView Other Patterns
Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.RCFFERTILISERS39.3536.0/ 23-Aug-193.35 / 8.51644 KView Other Patterns
Thirumalai ChemicalsTIRUMALCHMCHEMICALS - ORGANIC55.851.05/ 23-Aug-194.75 / 8.51193 KView Other Patterns
Mawana SugarsMAWANASUGSUGAR26.4524.2/ 23-Aug-192.25 / 8.51144 KView Other Patterns
Khandwala Securities Ltd.KHANDSEFINANCE12.411.35/ 20-Aug-191.05 / 8.47982View Other Patterns
The Byke Hospitality Ltd.BYKEFINANCE15.9514.6/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 8.4643889View Other Patterns
Jamna Auto IndustriesJAMNAAUTOAUTO ANCILLARIES33.130.3/ 23-Aug-192.80 / 8.46779 KView Other Patterns
Premier Polyfilm Ltd.PREMIERPOLPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS20.718.95/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 8.451180View Other Patterns
Automotive Stampings and AssembliesASALAUTO ANCILLARIES31.4528.8/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 8.434604View Other Patterns
Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.GAELTRADING133.55122.3/ 23-Aug-1911.25 / 8.4235025View Other Patterns
Bharat Electronics Ltd.BELELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL99.991.5/ 21-Aug-198.40 / 8.4112688 KView Other Patterns
Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd.AIONJSWSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS14.313.1/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 8.3921670View Other Patterns
SMS PharmaceuticalsSMSPHARMAPHARMACEUTICALS46.642.7/ 22-Aug-193.90 / 8.3734992View Other Patterns
Cerebra Integrated TechnologiesCEREBRAINTCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE23.3521.4/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 8.35451 KView Other Patterns
Euro CeramicsEUROCERACeramic & Granite0.60.55/ 22-Aug-190.050 / 8.333170View Other Patterns
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.REPLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT24.022.0/ 02-Aug-192.00 / 8.337500View Other Patterns
GeeCee VenturesGEECEECHEMICALS - ORGANIC79.8573.2/ 23-Aug-196.65 / 8.334447View Other Patterns
AMJ Land Holdings LtdAMJLANDPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS16.8515.45/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 8.319516View Other Patterns
Munjal Showa Ltd.MUNJALSHOWAUTO ANCILLARIES124.5114.2/ 23-Aug-1910.30 / 8.2710533View Other Patterns
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.J&KBANKBANKS33.931.1/ 23-Aug-192.80 / 8.261203 KView Other Patterns
Lumax Industries LtdLUMAXINDAUTO ANCILLARIES1215.61115.25/ 23-Aug-19100.35 / 8.265450View Other Patterns
Mukand EngineersMUKANDENGGCONSTRUCTION10.39.45/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 8.259347View Other Patterns
Shivam AutotechSHIVAMAUTOAUTO ANCILLARIES18.817.25/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 8.2442852View Other Patterns
Sandhar Technologies Ltd.SANDHARAUTO ANCILLARIES233.65214.4/ 23-Aug-1919.25 / 8.248745View Other Patterns
Kamat Hotels (India)KAMATHOTELHOTELS30.528.0/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 8.2029813View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Avon Moldplast Ltd.AVONMPLMISCELLANEOUS45.241.5/ 19-Aug-193.70 / 8.194636View Other Patterns
Sumeet IndustriesSUMEETINDSTEXTILE PRODUCTS2.452.25/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 8.1686206View Other Patterns
Donear Industries Ltd.DONEARTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC27.6525.4/ 22-Aug-192.25 / 8.1424913View Other Patterns
Sicagen IndiaSICAGENTRADING20.919.2/ 23-Aug-191.70 / 8.1332312View Other Patterns
Responsive IndustriesRESPONINDPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS94.787.0/ 23-Aug-197.70 / 8.13192 KView Other Patterns
Crest VenturesCRESTFINANCE - HOUSING75.1569.05/ 23-Aug-196.10 / 8.124917View Other Patterns
IFB Agro IndustriesIFBAGROCHEMICALS - ORGANIC287.25264.0/ 23-Aug-1923.25 / 8.096721View Other Patterns
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.SIMPLEXINFCONSTRUCTION53.349.0/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 8.0744367View Other Patterns
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd.GULFOILLUBCONSTRUCTION850.5782.15/ 19-Aug-1968.35 / 8.0413193View Other Patterns
Thangamayil JewelleryTHANGAMAYLGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES299.0275.0/ 23-Aug-1924.00 / 8.0313092View Other Patterns
EIH Ltd.EIHOTELHOTELS157.65145.0/ 21-Aug-1912.65 / 8.02170 KView Other Patterns
SuperhouseSUPERHOUSELEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS70.5564.9/ 22-Aug-195.65 / 8.0116530View Other Patterns
Cura TechnologiesCURATECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.251.15/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 8.00739View Other Patterns
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd.RTNINFRAPOWER1.251.15/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 8.00228 KView Other Patterns
One Point One Solutions Ltd.ONEPOINTMISCELLANEOUS15.714.45/ 22-Aug-191.25 / 7.9616409View Other Patterns
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.ZEELMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT351.15323.2/ 22-Aug-1927.95 / 7.9610880 KView Other Patterns
ITI Ltd.ITITELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT60.9556.1/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 7.96461 KView Other Patterns
Man Industries (India)MANINDSSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS38.3535.3/ 22-Aug-193.05 / 7.9552393View Other Patterns
Noida-Toll Bridge Co. Ltd.NOIDATOLLTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT3.152.9/ 22-Aug-190.250 / 7.9471480View Other Patterns
Tribhovandas Bhimji ZaveriTBZGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES32.830.2/ 23-Aug-192.60 / 7.9361050View Other Patterns
Zenith ExportsZENITHEXPOTEXTILE PRODUCTS38.535.45/ 23-Aug-193.05 / 7.921303View Other Patterns
Gulshan PolyolsGULPOLYCHEMICALS - ORGANIC40.437.2/ 19-Aug-193.20 / 7.92104 KView Other Patterns
Ravi Kumar DistilleriesRKDLBREW/DISTILLERIES6.956.4/ 20-Aug-190.550 / 7.913350View Other Patterns
Aptech Ltd.APTECHTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE124.85115.0/ 22-Aug-199.85 / 7.89222 KView Other Patterns
Nahar Capital and Financial ServicesNAHARCAPFINANCE62.257.3/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 7.882128View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
SaksoftSAKSOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE260.4239.95/ 23-Aug-1920.45 / 7.856312View Other Patterns
Atlas Cycle IndustriesATLASCYCLEMISCELLANEOUS37.034.1/ 23-Aug-192.90 / 7.842632View Other Patterns
Maithan AlloysMAITHANALLMINING419.4386.7/ 23-Aug-1932.70 / 7.8015257View Other Patterns
Sikko Industries Ltd.SIKKOMISCELLANEOUS29.527.2/ 19-Aug-192.30 / 7.8010363View Other Patterns
Max Financial Services Ltd.MFSLPACKAGING447.15412.3/ 20-Aug-1934.85 / 7.79999 KView Other Patterns
Spice MobilitySPICEMOBICOMPUTERS - HARDWARE7.77.1/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 7.795009View Other Patterns
Kothari PetrochemKOTHARIPETTRADING17.416.05/ 22-Aug-191.35 / 7.7613178View Other Patterns
Cambridge Technology EnterprisesCTECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE28.426.2/ 22-Aug-192.20 / 7.754001View Other Patterns
Airo Lam Ltd.AIROLAMMISCELLANEOUS31.028.6/ 14-Aug-192.40 / 7.749000View Other Patterns
LOTUS EYE LOTUSEYEMEDICAL20.0518.5/ 21-Aug-191.55 / 7.734866View Other Patterns
Super Spinning MillsSUPERSPINTEXTILE PRODUCTS3.93.6/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 7.6924336View Other Patterns
GTN TextilesGTNTEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS6.56.0/ 22-Aug-190.500 / 7.694419View Other Patterns
Educomp Solutions Ltd.EDUCOMPCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.31.2/ 20-Aug-190.100 / 7.6925407View Other Patterns
Radaan Mediaworks IndiaRADAANMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1.31.2/ 22-Aug-190.100 / 7.6912326View Other Patterns
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.NAHARSPINGTEXTILE PRODUCTS49.5545.75/ 23-Aug-193.80 / 7.678404View Other Patterns
NIIT TECHNOLOGIES LTDNIITTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1376.451271.0/ 19-Aug-19105.45 / 7.66469 KView Other Patterns
Compucom SoftwareCOMPUSOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE8.57.85/ 22-Aug-190.650 / 7.6514249View Other Patterns
JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd.JHSPERSONAL CARE13.7512.7/ 22-Aug-191.05 / 7.6450400View Other Patterns
Intellect Design Arena Ltd.INTELLECTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE216.75200.2/ 23-Aug-1916.55 / 7.64288 KView Other Patterns
Tata Power Co. Ltd.TATAPOWERPOWER54.550.35/ 21-Aug-194.15 / 7.619445 KView Other Patterns
B L Kashyap & Sons Ltd.BLKASHYAPCONSTRUCTION9.28.5/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 7.6145629View Other Patterns
Bedmutha IndustriesBEDMUTHASTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS12.511.55/ 22-Aug-190.950 / 7.6013324View Other Patterns
Total Transport Systems Ltd.TOTALTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT28.3526.2/ 16-Aug-192.15 / 7.5810636View Other Patterns
Celestial Biolabs Ltd.CELESTIALPHARMACEUTICALS3.33.05/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 7.5834661View Other Patterns
Premier Explosives Ltd. PREMEXPLNCHEMICALS - INORGANIC160.4148.25/ 23-Aug-1912.15 / 7.575303View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
PNC Infratech Ltd.PNCINFRACONSTRUCTION180.35166.7/ 23-Aug-1913.65 / 7.57196 KView Other Patterns
Indoco RemediesINDOCOPHARMACEUTICALS146.05135.0/ 23-Aug-1911.05 / 7.5766920View Other Patterns
Navin Fluorine International Ltd.NAVINFLUORCHEMICALS - SPECIALITY687.0635.05/ 19-Aug-1951.95 / 7.5643092View Other Patterns
Kavveri Telecom ProductsKAVVERITELTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT2.652.45/ 21-Aug-190.200 / 7.553792View Other Patterns
GHCL Ltd.GHCLCHEMICALS - INORGANIC192.95178.4/ 23-Aug-1914.55 / 7.54126 KView Other Patterns
Sundaram-ClaytonSUNCLAYLTDAUTO ANCILLARIES1797.651662.5/ 20-Aug-19135.15 / 7.521078View Other Patterns
Sunteck Realty Ltd.SUNTECKCONSTRUCTION454.9420.7/ 22-Aug-1934.20 / 7.52134 KView Other Patterns
Somany CeramicsSOMANYCERACeramic & Granite272.2251.75/ 23-Aug-1920.45 / 7.5115724View Other Patterns
Pushpanjali Realms & Infratech Ltd.PUSHPREALMCONSTRUCTION4.03.7/ 22-Aug-190.300 / 7.502181View Other Patterns
Uniply IndustriesUNIPLYMISCELLANEOUS55.451.25/ 19-Aug-194.15 / 7.49115 KView Other Patterns
Patel Engineering Ltd.PATELENGCONSTRUCTION11.3510.5/ 22-Aug-190.850 / 7.49254 KView Other Patterns
ArshiyaARSHIYATRAVEL AND TRANSPORT16.715.45/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 7.4940981View Other Patterns
Mahanagar Gas LtdMGLREFINERIES846.25783.0/ 19-Aug-1963.25 / 7.471055 KView Other Patterns
JINDAL PHOTO LTD.JINDALPHOTCONSUMER DURABLES15.414.25/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 7.472858View Other Patterns
AshimaASHIMASYNTEXTILE PRODUCTS6.76.2/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 7.4628284View Other Patterns
Praj Industries Ltd.PRAJINDENGINEERING100.693.1/ 23-Aug-197.50 / 7.461085 KView Other Patterns
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd.SASTASUNDRFINANCE89.282.55/ 23-Aug-196.65 / 7.467608View Other Patterns
Brooks LaboratoriesBROOKSPHARMACEUTICALS32.930.45/ 22-Aug-192.45 / 7.4523513View Other Patterns
Energy Development Company Ltd.ENERGYDEVPOWER4.74.35/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 7.4540961View Other Patterns
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.RUCHISOYASOLVENT EXTRACTION4.74.35/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 7.451723 KView Other Patterns
NRB Industrial BearingsNIBLBEARINGS6.055.6/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 7.4418501View Other Patterns
Kilitch Drugs (India)KILITCHPHARMACEUTICALS105.0597.25/ 22-Aug-197.80 / 7.4362783View Other Patterns
Kalyani ForgeKALYANIFRGCASTINGS/FORGINGS167.9155.45/ 23-Aug-1912.45 / 7.42310View Other Patterns
SMS Lifesciences India Ltd.SMSLIFEMISCELLANEOUS384.55356.05/ 23-Aug-1928.50 / 7.4110236View Other Patterns
Prime Focus LimitedPFOCUSMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT33.7531.25/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 7.4115353View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Aarti DrugsAARTIDRUGSPHARMACEUTICALS477.4442.2/ 22-Aug-1935.20 / 7.3720269View Other Patterns
Garden Silk Mills Ltd.GARDENSILKTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC8.858.2/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 7.3410712View Other Patterns
TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd.TCNSBRANDSTEXTILE PRODUCTS701.5650.0/ 23-Aug-1951.50 / 7.349584View Other Patterns
Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd.SADBHINELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT48.645.05/ 23-Aug-193.55 / 7.3041702View Other Patterns
Suryalakshmi Cotton MillsSURYALAXMITEXTILE PRODUCTS15.7514.6/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 7.305252View Other Patterns
Igarashi MotorsIGARASHIELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT202.95188.15/ 22-Aug-1914.80 / 7.2915402View Other Patterns
Transwind Infrastructures Ltd.TRANSWINDCONSTRUCTION7.557.0/ 19-Aug-190.550 / 7.286727View Other Patterns
Kesar EnterprisesKESARENTSUGAR30.228.0/ 23-Aug-192.20 / 7.282391View Other Patterns
Windsor MachinesWINDMACHINENGINEERING21.319.75/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 7.2839300View Other Patterns
Indowind Energy LimitedINDOWINDPOWER2.752.55/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 7.2730950View Other Patterns
SEAMEC Ltd.SEAMECLTDOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION304.25282.15/ 22-Aug-1922.10 / 7.2611107View Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded SchemeHNGSNGBEESFINANCE3155.02926.0/ 23-Aug-19229.00 / 7.2666View Other Patterns
SKIL InfrastructureSKILCONSTRUCTION6.25.75/ 19-Aug-190.450 / 7.2612348View Other Patterns
General Insurance Corporation of India Ltd.GICREDIVERSIFIED168.2156.0/ 23-Aug-1912.20 / 7.2576607View Other Patterns
Asian Hotels (West)AHLWESTHOTELS272.5252.8/ 23-Aug-1919.70 / 7.231650View Other Patterns
UPL Ltd.UPLPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS547.25507.85/ 22-Aug-1939.40 / 7.204955 KView Other Patterns
Tata Elxsi Ltd.TATAELXSICOMPUTERS - HARDWARE649.25602.6/ 22-Aug-1946.65 / 7.19911 KView Other Patterns
National Aluminium Co. Ltd.NATIONALUMALUMINIUM39.7536.9/ 23-Aug-192.85 / 7.176590 KView Other Patterns
Tips IndustriesTIPSINDLTDMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT60.8556.5/ 20-Aug-194.35 / 7.158981View Other Patterns
Magma Fincorp Ltd.MAGMAFINANCIAL INSTITUTION67.8563.0/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 7.15150 KView Other Patterns
Diamond Power InfrastructureDIAPOWERPOWER0.70.65/ 22-Aug-190.050 / 7.145502View Other Patterns
Mindteck (India) Ltd.MINDTECKCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE30.828.6/ 23-Aug-192.20 / 7.144594View Other Patterns
Hindusthan National Glass and IndustriesHINDNATGLSGlass, Glass Product23.1521.5/ 19-Aug-191.65 / 7.131431View Other Patterns
Butterfly Gandhimathi AppliancesBUTTERFLYCONSUMER DURABLES150.2139.5/ 23-Aug-1910.70 / 7.1219156View Other Patterns
Mirc Electronics Ltd.MIRCELECTRCONSUMER DURABLES10.559.8/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 7.11108 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
UFLEX Ltd.UFLEXPACKAGING207.95193.2/ 23-Aug-1914.75 / 7.0960484View Other Patterns
Speciality RestaurantsSPECIALITYHOTELS61.3557.0/ 22-Aug-194.35 / 7.0925517View Other Patterns
Welspun Enterprises Ltd.WELENTCONSTRUCTION90.083.65/ 23-Aug-196.35 / 7.06188 KView Other Patterns
Talbros Automotive ComponentsTALBROAUTOAUTO ANCILLARIES104.4597.1/ 19-Aug-197.35 / 7.0412437View Other Patterns
IIFL Finance Ltd.IIFLFINANCE114.5106.5/ 21-Aug-198.00 / 6.9996481View Other Patterns
Universal CablesUNIVCABLESCABLES - TELECOM137.45127.85/ 23-Aug-199.60 / 6.9826405View Other Patterns
Kwality Ltd.KWALITYFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING2.152.0/ 22-Aug-190.150 / 6.98588 KView Other Patterns
Meghmani Organics Ltd.MEGHPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS43.7540.7/ 23-Aug-193.05 / 6.97447 KView Other Patterns
TV18 Broadcast Ltd.TV18BRDCSTMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT19.418.05/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 6.961724 KView Other Patterns
Nalwa Sons InvestmentNSILFINANCE946.9881.05/ 23-Aug-1965.85 / 6.95686View Other Patterns
Jayant Agro Organics Ltd.JAYAGROGNCHEMICALS - ORGANIC144.0134.0/ 23-Aug-1910.00 / 6.9421600View Other Patterns
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance CompanyCHOLAFINFINANCE260.65242.55/ 23-Aug-1918.10 / 6.941685 KView Other Patterns
Indian Overseas Bank IOBBANKS9.48.75/ 22-Aug-190.650 / 6.91626 KView Other Patterns
Akash Infraprojects Ltd.AKASHMISCELLANEOUS60.1556.0/ 19-Aug-194.15 / 6.905727View Other Patterns
Sundaram Multi PapSUNDARAMPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS1.451.35/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 6.90263 KView Other Patterns
Arvind Ltd.ARVINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS47.8544.55/ 23-Aug-193.30 / 6.906671 KView Other Patterns
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETFN100FINANCE550.57512.6/ 19-Aug-1937.97 / 6.9011966View Other Patterns
Mastek Ltd.MASTEKCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE324.25302.0/ 22-Aug-1922.25 / 6.8660083View Other Patterns
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.MOTHERSUMIAUTO ANCILLARIES97.891.1/ 23-Aug-196.70 / 6.859888 KView Other Patterns
Greaves Cotton Ltd.GREAVESCOTDIESEL ENGINES120.6112.35/ 23-Aug-198.25 / 6.84234 KView Other Patterns
Nila Infrastructures Ltd.NILAINFRACONSTRUCTION4.44.1/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 6.82189 KView Other Patterns
Indiabulls Housing FinanceIBULHSGFINFINANCE - HOUSING467.85436.0/ 23-Aug-1931.85 / 6.8123474 KView Other Patterns
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd.JINDRILLOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION63.2558.95/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 6.8010923View Other Patterns
PVR LimitedPVRMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1491.351390.0/ 19-Aug-19101.35 / 6.80756 KView Other Patterns
LIC Housing Finance Ltd.LICHSGFINFINANCE - HOUSING424.85396.0/ 23-Aug-1928.85 / 6.793495 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Zee Learn Ltd.ZEELEARNCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE22.921.35/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 6.77159 KView Other Patterns
Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.SCISHIPPING26.624.8/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 6.77358 KView Other Patterns
Camlin Fine SciencesCAMLINFINECHEMICALS - ORGANIC53.9550.3/ 23-Aug-193.65 / 6.77184 KView Other Patterns
Britannia Industries Ltd.BRITANNIAFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING2466.652300.0/ 21-Aug-19166.65 / 6.76619 KView Other Patterns
Arrow Greentech Ltd.ARROWGREENPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS45.942.8/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 6.755271View Other Patterns
Steel Exchange India Ltd.STEELXINDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS11.8511.05/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 6.7530083View Other Patterns
TRFTRFENGINEERING76.471.25/ 23-Aug-195.15 / 6.7418699View Other Patterns
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.AHLUCONTCONSTRUCTION305.0284.45/ 19-Aug-1920.55 / 6.7432072View Other Patterns
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.THOMASCOOKTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT130.05121.3/ 23-Aug-198.75 / 6.73344 KView Other Patterns
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.JINDALSTELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS101.9595.1/ 23-Aug-196.85 / 6.7220586 KView Other Patterns
Emami Paper Mills Ltd.EMAMIPAPPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS81.976.4/ 23-Aug-195.50 / 6.722451View Other Patterns
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.ALKYLAMINECHEMICALS - ORGANIC730.4681.35/ 22-Aug-1949.05 / 6.7223566View Other Patterns
Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.TNPLPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS180.2168.15/ 23-Aug-1912.05 / 6.6999646View Other Patterns
Shreyans IndustriesSHREYANINDPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS110.0102.65/ 22-Aug-197.35 / 6.6838581View Other Patterns
Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.ORIENTPPRDIVERSIFIED21.7520.3/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 6.67458 KView Other Patterns
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.IBREALESTCONSTRUCTION66.7562.3/ 23-Aug-194.45 / 6.676157 KView Other Patterns
Vivimed Labs Ltd.VIVIMEDLABPHARMACEUTICALS15.014.0/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 6.67101 KView Other Patterns
Gateway Distriparks Ltd.GDLTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT95.3589.0/ 23-Aug-196.35 / 6.66117 KView Other Patterns
Escorts Ltd.ESCORTSAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS453.65423.55/ 23-Aug-1930.10 / 6.642479 KView Other Patterns
Jubliant Foodworks LimitedJUBLFOODFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING1154.51077.9/ 23-Aug-1976.60 / 6.631371 KView Other Patterns
Tinplate Company of India Ltd.TINPLATEMETALS93.5587.35/ 23-Aug-196.20 / 6.63163 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan CompositesHINDCOMPOSAUTO ANCILLARIES175.6164.05/ 23-Aug-1911.55 / 6.581643View Other Patterns
Munjal Auto IndustriesMUNJALAUAUTO ANCILLARIES34.2532.0/ 23-Aug-192.25 / 6.57110 KView Other Patterns
NMDC Ltd.NMDCMINING80.0574.8/ 23-Aug-195.25 / 6.566256 KView Other Patterns
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd.IVCFINANCIAL INSTITUTION3.052.85/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 6.56143 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
DQ Entertainment InternationalDQEMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT3.052.85/ 20-Aug-190.200 / 6.564526View Other Patterns
India Glycols Ltd.INDIAGLYCOPETROCHEMICALS190.8178.3/ 23-Aug-1912.50 / 6.5541004View Other Patterns
Gujarat Sidhee CementGSCLCEMENTCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS17.6516.5/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 6.5235321View Other Patterns
Centrum Capital Ltd.CENTRUMFINANCE27.6525.85/ 19-Aug-191.80 / 6.51226 KView Other Patterns
CMM Infraprojects Ltd.CMMIPLMISCELLANEOUS3.853.6/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 6.495454View Other Patterns
Damodar IndustriesDAMODARINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS28.526.65/ 23-Aug-191.85 / 6.493129View Other Patterns
Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd.ORISSAMINEMINING557.5521.35/ 23-Aug-1936.15 / 6.486416View Other Patterns
Uniphos EnterprisesUNIENTERTRADING69.565.0/ 23-Aug-194.50 / 6.478137View Other Patterns
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd.ASTRAZENPHARMACEUTICALS1745.551632.55/ 23-Aug-19113.00 / 6.4727075View Other Patterns
Poly MedicurePOLYMEDHospitals & Medical Services182.3170.5/ 21-Aug-1911.80 / 6.474277View Other Patterns
Rossell IndiaROSSELLINDTEA AND COFFEE50.2547.0/ 21-Aug-193.25 / 6.4712296View Other Patterns
Capital Trust Ltd.CAPTRUSTFINANCE68.8564.4/ 19-Aug-194.45 / 6.463329View Other Patterns
Linc Pen and PlasticsLINCPENMISCELLANEOUS191.9179.5/ 23-Aug-1912.40 / 6.461346View Other Patterns
