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Key Fundamental ScreenerYear on Year GrowthYear on Year Fall
Quarter on Quarter GrowthYear On Year Continous GrowthYear On Year Continous Fall
Quarter on Quarter Continous GrowthYOY from Negative to PositiveQuarter on Quarter Continous Decline
Quarter on Quarter Negative To PositiveYOY from Positive to NegativeQuarter on Quarter Positive to Negative

Stock Screener for Quarter on Quarter Decline for key financial Data

Operating Profit 1 Quarter Decline

Name / Symbol Current Price / Operating Profit Other Patterns
BSEL Infrastructure Realty / BSELINFRA 1.1/ -16.260Other Patterns
McDowell Holdings / MCDHOLDING 17.45/ -6.050Other Patterns
Parsvnath Developer Ltd. / PARSVNATH 2.5/ -99.000Other Patterns
GVK Power & Infrastructures Ltd. / GVKPIL 3.9/ -34.000Other Patterns
Weizmann Forex / WEIZFOREX 279.85/ -59.390Other Patterns

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