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Montly Screener of Bullish Trend change by PSAR incicator for Indian Stocks

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Tanla Solutions LimitedTANLAView In Charts54.644.4121More Patterns..
Axis Bank Ltd.AXISBANKView In Charts661.15643.2127More Patterns..
JSW Steel Ltd.JSWSTEELView In Charts217.0208.75129More Patterns..
Unity Infraprojects Ltd.UNITYView In Charts0.350.311More Patterns..
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.BRFLView In Charts5.454.8149More Patterns..
63 Moons Technologies Ltd.63MOONSView In Charts104.7588.3155More Patterns..
Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.RATNAMANIView In Charts897.2883.1511More Patterns..
Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd.GAMMNINFRAView In Charts0.30.311More Patterns..
Syncom Healthcare Ltd.SYNCOMView In Charts1.00.95140More Patterns..
Intrasoft TechnologiesISFTView In Charts79.765.05138More Patterns..
SPML InfraSPMLINFRAView In Charts12.7510.95117More Patterns..
Parabolic DrugsPARABDRUGSView In Charts0.650.45122More Patterns..
Bedmutha IndustriesBEDMUTHAView In Charts12.7512.2511More Patterns..
Gravita IndiaGRAVITAView In Charts36.633.9127More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETFN100View In Charts548.98512.611More Patterns..
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.MCXView In Charts838.35778.65116More Patterns..
Greenlam IndustriesGREENLAMView In Charts697.75655.65122More Patterns..
WS IndustriesWSIView In Charts0.60.5127More Patterns..
Zenith Birla (India) Ltd ZENITHBIRView In Charts0.350.3127More Patterns..
Soma Textiles and IndustriesSOMATEXView In Charts2.82.2110More Patterns..
Anik IndustriesANIKINDSView In Charts7.757.611More Patterns..
Nagarjuna Oil RefineryNAGAROILView In Charts0.20.211More Patterns..
Lypsa Gems and JewelleryLYPSAGEMSView In Charts3.853.4196More Patterns..
Bhagyanagar Properties Ltd.BHAGYAPROPView In Charts20.618.25143More Patterns..
Lagnam Spintex Ltd.LAGNAMView In Charts12.011.05135More Patterns..
Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd.CORALFINACView In Charts11.711.4121More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
SKS Textiles Ltd.SKSTEXTILEView In Charts27.824.15119More Patterns..
Karda Constructions Ltd.KARDAView In Charts181.5161.148239More Patterns..
Trejhara Solutions Ltd.TREJHARAView In Charts13.9510.6245More Patterns..
Shanti Overseas (India) Ltd.SHANTIView In Charts27.023.0214More Patterns..
Airo Lam Ltd.AIROLAMView In Charts31.024.166215More Patterns..
Surevin BPO Services Ltd.SUREVINView In Charts86.7570.547214More Patterns..
Bajaj Electricals LimitedBAJAJELECView In Charts360.2339.501229More Patterns..
Tata Metaliks Ltd.TATAMETALIView In Charts500.55480.4252More Patterns..
Infosys Ltd.INFYView In Charts795.7760.1525More Patterns..
Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.LAKSHVILASView In Charts39.9537.05224More Patterns..
CRISIL Ltd.CRISILView In Charts1251.11135.55223More Patterns..
Redington (India) Ltd.REDINGTONView In Charts105.0588.529More Patterns..
Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.BOMDYEINGView In Charts63.5562.2225More Patterns..
Maharashtra ScootersMAHSCOOTERView In Charts3879.653626.74230More Patterns..
Munjal Auto IndustriesMUNJALAUView In Charts33.829.15248More Patterns..
McDowell HoldingsMCDHOLDINGView In Charts20.4514.2527More Patterns..
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd.HEIDELBERGView In Charts187.45182.455214More Patterns..
SORIL Infra Resources Ltd.SORILINFRAView In Charts92.190.5249More Patterns..
MBL InfrastructuresMBLINFRAView In Charts6.04.5218More Patterns..
Tilak Nagar Industries Ltd.TIView In Charts12.812.29211More Patterns..
Technofab EngineeringTECHNOFABView In Charts14.5512.1299More Patterns..
Eros International Media Ltd.EROSMEDIAView In Charts11.89.1251More Patterns..
Indiabulls Integrated Services Ltd.IBULISLView In Charts90.5590.0250More Patterns..
Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd.GOKULView In Charts12.6510.95211More Patterns..
Industrial Investment TrustIITLView In Charts62.3548.3221More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Dhunseri InvestmentsDHUNINVView In Charts205.55182.0211More Patterns..
CARE Ratings Ltd.CARERATINGView In Charts531.1451.0229More Patterns..