Tamilnadu TelecommunicationsTNTELECABLES - TELECOM1.551.45/ 19-Aug-190.100 / 6.45272View Other Patterns
AVT Natural Products Ltd.AVTNPLMISCELLANEOUS20.9519.6/ 19-Aug-191.35 / 6.4427312View Other Patterns
Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd.HINDOILEXPOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION95.589.35/ 23-Aug-196.15 / 6.44242 KView Other Patterns
D-Link (India) Ltd.DLINKINDIAMISCELLANEOUS88.783.0/ 23-Aug-195.70 / 6.4328030View Other Patterns
Sreeleathers Ltd.SREELLEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS166.75156.05/ 23-Aug-1910.70 / 6.4210862View Other Patterns
Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd.DIXONELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT2320.952172.15/ 22-Aug-19148.80 / 6.4126556View Other Patterns
Coromandel International Ltd.COROMANDELFERTILISERS360.05337.0/ 19-Aug-1923.05 / 6.40225 KView Other Patterns
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. WALCHANNAGENGINEERING54.751.2/ 23-Aug-193.50 / 6.40142 KView Other Patterns
Adani Enterprises Ltd.ADANIENTTRADING131.3122.9/ 23-Aug-198.40 / 6.404626 KView Other Patterns
Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd.SPICFERTILISERS17.216.1/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 6.4038390View Other Patterns
Kirloskar Electric Company Limited KECLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT7.056.6/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 6.3844630View Other Patterns
Orient Green Power Company Ltd.GREENPOWERPOWER2.352.2/ 22-Aug-190.150 / 6.38127 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.BPCLREFINERIES329.35308.35/ 23-Aug-1921.00 / 6.383565 KView Other Patterns
Hotel Leelaventure Ltd.HOTELEELAHOTELS6.35.9/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 6.35149 KView Other Patterns
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd.VIDHIINGDYES AND PIGMENTS54.3550.9/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 6.3535581View Other Patterns
Birlasoft Ltd.BSOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE61.4557.55/ 23-Aug-193.90 / 6.351671 KView Other Patterns
ANI Integrated Services Ltd.AISLENGINEERING34.732.5/ 19-Aug-192.20 / 6.344581View Other Patterns
Sundaram Finance Holdings Ltd.SUNDARMHLDFINANCE72.668.0/ 21-Aug-194.60 / 6.3458518View Other Patterns
Maan AluminiumMAANALUALUMINIUM67.162.85/ 23-Aug-194.25 / 6.335379View Other Patterns
Kanoria Chemicals and IndustriesKANORICHEMCHEMICALS - ORGANIC39.537.0/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 6.3314979View Other Patterns
Goodluck India Ltd.GOODLUCKSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS50.6547.45/ 23-Aug-193.20 / 6.3219605View Other Patterns
Cadila Healthcare Ltd.CADILAHCPHARMACEUTICALS220.4206.5/ 22-Aug-1913.90 / 6.311675 KView Other Patterns
Remsons IndustriesREMSONSINDAUTO ANCILLARIES81.0575.95/ 20-Aug-195.10 / 6.295896View Other Patterns
Anant Raj Ltd.ANANTRAJCONSTRUCTION24.6523.1/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 6.29166 KView Other Patterns
STEL HoldingsSTELFINANCE62.9559.0/ 23-Aug-193.95 / 6.276422View Other Patterns
NOCIL Ltd. NOCILPETROCHEMICALS78.9574.0/ 22-Aug-194.95 / 6.27411 KView Other Patterns
Arvind Fashions Ltd.ARVINDFASNMISCELLANEOUS502.05470.6/ 22-Aug-1931.45 / 6.2699710View Other Patterns
Welspun Corp Ltd.WELCORPSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS111.05104.1/ 23-Aug-196.95 / 6.26460 KView Other Patterns
Brightcom Group Ltd.BCGCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE3.23.0/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 6.25294 KView Other Patterns
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd.JPPOWERPOWER1.61.5/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 6.25803 KView Other Patterns
Gayatri ProjectsGAYAPROJCONSTRUCTION109.05102.25/ 23-Aug-196.80 / 6.2429648View Other Patterns
Sun TV Network Ltd.SUNTVMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT434.1407.1/ 22-Aug-1927.00 / 6.221627 KView Other Patterns
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.OFSSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE3016.452829.0/ 21-Aug-19187.45 / 6.2135588View Other Patterns
Rajshree Sugars and ChemicalsRAJSREESUGSUGAR16.915.85/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 6.215991View Other Patterns
Seshasayee Paper and BoardsSESHAPAPERPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS171.85161.2/ 23-Aug-1910.65 / 6.202990View Other Patterns
Hercules Hoists Ltd.HERCULESENGINEERING75.971.2/ 23-Aug-194.70 / 6.198888View Other Patterns
GE T&D India Ltd.GET&DELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT152.05142.7/ 22-Aug-199.35 / 6.1571410View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Revathi CP EquipmentREVATHICOMPRESSORS / PUMPS309.4290.4/ 23-Aug-1919.00 / 6.14506View Other Patterns
Bank of Maharashtra.MAHABANKBANKS11.410.7/ 22-Aug-190.700 / 6.14578 KView Other Patterns
Innovative Tyres & Tubes Ltd.INNOVATIVEMISCELLANEOUS15.514.55/ 22-Aug-190.950 / 6.138727View Other Patterns
GIC Housing Finance Ltd.GICHSGFINFINANCE - HOUSING165.8155.65/ 23-Aug-1910.15 / 6.1285411View Other Patterns
Jai Corp Ltd.JAICORPLTDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS69.4565.2/ 23-Aug-194.25 / 6.12805 KView Other Patterns
Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.BOMDYEINGTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC64.6560.7/ 23-Aug-193.95 / 6.111194 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.HINDPETROREFINERIES238.3223.75/ 23-Aug-1914.55 / 6.114039 KView Other Patterns
Gujarat Apollo IndustriesGUJAPOLLOENGINEERING120.05112.75/ 20-Aug-197.30 / 6.081288View Other Patterns
Alicon CastalloyALICONCASTINGS/FORGINGS379.3356.25/ 23-Aug-1923.05 / 6.082241View Other Patterns
DSPCDPSCLTDPOWER14.013.15/ 22-Aug-190.850 / 6.0714022View Other Patterns
3I INFOTECH LIMITED3IINFOTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.651.55/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 6.061775 KView Other Patterns
Orbit ExportsORBTEXPTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC99.093.0/ 23-Aug-196.00 / 6.0612311View Other Patterns
Mcnally Bharat EngineeringMBECLENGINEERING4.954.65/ 19-Aug-190.300 / 6.0627578View Other Patterns
Kesoram Industries Ltd.KESORAMINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS51.248.1/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 6.05201 KView Other Patterns
Pricol Ltd.PRICOLLTDAUTO ANCILLARIES23.9522.5/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 6.05101 KView Other Patterns
Steel City Securities Ltd.STEELCITYMISCELLANEOUS28.9527.2/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 6.0420138View Other Patterns
KPIT Technologies Ltd.KPITTECHMISCELLANEOUS91.085.5/ 21-Aug-195.50 / 6.04435 KView Other Patterns
Mold-Tek PackagingMOLDTKPACPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS286.25268.95/ 21-Aug-1917.30 / 6.0431731View Other Patterns
Nagreeka ExportsNAGREEKEXPTEXTILE PRODUCTS13.2512.45/ 22-Aug-190.800 / 6.042916View Other Patterns
GTN IndustriesGTNINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS5.85.45/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 6.032788View Other Patterns
Kohinoor Foods Ltd.KOHINOORFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING14.113.25/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 6.0345622View Other Patterns
Deepak NitriteDEEPAKNTRCHEMICALS - ORGANIC273.8257.3/ 23-Aug-1916.50 / 6.03287 KView Other Patterns
JMC Projects (India)JMCPROJECTCONSTRUCTION114.5107.6/ 23-Aug-196.90 / 6.0367685View Other Patterns
Zuari GlobalZUARIGLOBFERTILISERS58.1554.65/ 22-Aug-193.50 / 6.0217304View Other Patterns
Welspun India Ltd.WELSPUNINDTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC48.245.3/ 22-Aug-192.90 / 6.02581 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Aaron Industries Ltd.AARONMISCELLANEOUS52.549.35/ 19-Aug-193.15 / 6.008727View Other Patterns
SIL InvestmentsSILINVTEXTILE PRODUCTS149.2140.25/ 22-Aug-198.95 / 6.004324View Other Patterns
Vishnu ChemicalsVISHNUCHEMICALS - ORGANIC100.0594.05/ 22-Aug-196.00 / 6.004005View Other Patterns
Edelweiss Exchange Traded Scheme - BankingEBANKFINANCE3085.02900.0/ 19-Aug-19185.00 / 6.0012View Other Patterns
Triveni Turbine Ltd.TRITURBINEENGINEERING103.297.05/ 20-Aug-196.15 / 5.9693776View Other Patterns
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd.EIFFLFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING103.197.0/ 23-Aug-196.10 / 5.925018View Other Patterns
Dwarikesh Sugar Industrial Ltd.DWARKESHSUGAR22.020.7/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 5.91386 KView Other Patterns
Adani Power LimitedADANIPOWERPOWER58.655.15/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 5.8910575 KView Other Patterns
Unitech Ltd.UNITECHCONSTRUCTION0.850.8/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 5.883805 KView Other Patterns
KM Sugar MillsKMSUGARSUGAR6.86.4/ 21-Aug-190.400 / 5.88101 KView Other Patterns
SAL SteelSALSTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS2.552.4/ 22-Aug-190.150 / 5.887987View Other Patterns
Jindal Poly Films Ltd.JINDALPOLYPACKAGING237.25223.3/ 23-Aug-1913.95 / 5.8814748View Other Patterns
Poddar Housing and Development Ltd.PODDARHOUSTEXTILE PRODUCTS245.85231.4/ 22-Aug-1914.45 / 5.883305View Other Patterns
Tata Steel Bsl Ltd.TATASTLBSLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS21.320.05/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 5.87649 KView Other Patterns
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd.HISARMETALSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS40.0537.7/ 22-Aug-192.35 / 5.872592View Other Patterns
NitcoNITCOCeramic & Granite19.618.45/ 22-Aug-191.15 / 5.8757878View Other Patterns
Softtech Engineers Ltd.SOFTTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE54.651.4/ 19-Aug-193.20 / 5.865236View Other Patterns
Biocon Ltd.BIOCONPHARMACEUTICALS224.15211.05/ 20-Aug-1913.10 / 5.844442 KView Other Patterns
Eon ElectricEONELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT12.8512.1/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 5.8410348View Other Patterns
Sunflag Iron & Steel Company LtdSUNFLAGSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS24.022.6/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 5.8363849View Other Patterns
The Paper Products LimitedPARACABLESOTHERS8.68.1/ 21-Aug-190.500 / 5.8163478View Other Patterns
LEEL Electricals Ltd.LEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS4.34.05/ 13-Aug-190.250 / 5.8129322View Other Patterns
Themis MedicareTHEMISMEDPHARMACEUTICALS170.6160.7/ 23-Aug-199.90 / 5.803872View Other Patterns
EIH Associated HotelsEIHAHOTELSHOTELS297.65280.4/ 19-Aug-1917.25 / 5.801683View Other Patterns
HILHILCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS1186.751118.0/ 23-Aug-1968.75 / 5.796880View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Sarda Energy and MineralsSARDAENSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS146.8138.3/ 23-Aug-198.50 / 5.7925081View Other Patterns
Compuage InfocomCOMPINFOCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE9.58.95/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 5.7932979View Other Patterns
Mukta Arts Ltd MUKTAARTSMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT34.632.6/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 5.7816550View Other Patterns
Cords Cable IndustriesCORDSCABLECABLES - TELECOM37.2535.1/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 5.775293View Other Patterns
Castrol (India) Ltd.CASTROLINDPETROCHEMICALS119.65112.75/ 22-Aug-196.90 / 5.771309 KView Other Patterns
BSLBSLTEXTILE PRODUCTS22.5521.25/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 5.764693View Other Patterns
Vipul Ltd.VIPULLTDCONSTRUCTION33.8531.9/ 22-Aug-191.95 / 5.76144 KView Other Patterns
Persistent Systems Ltd.PERSISTENTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE541.1510.0/ 19-Aug-1931.10 / 5.75127 KView Other Patterns
Steel Authority of India Ltd.SAILSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS31.3529.55/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 5.7426060 KView Other Patterns
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.CENTURYPLYCONSTRUCTION131.6124.05/ 23-Aug-197.55 / 5.74167 KView Other Patterns
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd.SELANOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION135.4127.65/ 23-Aug-197.75 / 5.7218261View Other Patterns
NCL IndustriesNCLINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS105.099.0/ 23-Aug-196.00 / 5.7133934View Other Patterns
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.GNFCFERTILISERS178.7168.5/ 23-Aug-1910.20 / 5.71215 KView Other Patterns
Container Corporation of India Ltd.CONCORTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT487.75460.0/ 19-Aug-1927.75 / 5.69901 KView Other Patterns
Panama PetrochemPANAMAPETCHEMICALS - ORGANIC66.8563.05/ 23-Aug-193.80 / 5.6816129View Other Patterns
Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd.RNAMMISCELLANEOUS244.9231.0/ 22-Aug-1913.90 / 5.68616 KView Other Patterns
LT Foods Ltd.DAAWATFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING19.418.3/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 5.67732 KView Other Patterns
Sovereign Gold Bond 2018-19 -Series-I Ltd.SGBMAY26FINANCE3620.03415.0/ 19-Aug-19205.00 / 5.6677View Other Patterns
Engineers India Ltd.ENGINERSINENGINEERING99.894.15/ 22-Aug-195.65 / 5.662295 KView Other Patterns
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.TTMLTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES2.652.5/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 5.66629 KView Other Patterns
Transport Corporation of India Ltd. TCITRAVEL AND TRANSPORT280.4264.55/ 21-Aug-1915.85 / 5.6521995View Other Patterns
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD.FACTFERTILISERS31.8530.05/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 5.65169 KView Other Patterns
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd.HSCLCHEMICALS - ORGANIC76.372.0/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 5.64466 KView Other Patterns
IFB Industries Ltd.IFBINDCONSUMER DURABLES626.2591.0/ 23-Aug-1935.20 / 5.6212758View Other Patterns
Uniinfo Telecom Services Ltd.UNIINFOTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES22.2521.0/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 5.6225818View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Sun Pharma Advanced ReseaSPARCPHARMACEUTICALS147.25139.0/ 23-Aug-198.25 / 5.60674 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan Copper Ltd.HINDCOPPERMINING29.527.85/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 5.59458 KView Other Patterns
Ginni Filaments Ltd.GINNIFILATEXTILE PRODUCTS8.057.6/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 5.5939503View Other Patterns
Cupid Ltd.CUPIDMISCELLANEOUS126.35119.3/ 23-Aug-197.05 / 5.5885474View Other Patterns
Kirloskar Oil EnginesKIRLOSENGDIESEL ENGINES169.8160.35/ 23-Aug-199.45 / 5.5724687View Other Patterns
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd.RIILENGINEERING231.15218.3/ 23-Aug-1912.85 / 5.56235 KView Other Patterns
Adroit Infotech Ltd.ADROITINFOMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT10.810.2/ 16-Aug-190.600 / 5.564028View Other Patterns
E-Land ApparelELANDTEXTILE PRODUCTS4.54.25/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 5.566017View Other Patterns
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd.EXCELCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.90.85/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 5.5687943View Other Patterns
Antarctica LtdANTGRAPHICPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS0.90.85/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 5.5647534View Other Patterns
Bajaj FinanceBAJFINANCEFINANCE3174.352998.0/ 23-Aug-19176.35 / 5.562842 KView Other Patterns
Orient BellORIENTBELLCONSTRUCTION117.05110.55/ 23-Aug-196.50 / 5.5510345View Other Patterns
Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.TAJGVKHOTELS121.75115.0/ 23-Aug-196.75 / 5.5433472View Other Patterns
Puravankara Ltd.PURVACONSTRUCTION54.1551.15/ 22-Aug-193.00 / 5.54147 KView Other Patterns
Power Mech Projects Ltd.POWERMECHELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT693.3655.0/ 22-Aug-1938.30 / 5.5219876View Other Patterns
V2 RetailV2RETAILTRADING95.189.85/ 23-Aug-195.25 / 5.5269082View Other Patterns
Commercial Engineers and Body Builders CoCEBBCOENGINEERING12.712.0/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 5.5123213View Other Patterns
Weizmann ForexWEIZFOREXFINANCE291.2275.15/ 23-Aug-1916.05 / 5.51901View Other Patterns
Pressman AdvertisingPRESSMNMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT19.1518.1/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 5.4811815View Other Patterns
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.MARUTIAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS6254.355911.6/ 19-Aug-19342.75 / 5.481269 KView Other Patterns
Mahindra Logistics Ltd.MAHLOGDIVERSIFIED344.9326.0/ 22-Aug-1918.90 / 5.4828827View Other Patterns
Coal India LtdCOALINDIAMINING188.0177.7/ 22-Aug-1910.30 / 5.489851 KView Other Patterns
GP Petroleums LtdGULFPETROPETROCHEMICALS35.633.65/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 5.4814814View Other Patterns
Ashok Leyland Ltd.ASHOKLEYAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS60.2556.95/ 23-Aug-193.30 / 5.4836012 KView Other Patterns
Grasim Industries Ltd.GRASIMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS719.45680.05/ 23-Aug-1939.40 / 5.482081 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Bright Solar Ltd.BRIGHTCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS9.158.65/ 19-Aug-190.500 / 5.4658909View Other Patterns
Hi-Tech Gears LimitedHITECHGEARAUTO ANCILLARIES155.9147.4/ 23-Aug-198.50 / 5.457839View Other Patterns
Sarla Performance FibersSARLAPOLYTEXTILE MACHINERY23.8522.55/ 21-Aug-191.30 / 5.4523338View Other Patterns
TPL Plastech Ltd.TPLPLASTEHPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS100.094.55/ 23-Aug-195.45 / 5.453995View Other Patterns
Signet Industries Ltd. SIGINDPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS20.219.1/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 5.4512942View Other Patterns
CimmcoCIMMCODIVERSIFIED17.4516.5/ 22-Aug-190.950 / 5.4424238View Other Patterns
Centum ElectronicsCENTUMELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT371.75351.55/ 23-Aug-1920.20 / 5.433558View Other Patterns
Xpro IndiaXPROINDIAPACKAGING23.0521.8/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 5.421772View Other Patterns
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.EDELWEISSFINANCIAL INSTITUTION99.6594.25/ 23-Aug-195.40 / 5.421982 KView Other Patterns
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd.SRTRANSFINFINANCIAL INSTITUTION1010.35955.7/ 23-Aug-1954.65 / 5.411933 KView Other Patterns
Greenply IndustriesGREENPLYMISCELLANEOUS144.3136.5/ 19-Aug-197.80 / 5.41197 KView Other Patterns
Adlabs EntertainmentADLABSMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT3.73.5/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 5.41106 KView Other Patterns
Bharat RasayanBHARATRASPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS4441.74202.15/ 23-Aug-19239.55 / 5.391948View Other Patterns
Ushanti Colour Chem Ltd.UCLDYES AND PIGMENTS38.0536.0/ 19-Aug-192.05 / 5.394818View Other Patterns
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd.SHRIRAMCITFINANCIAL INSTITUTION1374.01300.0/ 22-Aug-1974.00 / 5.3916514View Other Patterns
Gravita IndiaGRAVITAMISCELLANEOUS38.136.05/ 19-Aug-192.05 / 5.3847585View Other Patterns
Ausom EnterpriseAUSOMENTPACKAGING30.729.05/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 5.371116View Other Patterns
Alphageo (India)ALPHAGEOOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION188.3178.2/ 23-Aug-1910.10 / 5.3645449View Other Patterns
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd.BSHSLMISCELLANEOUS130.0123.05/ 20-Aug-196.95 / 5.352272View Other Patterns
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.IOCREFINERIES122.8116.25/ 23-Aug-196.55 / 5.3316524 KView Other Patterns
Indo Tech Transformers LimitedINDOTECHTRANSMISSION TOWERS77.8573.7/ 23-Aug-194.15 / 5.331732View Other Patterns
KSB Ltd.KSBCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS596.75564.95/ 23-Aug-1931.80 / 5.336056View Other Patterns
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.ONGCOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION122.25115.75/ 23-Aug-196.50 / 5.3211187 KView Other Patterns
Jindal Saw Ltd.JINDALSAWSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS66.8563.3/ 23-Aug-193.55 / 5.31368 KView Other Patterns
Inspirisys Solutions Ltd.INSPIRISYSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE41.5539.35/ 22-Aug-192.20 / 5.296199View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd.LASAMISCELLANEOUS10.49.85/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 5.2914431View Other Patterns
Page IndustriesPAGEINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS18107.317150.0/ 23-Aug-19957.30 / 5.2927636View Other Patterns
Orient RefractoriesORIENTREFCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS187.05177.2/ 19-Aug-199.85 / 5.2735298View Other Patterns
OPTO CIRCUITS (I) LTD.OPTOCIRCUIPHARMACEUTICALS3.83.6/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 5.26527 KView Other Patterns
Umang Dairies Ltd.UMANGDAIRYFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING42.7540.5/ 23-Aug-192.25 / 5.2614783View Other Patterns
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd.IEXDIVERSIFIED134.3127.25/ 21-Aug-197.05 / 5.25267 KView Other Patterns
Rane MadrasRMLAUTO ANCILLARIES209.6198.6/ 23-Aug-1911.00 / 5.258821View Other Patterns
TCI Finance Ltd.TCIFINANCEFINANCE9.559.05/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 5.249250View Other Patterns
ITD Cementation IndiaITDCEMCONSTRUCTION70.767.0/ 23-Aug-193.70 / 5.23171 KView Other Patterns
Zydus Wellness LimitedZYDUSWELLVANASPATI OIL1565.81483.9/ 20-Aug-1981.90 / 5.2317139View Other Patterns
Paisalo Digital Ltd.PAISALOFINANCE352.8334.35/ 23-Aug-1918.45 / 5.2318218View Other Patterns
The Ramco Cements Ltd.RAMCOCEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS721.1683.55/ 22-Aug-1937.55 / 5.21329 KView Other Patterns
Nath Bio-GenesNATHBIOGENPHARMACEUTICALS357.6339.0/ 23-Aug-1918.60 / 5.207164View Other Patterns
Century Enka Ltd.CENTENKATEXTILES - SYNTHETIC170.15161.3/ 22-Aug-198.85 / 5.2017148View Other Patterns
NACL Industries Ltd.NACLINDPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS27.025.6/ 22-Aug-191.40 / 5.1929208View Other Patterns
Ganesha EcosphereGANECOSTEXTILE PRODUCTS250.05237.1/ 22-Aug-1912.95 / 5.188904View Other Patterns
Zensar Technolgies Ltd.ZENSARTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE225.15213.5/ 19-Aug-1911.65 / 5.1726119View Other Patterns
Manappuram Finance LimitedMANAPPURAMFINANCIAL INSTITUTION120.1113.9/ 23-Aug-196.20 / 5.165849 KView Other Patterns
Fineotex ChemicalFCLCHEMICALS - ORGANIC23.322.1/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 5.15141 KView Other Patterns
TTK Healthcare Ltd.TTKHLTCAREPHARMACEUTICALS442.8420.0/ 23-Aug-1922.80 / 5.152052View Other Patterns
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd.HCGHospitals & Medical Services104.999.5/ 23-Aug-195.40 / 5.1536169View Other Patterns
Deep Industries Ltd.DEEPINDOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION97.292.2/ 23-Aug-195.00 / 5.1425818View Other Patterns
