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Stock Screener for Continous QoQ Decline for key financial Data for Indian Stocks Market

Continous Decline in Operating Profit

Name / Symbol Current Price / Operating Profit Other Patterns
TTK Healthcare Ltd. / TTKHLTCARE 620.1/ 9.81Other Patterns
The Byke Hospitality Ltd. / BYKE 23.6/ -5.060Other Patterns
Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd / GUJALKALI 523.75/ 274.00Other Patterns
Country Condos / COUNCODOS 3.45/ 0.120Other Patterns
Optiemus Infracom Ltd. / OPTIEMUS 51.8/ -38.950Other Patterns

Continous Decline in Operating Expense,

Name / Symbol Current Price / Operating Expense Other Patterns
Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. / VIMALOIL 7.6/ 0.800Other Patterns
Digjam / DIGJAMLTD 2.75/ -4.900Other Patterns
Aditya Birla Money / BIRLAMONEY 45.15/ 12.96Other Patterns
Parabolic Drugs / PARABDRUGS 1.1/ -2.010Other Patterns
Spentex Industries / SPENTEX 1.25/ -32.600Other Patterns

Continous Decline in Total Income

Name / Symbol Current Price / Total Income Other Patterns
Digjam / DIGJAMLTD 2.75/ 0.970Other Patterns
Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd. / GUJGASLTD 185.05/ 563.65Other Patterns
Khaitan Electricals / KHAITANELE 2.0/ 1.56Other Patterns
National Steel & Agro Industries / NATNLSTEEL 3.75/ 130.96Other Patterns
GTL Infrastructure Ltd. / GTLINFRA 0.75/ -224.000Other Patterns

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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