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Steps to Customize Equity Page on TopStockResearch.com

STEP 1. Login to My TSR Page. User can see TSR page with Top Menu having user name (Label 1) as in below image.

STEP 2. Click on Equity (Label 2) from the top menu and select an equity.

STEP 3. A default Equity Page will appear which will look like as below image.

To customise the Equity page follow the below steps:

A. One Tab Customization of Equity Page
: For Users who are interested in few category of stock analysis.
  1. Click on the Setting Button (Label 3) as shown in the image.
  2. A Configure View setting page will pop up as shown in below image.
  3. Stock Analysis available at TSR can be seen in the left column.
  4. Selected Analysis added by the user can be seen in the right column .
  5. To Choose single/multiple analysis, select an analysis and click on the single green arrow (Label 4) .
  6. To select all analysis simply click on the double green arrow(Label 5) .
  7. To Deselect choose the Indicator/indicators from the right column and use the single red arrow (Label 6) .
  8. To deselect all use the double red arrow (Label 7) .
  9. As per the priority user can list the indicators in a sequence of interest using the up and down arrow provided
    besides the right column (Label 8),(Label 9), (Label 10), (Label 11) as shown in the image .
  10. Save Setting (Label 12) will let users t0 save their analysis for future analysis.
     Every time Users don't have to work on the same thing.
  11. Add a Tab (Label 13) will save the analysis in different tab.( Steps given below under heading Multiple Tabs)
  12. Preview Page (Label 14) will show user how the selected tools will appear in a page layout.
  13. Cancel (Label 15) will close the setting window.

After Selection of Analysis the One Tab customised view will look like as below images.

Single Tab Customized Equity Page Sample

Click Image to Zoom

B. Multiple Tab Customization of Equity Page : For more advance users who would like to view different analysis and
want to organize in logical tabs.
  1. Choose, Add a Tab (Label 13) as shown in the below image for multiple tabs, for more organised view.
  2. A Configure View setting window will open as shown in the below image.
  3. Name the tab as shown in below image. (Technicals for eg. shown) Now the user can see two Tabs:

  4.     A. Landing Page Tab where General Info Anaysis is selected and displayed.
        B .Technicals Tab where Pivots ans Technical Indicator Analysis is selected and displayed.

  5. To choose the Analysis follow the STEPS 2 as explained earlier. In short select the Analysis and use the green arrow
    as shown in the below image.
  6. Preview Page (Label 14) will let user preview the selected tools appearance in the page layout.
  7. Save Setting (Label 12) will enable users for to save the analysis setting for future use.
  8. Cancel (Label 15) will close the setting window.
  9. Users can make as many tab as he wish to arrange and analyse the data in better way.

Multiple Tab Customized Equity Page Sample

( Intraday Analysis is on Real Time Data (Updated every 5 Mins). All Other analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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