Bharat Bijlee Ltd.BBLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT872.55827.7/ 23-Aug-1944.85 / 5.143689View Other Patterns
AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd.AXISCADESFINANCE58.455.4/ 23-Aug-193.00 / 5.14291 KView Other Patterns
N R Agarwal Industries Ltd.NRAILPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS167.6159.0/ 23-Aug-198.60 / 5.1322118View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
PVP Ventures Ltd.PVPCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.951.85/ 13-Aug-190.100 / 5.1338498View Other Patterns
Intense Technologies Ltd.INTENTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE23.422.2/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 5.1325222View Other Patterns
Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd.GOKULVANASPATI OIL12.712.05/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 5.1217810View Other Patterns
Borosil Glass Works Ltd.BOROSILMISCELLANEOUS119.2113.1/ 22-Aug-196.10 / 5.1241509View Other Patterns
Zee Media Corporation Ltd.ZEEMEDIAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT8.88.35/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 5.11720 KView Other Patterns
TeamLease Services Ltd.TEAMLEASEMISCELLANEOUS2497.42370.0/ 20-Aug-19127.40 / 5.1012510View Other Patterns
Bhagyanagar India Ltd.BHAGYANGRELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT19.718.7/ 22-Aug-191.00 / 5.084993View Other Patterns
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd.JCHACCONSUMER DURABLES1614.91533.0/ 23-Aug-1981.90 / 5.076318View Other Patterns
Cyient Ltd.CYIENTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE439.4417.15/ 19-Aug-1922.25 / 5.06213 KView Other Patterns
Birla Corporation Ltd.BIRLACORPNCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS542.45515.0/ 23-Aug-1927.45 / 5.0653808View Other Patterns
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.NBVENTURESDIVERSIFIED85.080.7/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 5.06108 KView Other Patterns
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.ICICIGIDIVERSIFIED1179.91120.25/ 22-Aug-1959.65 / 5.06411 KView Other Patterns
Aster DM Healthcare Ltd.ASTERDMDIVERSIFIED119.0113.0/ 22-Aug-196.00 / 5.04117 KView Other Patterns
Kaveri Seed Company Ltd.KSCLMISCELLANEOUS463.35440.0/ 22-Aug-1923.35 / 5.04149 KView Other Patterns
Birla Sun Life Nifty ETFBSLNIFTYFINANCE117.94112.0/ 23-Aug-195.94 / 5.042113View Other Patterns
Industrial Dev Bank of IndiaINDBANKFINANCIAL INSTITUTION6.956.6/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 5.0459715View Other Patterns
Heritage Foods Ltd.HERITGFOODFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING329.0312.5/ 23-Aug-1916.50 / 5.0220299View Other Patterns
Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.INDSWFTLABPHARMACEUTICALS33.932.2/ 23-Aug-191.70 / 5.01130 KView Other Patterns
Websol Energy System Ltd.WEBELSOLARMISCELLANEOUS17.9517.05/ 23-Aug-190.900 / 5.0175154View Other Patterns
Dalmia Bharat Sugar and IndustriesDALMIASUGSUGAR72.969.25/ 23-Aug-193.65 / 5.01136 KView Other Patterns
BSEL Infrastructure RealtyBSELINFRACONSTRUCTION1.00.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 5.0033424View Other Patterns
Rana SugarsRANASUGSUGAR2.01.9/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 5.00206 KView Other Patterns
Reliance Communications Ltd.RCOMTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES1.00.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 5.0012412 KView Other Patterns
South West Pinnacle Exploration Ltd.SOUTHWESTDIVERSIFIED15.014.25/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 5.001631View Other Patterns
Aditya Birla MoneyBIRLAMONEYFINANCE29.0527.6/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 4.9945026View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
ArchiesARCHIESPRINTING AND PUBLISHING17.0516.2/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 4.9919751View Other Patterns
Inventure Growth and SecuritiesINVENTUREFINANCE11.0510.5/ 22-Aug-190.550 / 4.981747View Other Patterns
MegasoftMEGASOFTCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE6.055.75/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 4.9613166View Other Patterns
GOCL Corporation Ltd.GOCLCORPCHEMICALS - INORGANIC287.45273.2/ 22-Aug-1914.25 / 4.967758View Other Patterns
Voltamp Transformers LimiVOLTAMPELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1008.0958.05/ 22-Aug-1949.95 / 4.963531View Other Patterns
Automotive Axles Ltd.AUTOAXLESAUTO ANCILLARIES762.9725.1/ 23-Aug-1937.80 / 4.959704View Other Patterns
Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd.DUCONCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE5.054.8/ 22-Aug-190.250 / 4.9587713View Other Patterns
Mangalam Drugs & OrganicsMANGALAMPHARMACEUTICALS26.325.0/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 4.9413364View Other Patterns
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.QUICKHEALCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE105.25100.05/ 23-Aug-195.20 / 4.94110 KView Other Patterns
Eurotex Industries and ExportsEUROTEXINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS10.159.65/ 21-Aug-190.500 / 4.93516View Other Patterns
Exide Industries Ltd.EXIDEINDAUTO ANCILLARIES177.0168.3/ 23-Aug-198.70 / 4.921509 KView Other Patterns
Prakash Pipes Ltd.PPLMISCELLANEOUS64.1561.0/ 23-Aug-193.15 / 4.9126752View Other Patterns
ManaksiaMANAKSIASTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS30.5529.05/ 22-Aug-191.50 / 4.9125085View Other Patterns
Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.TFCILTDFINANCIAL INSTITUTION79.575.6/ 22-Aug-193.90 / 4.91290 KView Other Patterns
Bal PharmaBALPHARMAPHARMACEUTICALS34.7533.05/ 22-Aug-191.70 / 4.8922684View Other Patterns
TITAGARH WAGONS LTD.TWLENGINEERING36.835.0/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 4.89393 KView Other Patterns
KCP Ltd.KCPCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS70.667.15/ 22-Aug-193.45 / 4.8941440View Other Patterns
Linde India Ltd.LINDEINDIAFINANCE500.4476.0/ 23-Aug-1924.40 / 4.8819917View Other Patterns
NUCLEUS SOFTWARE EXPORTSNUCLEUSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE321.35305.7/ 23-Aug-1915.65 / 4.879729View Other Patterns
Sobha Ltd.SOBHACONSTRUCTION470.0447.15/ 22-Aug-1922.85 / 4.86214 KView Other Patterns
National Fertilizers Ltd.NFLFERTILISERS24.723.5/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 4.86370 KView Other Patterns
BASF India Ltd.BASFCHEMICALS - SPECIALITY1024.75975.0/ 22-Aug-1949.75 / 4.8510457View Other Patterns
Advani Hotels and Resorts (India)ADVANIHOTRHOTELS51.549.0/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 4.852865View Other Patterns
Kothari Sugars and ChemicalsKOTARISUGSUGAR10.39.8/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 4.8533427View Other Patterns
Chalet Hotels Ltd.CHALETHOTELS331.05315.0/ 23-Aug-1916.05 / 4.8548728View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Karnataka Bank Ltd.KTKBANKBANKS75.371.65/ 23-Aug-193.65 / 4.851105 KView Other Patterns
Radico Khaitan LtdRADICOBREW/DISTILLERIES294.25280.05/ 23-Aug-1914.20 / 4.83350 KView Other Patterns
Agri-Tech (India)AGRITECHFERTILISERS43.6541.55/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 4.8121377View Other Patterns
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.TNPETROPETROCHEMICALS32.2530.7/ 22-Aug-191.55 / 4.8175689View Other Patterns
Time Technoplast Limited TIMETECHNOPACKAGING57.554.75/ 23-Aug-192.75 / 4.78134 KView Other Patterns
Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd.BEPLPETROCHEMICALS51.4549.0/ 23-Aug-192.45 / 4.76274 KView Other Patterns
Shree Tirupati Balajee FIBC Ltd.TIRUPATIDIVERSIFIED42.040.0/ 21-Aug-192.00 / 4.7616772View Other Patterns
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.JPASSOCIATCONSTRUCTION2.12.0/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 4.765067 KView Other Patterns
Supreme Engineering Ltd.SUPREMEENGENGINEERING33.632.0/ 23-Aug-191.60 / 4.7618909View Other Patterns
Arcotech Ltd.ARCOTECHMISCELLANEOUS2.12.0/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 4.7640910View Other Patterns
Syncom Healthcare Ltd.SYNCOMPHARMACEUTICALS1.051.0/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 4.7612860View Other Patterns
Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.HONDAPOWERELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT907.15864.0/ 19-Aug-1943.15 / 4.765781View Other Patterns
PNB Gilts Ltd.PNBGILTSFINANCIAL INSTITUTION32.6531.1/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 4.75178 KView Other Patterns
Raymond Ltd.RAYMONDTEXTILE PRODUCTS560.0533.45/ 23-Aug-1926.55 / 4.74746 KView Other Patterns
Voltas Ltd.VOLTASCONSUMER DURABLES612.65583.65/ 22-Aug-1929.00 / 4.731379 KView Other Patterns
PPAP AutomotivePPAPAUTO ANCILLARIES175.4167.1/ 23-Aug-198.30 / 4.737607View Other Patterns
Apcotex Industries Ltd.APCOTEXINDPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS205.05195.35/ 23-Aug-199.70 / 4.7310433View Other Patterns
Sakuma ExportsSAKUMATRADING7.47.05/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 4.73427 KView Other Patterns
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd.STCINDIATRADING84.780.7/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 4.7288490View Other Patterns
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd.TEXMOPIPESPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS15.9515.2/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 4.70108 KView Other Patterns
Celebrity FashionsCELEBRITYTEXTILE PRODUCTS7.457.1/ 22-Aug-190.350 / 4.7070718View Other Patterns
Sudarshan Chemical IndustriesSUDARSCHEMDYES AND PIGMENTS317.7302.85/ 23-Aug-1914.85 / 4.6741523View Other Patterns
Bank of IndiaBANKINDIABANKS64.461.4/ 23-Aug-193.00 / 4.668893 KView Other Patterns
Astec Lifesciences Ltd.ASTECPHARMACEUTICALS362.05345.2/ 22-Aug-1916.85 / 4.6535310View Other Patterns
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.GUJALKALICHEMICALS - INORGANIC388.05370.0/ 23-Aug-1918.05 / 4.6525708View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
JM Financial Ltd.JMFINANCILFINANCIAL INSTITUTION69.966.65/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 4.65296 KView Other Patterns
Orient Cement Ltd.ORIENTCEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS81.878.0/ 23-Aug-193.80 / 4.65284 KView Other Patterns
Jagran Prakashan Ltd.JAGRANPRINTING AND PUBLISHING68.965.7/ 19-Aug-193.20 / 4.64178 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan Zinc Ltd.HINDZINCMETALS202.45193.05/ 23-Aug-199.40 / 4.64883 KView Other Patterns
Madhav Marbles and GranitesMADHAVCeramic & Granite22.6521.6/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 4.643234View Other Patterns
Som Distilleries and BreweriesSDBLBREW/DISTILLERIES118.7113.2/ 23-Aug-195.50 / 4.638176View Other Patterns
KDDL Ltd.KDDLMISCELLANEOUS325.05310.0/ 22-Aug-1915.05 / 4.634138View Other Patterns
Tata Communications Ltd.TATACOMMTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES421.45401.95/ 23-Aug-1919.50 / 4.63146 KView Other Patterns
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.HDFCAMCFINANCE2175.72075.1/ 23-Aug-19100.60 / 4.62360 KView Other Patterns
GMM Pfaudler Ltd.GMMPFAUDLRENGINEERING1406.31341.3/ 19-Aug-1965.00 / 4.625462View Other Patterns
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.GESHIPSHIPPING238.05227.05/ 23-Aug-1911.00 / 4.6247556View Other Patterns
Career PointCAREERPCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE68.2565.1/ 22-Aug-193.15 / 4.6223598View Other Patterns
Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd.MARATHONCONSTRUCTION63.9561.0/ 22-Aug-192.95 / 4.618202View Other Patterns
Eveready IndustriesEVEREADYMISCELLANEOUS77.073.45/ 23-Aug-193.55 / 4.61101 KView Other Patterns
Marksans Pharma MARKSANSPHARMACEUTICALS14.113.45/ 22-Aug-190.650 / 4.61960 KView Other Patterns
Just Dial Ltd.JUSTDIALMISCELLANEOUS682.6651.2/ 23-Aug-1931.40 / 4.602549 KView Other Patterns
PG ElectroplastPGELCONSUMER DURABLES42.4540.5/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 4.5991833View Other Patterns
Suprajit EngineeringSUPRAJITAUTO ANCILLARIES179.65171.4/ 19-Aug-198.25 / 4.5950274View Other Patterns
Divi's Laboratories Ltd.DIVISLABPHARMACEUTICALS1571.61500.0/ 19-Aug-1971.60 / 4.56689 KView Other Patterns
BPL Ltd.BPLCONSUMER DURABLES14.313.65/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 4.5553212View Other Patterns
Moksh Ornaments Ltd.MOKSHMISCELLANEOUS22.021.0/ 19-Aug-191.00 / 4.5510090View Other Patterns
3P Land Holdings Ltd.3PLANDPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS5.55.25/ 22-Aug-190.250 / 4.551248View Other Patterns
VA Tech Wabag LimitedWABAGCONSTRUCTION270.85258.55/ 23-Aug-1912.30 / 4.54146 KView Other Patterns
DCB Bank Ltd.DCBBANKBANKS197.55188.6/ 23-Aug-198.95 / 4.53931 KView Other Patterns
HMT Ltd.HMTAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS12.1511.6/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 4.532287View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Artedz Fabs Ltd.ARTEDZTEXTILE PRODUCTS29.8528.5/ 21-Aug-191.35 / 4.5238863View Other Patterns
STL GlobalSGLTEXTILE PRODUCTS9.959.5/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 4.5212909View Other Patterns
Ashiana Housing Ltd.ASHIANACONSTRUCTION108.4103.5/ 20-Aug-194.90 / 4.5227979View Other Patterns
PI Industries LimitedPIINDPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS1144.91093.15/ 22-Aug-1951.75 / 4.52190 KView Other Patterns
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.SUNPHARMAPHARMACEUTICALS427.8408.5/ 22-Aug-1919.30 / 4.516630 KView Other Patterns
RBL BankRBLBANKBANKS354.2338.25/ 23-Aug-1915.95 / 4.507593 KView Other Patterns
Asahi Songwon ColorsASAHISONGDYES AND PIGMENTS122.15116.65/ 23-Aug-195.50 / 4.503652View Other Patterns
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.M&MAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS533.25509.25/ 23-Aug-1924.00 / 4.503879 KView Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund - CPSE ETFCPSEETFFINANCE22.2521.25/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 4.4959595 KView Other Patterns
R Systems International Ltd.RSYSTEMSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE40.0538.25/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 4.4910989View Other Patterns
Hindalco Industries Ltd.HINDALCOALUMINIUM180.25172.15/ 23-Aug-198.10 / 4.497516 KView Other Patterns
Piramal EnterprisesPELPHARMACEUTICALS1779.951700.0/ 23-Aug-1979.95 / 4.491165 KView Other Patterns
KRBL Ltd.KRBLFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING220.9211.0/ 23-Aug-199.90 / 4.48236 KView Other Patterns
Bharat Dynamics Ltd.BDLMISCELLANEOUS274.5262.2/ 23-Aug-1912.30 / 4.4828606View Other Patterns
Aarti Industries Ltd.AARTIINDCHEMICALS - ORGANIC1492.61425.75/ 23-Aug-1966.85 / 4.4867871View Other Patterns
Thomas Scott IndiaTHOMASCOTTTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC8.958.55/ 20-Aug-190.400 / 4.47131View Other Patterns
Pearl Global IndustriesPGILTEXTILE PRODUCTS129.05123.3/ 22-Aug-195.75 / 4.464800View Other Patterns
Kamdhenu Ltd.KAMDHENUSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS83.780.0/ 22-Aug-193.70 / 4.4217243View Other Patterns
Polyplex CorporationPOLYPLEXPACKAGING456.2436.05/ 23-Aug-1920.15 / 4.4253707View Other Patterns
Ramco Industries Ltd.RAMCOINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS168.7161.25/ 23-Aug-197.45 / 4.4223104View Other Patterns
Sree Rayalaseema Hi Strength HypSRHHYPOLTDCHEMICALS - ORGANIC96.2592.0/ 23-Aug-194.25 / 4.424426View Other Patterns
Bajaj Finserv Ltd.BAJAJFINSVFINANCIAL INSTITUTION6884.66581.0/ 23-Aug-19303.60 / 4.41483 KView Other Patterns
REC Ltd.RECLTDFINANCIAL INSTITUTION141.95135.7/ 23-Aug-196.25 / 4.405608 KView Other Patterns
Rupa and CompanyRUPATEXTILE PRODUCTS165.25158.0/ 23-Aug-197.25 / 4.3922052View Other Patterns
Nahar Poly FilmsNAHARPOLYTEXTILE PRODUCTS31.9530.55/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 4.386535View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
GPT InfraprojectsGPTINFRACONSTRUCTION34.2532.75/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 4.383629View Other Patterns
Himatsingka Seide Ltd.HIMATSEIDETEXTILE PRODUCTS125.6120.1/ 23-Aug-195.50 / 4.3859226View Other Patterns
HCL Infosystems Ltd.HCL-INSYSCOMPUTERS - HARDWARE8.07.65/ 22-Aug-190.350 / 4.37503 KView Other Patterns
Aries AgroARIESMISCELLANEOUS49.1547.0/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 4.3732164View Other Patterns
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.KARURVYSYABANKS59.4556.85/ 20-Aug-192.60 / 4.37545 KView Other Patterns
Essel Propack Ltd.ESSELPACKPACKAGING82.3578.75/ 22-Aug-193.60 / 4.37521 KView Other Patterns
Tata Motors Ltd.TATAMOTORSAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS111.05106.2/ 22-Aug-194.85 / 4.3738952 KView Other Patterns
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.WSTCSTPAPRPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS220.1210.5/ 23-Aug-199.60 / 4.3669333View Other Patterns
Pitti Engineering Ltd.PITTIENGENGINEERING32.1530.75/ 22-Aug-191.40 / 4.3520917View Other Patterns
Jash Engineering Ltd.JASHDIVERSIFIED80.577.0/ 23-Aug-193.50 / 4.357690View Other Patterns
Bharat GearsBHARATGEARAUTO ANCILLARIES57.555.0/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 4.3512318View Other Patterns
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd.IMFAMINING147.4141.0/ 23-Aug-196.40 / 4.3414838View Other Patterns
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd.DEEPAKFERTFERTILISERS79.6576.2/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 4.33164 KView Other Patterns
Rallis India Ltd.RALLISPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS157.0150.2/ 22-Aug-196.80 / 4.33117 KView Other Patterns
Lexus Granito(India) Ltd.LEXUSMISCELLANEOUS10.49.95/ 20-Aug-190.450 / 4.332590View Other Patterns
India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.ITDCHOTELS158.4151.55/ 23-Aug-196.85 / 4.3215882View Other Patterns
Tata Steel Ltd.TATASTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS345.25330.35/ 23-Aug-1914.90 / 4.3211523 KView Other Patterns
Agro Tech Foods Ltd.ATFLSOLVENT EXTRACTION487.05466.05/ 22-Aug-1921.00 / 4.3116101View Other Patterns
NIIT Ltd.NIITLTDCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE88.284.4/ 23-Aug-193.80 / 4.31369 KView Other Patterns
Allahabad BankALBKBANKS31.3530.0/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 4.311584 KView Other Patterns
Vascon Engineers LimitedVASCONEQCONSTRUCTION10.4510.0/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 4.31137 KView Other Patterns
Quess Corp LtdQUESSENGINEERING450.75431.35/ 23-Aug-1919.40 / 4.30246 KView Other Patterns
V-Mart RetailVMARTRETAIL1751.251676.0/ 19-Aug-1975.25 / 4.3022945View Other Patterns
Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.JAYSREETEATEA AND COFFEE41.940.1/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 4.3057102View Other Patterns
Canara BankCANBKBANKS216.7207.4/ 23-Aug-199.30 / 4.296302 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.AMARAJABATAUTO ANCILLARIES616.6590.15/ 22-Aug-1926.45 / 4.29724 KView Other Patterns
Archidply IndustriesARCHIDPLYMISCELLANEOUS23.422.4/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 4.278894View Other Patterns
Ganesh Housing CorporationGANESHHOUCCONSTRUCTION31.630.25/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 4.2737113View Other Patterns
Tilak Nagar Industries Ltd.TIBREW/DISTILLERIES12.912.35/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 4.2657589View Other Patterns
Mangalam Timber Products Ltd.MANGTIMBERMISCELLANEOUS7.056.75/ 22-Aug-190.300 / 4.263732View Other Patterns
Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd.IDBIBANKS24.723.65/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 4.258857 KView Other Patterns
HOV ServicesHOVSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE73.170.0/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 4.2411491View Other Patterns
India Cements Ltd.INDIACEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS70.7567.75/ 23-Aug-193.00 / 4.241951 KView Other Patterns
Garware Offshore ServicesGLOBOFFSSHIPPING5.95.65/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 4.247337View Other Patterns
Nectar LifesciencesNECLIFEPHARMACEUTICALS13.112.55/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 4.20112 KView Other Patterns
Nestle India Ltd.NESTLEINDFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING12438.711916.7/ 20-Aug-19522.00 / 4.2070975View Other Patterns
MANALI PETROCHEMICALS LTD MANALIPETCPETROCHEMICALS16.716.0/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 4.19157 KView Other Patterns
Accelya Solutions India Ltd.ACCELYACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE731.65701.0/ 23-Aug-1930.65 / 4.195849View Other Patterns
Nitin SpinnersNITINSPINTEXTILE PRODUCTS48.046.0/ 22-Aug-192.00 / 4.1740820View Other Patterns
Punjab National BankPNBBANKS63.660.95/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 4.1727075 KView Other Patterns
Zuari Agro ChemicalsZUARIFERTILISERS92.688.75/ 23-Aug-193.85 / 4.1624325View Other Patterns
Shakti Pumps (India)SHAKTIPUMPCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS281.8270.1/ 23-Aug-1911.70 / 4.1536737View Other Patterns
Shalby Ltd.SHALBYHospitals & Medical Services79.5576.25/ 23-Aug-193.30 / 4.15104 KView Other Patterns
Star Paper MillsSTARPAPERPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS78.3575.1/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 4.1531786View Other Patterns
Supreme Industries Ltd.SUPREMEINDPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS1131.951085.0/ 23-Aug-1946.95 / 4.1532697View Other Patterns
Kridhan Infra Ltd.KRIDHANINFMISCELLANEOUS9.659.25/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 4.1557995View Other Patterns
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.IRBTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT78.4575.2/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 4.141051 KView Other Patterns
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd.NAHARINDUSTEXTILE PRODUCTS22.9522.0/ 23-Aug-190.950 / 4.147272View Other Patterns
Precision Wires IndiaPRECWIREMETALS140.25134.45/ 23-Aug-195.80 / 4.149956View Other Patterns
Vadilal IndustriesVADILALINDFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING566.0542.6/ 19-Aug-1923.40 / 4.139540View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Sintercom India Ltd.SINTERCOMCASTINGS/FORGINGS60.558.0/ 21-Aug-192.50 / 4.1327090View Other Patterns
Lumax Auto TechnologiesLUMAXTECHAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS78.6575.4/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 4.1331783View Other Patterns
Deccan CementsDECCANCECEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS351.9337.4/ 23-Aug-1914.50 / 4.125913View Other Patterns
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.APCLFINANCE140.8135.0/ 23-Aug-195.80 / 4.125516View Other Patterns
Bank of BarodaBANKBARODABANKS93.589.65/ 22-Aug-193.85 / 4.1225548 KView Other Patterns
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd.GARFIBRESTEXTILE PRODUCTS1050.11007.0/ 19-Aug-1943.10 / 4.1011564View Other Patterns
Goldiam InternationalGOLDIAMGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES91.7588.0/ 23-Aug-193.75 / 4.0946052View Other Patterns
PSP Projects Ltd.PSPPROJECTCONSTRUCTION498.35478.0/ 23-Aug-1920.35 / 4.0813404View Other Patterns
Power Finance Corporation Ltd.PFCFINANCIAL INSTITUTION101.8597.7/ 23-Aug-194.15 / 4.077606 KView Other Patterns
Electrosteel Castings Ltd.ELECTCASTCASTINGS/FORGINGS13.512.95/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 4.07100 KView Other Patterns
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.MOTILALOFSFINANCIAL INSTITUTION549.4527.05/ 23-Aug-1922.35 / 4.0784277View Other Patterns
Vinati OrganicsVINATIORGACHEMICALS - ORGANIC2058.251974.55/ 22-Aug-1983.70 / 4.0739592View Other Patterns
STI IndiaSTINDIATEXTILE PRODUCTS6.155.9/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 4.07201View Other Patterns
Sundaram Brake LiningsSUNDRMBRAKAUTO ANCILLARIES236.6227.0/ 23-Aug-199.60 / 4.061361View Other Patterns
Delta Corp Ltd.DELTACORPFINANCIAL INSTITUTION148.0142.0/ 22-Aug-196.00 / 4.05945 KView Other Patterns
ADF Foods IndustriesADFFOODSFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING250.45240.3/ 23-Aug-1910.15 / 4.0519928View Other Patterns
Aavas Financiers Ltd.AAVASFINANCE - HOUSING1481.251421.25/ 23-Aug-1960.00 / 4.0540830View Other Patterns
Rain Industries Ltd.RAINCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS80.377.05/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 4.05630 KView Other Patterns
Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.GALAXYSURFMISCELLANEOUS1302.651250.0/ 19-Aug-1952.65 / 4.047323View Other Patterns
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd.SREINFRAFINANCIAL INSTITUTION9.99.5/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 4.04612 KView Other Patterns
Jagsonpal PharmaceuticalsJAGSNPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS21.0520.2/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 4.046520View Other Patterns
Cybertech Systems and SoftwareCYBERTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE44.642.8/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 4.0430931View Other Patterns
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.FLFLRETAIL437.65420.0/ 23-Aug-1917.65 / 4.0331288View Other Patterns
Firstsource Solutions Ltd.FSLCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE47.345.4/ 23-Aug-191.90 / 4.021374 KView Other Patterns
Tata Motors (DVR)TATAMTRDVRAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS52.350.2/ 22-Aug-192.10 / 4.026106 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
TVS SrichakraTVSSRICHAKTYRES1640.81575.0/ 23-Aug-1965.80 / 4.012333View Other Patterns
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd.GPPLSHIPPING79.8576.65/ 22-Aug-193.20 / 4.01168 KView Other Patterns
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.TCSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE2247.72157.7/ 19-Aug-1990.00 / 4.002310 KView Other Patterns
Kewal Kiran Clothing LimitedKKCLRETAIL989.55949.95/ 23-Aug-1939.60 / 4.00395View Other Patterns
Malu Paper MillsMALUPAPERPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS18.7518.0/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 4.008313View Other Patterns
C & C ConstructionsCANDCCONSTRUCTION5.04.8/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 4.002045View Other Patterns
Bhandari Hosiery Exports Ltd.BHANDARITEXTILE PRODUCTS1.251.2/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 4.0088499View Other Patterns
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.MHRILTOURISM212.6204.1/ 23-Aug-198.50 / 4.0028192View Other Patterns
Banco Products (India) Ltd.BANCOINDIAAUTO ANCILLARIES93.890.05/ 23-Aug-193.75 / 4.0022896View Other Patterns
Mahamaya Steel IndustriesMAHASTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS112.75108.25/ 23-Aug-194.50 / 3.997705View Other Patterns
Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd.FOCUSMISCELLANEOUS45.143.3/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 3.997545View Other Patterns
Bharat Road Network LtdBRNLCONSTRUCTION67.765.0/ 23-Aug-192.70 / 3.9914755View Other Patterns
AksharChem (India) Ltd.AKSHARCHEMDYES AND PIGMENTS190.6183.0/ 23-Aug-197.60 / 3.992642View Other Patterns
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.LEMONTREEHOTELS53.9551.8/ 22-Aug-192.15 / 3.99978 KView Other Patterns
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.GLENMARKPHARMACEUTICALS368.15353.5/ 23-Aug-1914.65 / 3.981320 KView Other Patterns
ESAB India Ltd.ESABINDIAELECTRODES978.85940.0/ 23-Aug-1938.85 / 3.972827View Other Patterns
Sharda Cropchem Ltd.SHARDACROPPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS275.95265.0/ 23-Aug-1910.95 / 3.975960View Other Patterns
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.GMDCLTDMINING61.7559.3/ 23-Aug-192.45 / 3.97100 KView Other Patterns
Inox Wind Ltd.INOXWINDPOWER34.132.75/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 3.96170 KView Other Patterns
Bosch Ltd.BOSCHLTDAUTO ANCILLARIES13757.613213.2/ 22-Aug-19544.40 / 3.9619955View Other Patterns
MindTree Ltd.MINDTREECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE709.05681.0/ 22-Aug-1928.05 / 3.961121 KView Other Patterns
Ind-SwiftINDSWFTLTDPHARMACEUTICALS3.83.65/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.953232View Other Patterns
GAIL (India) Ltd.GAILGAS124.4119.5/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 3.948570 KView Other Patterns
Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd.AVADHSUGARSUGAR201.95194.0/ 23-Aug-197.95 / 3.9456912View Other Patterns
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.RATNAMANIMETALS918.15882.05/ 22-Aug-1936.10 / 3.933702View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
SKM Egg Products Export (India)SKMEGGPRODFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING34.433.05/ 19-Aug-191.35 / 3.9229287View Other Patterns
NTPC Ltd.NTPCPOWER118.5113.85/ 22-Aug-194.65 / 3.9213770 KView Other Patterns
Central Bank of IndiaCENTRALBKFINANCIAL INSTITUTION17.8517.15/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 3.92753 KView Other Patterns
Pennar Industries Ltd.PENINDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS25.524.5/ 22-Aug-191.00 / 3.92114 KView Other Patterns
Gabriel India Ltd.GABRIELAUTO ANCILLARIES94.3590.65/ 23-Aug-193.70 / 3.9257304View Other Patterns
Autoline IndustriesAUTOINDAUTO ANCILLARIES34.4533.1/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 3.9210620View Other Patterns
Vinyl Chemicals (India)VINYLINDIACHEMICALS - ORGANIC61.759.3/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 3.898809View Other Patterns
Lovable LingerieLOVABLETEXTILE PRODUCTS61.859.4/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 3.8814221View Other Patterns
WeizmannWEIZMANINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS27.0526.0/ 22-Aug-191.05 / 3.881229View Other Patterns
Grindwell NortonGRINDWELLABRASIVES561.7539.9/ 19-Aug-1921.80 / 3.8816924View Other Patterns
Interglobe AviationINDIGOTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT1645.51581.7/ 23-Aug-1963.80 / 3.881747 KView Other Patterns
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd.PGHHPERSONAL CARE10298.89899.9/ 23-Aug-19398.90 / 3.877575View Other Patterns
Can Fin Homes Ltd.CANFINHOMEFINANCE - HOUSING370.75356.4/ 22-Aug-1914.35 / 3.87356 KView Other Patterns
Reliance Industries Ltd.RELIANCEREFINERIES1275.851226.5/ 23-Aug-1949.35 / 3.8711586 KView Other Patterns
Gokaldas Exports Ltd.GOKEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS73.9571.1/ 23-Aug-192.85 / 3.8565347View Other Patterns
Alpa LaboratoriesALPAPHARMACEUTICALS14.313.75/ 22-Aug-190.550 / 3.8527072View Other Patterns
Videocon Industries Ltd.VIDEOINDCONSUMER DURABLES1.31.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 3.8575158View Other Patterns
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.BRFLTEXTILE PRODUCTS5.25.0/ 20-Aug-190.200 / 3.8531307View Other Patterns
Saregama India LtdSAREGAMAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT326.55314.0/ 20-Aug-1912.55 / 3.8458182View Other Patterns
Avanti Feeds Ltd.AVANTIFEEDMISCELLANEOUS280.75270.0/ 23-Aug-1910.75 / 3.83225 KView Other Patterns
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.MRPLREFINERIES45.7544.0/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 3.83370 KView Other Patterns
H.E.G. Ltd.HEGELECTRODES911.25876.4/ 23-Aug-1934.85 / 3.82538 KView Other Patterns
Adani Gas Ltd.ADANIGASMISCELLANEOUS146.6141.0/ 23-Aug-195.60 / 3.82446 KView Other Patterns
Prabhat Dairy Ltd.PRABHATFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING52.450.4/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 3.8249644View Other Patterns
Kabra Extrusion TechnikKABRAEXTRUENGINEERING62.960.5/ 20-Aug-192.40 / 3.8214496View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.HATSUNFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING603.05580.05/ 22-Aug-1923.00 / 3.815480View Other Patterns
Savita Oil TechnologiesSOTLPETROCHEMICALS894.3860.2/ 23-Aug-1934.10 / 3.811582View Other Patterns
South Indian Bank Ltd.SOUTHBANKBANKS10.510.1/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 3.815997 KView Other Patterns
BF Utilities Ltd.BFUTILITIEPOWER151.15145.4/ 23-Aug-195.75 / 3.80645 KView Other Patterns
Tata Coffee Ltd.TATACOFFEETEA AND COFFEE69.7567.1/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 3.80171 KView Other Patterns
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd.ANSALAPICONSTRUCTION3.953.8/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.8045272View Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs PSU Bank Exchange Traded SchemePSUBNKBEESFINANCE265.58255.5/ 23-Aug-1910.08 / 3.805186View Other Patterns
The New India Assurance Company Ltd.NIACLMISCELLANEOUS105.45101.45/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 3.7960093View Other Patterns
Indian Terrain FashionsINDTERRAINTEXTILE PRODUCTS70.067.35/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 3.7933646View Other Patterns
Morepen Laboratories Ltd.MOREPENLABPHARMACEUTICALS15.8515.25/ 22-Aug-190.600 / 3.79437 KView Other Patterns
Prozone Intu Properties Ltd.PROZONINTURETAIL17.216.55/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 3.7814679View Other Patterns
Century ExtrusionsCENTEXTALUMINIUM2.652.55/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 3.7767741View Other Patterns
Kirloskar IndustriesKIRLOSINDENGINEERING688.55662.6/ 22-Aug-1925.95 / 3.77777View Other Patterns
Ugar Sugar WorksUGARSUGARSUGAR11.9511.5/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 3.7765547View Other Patterns
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.METROPOLISHospitals & Medical Services1044.31005.0/ 19-Aug-1939.30 / 3.7620008View Other Patterns
United Bank of IndiaUNITEDBNKBANKS9.359.0/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 3.74342 KView Other Patterns
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd.UJJIVANFINANCE265.0255.1/ 23-Aug-199.90 / 3.742712 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan Media VenturesHMVLMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT71.068.35/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 3.7314846View Other Patterns
Navneet EducationNAVNETEDULPRINTING AND PUBLISHING99.295.5/ 23-Aug-193.70 / 3.7325243View Other Patterns
Venus Remedies LtdVENUSREMPHARMACEUTICALS21.4520.65/ 22-Aug-190.800 / 3.7387662View Other Patterns
Hinduja VenturesHINDUJAVENCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE308.55297.05/ 22-Aug-1911.50 / 3.733249View Other Patterns
Asian Hotels (East)AHLEASTHOTELS161.0155.0/ 23-Aug-196.00 / 3.731268View Other Patterns
Apex Frozen Foods Ltd.APEXFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING197.35190.0/ 23-Aug-197.35 / 3.7240335View Other Patterns
Pfizer Ltd.PFIZERPHARMACEUTICALS2900.22792.25/ 23-Aug-19107.95 / 3.7228307View Other Patterns
VLS FinanceVLSFINANCEFINANCE41.6540.1/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 3.7215279View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Kec International Ltd.KECTRANSMISSION TOWERS240.0231.1/ 23-Aug-198.90 / 3.71203 KView Other Patterns
Indiamart Intermesh Ltd.INDIAMARTMISCELLANEOUS1152.71110.0/ 22-Aug-1942.70 / 3.7048523View Other Patterns
Goa CarbonGOACARBONPETROCHEMICALS216.1208.1/ 23-Aug-198.00 / 3.70109 KView Other Patterns
Vimta LabsVIMTALABSMISCELLANEOUS98.7595.1/ 22-Aug-193.65 / 3.7030252View Other Patterns Ltd.MATRIMONYMISCELLANEOUS541.15521.15/ 23-Aug-1920.00 / 3.701498View Other Patterns
United Spirits Ltd.MCDOWELL-NBREW/DISTILLERIES582.5561.0/ 22-Aug-1921.50 / 3.691893 KView Other Patterns
Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.TRIVENISUGAR51.649.7/ 23-Aug-191.90 / 3.68360 KView Other Patterns
Sasken Communication Techno. Ltd.SASKENTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT488.05470.1/ 22-Aug-1917.95 / 3.684402View Other Patterns
Datamatics Global Services Ltd.DATAMATICSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE65.463.0/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 3.6733070View Other Patterns
McLeod Russel India Ltd.MCLEODRUSSTEA AND COFFEE10.910.5/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 3.67304 KView Other Patterns
Lupin Ltd.LUPINPHARMACEUTICALS738.65711.55/ 23-Aug-1927.10 / 3.671515 KView Other Patterns
JBM AutoJBMAAUTO ANCILLARIES140.65135.5/ 23-Aug-195.15 / 3.6619539View Other Patterns
Vardhman HoldingsVHLTEXTILE PRODUCTS1497.051442.25/ 23-Aug-1954.80 / 3.66408View Other Patterns
Globus SpiritsGLOBUSSPRBREW/DISTILLERIES95.6592.15/ 23-Aug-193.50 / 3.6639037View Other Patterns
Golden TobaccoGOLDENTOBCCIGARETTES28.727.65/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 3.662407View Other Patterns
LG Balakrishnan and BrothersLGBBROSLTDENGINEERING326.95315.0/ 22-Aug-1911.95 / 3.6512987View Other Patterns
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.MCXMISCELLANEOUS849.6818.7/ 23-Aug-1930.90 / 3.64435 KView Other Patterns
S E PowerSEPOWERPOWER2.752.65/ 19-Aug-190.100 / 3.641760View Other Patterns
Quantum Index Fund - Exchange Traded FundQNIFTYFINANCE1109.01068.71/ 23-Aug-1940.29 / 3.63155View Other Patterns
Eris Lifesciences Ltd.ERISPHARMACEUTICALS395.2380.85/ 19-Aug-1914.35 / 3.6373459View Other Patterns
Alkem Laboratories Ltd.ALKEMPHARMACEUTICALS1772.351708.0/ 21-Aug-1964.35 / 3.6342560View Other Patterns
Venky's (India) Ltd.VENKEYSFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING1366.251316.7/ 23-Aug-1949.55 / 3.63166 KView Other Patterns
Suzlon Energy Ltd.SUZLONELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT4.154.0/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.6113496 KView Other Patterns
Surevin BPO Services Ltd.SUREVINCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE90.086.75/ 22-Aug-193.25 / 3.611954View Other Patterns
Raj Television Network Ltd.RAJTVMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT36.034.7/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 3.61413View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Cummins India Ltd.CUMMINSINDDIESEL ENGINES576.05555.25/ 22-Aug-1920.80 / 3.61539 KView Other Patterns
Rajshree Polypack Ltd.RPPLPACKAGING97.093.5/ 20-Aug-193.50 / 3.613363View Other Patterns
SML IsuzuSMLISUZUAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS605.95584.1/ 22-Aug-1921.85 / 3.6111572View Other Patterns
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd.CREDITACCFINANCE516.6498.0/ 23-Aug-1918.60 / 3.60143 KView Other Patterns
Shoppers Stop Ltd.SHOPERSTOPMISCELLANEOUS368.25355.0/ 23-Aug-1913.25 / 3.6039981View Other Patterns
United Breweries Ltd.UBLBREW/DISTILLERIES1305.251258.3/ 21-Aug-1946.95 / 3.60398 KView Other Patterns
Infosys Ltd.INFYCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE802.2773.35/ 19-Aug-1928.85 / 3.607280 KView Other Patterns
BEML Ltd.BEMLENGINEERING738.55712.0/ 23-Aug-1926.55 / 3.59667 KView Other Patterns
Sanghi IndustriesSANGHIINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS48.7547.0/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 3.5951057View Other Patterns
Kokuyo CamlinKOKUYOCMLNDIVERSIFIED59.9557.8/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 3.5922344View Other Patterns
Cipla Ltd.CIPLAPHARMACEUTICALS465.9449.2/ 23-Aug-1916.70 / 3.582590 KView Other Patterns
Equitas Holdings Ltd.EQUITASFINANCE102.1598.5/ 23-Aug-193.65 / 3.572428 KView Other Patterns
Fairchem Speciality Ltd.FAIRCHEMCHEMICALS - INORGANIC468.95452.2/ 23-Aug-1916.75 / 3.576710View Other Patterns
Aarvi Encon Ltd.AARVIDIVERSIFIED28.027.0/ 21-Aug-191.00 / 3.575000View Other Patterns
Nila Spaces Ltd.NILASPACESMISCELLANEOUS1.41.35/ 20-Aug-190.050 / 3.5768164View Other Patterns
Zodiac Clothing Co. Ltd.ZODIACLOTHTEXTILE PRODUCTS191.85185.0/ 22-Aug-196.85 / 3.573101View Other Patterns
TVS Motor Company Ltd.TVSMOTORAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS365.55352.5/ 22-Aug-1913.05 / 3.572469 KView Other Patterns
Ruchira PapersRUCHIRAPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS67.3564.95/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 3.5622771View Other Patterns
UTTAMSUGARUTTAMSUGARSUGAR96.9593.5/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 3.56143 KView Other Patterns
Madhya Pradesh Today Media Ltd.MPTODAYMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT26.725.75/ 21-Aug-190.950 / 3.5615090View Other Patterns
JSW Steel Ltd.JSWSTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS220.65212.8/ 22-Aug-197.85 / 3.566988 KView Other Patterns
Sterling ToolsSTERTOOLSFASTNERS143.65138.55/ 23-Aug-195.10 / 3.555398View Other Patterns
Minda IndustriesMINDAINDAUTO ANCILLARIES309.2298.25/ 23-Aug-1910.95 / 3.54143 KView Other Patterns
PTC India Financial Services Ltd.PFSFINANCE11.310.9/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 3.54378 KView Other Patterns
IFCI Ltd.IFCIFINANCIAL INSTITUTION7.16.85/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 3.521550 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Oriental Hotels Ltd.ORIENTHOTHOTELS38.3537.0/ 22-Aug-191.35 / 3.5221765View Other Patterns
Goldstar Power Ltd.GOLDSTARELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT27.026.05/ 14-Aug-190.950 / 3.5216363View Other Patterns
Eimco Elecon (India)EIMCOELECOENGINEERING265.85256.5/ 23-Aug-199.35 / 3.521481View Other Patterns
SPML InfraSPMLINFRACONSTRUCTION12.812.35/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 3.5226498View Other Patterns
Oriental Aromatics Ltd.OALCHEMICALS - ORGANIC185.05178.55/ 22-Aug-196.50 / 3.511674View Other Patterns
Oriental Bank of CommerceORIENTBANKBANKS61.2559.1/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 3.511274 KView Other Patterns
Varroc Engineering Ltd.VARROCENGINEERING395.15381.3/ 22-Aug-1913.85 / 3.5057768View Other Patterns
Tata Global Beverages LtdTATAGLOBALTEA AND COFFEE265.95256.65/ 22-Aug-199.30 / 3.501796 KView Other Patterns
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.KANSAINERPAINTS473.65457.1/ 21-Aug-1916.55 / 3.49230 KView Other Patterns
Genus Paper & Boards Ltd.GENUSPAPERPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS4.34.15/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.4962604View Other Patterns
Allcargo Logistics Ltd.ALLCARGOTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT90.387.15/ 23-Aug-193.15 / 3.4979457View Other Patterns
Oricon Enterprises Ltd.ORICONENTPACKAGING18.6518.0/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 3.4974486View Other Patterns
Cigniti TechnologiesCIGNITITECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE262.6253.45/ 23-Aug-199.15 / 3.4819390View Other Patterns
Tokyo Plast InternationalTOKYOPLASTPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS51.850.0/ 22-Aug-191.80 / 3.474458View Other Patterns
Sharda Motor Industries Ltd.SHARDAMOTRAUTO ANCILLARIES924.75892.65/ 22-Aug-1932.10 / 3.473685View Other Patterns
V.I.P. Industries Ltd.VIPINDPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS373.55360.6/ 23-Aug-1912.95 / 3.47360 KView Other Patterns
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.HDFCFINANCE - HOUSING2043.751973.0/ 23-Aug-1970.75 / 3.463623 KView Other Patterns
Bodal Chemicals Ltd.BODALCHEMDYES AND PIGMENTS66.4564.15/ 23-Aug-192.30 / 3.4693629View Other Patterns
MM ForgingsMMFLCASTINGS/FORGINGS339.75328.0/ 23-Aug-1911.75 / 3.4612014View Other Patterns
Summit SecuritiesSUMMITSECFINANCE440.25425.05/ 19-Aug-1915.20 / 3.45913View Other Patterns
Shirpur Gold RefinerySHIRPUR-GMINING14.514.0/ 20-Aug-190.500 / 3.4542586View Other Patterns
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd.GENUSPOWERELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT20.319.6/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 3.45189 KView Other Patterns
TRIDENT Ltd.TRIDENTTEXTILES - COTTON55.253.3/ 23-Aug-191.90 / 3.44453 KView Other Patterns
Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd.EKCGAS18.918.25/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 3.4474335View Other Patterns
Shree Rama NewsprintRAMANEWSPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS13.112.65/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 3.4416535View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
IDFC Ltd.IDFCFINANCIAL INSTITUTION33.5532.4/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 3.431650 KView Other Patterns
IVP LtdIVPVANASPATI OIL54.052.15/ 23-Aug-191.85 / 3.43615View Other Patterns
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd.UTTAMSTLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS7.37.05/ 22-Aug-190.250 / 3.4262576View Other Patterns
Kothari Products Ltd.KOTHARIPROCIGARETTES57.055.05/ 22-Aug-191.95 / 3.422153View Other Patterns
Ramky InfrastructureRAMKYCONSTRUCTION61.459.3/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 3.4248175View Other Patterns
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.BHELELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT48.346.65/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 3.4213155 KView Other Patterns
Graphite India Ltd.GRAPHITEELECTRODES283.05273.4/ 23-Aug-199.65 / 3.411485 KView Other Patterns
Sangam (India)SANGAMINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS35.234.0/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 3.41243 KView Other Patterns
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.AJANTPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS963.85931.0/ 22-Aug-1932.85 / 3.41288 KView Other Patterns
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance CompanyICICIPRULIFINANCE386.6373.45/ 23-Aug-1913.15 / 3.402828 KView Other Patterns
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd.TEXRAILCONSTRUCTION44.1542.65/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 3.40169 KView Other Patterns
MazdaMAZDAENGINEERING331.3320.05/ 23-Aug-1911.25 / 3.401949View Other Patterns
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.MAHSEAMLESSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS370.55358.0/ 23-Aug-1912.55 / 3.3920085View Other Patterns
Bhageria Industries Ltd.BHAGERIADYES AND PIGMENTS100.497.0/ 23-Aug-193.40 / 3.3914291View Other Patterns
Madhucon Projects LimitedMADHUCONCONSTRUCTION4.454.3/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.3724868View Other Patterns
MMTC Ltd.MMTCTRADING17.817.2/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 3.37487 KView Other Patterns
NELCO Ltd.NELCOELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL212.15205.0/ 23-Aug-197.15 / 3.3740369View Other Patterns
Menon BearingsMENONBEBEARINGS58.056.05/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 3.368870View Other Patterns
Rico Auto Industries Ltd.RICOAUTOAUTO ANCILLARIES35.734.5/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 3.36209 KView Other Patterns
Panacea Biotec Ltd.PANACEABIOPHARMACEUTICALS122.15118.05/ 23-Aug-194.10 / 3.3627886View Other Patterns
Oil India Ltd.OILOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION144.5139.65/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 3.361295 KView Other Patterns
DFM Foods Ltd.DFMFOODSMISCELLANEOUS255.0246.45/ 23-Aug-198.55 / 3.3528288View Other Patterns
Banswara SyntexBANSWRASTEXTILE PRODUCTS59.6557.65/ 22-Aug-192.00 / 3.355456View Other Patterns
Snowman Logistics Ltd.SNOWMANTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT28.3527.4/ 23-Aug-190.950 / 3.35140 KView Other Patterns
Spencer's Retail Ltd.SPENCERSMISCELLANEOUS70.2567.9/ 22-Aug-192.35 / 3.35239 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
GMR Infrastructure Ltd.GMRINFRACONSTRUCTION14.9514.45/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 3.3416155 KView Other Patterns
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd.EIDPARRYSUGAR147.1142.2/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 3.3387949View Other Patterns
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.JISLJALEQSPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS19.5518.9/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 3.321757 KView Other Patterns
Magadh Sugar & Energy Ltd.MAGADSUGARSUGAR82.7580.0/ 23-Aug-192.75 / 3.3218195View Other Patterns
Trigyn Technologies Ltd.TRIGYNCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE45.243.7/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 3.3259126View Other Patterns
Emami Ltd.EMAMILTDPERSONAL CARE289.6280.0/ 23-Aug-199.60 / 3.31522 KView Other Patterns
Technocraft Industries (India)TIILSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS291.7282.05/ 23-Aug-199.65 / 3.3114193View Other Patterns
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.GSKCONSFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING8068.157801.4/ 19-Aug-19266.75 / 3.3111327View Other Patterns
Vardhman AcrylicsVARDHACRLCTEXTILE PRODUCTS36.335.1/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 3.3113232View Other Patterns
Neogen Chemicals Ltd.NEOGENCHEMICALS - INORGANIC310.25300.0/ 23-Aug-1910.25 / 3.3028310View Other Patterns
Shalimar PaintsSHALPAINTSPAINTS69.967.6/ 23-Aug-192.30 / 3.2925795View Other Patterns
PokarnaPOKARNACeramic & Granite118.9115.0/ 23-Aug-193.90 / 3.2817222View Other Patterns
Amber Enterprises India Ltd.AMBERMISCELLANEOUS821.9795.0/ 22-Aug-1926.90 / 3.2714044View Other Patterns
Dredging Corporation of India Ltd.DREDGECORPMISCELLANEOUS302.9293.0/ 23-Aug-199.90 / 3.27107 KView Other Patterns
Tech Mahindra Ltd.TECHMCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE683.85661.5/ 19-Aug-1922.35 / 3.273539 KView Other Patterns
Sheela Foam Ltd.SFLMISCELLANEOUS1149.551112.0/ 19-Aug-1937.55 / 3.277906View Other Patterns
Seya Industries Ltd.SEYAINDCHEMICALS - INORGANIC398.05385.05/ 23-Aug-1913.00 / 3.2712221View Other Patterns
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak PSU Bank ETFKOTAKPSUBKFINANCE237.97230.2/ 22-Aug-197.77 / 3.276200View Other Patterns
Tube Investments of India Ltd.TIINDIAAUTO ANCILLARIES344.45333.25/ 23-Aug-1911.20 / 3.2594304View Other Patterns
HG Infra Engineering Ltd.HGINFRACONSTRUCTION206.8200.1/ 22-Aug-196.70 / 3.2420646View Other Patterns
Autolite (India)AUTOLITINDAUTO ANCILLARIES20.119.45/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 3.231439View Other Patterns
Apollo Tyres Ltd.APOLLOTYRETYRES165.6160.25/ 21-Aug-195.35 / 3.233704 KView Other Patterns
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd.BBTCTEA AND COFFEE761.6737.0/ 22-Aug-1924.60 / 3.2344381View Other Patterns
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.RVNLMISCELLANEOUS23.2522.5/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 3.232570 KView Other Patterns
Gallantt MetalGALLANTTSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS24.824.0/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 3.2312213View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Piramal Phytocare Ltd.PIRPHYTOPHARMACEUTICALS23.322.55/ 20-Aug-190.750 / 3.223412View Other Patterns
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.THYROCAREHospitals & Medical Services447.9433.5/ 21-Aug-1914.40 / 3.2219861View Other Patterns
Sequent Scientific Ltd.SEQUENTPHARMACEUTICALS70.067.75/ 23-Aug-192.25 / 3.21210 KView Other Patterns
India Nippon ElectricalsINDNIPPONAUTO ANCILLARIES315.25305.15/ 23-Aug-1910.10 / 3.207776View Other Patterns
Pioneer DistilleriesPIONDISTBREW/DISTILLERIES110.95107.4/ 23-Aug-193.55 / 3.204932View Other Patterns
TGB Banquets and HotelsTGBHOTELSHOTELS4.74.55/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 3.199184View Other Patterns
Natco Pharma Ltd.NATCOPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS546.35528.95/ 22-Aug-1917.40 / 3.18148 KView Other Patterns
Surya Roshni Ltd.SURYAROSNISTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS157.0152.0/ 23-Aug-195.00 / 3.1852415View Other Patterns
Hexaware Technologies Ltd.HEXAWARECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE386.3374.0/ 20-Aug-1912.30 / 3.181146 KView Other Patterns
Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd.CORALFINACFINANCE11.010.65/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 3.1817671View Other Patterns
Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd.TECHNOEENGINEERING250.3242.35/ 22-Aug-197.95 / 3.189984View Other Patterns
Muthoot FinanceMUTHOOTFINFINANCIAL INSTITUTION611.95592.6/ 23-Aug-1919.35 / 3.16971 KView Other Patterns
Jain Irrigation Systems (DVR)JISLDVREQSPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS14.2513.8/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 3.1618378View Other Patterns
Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd.LINCOLNPHARMACEUTICALS136.35132.05/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 3.1517435View Other Patterns
Mold Tek TechnologiesMOLDTECHPACKAGING46.044.55/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 3.1511678View Other Patterns
Atul Auto Ltd.ATULAUTOAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS201.8195.45/ 23-Aug-196.35 / 3.1510638View Other Patterns
Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.DHAMPURSUGSUGAR143.55139.05/ 23-Aug-194.50 / 3.13478 KView Other Patterns
HubtownHUBTOWNCONSTRUCTION16.015.5/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 3.1277246View Other Patterns
Titan Company Ltd.TITANGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES1073.51040.0/ 23-Aug-1933.50 / 3.122477 KView Other Patterns
Royal Orchid HotelsROHLTDHOTELS56.2554.5/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 3.1119204View Other Patterns
Bata India Ltd.BATAINDIALEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS1481.61435.6/ 23-Aug-1946.00 / 3.10869 KView Other Patterns
Century Textile & Industries Ltd.CENTURYTEXDIVERSIFIED826.7801.05/ 23-Aug-1925.65 / 3.10569 KView Other Patterns
State Bank of IndiaSBINBANKS271.1262.7/ 23-Aug-198.40 / 3.1028078 KView Other Patterns
Indraprastha Gas Ltd.IGLGAS324.6314.55/ 22-Aug-1910.05 / 3.101829 KView Other Patterns
Redington (India) Ltd.REDINGTONTRADING103.55100.35/ 22-Aug-193.20 / 3.09160 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.SILVERTUCCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE114.5111.0/ 22-Aug-193.50 / 3.069000View Other Patterns
Manugraph IndustriesMANUGRAPHENGINEERING13.112.7/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 3.052827View Other Patterns
GTPL Hathway Ltd.GTPLMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT75.473.1/ 22-Aug-192.30 / 3.0553307View Other Patterns
JSW Holdings Ltd.JSWHLFINANCIAL INSTITUTION2689.92607.9/ 22-Aug-1982.00 / 3.051937View Other Patterns
KopranKOPRANPHARMACEUTICALS26.325.5/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 3.0439260View Other Patterns
Union Bank of IndiaUNIONBANKBANKS59.457.6/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 3.039331 KView Other Patterns
High Ground Enterprise Ltd.HIGHGROUNDTRADING1.651.6/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 3.03259 KView Other Patterns
Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.FSCTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT516.65501.0/ 19-Aug-1915.65 / 3.039476View Other Patterns
SPL IndustriesSPLILTEXTILE PRODUCTS33.132.1/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 3.0231838View Other Patterns
Balkrishna Industries Ltd.BALKRISINDTYRES742.4720.0/ 19-Aug-1922.40 / 3.02556 KView Other Patterns
Precision Camshafts Ltd.PRECAMAUTO ANCILLARIES38.1537.0/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 3.0111781View Other Patterns
Trent Ltd.TRENTMISCELLANEOUS474.8460.55/ 19-Aug-1914.25 / 3.00280 KView Other Patterns
JITF Infralogistics Ltd.JITFINFRAMISCELLANEOUS6.76.5/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 2.993595View Other Patterns
Blue Star Ltd.BLUESTARCOCONSUMER DURABLES706.2685.15/ 19-Aug-1921.05 / 2.9832691View Other Patterns
Kakatiya CementsKAKATCEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS144.4140.1/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 2.9812624View Other Patterns
Kitex GarmentsKITEXTEXTILES - COTTON72.270.05/ 23-Aug-192.15 / 2.9850800View Other Patterns
NEL Holdings Ltd.NITESHESTCONSTRUCTION1.71.65/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 2.9460873View Other Patterns
Tijaria PolypipesTIJARIAPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS8.58.25/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 2.9417225View Other Patterns
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.MAHLIFECONSTRUCTION369.85359.0/ 23-Aug-1910.85 / 2.9327444View Other Patterns
De Nora IndiaDENORAELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT203.1197.15/ 23-Aug-195.95 / 2.935931View Other Patterns
HPL Electric & PowerHPLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT37.636.5/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 2.9329185View Other Patterns
Capri Global CapitalCGCLFINANCE155.55151.0/ 22-Aug-194.55 / 2.93389 KView Other Patterns
MphasiS Ltd.MPHASISCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE982.75954.05/ 22-Aug-1928.70 / 2.92222 KView Other Patterns
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.M&MFINFINANCIAL INSTITUTION311.95302.85/ 23-Aug-199.10 / 2.923618 KView Other Patterns
NLC India Ltd.NLCINDIAPOWER55.153.5/ 23-Aug-191.60 / 2.90604 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd.DCALMISCELLANEOUS165.35160.55/ 22-Aug-194.80 / 2.90107 KView Other Patterns
TCI DevelopersTCIDEVELOPCONSTRUCTION338.8329.0/ 23-Aug-199.80 / 2.89162View Other Patterns
AMD Industries Ltd.AMDINDPACKAGING17.316.8/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 2.8924077View Other Patterns
Zodiac Energy Ltd.ZODIACPOWER25.9525.2/ 16-Aug-190.750 / 2.894636View Other Patterns
Kalyani SteelsKSLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS174.0169.0/ 23-Aug-195.00 / 2.8732218View Other Patterns
Praxis Home Retail Ltd.PRAXISMISCELLANEOUS57.6556.0/ 22-Aug-191.65 / 2.866911View Other Patterns
Manav Infra Projects Ltd.MANAVCONSTRUCTION5.255.1/ 20-Aug-190.150 / 2.867090View Other Patterns
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Ltd.SHUBHLAXMIMISCELLANEOUS175.0170.0/ 21-Aug-195.00 / 2.8611000View Other Patterns
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.BALRAMCHINSUGAR121.05117.6/ 22-Aug-193.45 / 2.851694 KView Other Patterns
HCL Technologies Ltd.HCLTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1087.01056.05/ 22-Aug-1930.95 / 2.851779 KView Other Patterns
Bharat Forge Ltd.BHARATFORGCASTINGS/FORGINGS390.7379.6/ 23-Aug-1911.10 / 2.841328 KView Other Patterns
Lyka LabsLYKALABSPHARMACEUTICALS15.8515.4/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 2.8410682View Other Patterns
Filatex IndiaFILATEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS37.1536.1/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 2.83232 KView Other Patterns
Maharashtra ScootersMAHSCOOTERAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS3838.353730.0/ 23-Aug-19108.35 / 2.825862View Other Patterns
Astral Poly Technik Ltd.ASTRALPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS1236.251201.4/ 19-Aug-1934.85 / 2.8249060View Other Patterns
Dangee Dums Ltd.DANGEEFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING142.0138.0/ 22-Aug-194.00 / 2.822581View Other Patterns
Nilkamal Ltd.NILKAMALPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS985.4957.65/ 23-Aug-1927.75 / 2.8219532View Other Patterns
Havell's India Ltd.HAVELLSELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT647.2629.0/ 23-Aug-1918.20 / 2.811730 KView Other Patterns
Swaraj Engines Ltd.SWARAJENGDIESEL ENGINES1070.41040.3/ 23-Aug-1930.10 / 2.812483View Other Patterns
Axis Bank Ltd.AXISBANKBANKS663.9645.25/ 23-Aug-1918.65 / 2.8112125 KView Other Patterns
Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.NEWGENCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE290.2282.05/ 23-Aug-198.15 / 2.8128397View Other Patterns
IOL Chemicals and PharmaceuticalsIOLCPCHEMICALS - ORGANIC176.6171.65/ 23-Aug-194.95 / 2.80279 KView Other Patterns
Polycab India Ltd.POLYCABCABLES - TELECOM540.25525.15/ 22-Aug-1915.10 / 2.8059821View Other Patterns
E2E Networks Ltd.E2EENGINEERING34.033.05/ 19-Aug-190.950 / 2.7912181View Other Patterns
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.LAXMIMACHTEXTILE MACHINERY3652.03550.0/ 23-Aug-19102.00 / 2.795212View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETFM50FINANCE106.4103.43/ 23-Aug-192.97 / 2.791750View Other Patterns
Dhunseri InvestmentsDHUNINVFINANCE204.7199.0/ 23-Aug-195.70 / 2.785829View Other Patterns
Excel Crop CareEXCELCROPPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS2561.152490.0/ 21-Aug-1971.15 / 2.783818View Other Patterns
Landmark Property Development CompanyLPDCCONSTRUCTION1.81.75/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 2.783168View Other Patterns
Easun ReyrolleEASUNREYRLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT3.63.5/ 22-Aug-190.100 / 2.787493View Other Patterns
Sakthi Sugars Ltd.SAKHTISUGSUGAR7.27.0/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 2.7829946View Other Patterns
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd.ADANIPORTSCONSTRUCTION349.35339.65/ 23-Aug-199.70 / 2.782780 KView Other Patterns
8K Miles Software Services Ltd.8KMILESFINANCE50.4549.05/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 2.78146 KView Other Patterns
Rane Brake LiningsRBLAUTO ANCILLARIES462.8450.0/ 23-Aug-1912.80 / 2.7714998View Other Patterns
GKW LtdGKWLIMITEDFASTNERS679.0660.25/ 23-Aug-1918.75 / 2.76148View Other Patterns
Ramco Systems Ltd.RAMCOSYSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE166.65162.05/ 23-Aug-194.60 / 2.768231View Other Patterns
TV Today Network Ltd.TVTODAYMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT301.55293.25/ 19-Aug-198.30 / 2.7567211View Other Patterns
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.BALMLAWRIEPACKAGING165.65161.1/ 22-Aug-194.55 / 2.7560383View Other Patterns
D.B. Corp Ltd.DBCORPMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT136.85133.1/ 23-Aug-193.75 / 2.74119 KView Other Patterns
Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.PHILIPCARBCHEMICALS - SPECIALITY113.35110.25/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 2.73754 KView Other Patterns
MSTC Ltd.MSTCLTDMISCELLANEOUS75.1573.1/ 23-Aug-192.05 / 2.739082View Other Patterns
Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd.TEXINFRACONSTRUCTION31.3530.5/ 22-Aug-190.850 / 2.7114820View Other Patterns
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd.CAPLIPOINTPHARMACEUTICALS403.95393.0/ 21-Aug-1910.95 / 2.7137608View Other Patterns
Karda Constructions Ltd.KARDACONSTRUCTION180.8175.9/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 2.7173462View Other Patterns
Dhanuka AgritechDHANUKAPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS317.4308.8/ 22-Aug-198.60 / 2.7116916View Other Patterns
Liberty Shoes Ltd.LIBERTSHOELEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS81.2579.05/ 23-Aug-192.20 / 2.7163341View Other Patterns
Onward TechnologiesONWARDTECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE59.157.5/ 23-Aug-191.60 / 2.718665View Other Patterns
Jalan Transolutions Ltd.JALANTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT3.73.6/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 2.707636View Other Patterns
Metalyst Forgings Ltd.METALFORGECASTINGS/FORGINGS5.555.4/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 2.707281View Other Patterns
eClerx Services Ltd. ECLERXCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE464.55452.0/ 22-Aug-1912.55 / 2.7019321View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
UTI-Nifty Exchange Traded FundUTINIFTETFFINANCE1149.651118.64/ 21-Aug-1931.01 / 2.704658View Other Patterns
Astra Microwave Products Ltd. ASTRAMICROTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT72.3570.4/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 2.70114 KView Other Patterns
ICE Make Refrigeration Ltd.ICEMAKEMISCELLANEOUS66.9565.15/ 23-Aug-191.80 / 2.695272View Other Patterns
Sanofi India Ltd.SANOFIPHARMACEUTICALS6042.455880.0/ 23-Aug-19162.45 / 2.6920410View Other Patterns
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares Midcap 100 ETFM100FINANCE16.0415.61/ 23-Aug-190.430 / 2.6862304View Other Patterns
Foseco India Ltd.FOSECOINDCHEMICALS - SPECIALITY1170.61139.4/ 23-Aug-1931.20 / 2.67960View Other Patterns
Finolex Cables Ltd.FINCABLESMISCELLANEOUS365.35355.65/ 22-Aug-199.70 / 2.6550552View Other Patterns
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.HARRMALAYATEA AND COFFEE45.3544.15/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 2.6522200View Other Patterns
Ipca Laboratories Ltd.IPCALABPHARMACEUTICALS957.75932.5/ 21-Aug-1925.25 / 2.64193 KView Other Patterns
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.HINDUNILVRPERSONAL CARE1860.01811.0/ 19-Aug-1949.00 / 2.631513 KView Other Patterns
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.CHENNPETROREFINERIES187.95183.0/ 22-Aug-194.95 / 2.63209 KView Other Patterns
SandeshSANDESHPRINTING AND PUBLISHING546.4532.05/ 22-Aug-1914.35 / 2.63539View Other Patterns
Entertainment Network India Ltd.ENILMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT364.0354.45/ 23-Aug-199.55 / 2.624717View Other Patterns
Indian BankINDIANBBANKS166.5162.15/ 23-Aug-194.35 / 2.611018 KView Other Patterns
Narayana Hrudayalaya LtdNHHospitals & Medical Services228.75222.8/ 22-Aug-195.95 / 2.60148 KView Other Patterns
Wockhardt Ltd.WOCKPHARMAPHARMACEUTICALS254.65248.05/ 23-Aug-196.60 / 2.59487 KView Other Patterns
Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Ltd.KINGFAPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS545.1531.0/ 23-Aug-1914.10 / 2.594150View Other Patterns
Xchanging SolutionsXCHANGINGCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE50.349.0/ 20-Aug-191.30 / 2.5811911View Other Patterns
MMP Industries Ltd.MMPMISCELLANEOUS165.0160.75/ 20-Aug-194.25 / 2.581581View Other Patterns
Hinduja Global SolutionsHGSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE549.1535.0/ 22-Aug-1914.10 / 2.574962View Other Patterns
Anik IndustriesANIKINDSSOLVENT EXTRACTION7.87.6/ 21-Aug-190.200 / 2.563077View Other Patterns
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd.IL&FSTRANSTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT1.951.9/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 2.5653128View Other Patterns
Regency CeramicsREGENCERAMCeramic & Granite1.951.9/ 19-Aug-190.050 / 2.56571View Other Patterns
Andhra BankANDHRABANKBANKS17.5517.1/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 2.56657 KView Other Patterns
Inox Leisure Ltd.INOXLEISURMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT255.65249.1/ 23-Aug-196.55 / 2.56296 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Alkali Metals Ltd.ALKALICHEMICALS - ORGANIC39.138.1/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 2.5620192View Other Patterns
Dharani Sugars and ChemicalsDHARSUGARSUGAR5.95.75/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 2.549218View Other Patterns
Syndicate BankSYNDIBANKBANKS29.829.05/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 2.52932 KView Other Patterns
Transformers and Rectifiers IndiaTRILPOWER7.957.75/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 2.5231531View Other Patterns
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.GRSEENGINEERING125.4122.25/ 23-Aug-193.15 / 2.51231 KView Other Patterns
Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd.SALASARENGINEERING117.45114.5/ 23-Aug-192.95 / 2.5126421View Other Patterns
Strides Arcolab Ltd.STARPHARMACEUTICALS376.3366.85/ 23-Aug-199.45 / 2.511900 KView Other Patterns
Adani Green Energy Ltd.ADANIGREENPOWER43.8542.75/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 2.51606 KView Other Patterns
Kesar Terminals and InfrastructureKTILMISCELLANEOUS31.931.1/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 2.514940View Other Patterns
RPP Infra ProjectsRPPINFRACONSTRUCTION60.1558.65/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 2.4932597View Other Patterns
Everest Industries Ltd.EVERESTINDCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS312.8305.0/ 23-Aug-197.80 / 2.4935820View Other Patterns
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.GSFCFERTILISERS70.2568.5/ 22-Aug-191.75 / 2.49348 KView Other Patterns
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd.INDRAMEDCOMISCELLANEOUS36.1535.25/ 22-Aug-190.900 / 2.4925427View Other Patterns
Zen TechnologiesZENTECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE52.351.0/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 2.4953033View Other Patterns
Rolta India Ltd.ROLTACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE6.055.9/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 2.48296 KView Other Patterns
Technofab EngineeringTECHNOFABENGINEERING14.1513.8/ 21-Aug-190.350 / 2.474433View Other Patterns
Monte Carlo FashionsMONTECARLOTEXTILE PRODUCTS232.65226.9/ 23-Aug-195.75 / 2.4711257View Other Patterns
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd.CHEMFABCHEMICALS - INORGANIC160.05156.1/ 22-Aug-193.95 / 2.471883View Other Patterns
Cantabil Retail IndiaCANTABILRETAIL212.9207.65/ 23-Aug-195.25 / 2.478806View Other Patterns
Motor and General FinanceMOTOGENFINFINANCE36.535.6/ 16-Aug-190.900 / 2.47670View Other Patterns
Dynacons Systems and SolutionsDSSLCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE24.3523.75/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 2.464469View Other Patterns
ICICI500 Ltd.ICICI500MISCELLANEOUS142.49139.0/ 23-Aug-193.49 / 2.4524797View Other Patterns
Repro IndiaREPROPRINTING AND PUBLISHING503.6491.3/ 19-Aug-1912.30 / 2.443806View Other Patterns
Godawari Power & IspatGPILSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS133.25130.0/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 2.4443725View Other Patterns
ICICI Bank Ltd.ICICIBANKBANKS395.4385.8/ 23-Aug-199.60 / 2.4320619 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Vertoz Advertising Ltd.VERTOZMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT155.0151.25/ 20-Aug-193.75 / 2.4219581View Other Patterns
Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.ABCAPITALFINANCE86.8584.75/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 2.421417 KView Other Patterns
Security and Intelligence Services (India) Ltd.SISMISCELLANEOUS791.75772.65/ 23-Aug-1919.10 / 2.4114915View Other Patterns
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.AUROPHARMAPHARMACEUTICALS598.25583.85/ 22-Aug-1914.40 / 2.412897 KView Other Patterns
Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.HFCLTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT18.8518.4/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 2.391760 KView Other Patterns
20 Microns20MICRONSMINING31.4530.7/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 2.3827719View Other Patterns
Amrutanjan Health CareAMRUTANJANPHARMACEUTICALS281.9275.2/ 23-Aug-196.70 / 2.3813633View Other Patterns
Andhra Sugars Ltd.ANDHRSUGARSUGAR273.5267.0/ 23-Aug-196.50 / 2.3815771View Other Patterns
Varun Beverages Ltd.VBLFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING640.45625.25/ 22-Aug-1915.20 / 2.37127 KView Other Patterns
Procter & Gamble Health Ltd.PGHLPHARMACEUTICALS4107.154010.0/ 23-Aug-1997.15 / 2.3728283View Other Patterns
Shanthi Gears Ltd.SHANTIGEARAUTO ANCILLARIES84.7582.75/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 2.3614565View Other Patterns
Ajooni Biotech Ltd.AJOONIDIVERSIFIED8.58.3/ 21-Aug-190.200 / 2.356909View Other Patterns
KIOCL Ltd.KIOCLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS112.65110.0/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 2.3513801View Other Patterns
Bharti InfratelINFRATELTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT246.95241.15/ 23-Aug-195.80 / 2.352747 KView Other Patterns
Bannari Amman Spinning MillsBASMLTEXTILE PRODUCTS124.9122.0/ 22-Aug-192.90 / 2.321412View Other Patterns
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd.AGARINDTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT124.9122.0/ 22-Aug-192.90 / 2.329431View Other Patterns
R*Shares Consumption FundRELCONSFINANCE49.1448.0/ 22-Aug-191.14 / 2.322800View Other Patterns
IndusInd Bank Ltd.INDUSINDBKBANKS1310.51280.1/ 23-Aug-1930.40 / 2.324875 KView Other Patterns
La Opala RGLAOPALAMISCELLANEOUS146.6143.2/ 23-Aug-193.40 / 2.3251877View Other Patterns
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd.MAYURUNIQPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS216.0211.0/ 22-Aug-195.00 / 2.3111748View Other Patterns
MRF Ltd.MRFTYRES57859.556521.1/ 23-Aug-191338.40 / 2.315670View Other Patterns
Sonata Software Ltd.SONATSOFTWCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE315.75308.45/ 22-Aug-197.30 / 2.3184507View Other Patterns
IG PetrochemicalsIGPLCHEMICALS - ORGANIC149.5146.05/ 23-Aug-193.45 / 2.3118394View Other Patterns
GM BreweriesGMBREWBREW/DISTILLERIES342.9335.0/ 23-Aug-197.90 / 2.3014691View Other Patterns
WABCO IndiaWABCOINDIAAUTO ANCILLARIES6049.255910.0/ 23-Aug-19139.25 / 2.303729View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
KNR ConstructionsKNRCONCONSTRUCTION225.9220.7/ 23-Aug-195.20 / 2.30136 KView Other Patterns
S H Kelkar & Company Ltd.SHKMISCELLANEOUS118.1115.4/ 23-Aug-192.70 / 2.2970288View Other Patterns
TILTILENGINEERING175.0171.0/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 2.294526View Other Patterns
Parag Milk Foods Ltd.PARAGMILKFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING133.8130.75/ 23-Aug-193.05 / 2.28299 KView Other Patterns
Rites Ltd.RITESDIVERSIFIED215.2210.3/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 2.28359 KView Other Patterns
JTEKT India Ltd.JTEKTINDIAAUTO ANCILLARIES68.166.55/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 2.2889234View Other Patterns
Jullundur Motor Agency DelhiJMAAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS22.021.5/ 19-Aug-190.500 / 2.272234View Other Patterns
Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd.SRIPIPESMETALS167.45163.65/ 23-Aug-193.80 / 2.2774512View Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Nifty Junior Exchange Traded SchemeJUNIORBEESFINANCE263.25257.3/ 23-Aug-195.95 / 2.2678731View Other Patterns
Ester IndustriesESTERPACKAGING33.232.45/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 2.26112 KView Other Patterns
GRUH Finance Ltd.GRUHFINANCE - HOUSING232.55227.3/ 22-Aug-195.25 / 2.26605 KView Other Patterns
Dhunseri Ventures Ltd.DVLTEA AND COFFEE66.565.0/ 23-Aug-191.50 / 2.2612041View Other Patterns
Atul Ltd.ATULDYES AND PIGMENTS3560.23480.0/ 22-Aug-1980.20 / 2.2540530View Other Patterns
TD Power SystemsTDPOWERSYSENGINEERING131.05128.1/ 20-Aug-192.95 / 2.2513150View Other Patterns
Orient Electric Ltd.ORIENTELECELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT150.3146.95/ 23-Aug-193.35 / 2.23251 KView Other Patterns
Kalyani Investment CompanyKICLFINANCE1595.51559.95/ 23-Aug-1935.55 / 2.23552View Other Patterns
PTL EnterprisesPTLTYRES33.833.05/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 2.2211922View Other Patterns
Gujarat Industries Power Co. Ltd.GIPCLPOWER70.3568.8/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 2.2093263View Other Patterns
Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.ABFRLRETAIL189.15185.0/ 22-Aug-194.15 / 2.19657 KView Other Patterns
Monsanto India Ltd.MONSANTOPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS2029.51985.0/ 19-Aug-1944.50 / 2.193227View Other Patterns
Siemens Ltd.SIEMENSELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1147.61122.45/ 23-Aug-1925.15 / 2.19441 KView Other Patterns
Religare Enterprises Ltd.RELIGAREFINANCIAL INSTITUTION27.426.8/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 2.19261 KView Other Patterns
Geojit Financial Services Ltd.GEOJITFSLFINANCE22.8522.35/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 2.19216 KView Other Patterns
Bhagyanagar Properties Ltd.BHAGYAPROPMISCELLANEOUS20.7520.3/ 21-Aug-190.450 / 2.175556View Other Patterns
FDC Ltd.FDCPHARMACEUTICALS159.45156.0/ 22-Aug-193.45 / 2.1636682View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
HDFC Nifty ETFHDFCNIFETFFINANCE1142.341117.79/ 23-Aug-1924.55 / 2.151554View Other Patterns
5Paisa Capital Ltd.5PAISAMISCELLANEOUS123.45120.8/ 23-Aug-192.65 / 2.1512474View Other Patterns
SBI MF ETF Nifty JuniorSETFNN50FINANCE260.78255.19/ 23-Aug-195.59 / 2.148692View Other Patterns
Nesco LtdNESCODIVERSIFIED526.25515.0/ 23-Aug-1911.25 / 2.1414280View Other Patterns
3M India Ltd.3MINDIATRADING20538.920100.0/ 22-Aug-19438.90 / 2.141091View Other Patterns
Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd.HUDCOCONSTRUCTION30.4529.8/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 2.13747 KView Other Patterns
Gallantt IspatGALLISPATSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS18.7518.35/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 2.1336350View Other Patterns
Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd.ASTRONDIVERSIFIED86.9585.1/ 23-Aug-191.85 / 2.13425 KView Other Patterns
Rollatainers Ltd.ROLLTPACKAGING2.352.3/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 2.1360058View Other Patterns
Bajaj Electricals LimitedBAJAJELECCONSUMER DURABLES358.6351.0/ 23-Aug-197.60 / 2.12189 KView Other Patterns
MOIL Ltd.MOILMINING120.65118.1/ 23-Aug-192.55 / 2.1189937View Other Patterns
Symphony Ltd.SYMPHONYCONSUMER DURABLES1227.051201.25/ 21-Aug-1925.80 / 2.1011408View Other Patterns
Godrej Properties Ltd.GODREJPROPCONSTRUCTION891.65873.05/ 23-Aug-1918.60 / 2.09203 KView Other Patterns
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd.MIDHANIMISCELLANEOUS110.75108.45/ 23-Aug-192.30 / 2.08105 KView Other Patterns
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.INFOBEANCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE60.2559.0/ 22-Aug-191.25 / 2.0721274View Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs S&P CNX Nifty Shariah IndexSHARIABEESFINANCE249.76244.64/ 21-Aug-195.12 / 2.05129View Other Patterns
CRISIL Ltd.CRISILFINANCIAL INSTITUTION1254.451228.75/ 21-Aug-1925.70 / 2.0526125View Other Patterns
Au Small Finance Bank Ltd.AUBANKFINANCE659.75646.25/ 23-Aug-1913.50 / 2.05260 KView Other Patterns
Kernex Microsystems (India)KERNEXCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE19.6519.25/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 2.041417View Other Patterns
SRF Ltd.SRFTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC2809.852753.0/ 23-Aug-1956.85 / 2.02475 KView Other Patterns
Jyothy Labs Ltd.JYOTHYLABPERSONAL CARE146.35143.4/ 23-Aug-192.95 / 2.02236 KView Other Patterns
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.HONAUTELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL22920.222460.0/ 23-Aug-19460.20 / 2.013775View Other Patterns
Kotak Mahindra MF Nifty ETFKOTAKNIFTYFINANCE112.76110.5/ 23-Aug-192.26 / 2.0074182View Other Patterns
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.TATAINVESTFINANCIAL INSTITUTION758.65743.5/ 22-Aug-1915.15 / 2.0011508View Other Patterns
JSW Energy Ltd. JSWENERGYPOWER67.866.45/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 1.99886 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.TASTYBITEFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING8321.58156.0/ 23-Aug-19165.50 / 1.99260View Other Patterns
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.DRREDDYPHARMACEUTICALS2541.252491.0/ 21-Aug-1950.25 / 1.98702 KView Other Patterns
Shah AlloysSHAHALLOYSSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS7.67.45/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 1.972681View Other Patterns
Prism Johnson Ltd.PRSMJOHNSNCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS83.6582.0/ 19-Aug-191.65 / 1.97224 KView Other Patterns
PNB Housing Finance Ltd.PNBHOUSINGFINANCE642.65630.0/ 23-Aug-1912.65 / 1.97257 KView Other Patterns
Nandan DenimNDLTEXTILE PRODUCTS25.5525.05/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.9622344View Other Patterns
Future Enterprises Ltd.FELRETAIL25.625.1/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.95267 KView Other Patterns
Vardhman Textiles Ltd.VTLTEXTILES - COTTON893.45876.0/ 23-Aug-1917.45 / 1.9520194View Other Patterns
Mangalam Cement Ltd.MANGLMCEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS240.7236.0/ 22-Aug-194.70 / 1.9536397View Other Patterns
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.APLLTDPHARMACEUTICALS500.7491.0/ 21-Aug-199.70 / 1.9462558View Other Patterns
Thermax Ltd.THERMAXELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1012.2992.6/ 23-Aug-1919.60 / 1.9484536View Other Patterns
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.TORNTPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS1659.61627.55/ 20-Aug-1932.05 / 1.93425 KView Other Patterns
Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.DHANBANKFINANCE12.9512.7/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 1.93342 KView Other Patterns
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd.BAJAJHINDSUGAR5.25.1/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 1.921234 KView Other Patterns
Federal Bank Ltd.FEDERALBNKBANKS80.779.15/ 23-Aug-191.55 / 1.9210526 KView Other Patterns
Laurus Labs Ltd.LAURUSLABSPHARMACEUTICALS331.35325.0/ 22-Aug-196.35 / 1.9232905View Other Patterns
Cosmo Films Ltd.COSMOFILMSPACKAGING203.9200.0/ 23-Aug-193.90 / 1.9114999View Other Patterns
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd.SBILIFEDIVERSIFIED821.25805.55/ 22-Aug-1915.70 / 1.911105 KView Other Patterns
Lambodhara TextileLAMBODHARATEXTILE PRODUCTS28.828.25/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 1.917413View Other Patterns
Star Cement Ltd.STARCEMENTCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS92.0590.3/ 23-Aug-191.75 / 1.9058396View Other Patterns
Rane HoldingsRANEHOLDINAUTO ANCILLARIES876.65860.0/ 22-Aug-1916.65 / 1.903241View Other Patterns
Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.BINDALAGROFERTILISERS7.97.75/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 1.9047696View Other Patterns
Salzer Electronics Ltd.SALZERELECELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT105.95103.95/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 1.896468View Other Patterns
Alok Industries Ltd.ALOKTEXTTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC2.652.6/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.894638 KView Other Patterns
L&T Technology ServicesLTTSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1584.851555.0/ 21-Aug-1929.85 / 1.8886026View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Infibeam Avenues Ltd.INFIBEAMMISCELLANEOUS39.8539.1/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 1.882254 KView Other Patterns
Oberoi Realty Ltd.OBEROIRLTYCONSTRUCTION460.75452.1/ 21-Aug-198.65 / 1.88472 KView Other Patterns
Rane Engine ValvesRANEENGINEAUTO ANCILLARIES235.05230.65/ 23-Aug-194.40 / 1.871859View Other Patterns
Embassy Office Parks REIT Ltd.EMBASSYCONSTRUCTION380.11373.0/ 19-Aug-197.11 / 1.87189 KView Other Patterns
VST Industries Ltd.VSTINDCIGARETTES3413.853350.0/ 22-Aug-1963.85 / 1.8710875View Other Patterns
Carborundum Universal Ltd.CARBORUNIVABRASIVES270.05265.0/ 23-Aug-195.05 / 1.8755505View Other Patterns
Tirupati Forge Ltd.TIRUPATIFLDIVERSIFIED42.9542.15/ 22-Aug-190.800 / 1.863727View Other Patterns
Gillanders Arbuthnot & CoGILLANDERSTEA AND COFFEE29.5529.0/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 1.861811View Other Patterns
Renaissance Global Ltd.RGLGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES261.4256.55/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 1.868493View Other Patterns
Tata Chemicals Ltd.TATACHEMCHEMICALS - INORGANIC553.25543.0/ 23-Aug-1910.25 / 1.85808 KView Other Patterns
North Eastern Carrying Corporation Ltd.NECCLTDMISCELLANEOUS5.45.3/ 22-Aug-190.100 / 1.85103 KView Other Patterns
NRB Bearings Ltd.NRBBEARINGBEARINGS89.1587.5/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 1.85393 KView Other Patterns
Wendt (India)WENDTABRASIVES2073.42035.05/ 23-Aug-1938.35 / 1.85267View Other Patterns
Whirpool Of India Ltd.WHIRLPOOLCONSUMER DURABLES1540.451512.0/ 23-Aug-1928.45 / 1.8538178View Other Patterns
Olectra Greentech Ltd.OLECTRATELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES179.1175.8/ 23-Aug-193.30 / 1.8431762View Other Patterns
LIC Nomura MF ETF Nifty 50LICNETFN50FINANCE114.1112.0/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 1.84163View Other Patterns
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.HALDIVERSIFIED645.85634.0/ 23-Aug-1911.85 / 1.838458View Other Patterns
DCM ShriramDCMSHRIRAMDIVERSIFIED374.1367.25/ 23-Aug-196.85 / 1.83136 KView Other Patterns
UltraTech Cement Ltd.ULTRACEMCOCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS3861.83791.1/ 23-Aug-1970.70 / 1.83559 KView Other Patterns
Indostar Capital Finance Ltd.INDOSTARFINANCE276.15271.1/ 23-Aug-195.05 / 1.8319264View Other Patterns
Genesys International Corporation Ltd.GENESYSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE79.4578.0/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 1.8315402View Other Patterns
Solar Industries IndiaSOLARINDSCHEMICALS - ORGANIC1075.651056.1/ 23-Aug-1919.55 / 1.8257158View Other Patterns
Emkay Global Financial ServicesEMKAYFINANCE52.451.45/ 23-Aug-190.950 / 1.8113357View Other Patterns
Indo Thai SecuritiesINDOTHAIFINANCE19.3519.0/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 1.814057View Other Patterns
Minda CorporationMINDACORPAUTO ANCILLARIES66.7565.55/ 23-Aug-191.20 / 1.8056336View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
IDFC Mutual Fund - IDFC Nifty ETFIDFNIFTYETFINANCE113.0111.0/ 23-Aug-192.00 / 1.7769View Other Patterns
Info Edge (India) Ltd.NAUKRICOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1939.351905.2/ 23-Aug-1934.15 / 1.76155 KView Other Patterns
Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd.BAJAJCONPERSONAL CARE245.3241.0/ 23-Aug-194.30 / 1.7578173View Other Patterns
Berger Paints India Ltd.BERGEPAINTPAINTS363.6357.3/ 22-Aug-196.30 / 1.731571 KView Other Patterns
Vaibhav GlobalVAIBHAVGBLMISCELLANEOUS814.1800.0/ 19-Aug-1914.10 / 1.7342665View Other Patterns
Cera SanitarywareCERACeramic & Granite2391.42350.0/ 23-Aug-1941.40 / 1.737038View Other Patterns
JK Cement LimitedJKCEMENTCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS990.7973.6/ 23-Aug-1917.10 / 1.7352011View Other Patterns
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd.LALPATHLABPHARMACEUTICALS1144.31124.55/ 23-Aug-1919.75 / 1.7381709View Other Patterns
Kotak Mahindra MF - Kotak Banking ETF - DivKOTAKBKETFFINANCE277.79273.0/ 23-Aug-194.79 / 1.72241 KView Other Patterns
Arihant Superstructures Ltd.ARIHANTSUPCONSTRUCTION29.128.6/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.7215794View Other Patterns
TTK Prestige Ltd.TTKPRESTIGCONSUMER DURABLES5758.95660.0/ 22-Aug-1998.90 / 1.724435View Other Patterns
Vindhya TelelinkVINDHYATELCABLES - TELECOM769.4756.2/ 22-Aug-1913.20 / 1.7211707View Other Patterns
Corporation BankCORPBANKBANKS17.517.2/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 1.71196 KView Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Banking Index Exchange Traded SchemeBANKBEESFINANCE2759.132712.01/ 23-Aug-1947.12 / 1.7116922View Other Patterns
OM Metals InfraprojectsOMMETALSENGINEERING14.6514.4/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 1.7133083View Other Patterns
Indo-NationalNIPPOBATRYMISCELLANEOUS442.5434.95/ 23-Aug-197.55 / 1.71958View Other Patterns
CESC Ventures Ltd.CESCVENTMISCELLANEOUS348.95343.0/ 23-Aug-195.95 / 1.7120748View Other Patterns
Take Solutions Limited TAKECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE100.1598.45/ 23-Aug-191.70 / 1.70157 KView Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Nifty Exchange Traded SchemeNIFTYBEESFINANCE1147.431128.0/ 23-Aug-1919.43 / 1.6961184View Other Patterns
Ucal Fuel Systems LtdUCALFUELAUTO ANCILLARIES124.1122.0/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 1.6928195View Other Patterns
Swan Energy Ltd.SWANENERGYTRADING101.099.3/ 20-Aug-191.70 / 1.68115 KView Other Patterns
TCPL Packaging Ltd.TCPLPACKPRINTING AND PUBLISHING276.65272.0/ 23-Aug-194.65 / 1.684224View Other Patterns
JocilJOCILMISCELLANEOUS74.5573.3/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 1.681545View Other Patterns
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals LtdOCCLCHEMICALS - INORGANIC966.2950.0/ 23-Aug-1916.20 / 1.682819View Other Patterns
Phoenix Mills Ltd.PHOENIXLTDCONSTRUCTION624.45614.0/ 19-Aug-1910.45 / 1.67112 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
JK Paper Ltd.JKPAPERPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS95.794.1/ 23-Aug-191.60 / 1.67442 KView Other Patterns
Lagnam Spintex Ltd.LAGNAMTEXTILE PRODUCTS12.011.8/ 16-Aug-190.200 / 1.6714045View Other Patterns
Jindal WorldwideJINDWORLDTRADING60.0559.05/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 1.6777648View Other Patterns
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd.BAJAJHLDNGFINANCIAL INSTITUTION3335.33280.0/ 23-Aug-1955.30 / 1.6626132View Other Patterns
Excel IndustriesEXCELINDUSPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS745.95733.6/ 23-Aug-1912.35 / 1.667212View Other Patterns
Bharti Airtel Ltd.BHARTIARTLTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES356.4350.5/ 23-Aug-195.90 / 1.669304 KView Other Patterns
VST Tillers TractorsVSTTILLERSAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS936.5921.0/ 23-Aug-1915.50 / 1.664936View Other Patterns
Bandhan Bank Ltd.BANDHANBNKBANKS459.85452.25/ 22-Aug-197.60 / 1.65912 KView Other Patterns
Ador Welding Ltd.ADORWELDELECTRODES284.9280.2/ 20-Aug-194.70 / 1.654944View Other Patterns
Relaxo Footwears LtdRELAXOLEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS422.45415.5/ 23-Aug-196.95 / 1.6580662View Other Patterns
D P Wires Ltd.DPWIRESELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT61.060.0/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 1.642909View Other Patterns
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.KOTAKBANKBANKS1470.21446.1/ 23-Aug-1924.10 / 1.642682 KView Other Patterns
Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.INNOVANACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE238.9235.0/ 21-Aug-193.90 / 1.635509View Other Patterns
Apar Industries Ltd.APARINDSMISCELLANEOUS524.45515.95/ 23-Aug-198.50 / 1.6222037View Other Patterns
Schaeffler India Ltd.SCHAEFFLERBEARINGS4004.83940.0/ 22-Aug-1964.80 / 1.6214266View Other Patterns
Blue Coast HotelsBLUECOASTHOTELS3.13.05/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.61940View Other Patterns
M K Proteins Ltd.MKPLMISCELLANEOUS71.470.25/ 14-Aug-191.15 / 1.6111545View Other Patterns
Aarvee Denim and ExportsAARVEEDENTEXTILE PRODUCTS12.4512.25/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 1.618299View Other Patterns
Emmbi IndustriesEMMBIPACKAGING124.55122.55/ 19-Aug-192.00 / 1.6117909View Other Patterns
Sundaram Finance Ltd.SUNDARMFINFINANCIAL INSTITUTION1524.01499.6/ 20-Aug-1924.40 / 1.6023095View Other Patterns
D.B. Realty Ltd.DBREALTYCONSTRUCTION6.256.15/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 1.60271 KView Other Patterns
Hind RectifiersHIRECTELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT122.05120.1/ 23-Aug-191.95 / 1.604992View Other Patterns
TarmatTARMATCONSTRUCTION22.021.65/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 1.594166View Other Patterns
Tejas Networks Ltd.TEJASNETTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT82.280.9/ 23-Aug-191.30 / 1.58504 KView Other Patterns
Steel Strips WheelsSSWLAUTO ANCILLARIES783.0770.65/ 23-Aug-1912.35 / 1.585959View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Tide Water OilTIDEWATERPETROCHEMICALS4461.04390.65/ 23-Aug-1970.35 / 1.58646View Other Patterns
SORIL Infra Resources Ltd.SORILINFRATEXTILE PRODUCTS88.987.5/ 23-Aug-191.40 / 1.5758607View Other Patterns
Asian Paints Ltd.ASIANPAINTPAINTS1580.41555.65/ 23-Aug-1924.75 / 1.571961 KView Other Patterns
Sagar CementsSAGCEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS558.8550.05/ 23-Aug-198.75 / 1.5710665View Other Patterns
ACC Ltd.ACCCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS1468.751445.85/ 23-Aug-1922.90 / 1.56737 KView Other Patterns
Mohota Industries Ltd.MOHOTAINDTEXTILE PRODUCTS12.8512.65/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 1.564608View Other Patterns
Adhunik Industries Ltd.ADHUNIKINDSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS87.3586.0/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 1.5520664View Other Patterns
Parsvnath Developer Ltd.PARSVNATHCONSTRUCTION3.253.2/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.54104 KView Other Patterns
Plastiblends IndiaPLASTIBLENPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS175.5172.8/ 23-Aug-192.70 / 1.542991View Other Patterns
Standard Industries Ltd.SILCHEMICALS - ORGANIC13.0512.85/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 1.534307View Other Patterns
UTI Gold Exchange Traded FundGOLDSHAREBANKS3362.63311.1/ 19-Aug-1951.50 / 1.531729View Other Patterns
Jai Balaji Industries LimitedJAIBALAJIMINING16.416.15/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 1.5215817View Other Patterns
Dollar Industries Ltd.DOLLARTEXTILE PRODUCTS203.5200.4/ 19-Aug-193.10 / 1.528622View Other Patterns
Ambika Cotton MillsAMBIKCOTEXTILE PRODUCTS840.8828.0/ 23-Aug-1912.80 / 1.523883View Other Patterns
Larsen & Toubro InfotechLTICOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1600.31576.05/ 19-Aug-1924.25 / 1.52101 KView Other Patterns
L&T Finance Holdings Ltd.L&TFHFINANCE89.988.55/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 1.509693 KView Other Patterns
Elgi Equipments Ltd.ELGIEQUIPCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS243.3239.65/ 22-Aug-193.65 / 1.5070881View Other Patterns
Akzo Nobel India Ltd.AKZOINDIAPAINTS1700.71675.2/ 23-Aug-1925.50 / 1.506167View Other Patterns
Mas Financial Services Ltd.MASFINFINANCE597.75588.85/ 22-Aug-198.90 / 1.4913179View Other Patterns
SBI ETF BankingSETFNIFBKFINANCE273.59269.55/ 23-Aug-194.04 / 1.48410 KView Other Patterns
Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.PAPERPRODPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS220.75217.5/ 23-Aug-193.25 / 1.4721242View Other Patterns
AIA Engineering Ltd.AIAENGENGINEERING1599.51576.0/ 23-Aug-1923.50 / 1.4725404View Other Patterns
Hester BiosciencesHESTERBIOPHARMACEUTICALS1598.51575.05/ 23-Aug-1923.45 / 1.474692View Other Patterns
Albert David Ltd.ALBERTDAVDPHARMACEUTICALS319.65315.0/ 23-Aug-194.65 / 1.454602View Other Patterns
Advanced Enzyme TechnologiesADVENZYMESPHARMACEUTICALS144.75142.65/ 23-Aug-192.10 / 1.4540095View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.DYNAMATECHCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS1169.151152.25/ 23-Aug-1916.90 / 1.45597View Other Patterns
Unichem Laboratories Ltd.UNICHEMLABPHARMACEUTICALS173.0170.5/ 23-Aug-192.50 / 1.4534578View Other Patterns
HDFC SENSEX ETFHDFCSENETFFINANCE3874.533818.88/ 23-Aug-1955.65 / 1.44146View Other Patterns
Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.JUBILANTCHEMICALS - ORGANIC401.8396.05/ 23-Aug-195.75 / 1.43521 KView Other Patterns
Timken India Ltd.TIMKENBEARINGS699.4689.4/ 23-Aug-1910.00 / 1.4319337View Other Patterns
Godrej Industries Ltd.GODREJINDCHEMICALS - INORGANIC427.05420.95/ 23-Aug-196.10 / 1.43193 KView Other Patterns
Torrent Power Ltd.TORNTPOWERPOWER283.9279.85/ 22-Aug-194.05 / 1.431264 KView Other Patterns
Shilpa MedicareSHILPAMEDPHARMACEUTICALS238.4235.0/ 23-Aug-193.40 / 1.4333842View Other Patterns
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.PRESTIGECONSTRUCTION284.3280.25/ 19-Aug-194.05 / 1.42198 KView Other Patterns
Welspun Investments and CommercialsWELINVFINANCE145.05143.0/ 23-Aug-192.05 / 1.41723View Other Patterns
AVG Logistics Ltd.AVGTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT68.067.05/ 21-Aug-190.950 / 1.4011290View Other Patterns
Birla Sun Life Gold ETFBSLGOLDETFFINANCE3465.253417.0/ 23-Aug-1948.25 / 1.39108View Other Patterns
Fine Organic Industries Ltd.FINEORGMISCELLANEOUS1420.11400.4/ 23-Aug-1919.70 / 1.3910058View Other Patterns
Petronet LNG Ltd.PETRONETGAS238.8235.5/ 20-Aug-193.30 / 1.382479 KView Other Patterns
Future Consumer Ltd.FCONSUMERFINANCE29.028.6/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 1.381452 KView Other Patterns
Wheels IndiaWHEELSAUTO ANCILLARIES593.2585.05/ 23-Aug-198.15 / 1.371494View Other Patterns
Arman Financial Services Ltd.ARMANFINFINANCIAL INSTITUTION356.9352.0/ 23-Aug-194.90 / 1.375253View Other Patterns
Ceat Ltd.CEATLTDTYRES861.8850.05/ 20-Aug-1911.75 / 1.36193 KView Other Patterns
Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.BANARISUGSUGAR1110.051095.0/ 23-Aug-1915.05 / 1.36491View Other Patterns
JK Tyre & Industries LtdJKTYRETYRES55.7555.0/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 1.35743 KView Other Patterns
Usha Martin Ltd.USHAMARTSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS22.522.2/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 1.33630 KView Other Patterns
BGR Energy Systems LtdBGRENERGYENGINEERING34.0533.6/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 1.3282506View Other Patterns
Transwarranty FinanceTFLFINANCE3.83.75/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.325048View Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Infrastructure ETSINFRABEESFINANCE306.53302.51/ 22-Aug-194.02 / 1.31502View Other Patterns
Kolte - Patil DevelopersKOLTEPATILCONSTRUCTION210.75208.0/ 23-Aug-192.75 / 1.3077576View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd.JAYNECOINDCASTINGS/FORGINGS3.853.8/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.3012808View Other Patterns
Hero MotoCorp Ltd.HEROMOTOCOAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS2640.22606.0/ 22-Aug-1934.20 / 1.301247 KView Other Patterns
Bajaj Auto Ltd.BAJAJ-AUTOAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS2749.152713.8/ 19-Aug-1935.35 / 1.29693 KView Other Patterns
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.CLNINDIADYES AND PIGMENTS288.2284.5/ 23-Aug-193.70 / 1.2824715View Other Patterns
Jakharia Fabric Ltd.JAKHARIATEXTILE PRODUCTS194.85192.35/ 16-Aug-192.50 / 1.2820000View Other Patterns
ICICI Securities Ltd.ISECMISCELLANEOUS199.85197.3/ 23-Aug-192.55 / 1.28164 KView Other Patterns
Brigade Enterprises Limit BRIGADECONSTRUCTION266.8263.4/ 23-Aug-193.40 / 1.2777369View Other Patterns
Emami Realty Ltd.EMAMIREALCONSTRUCTION39.338.8/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.2712042View Other Patterns
Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.GSPLGAS216.35213.6/ 22-Aug-192.75 / 1.27547 KView Other Patterns
PUNJAB CHEM & CROP PROTECTION PUNJABCHEMCHEMICALS - ORGANIC515.75509.3/ 23-Aug-196.45 / 1.257108View Other Patterns
Dev Information Technology Ltd.DEVITCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE80.079.0/ 21-Aug-191.00 / 1.255181View Other Patterns
Radha Madhav CorporationRMCLPACKAGING4.03.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.2584114View Other Patterns
Blue Dart Express Ltd.BLUEDARTTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT2215.652188.0/ 22-Aug-1927.65 / 1.257568View Other Patterns
HDFC Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded FundHDFCMFGETFFINANCE3415.453373.05/ 19-Aug-1942.40 / 1.245383View Other Patterns
Banaras BeadsBANARBEADSMISCELLANEOUS40.540.0/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.233630View Other Patterns
PDS Multinational FashionsPDSMFLTEXTILE PRODUCTS324.0320.0/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 1.231667View Other Patterns
Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd.MAHINDCIECASTINGS/FORGINGS138.2136.5/ 23-Aug-191.70 / 1.23193 KView Other Patterns
Shrenik Ltd.SHRENIKMISCELLANEOUS40.740.2/ 23-Aug-190.500 / 1.23260 KView Other Patterns
Tata Metaliks Ltd.TATAMETALISTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS500.85494.7/ 23-Aug-196.15 / 1.2316164View Other Patterns
Central Depository Services (India) Ltd.CDSLFINANCE188.6186.3/ 20-Aug-192.30 / 1.22164 KView Other Patterns
Elgi Rubber CompanyELGIRUBCOTYRES16.416.2/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 1.228471View Other Patterns
CCL Products India Ltd.CCLTEA AND COFFEE242.0239.05/ 23-Aug-192.95 / 1.2229216View Other Patterns
Syngene International Ltd.SYNGENEMISCELLANEOUS300.35296.7/ 20-Aug-193.65 / 1.22161 KView Other Patterns
The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company LimitedUNITEDTEATEXTILE PRODUCTS248.1245.1/ 22-Aug-193.00 / 1.21700View Other Patterns
Ingersoll Rand (India) Ltd.INGERRANDCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS592.1584.95/ 23-Aug-197.15 / 1.2110712View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.GLAXOPHARMACEUTICALS1210.51196.0/ 23-Aug-1914.50 / 1.2030985View Other Patterns
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd.MARINEDIVERSIFIED100.699.4/ 21-Aug-191.20 / 1.1922636View Other Patterns
Orient AbrasivesORIENTABRAABRASIVES17.016.8/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 1.1811618View Other Patterns
Shree Rama Multi TechSHREERAMAPACKAGING4.254.2/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.187442View Other Patterns
Shemaroo EntertainmentSHEMAROOMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT261.05258.0/ 23-Aug-193.05 / 1.1711383View Other Patterns
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.GODREJCPPERSONAL CARE600.4593.4/ 23-Aug-197.00 / 1.17857 KView Other Patterns
NDTV Ltd.NDTVMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT34.434.0/ 23-Aug-190.400 / 1.1670220View Other Patterns
Wipro Ltd.WIPROCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE251.4248.5/ 22-Aug-192.90 / 1.154467 KView Other Patterns
Greenlam IndustriesGREENLAMMISCELLANEOUS693.0685.05/ 19-Aug-197.95 / 1.156196View Other Patterns
Peninsula Land Ltd. PENINLANDCONSTRUCTION4.54.45/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 1.11137 KView Other Patterns
Mirza International Ltd.MIRZAINTLEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS54.0553.45/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 1.11153 KView Other Patterns
Xelpmoc Design and Tech Ltd.XELPMOCCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE58.6558.0/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 1.116188View Other Patterns
Godrej Agrovet Ltd.GODREJAGROMISCELLANEOUS433.8429.0/ 23-Aug-194.80 / 1.1172410View Other Patterns
Indian Hume Pipe CompanyINDIANHUMECEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS244.7242.0/ 23-Aug-192.70 / 1.1016406View Other Patterns
Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.APOLLOHOSPHospitals & Medical Services1440.851425.0/ 23-Aug-1915.85 / 1.10787 KView Other Patterns
Setco AutomotiveSETCOAUTO ANCILLARIES13.6513.5/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 1.10111 KView Other Patterns
DIC IndiaDICINDPAINTS306.4303.05/ 19-Aug-193.35 / 1.091105View Other Patterns
SKF India Ltd.SKFINDIABEARINGS1846.551826.45/ 19-Aug-1920.10 / 1.0917422View Other Patterns
Axis Mutual Fund - Gold ETFAXISGOLDFINANCE3285.653250.0/ 19-Aug-1935.65 / 1.09566View Other Patterns
Satia Industries Ltd.SATIAPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS636.9630.0/ 23-Aug-196.90 / 1.082147View Other Patterns
Granules IndiaGRANULESPHARMACEUTICALS87.9587.0/ 23-Aug-190.950 / 1.08736 KView Other Patterns
NHPC LIMITEDNHPCPOWER23.2523.0/ 19-Aug-190.250 / 1.081790 KView Other Patterns
HDFC Bank Ltd.HDFCBANKBANKS2162.72139.6/ 23-Aug-1923.10 / 1.074314 KView Other Patterns
OnMobile Global LimitedONMOBILECOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE28.127.8/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 1.07132 KView Other Patterns
NETF Ltd.NETFMISCELLANEOUS109.04107.88/ 23-Aug-191.16 / 1.0630768View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
UCO BankUCOBANKBANKS14.2514.1/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 1.05305 KView Other Patterns
Creative Peripherals & Distribution Ltd.CREATIVEMISCELLANEOUS71.7571.0/ 19-Aug-190.750 / 1.057351View Other Patterns
V-Guard IndustriesVGUARDMISCELLANEOUS225.6223.25/ 23-Aug-192.35 / 1.04463 KView Other Patterns
Pidilite Industries Ltd.PIDILITINDCHEMICALS - INORGANIC1359.71345.55/ 22-Aug-1914.15 / 1.04689 KView Other Patterns
Indiabulls Integrated Services Ltd.IBULISLMISCELLANEOUS86.9586.05/ 23-Aug-190.900 / 1.04200 KView Other Patterns
Abbott India Ltd.ABBOTINDIAPHARMACEUTICALS8790.858700.0/ 23-Aug-1990.85 / 1.0312176View Other Patterns
RSWMRSWMTEXTILE PRODUCTS106.5105.4/ 22-Aug-191.10 / 1.0317040View Other Patterns
R*Shares Dividend Opportunities FundRELDIVOPPFINANCE28.127.81/ 23-Aug-190.290 / 1.031023View Other Patterns
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd.NITIRAJENGINEERING98.097.0/ 22-Aug-191.00 / 1.026545View Other Patterns
Banka Bioloo Ltd.BANKAMISCELLANEOUS88.988.0/ 22-Aug-190.900 / 1.013054View Other Patterns
IDBI Gold Exchange Traded FundIDBIGOLDFINANCE3455.73421.05/ 19-Aug-1934.65 / 1.00278View Other Patterns
GRP LtdGRPLTDMISCELLANEOUS860.55852.0/ 23-Aug-198.55 / 0.994468View Other Patterns
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.FORTISMISCELLANEOUS121.35120.15/ 22-Aug-191.20 / 0.9891061 KView Other Patterns
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.SCHNEIDERPOWER71.370.6/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 0.98239093View Other Patterns
Kotak NV 20 ETF - Regular PlanKOTAKNV20FINANCE55.0554.51/ 23-Aug-190.540 / 0.98114998View Other Patterns
Ircon International Ltd.IRCONENGINEERING346.9343.5/ 23-Aug-193.40 / 0.98029764View Other Patterns
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.KAJARIACERCONSTRUCTION466.3461.75/ 23-Aug-194.55 / 0.976694 KView Other Patterns
SANGHVI MOVSANGHVIMOVENGINEERING87.3586.5/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 0.97321543View Other Patterns
Bayer CropScience Ltd.BAYERCROPPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS3079.953050.0/ 20-Aug-1929.95 / 0.9728182View Other Patterns
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.LTENGINEERING1286.51274.0/ 23-Aug-1912.50 / 0.9723096 KView Other Patterns
Expleo Solutions Ltd.EXPLEOSOLCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE247.4245.0/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 0.9708329View Other Patterns
Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.TATASPONGESTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS412.55408.55/ 23-Aug-194.00 / 0.97047349View Other Patterns
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.JBCHEPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS374.3370.7/ 23-Aug-193.60 / 0.96247257View Other Patterns
Supreme Petrochem Ltd.SUPPETROPETROCHEMICALS166.6165.0/ 23-Aug-191.60 / 0.9609423View Other Patterns
Goldstone TechnologyGOLDTECHCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE10.4510.35/ 21-Aug-190.100 / 0.95730040View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Hikal Ltd.HIKALPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS141.55140.2/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 0.95490397View Other Patterns
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.COLPALPERSONAL CARE1191.351180.0/ 22-Aug-1911.35 / 0.953340 KView Other Patterns
Sadbhav Engineering LimitedSADBHAVCONSTRUCTION110.25109.2/ 23-Aug-191.05 / 0.952418 KView Other Patterns
Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd.FMGOETZEAUTO ANCILLARIES489.95485.3/ 23-Aug-194.65 / 0.9496310View Other Patterns
Ramkrishna ForgingsRKFORGECASTINGS/FORGINGS332.7329.55/ 23-Aug-193.15 / 0.94733710View Other Patterns
Dynemic Products Ltd.DYNPRODYES AND PIGMENTS117.1116.0/ 23-Aug-191.10 / 0.93913739View Other Patterns
Kirloskar BrothersKIRLOSBROSCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS143.8142.45/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 0.93917602View Other Patterns
Subex Ltd.SUBEXCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE5.45.35/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.926698 KView Other Patterns
Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd.SILLYMONKSMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT76.275.5/ 22-Aug-190.700 / 0.9195072View Other Patterns
Quantum Gold Fund -Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)QGOLDHALFFINANCE1648.051633.05/ 19-Aug-1915.00 / 0.9101405View Other Patterns
Prataap Snacks Ltd.DIAMONDYDFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING736.95730.3/ 23-Aug-196.65 / 0.9024509View Other Patterns
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded SchemeSETFGOLDFINANCE3381.453351.0/ 20-Aug-1930.45 / 0.9015078View Other Patterns
KPR MillKPRMILLTEXTILE PRODUCTS541.6536.75/ 23-Aug-194.85 / 0.8958449View Other Patterns
Eros International Media Ltd.EROSMEDIAMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT11.3511.25/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 0.881621 KView Other Patterns
HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd.HDFCLIFEMISCELLANEOUS517.2512.75/ 23-Aug-194.45 / 0.8606625 KView Other Patterns
CESC Ltd.CESCPOWER756.65750.2/ 23-Aug-196.45 / 0.852373 KView Other Patterns
Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded ScherGOLDBEESBANKS3309.153281.0/ 20-Aug-1928.15 / 0.85126836View Other Patterns
ABB Ltd.ABBELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1339.81328.5/ 23-Aug-1911.30 / 0.84393926View Other Patterns
R*Shares CNX100 FundRELCNX100FINANCE112.05111.11/ 23-Aug-190.940 / 0.839927View Other Patterns
Endurance TechnologiesENDURANCEAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS849.3842.2/ 23-Aug-197.10 / 0.836127 KView Other Patterns
Pil Italica Lifestyle Ltd.PILITAPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS6.05.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.833270 KView Other Patterns
SJVN Ltd.SJVNPOWER24.1523.95/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 0.8281953 KView Other Patterns
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.JKLAKSHMICEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS320.0317.45/ 23-Aug-192.55 / 0.797102 KView Other Patterns
Repco Home Finance Ltd.REPCOHOMEFINANCE307.75305.3/ 23-Aug-192.45 / 0.796119 KView Other Patterns
Digicontent Ltd.DGCONTENTMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT6.36.25/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.79413872View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
IZMO Ltd.IZMOCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE25.6525.45/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 0.78013114View Other Patterns
Khadim India Ltd.KHADIMLEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS173.4172.05/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 0.77927795View Other Patterns
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd.HEIDELBERGCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS186.5185.05/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 0.777244 KView Other Patterns
Cochin Shipyard Ltd.COCHINSHIPMISCELLANEOUS336.05333.45/ 22-Aug-192.60 / 0.77451048View Other Patterns
Sundram Fasteners Ltd.SUNDRMFASTFASTNERS402.2399.1/ 22-Aug-193.10 / 0.77171249View Other Patterns
Petron Engineering ConstructionPETRONENGGENGINEERING6.56.45/ 21-Aug-190.050 / 0.769714View Other Patterns
Eicher Motors Ltd.EICHERMOTAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS15383.515265.2/ 23-Aug-19118.30 / 0.769184 KView Other Patterns
R*Shares Long Term Gilt ETFRRSLGETFFINANCE20.0319.88/ 20-Aug-190.150 / 0.74911437View Other Patterns
Shree Cement Ltd.SHREECEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS18409.318272.3/ 23-Aug-19137.00 / 0.74431857View Other Patterns
UTI-Sensex Exchange Traded FundUTISENSETFFINANCE387.86385.0/ 23-Aug-192.86 / 0.7371677View Other Patterns
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd.RENUKASUGAR6.86.75/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.735387 KView Other Patterns
Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Ltd.CHOLAHLDNGMISCELLANEOUS456.65453.3/ 23-Aug-193.35 / 0.734187 KView Other Patterns
Neuland LaboratoriesNEULANDLABPHARMACEUTICALS444.1441.0/ 23-Aug-193.10 / 0.69816730View Other Patterns
Wonderla Holidays Ltd.WONDERLAMISCELLANEOUS242.3240.65/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 0.68149292View Other Patterns
Insecticides IndiaINSECTICIDPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS574.45570.55/ 23-Aug-193.90 / 0.67913603View Other Patterns
Kotak Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded FundKOTAKGOLDFINANCE333.35331.1/ 20-Aug-192.25 / 0.67530063View Other Patterns
Aban Offshore Ltd.ABANOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION22.522.35/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 0.66799573View Other Patterns
Indian Card ClothingINDIANCARDTEXTILE MACHINERY82.5582.0/ 23-Aug-190.550 / 0.666558View Other Patterns
Dabur India Ltd.DABURPERSONAL CARE424.4421.6/ 21-Aug-192.80 / 0.6601667 KView Other Patterns
Omax Autos Ltd.OMAXAUTOAUTO ANCILLARIES39.138.85/ 23-Aug-190.250 / 0.63942221View Other Patterns
Dalmia Bharat Ltd.DALBHARATMISCELLANEOUS914.8909.0/ 23-Aug-195.80 / 0.63447766View Other Patterns
Ambuja Cements Ltd.AMBUJACEMCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS197.3196.05/ 23-Aug-191.25 / 0.6343706 KView Other Patterns
Marico Ltd.MARICOPERSONAL CARE380.05377.65/ 23-Aug-192.40 / 0.6312097 KView Other Patterns
Finolex Industries Ltd.FINPIPEPETROCHEMICALS500.65497.5/ 23-Aug-193.15 / 0.62944707View Other Patterns
International Paper APPMCNOVAPETROPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS8.07.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.6252421View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Avenue Supermarts Ltd.DMARTRETAIL1470.21461.05/ 20-Aug-199.15 / 0.622571 KView Other Patterns
I T C Ltd.ITCCIGARETTES236.1234.65/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 0.61411648 KView Other Patterns
PTC India Ltd.PTCPOWER57.3557.0/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 0.610461 KView Other Patterns
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd.ASHOKACONSTRUCTION106.65106.0/ 23-Aug-190.650 / 0.609266 KView Other Patterns
Sutlej Textiles and IndustriesSUTLEJTEXTEXTILE PRODUCTS25.0524.9/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 0.59919770View Other Patterns
GSS InfotechGSSCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE35.435.2/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 0.56567899View Other Patterns
BF InvestmentBFINVESTFINANCE241.75240.4/ 23-Aug-191.35 / 0.55853942View Other Patterns
Sirca Paints India Ltd. SIRCAPAINTS181.0180.0/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 0.5527136View Other Patterns
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. ELECONENGINEERING28.027.85/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 0.536115 KView Other Patterns
India Motor Parts and AccessoriesIMPALTRADING802.25798.0/ 21-Aug-194.25 / 0.530868View Other Patterns
Aegis Logistics Ltd.AEGISCHEMTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT194.2193.2/ 23-Aug-191.00 / 0.515102 KView Other Patterns
Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.KALPATPOWRTRANSMISSION TOWERS453.0450.75/ 23-Aug-192.25 / 0.49761620View Other Patterns
Omaxe Ltd.OMAXECONSTRUCTION194.9193.95/ 21-Aug-190.950 / 0.487296 KView Other Patterns
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.MACPOWERMISCELLANEOUS109.1108.6/ 22-Aug-190.500 / 0.4584681View Other Patterns
ICRA Ltd.ICRAFINANCE2581.82570.0/ 23-Aug-1911.80 / 0.4572316View Other Patterns
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd.OSIAHYPERMISCELLANEOUS222.0221.0/ 22-Aug-191.00 / 0.4501472View Other Patterns
Zota Health Care Ltd.ZOTAPHARMACEUTICALS188.85188.0/ 23-Aug-190.850 / 0.45022354View Other Patterns
Bhartiya InternationalBILLEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS204.9204.0/ 21-Aug-190.900 / 0.4391494View Other Patterns
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.POWERGRIDPOWER201.5200.7/ 23-Aug-190.800 / 0.3977137 KView Other Patterns
City Union Bank Ltd.CUBBANKS191.85191.1/ 23-Aug-190.750 / 0.391773 KView Other Patterns
The Anup Engineering Ltd.ANUPMISCELLANEOUS379.45378.0/ 23-Aug-191.45 / 0.3829634View Other Patterns
Liquid BeesLIQUIDBEESFINANCE999.99996.3/ 21-Aug-193.69 / 0.3691099 KView Other Patterns
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd.MUTHOOTCAPFINANCE486.65485.0/ 23-Aug-191.65 / 0.33910852View Other Patterns
Future Market NetworksFMNLMISCELLANEOUS30.630.5/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 0.32720804View Other Patterns
FIEM Industries Ltd.FIEMINDAUTO ANCILLARIES365.15364.0/ 23-Aug-191.15 / 0.31514025View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Manpasand Beverages Ltd.MANPASANDFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING16.4516.4/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.304463 KView Other Patterns
Shree Vasu Logistics Ltd.SVLLTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT126.95126.6/ 23-Aug-190.350 / 0.2765318View Other Patterns
Rushil DecorRUSHILMISCELLANEOUS166.1165.65/ 23-Aug-190.450 / 0.27110814View Other Patterns
ALLSEC TechnologiesALLSECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE260.7260.0/ 23-Aug-190.700 / 0.2694356View Other Patterns
MRO-TEK Realty Ltd.MRO-TEKCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE19.018.95/ 23-Aug-190.050 / 0.2631025View Other Patterns
Apollo Micro Systems Ltd.APOLLOMISCELLANEOUS71.771.55/ 23-Aug-190.150 / 0.20917129View Other Patterns
Poddar Pigments Ltd.PODDARMENTDYES AND PIGMENTS144.3144.0/ 23-Aug-190.300 / 0.2082098View Other Patterns
Ponni Sugars (Erode)PONNIERODESUGAR98.298.0/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 0.2041114View Other Patterns
Keerti Knowledge & Skills Ltd.KEERTICOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE80.079.85/ 05-Aug-190.150 / 0.18815000View Other Patterns
Swelect Energy SystemsSWELECTESELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT117.1116.9/ 22-Aug-190.200 / 0.1716535View Other Patterns
Gillette India Ltd.GILLETTEPERSONAL CARE7011.757000.0/ 23-Aug-1911.75 / 0.1683430View Other Patterns
AVSL Industries Ltd.AVSLDIVERSIFIED32.4532.4/ 02-Aug-190.050 / 0.1546681View Other Patterns
International Paper APPMIPAPPMPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS439.6439.0/ 23-Aug-190.600 / 0.13664832View Other Patterns
Univastu India Ltd.UNIVASTUCONSTRUCTION78.178.05/ 19-Aug-190.050 / 0.0648113View Other Patterns
Asahi India Glass Ltd.ASAHIINDIAAUTO ANCILLARIES175.1175.0/ 23-Aug-190.100 / 0.05716058View Other Patterns
Kiri Industries Ltd.KIRIINDUSDYES AND PIGMENTS395.2395.0/ 23-Aug-190.200 / 0.05162675View Other Patterns
R M Drip & Sprinklers Systems Ltd.RMDRIPDIVERSIFIED15.9515.95/ 21-Aug-190.000 / 0.0005909View Other Patterns
RKEC Projects Ltd.RKECDIVERSIFIED45.545.5/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006454View Other Patterns
Milton Industries Ltd.MILTONDIVERSIFIED13.613.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00012181View Other Patterns
Mohini Health & Hygiene Ltd.MHHLDIVERSIFIED14.514.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008590View Other Patterns
Marvel Decor Ltd.MDLDIVERSIFIED19.419.4/ 09-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007909View Other Patterns
Soni Soya Products Ltd.SONISOYADIVERSIFIED18.918.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00016363View Other Patterns
AKG Exim Ltd.AKGDIVERSIFIED31.731.7/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00021090View Other Patterns
DRS Dilip Roadlines Ltd.DRSDILIPDIVERSIFIED75.075.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00018763View Other Patterns
Provogue (India)PROVOGERETAIL0.650.65/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00051044View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Sri Adhikari Brothers TelevisionSABTNMEDIA1.451.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00015620View Other Patterns
Jaihind ProjectsJAIHINDPROCONSTRUCTION0.750.75/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000669View Other Patterns
DB (International) Stock BrokersDBSTOCKBROFINANCE9.059.05/ 21-Aug-190.000 / 0.000263View Other Patterns
Canara Robeco Gold Exchange Traded FundCRMFGETFFINANCE3450.03450.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000216View Other Patterns
Visagar PolytexVIVIDHAFINANCE0.20.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000113 KView Other Patterns
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance CompanyJPOLYINVSTFINANCE16.3516.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001082View Other Patterns
Twentyfirst Century Management Services Ltd.21STCENMGMFINANCE12.0512.05/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000352View Other Patterns
Subhash Capital City Ltd.SUBCAPCITYFINANCE6.66.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000214View Other Patterns
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd.SAGARDEEPMETALS57.8557.85/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003523View Other Patterns
JMT Auto Ltd.JMTAUTOLTDAUTO ANCILLARIES1.21.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00030841View Other Patterns
Empee DistilleriesEDLBREW/DISTILLERIES5.555.55/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003491View Other Patterns
LGB ForgeLGBFORGECASTINGS/FORGINGS2.62.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00010344View Other Patterns
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd.GIRIRAJCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS22.022.0/ 24-Jul-190.000 / 0.00011509View Other Patterns
Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd.VSCLCHEMICALS - INORGANIC16.416.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00012818View Other Patterns
Par Drugs & Chemicals Ltd.PARCHEMICALS - INORGANIC47.547.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00016363View Other Patterns
Latteys Industries Ltd.LATTEYSCOMPRESSORS / PUMPS52.052.0/ 24-Jul-190.000 / 0.0004363View Other Patterns
Euro MultivisionEUROMULTICOMPUTERS - HARDWARE0.40.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001620View Other Patterns
ICSA (India) LimitedICSACOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.51.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0009105View Other Patterns
Zylog Systems Ltd. ZYLOGCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.350.35/ 29-Jul-190.000 / 0.00011493View Other Patterns
Melstar InfotechMELSTARCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1.31.3/ 13-Aug-190.000 / 0.00096View Other Patterns
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.KELLTONTECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE16.2516.25/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000385 KView Other Patterns
Palred Technologies Ltd.PALREDTECCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE19.9519.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003712View Other Patterns
Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd.HDILCONSTRUCTION6.356.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001825 KView Other Patterns
ILandFS Engineering and Construction CompanyIL&FSENGGCONSTRUCTION3.43.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008791View Other Patterns
Consolidated ConstructionCCCLCONSTRUCTION0.950.95/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.00023516View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Unity Infraprojects Ltd.UNITYCONSTRUCTION0.30.3/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007221View Other Patterns
Atlanta Ltd.ATLANTACONSTRUCTION5.95.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00016327View Other Patterns
PBA InfrastructurePBAINFRACONSTRUCTION3.53.5/ 05-Aug-190.000 / 0.000987View Other Patterns
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd.RUCHINFRACONSTRUCTION1.91.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00014612View Other Patterns
Supreme Infrastructure IndiaSUPREMEINFCONSTRUCTION14.3514.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0005075View Other Patterns
Tantia ConstructionsTANTIACONSCONSTRUCTION1.851.85/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001219View Other Patterns
Vijay Shanthi BuildersVIJSHANCONSTRUCTION3.03.0/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001588View Other Patterns
MVL Ltd.MVLCONSTRUCTION0.150.15/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000130 KView Other Patterns
HSIL Ltd.HSILCONSTRUCTION50.450.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000113 KView Other Patterns
ARSS Infrastructure ProjectsARSSINFRACONSTRUCTION23.323.3/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0009457View Other Patterns
Jaypee Infratech Ltd.JPINFRATECCONSTRUCTION1.01.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001248 KView Other Patterns
Setubandhan Infrastructure Ltd.SETUINFRACONSTRUCTION1.451.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000117 KView Other Patterns
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd.SUJANAUNICONSUMER DURABLES0.150.15/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00055464View Other Patterns
CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd.CGPOWERELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT9.659.65/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0002322 KView Other Patterns
Khaitan ElectricalsKHAITANELEELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1.351.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001258View Other Patterns
Emco Ltd. EMCOELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT1.051.05/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008231View Other Patterns
IMP PowersINDLMETERELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT17.3517.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00030456View Other Patterns
Delta MagnetsDELTAMAGNTELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT38.038.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000231View Other Patterns
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.SERVOTECHELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT13.013.0/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008545View Other Patterns
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Ltd.GODHAELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT15.4515.45/ 20-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004909View Other Patterns
Ultra Wiring Connectivity Systems Ltd.UWCSLELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT26.6526.65/ 16-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004363View Other Patterns
SMVD Poly Pack Ltd.SMVDENGINEERING12.512.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004090View Other Patterns
Aakash Exploration Services Ltd.AAKASHENGINEERING17.617.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0009181View Other Patterns
Lakshmi Precision ScrewsLAKPREFASTNERS4.654.65/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000393View Other Patterns
Keynote Financial Services Ltd.KEYFINSERVFINANCE30.2530.25/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00058View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Gujarat Lease FinancingGLFLFINANCE1.451.45/ 08-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001094View Other Patterns
Almondz Global SecuritiesALMONDZFINANCE10.010.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003369View Other Patterns
Onelife Capital AdvisorsONELIFECAPFINANCE6.756.75/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001623View Other Patterns
Vikas Ecotech Ltd.VIKASECOFINANCE3.63.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000657 KView Other Patterns
LIC NOMURA MF G-sec LT ETFLICNETFGSCFINANCE19.719.7/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00018848View Other Patterns
LIC MF - LIC MF ETF - Nifty 100LICNFNHGPFINANCE111.2111.2/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.000269View Other Patterns
Invesco India Nifty Exchange Traded FundIVZINNIFTYFINANCE1146.41146.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00012View Other Patterns
LIC Mutual Fund - LIC MF NSE TRADED FUND - SELICNETFSENFINANCE440.0440.0/ 20-Aug-190.000 / 0.00014View Other Patterns
Reliance Home Finance Ltd.RHFLFINANCE - HOUSING5.955.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000659 KView Other Patterns
Sarveshwar Foods Ltd.SARVESHWARFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING20.020.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007927View Other Patterns
Tara JewelsTARAJEWELSGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES0.750.75/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008250View Other Patterns
Silgo Retail Ltd.SILGOGEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES40.040.0/ 14-Aug-190.000 / 0.00041045View Other Patterns
Viceroy HotelsVICEROYHOTELS1.21.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00018450View Other Patterns
Hotel RugbyHOTELRUGBYHOTELS1.151.15/ 20-Aug-190.000 / 0.000611View Other Patterns
GFL Ltd.GFLLIMITEDGAS49.1549.15/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00036753View Other Patterns
Jain StudioJAINSTUDIOMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1.951.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000560View Other Patterns
Siti NetworksSITINETMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1.851.85/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000220 KView Other Patterns
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd.TOUCHWOODMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT110.05110.05/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006954View Other Patterns
Adhunik Metaliks LimitedADHUNIKMETALS1.11.1/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00038091View Other Patterns
Ashapura Minechem LtdASHAPURMINMINING24.424.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00047858View Other Patterns
Rohit Ferro TechROHITFERROMINING0.90.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0005463View Other Patterns
Global Vectra HelicorpGLOBALVECTMISCELLANEOUS54.554.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007591View Other Patterns
Pochiraju IndustriesPOCHIRAJUMISCELLANEOUS1.951.95/ 29-Jul-190.000 / 0.000669View Other Patterns
Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd.TALWALKARSMISCELLANEOUS8.558.55/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00015313View Other Patterns
Bharatiya Global InfomediaBGLOBALMISCELLANEOUS0.950.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00017789View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Krishana Phoschem Ltd.KRISHANAMISCELLANEOUS50.050.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00015957View Other Patterns
Global Education Ltd.GLOBALMISCELLANEOUS85.7585.75/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003409View Other Patterns
The Western India Plywood Ltd.WIPLMISCELLANEOUS88.588.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000599View Other Patterns
Panache Digilife Ltd.PANACHEMISCELLANEOUS50.050.0/ 02-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004218View Other Patterns
Bansal Multiflex Ltd.BANSALMISCELLANEOUS3.43.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0002272View Other Patterns
Omfurn India Ltd.OMFURNMISCELLANEOUS6.86.8/ 05-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007909View Other Patterns
D. P. Abhushan Ltd.DPABHUSHANMISCELLANEOUS39.039.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007818View Other Patterns
Pulz Electronics Ltd.PULZMISCELLANEOUS40.040.0/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003272View Other Patterns
Felix Industries Ltd.FELIXMISCELLANEOUS17.017.0/ 16-Aug-190.000 / 0.00040545View Other Patterns
Vasa Retail and Overseas Ltd.VASAMISCELLANEOUS18.2518.25/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008363View Other Patterns
A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd.AMJUMBOMISCELLANEOUS8.658.65/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00030909View Other Patterns
Tara Chand Logistic Solutions Ltd.TARACHANDMISCELLANEOUS32.032.0/ 22-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008090View Other Patterns
Uravi T and Wedge Lamps Ltd.URAVIMISCELLANEOUS102.25102.25/ 02-Aug-190.000 / 0.00027763View Other Patterns
Mittal Life Style Ltd.MITTALMISCELLANEOUS89.5589.55/ 14-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006909View Other Patterns
Kapston Facilities Management Ltd.KAPSTONMISCELLANEOUS98.098.0/ 13-Aug-190.000 / 0.0002454View Other Patterns
Sri Havisha Hospitality and Infrastructure Ltd.HAVISHAMISCELLANEOUS0.60.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001884View Other Patterns
Suumaya Lifestyle Ltd.SUULDMISCELLANEOUS18.118.1/ 13-Aug-190.000 / 0.00082545View Other Patterns
Talwalkars Healthclubs Ltd.TALWGYMMISCELLANEOUS15.515.5/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00012127View Other Patterns
Saketh Exim Ltd.SAKETHMISCELLANEOUS103.75103.75/ 05-Aug-190.000 / 0.00019181View Other Patterns
Marshall Machines Ltd.MARSHALLMISCELLANEOUS19.919.9/ 21-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004636View Other Patterns
Kritika Wires Ltd.KRITIKAMISCELLANEOUS34.334.3/ 08-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007818View Other Patterns
Cox & Kings Financial Services Ltd.CKFSLMISCELLANEOUS1.21.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0008585View Other Patterns
Kalpatarus Hospitality & Facility Mgt. Ser. Ltd.KHFMMISCELLANEOUS29.929.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00015681View Other Patterns
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I)DOLPHINOFFOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION14.314.3/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00055134View Other Patterns
ESS DEE Aluminium Ltd.ESSDEEPACKAGING4.854.85/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.0005315View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Gujarat Raffia Industries Ltd.GUJRAFFIAPACKAGING8.68.6/ 21-Aug-190.000 / 0.00078View Other Patterns
B&B Triplewall Containers Ltd.BBTCLPACKAGING32.032.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007227View Other Patterns
Ballarpur Industries Ltd.BALLARPURPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS0.60.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003011 KView Other Patterns
Magnum VenturesMAGNUMPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS3.23.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007393View Other Patterns
Rainbow PapersRAINBOWPAPPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS0.60.6/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.0005564View Other Patterns
Orchid Pharma Ltd.ORCHIDPHARPHARMACEUTICALS5.455.45/ 24-Jul-190.000 / 0.00065393View Other Patterns
WanburyWANBURYPHARMACEUTICALS12.212.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001714View Other Patterns
Parenteral Drugs (India)PDPLPHARMACEUTICALS2.952.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001552View Other Patterns
Country CondosCOUNCODOSPHARMACEUTICALS1.61.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00010954View Other Patterns
Bafna PharmaceuticalsBAFNAPHARMPHARMACEUTICALS3.553.55/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0004404View Other Patterns
Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.BIOFILCHEMPHARMACEUTICALS5.65.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000234View Other Patterns
Beta Drugs Ltd.BETAPHARMACEUTICALS76.076.0/ 21-Aug-190.000 / 0.00012763View Other Patterns
Sintex Industries Ltd.SINTEXPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS1.81.8/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001390 KView Other Patterns
Pearl PolymersPEARLPOLYPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS8.958.95/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001983View Other Patterns
Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd.SPTLPLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS3.053.05/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001271 KView Other Patterns
Bil Energy SystemsBILENERGYPOWER1.71.7/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000164 KView Other Patterns
Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd.RNAVALSHIPPING1.451.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000575 KView Other Patterns
Mercator Ltd.MERCATORSHIPPING1.41.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000123 KView Other Patterns
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd.VIMALOILSOLVENT EXTRACTION7.07.0/ 29-Jul-190.000 / 0.000176View Other Patterns
PSL Ltd.PSLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS0.650.65/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00031561View Other Patterns
National Steel & Agro IndustriesNATNLSTEELSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS2.12.1/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006662View Other Patterns
OCL Iron and SteelOISLSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS5.455.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00067691View Other Patterns
Metkore Alloys IndustriesMETKORESTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS0.20.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006450View Other Patterns
Ankit Metal and PowerANKITMETALSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS0.40.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00017951View Other Patterns
Surani Steel Tubes Ltd.SURANISTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS33.533.5/ 16-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007090View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorPriceOne Week Low/ DatePrice Diff/ In %Average Volume (K)Other Recent Patterns
Thiru Arooran Sugars IndustriesTHIRUSUGARSUGAR4.454.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001249View Other Patterns
GTL Infrastructure Ltd.GTLINFRATELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT0.450.45/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001758 KView Other Patterns
MIC Electronics LimitedMICTELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT0.80.8/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00076422View Other Patterns
XL Energy Ltd.XLENERGYTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES0.550.55/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003563View Other Patterns
SEL Manufacturing CompanySELMCLTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.550.55/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000110 KView Other Patterns
Gangotri TextilesGANGOTRITEXTILE PRODUCTS0.350.35/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0007257View Other Patterns
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd.RAJRAYONTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.050.05/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000130 KView Other Patterns
Vardhman PolytexVARDMNPOLYTEXTILE PRODUCTS2.852.85/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003253View Other Patterns
Jindal CotexJINDCOTTEXTILE PRODUCTS4.04.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00023760View Other Patterns
Shekhawati Poly-YarnSPYLTEXTILE PRODUCTS0.250.25/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000114 KView Other Patterns
Integra Garments And Textiles Ltd.INTEGRATEXTILE PRODUCTS0.20.2/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0001569View Other Patterns
Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd.AIFLTEXTILE PRODUCTS2.72.7/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.00019461View Other Patterns
Brand Concepts Ltd.BCONCEPTSTEXTILE PRODUCTS33.533.5/ 13-Aug-190.000 / 0.00010363View Other Patterns
Vinny Overseas Ltd.VINNYTEXTILE PRODUCTS38.038.0/ 02-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006818View Other Patterns
JBF Industries Ltd.JBFINDTEXTILES - COTTON6.66.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00032164View Other Patterns
Sical Logistics Ltd. SICALTRADING32.0532.05/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000243 KView Other Patterns
JIK IndustriesJIKINDTRADING0.40.4/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0003037View Other Patterns
Urja Global Ltd.URJATRADING2.152.15/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000843 KView Other Patterns
Patel Integrated LogisticsPATINTLOGTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT21.7521.75/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.00023359View Other Patterns
Cox and Kings (India) Ltd.COX&KINGSTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT5.65.6/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000654 KView Other Patterns
Modi Rubber Ltd.MODIRUBBERTYRES37.037.0/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.000231View Other Patterns
SANWARIA AGRO OILS LSANWARIAVANASPATI OIL3.153.15/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0002688 KView Other Patterns
Binani IndustriesBINANIINDGlass, Glass Product10.910.9/ 23-Aug-190.000 / 0.0006065View Other Patterns
Sezal GlassSEZALGlass, Glass Product1.751.75/ 19-Aug-190.000 / 0.000970View Other Patterns

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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