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd.RAMASTEELView In Charts53.5550.05220More Patterns..
Brightcom Group Ltd.BCGView In Charts3.152.85253More Patterns..
GNA AxlesGNAView In Charts232.0210.3217More Patterns..
BSE Ltd.BSEView In Charts485.65446.2230More Patterns..
City Union Bank Ltd.CUBView In Charts196.05182.05330More Patterns..
Patel Engineering Ltd.PATELENGView In Charts10.7510.0348More Patterns..
Rajesh Exports Ltd.RAJESHEXPOView In Charts726.95656.538More Patterns..
Max Financial Services Ltd.MFSLView In Charts439.55370.0539More Patterns..
Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.DHAMPURSUGView In Charts144.5134.2344More Patterns..
NELCO Ltd.NELCOView In Charts209.9207.35335More Patterns..
Kohinoor Foods Ltd.KOHINOORView In Charts14.5513.7318More Patterns..
Astral Poly Technik Ltd.ASTRALView In Charts1239.31183.61341More Patterns..
Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.GAELView In Charts133.25113.5387More Patterns..
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd.JAYBARMARUView In Charts152.05132.05351More Patterns..
Jindal Saw Ltd.JINDALSAWView In Charts65.0563.0346More Patterns..
Kernex Microsystems (India)KERNEXView In Charts19.718.55334More Patterns..
Suprajit EngineeringSUPRAJITView In Charts176.95146.15342More Patterns..
Uniply IndustriesUNIPLYView In Charts58.342.8320More Patterns..
UTTAMSUGARUTTAMSUGARView In Charts97.5592.0312More Patterns..
Venky's (India) Ltd.VENKEYSView In Charts1368.71135.2535More Patterns..
Wendt (India)WENDTView In Charts2094.41943.21348More Patterns..
Patel Integrated LogisticsPATINTLOGView In Charts22.8515.9342More Patterns..
Persistent Systems Ltd.PERSISTENTView In Charts571.3472.522322More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Zee Learn Ltd.ZEELEARNView In Charts21.8519.4345More Patterns..
BF InvestmentBFINVESTView In Charts248.75219.7312More Patterns..
Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.HFCLView In Charts18.718.6317More Patterns..
Jain Irrigation Systems (DVR)JISLDVREQSView In Charts14.4513.2349More Patterns..
Emkay Global Financial ServicesEMKAYView In Charts54.050.8325More Patterns..
WeizmannWEIZMANINDView In Charts26.7524.9871317More Patterns..
EIH Associated HotelsEIHAHOTELSView In Charts300.0267.0328More Patterns..
Vascon Engineers LimitedVASCONEQView In Charts10.59.95494326More Patterns..
California SoftwareCALSOFTView In Charts17.4515.25311More Patterns..
Vardhman HoldingsVHLView In Charts1465.551283.8362More Patterns..
Thomas Scott IndiaTHOMASCOTTView In Charts8.957.65544311More Patterns..
Piramal EnterprisesPELView In Charts1724.51652.35350More Patterns..
Orient RefractoriesORIENTREFView In Charts185.1160.0346More Patterns..
Cineline IndiaCINELINEView In Charts34.2525.3346More Patterns..
SKIL InfrastructureSKILView In Charts6.355.5347More Patterns..
Palred Technologies Ltd.PALREDTECView In Charts21.017.45346More Patterns..
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.KELLTONTECView In Charts17.115.6787379More Patterns..
LIC Nomura MF ETF Nifty 50LICNETFN50View In Charts114.65111.3328More Patterns..
NBI Industrial Finance Company Ltd.NBIFINView In Charts1372.751122.1318More Patterns..
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd.NDGLView In Charts529.5490.0318More Patterns..
Shankara Building Products Ltd.SHANKARAView In Charts287.65241.0351More Patterns..
Mask Investments Ltd.MASKINVESTView In Charts45.030.712316More Patterns..
Accuracy Shipping Ltd.ACCURACYView In Charts35.0525.15342More Patterns..
MMP Industries Ltd.MMPView In Charts165.0156.75312More Patterns..
R M Drip & Sprinklers Systems Ltd.RMDRIPView In Charts15.9513.2153332More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd.SILLYMONKSView In Charts75.555.172933More Patterns..
Solex Energy Ltd.SOLEXView In Charts30.423.3099313More Patterns..
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.HDFCAMCView In Charts2138.22045.447More Patterns..
Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd.TECHNOEView In Charts249.75232.5415More Patterns..
NACL Industries Ltd.NACLINDView In Charts25.925.0429More Patterns..
Artemis Global Life Science Ltd.AGLSLView In Charts45.043.0444More Patterns..
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd.EIFFLView In Charts107.896.3791441More Patterns..
Softtech Engineers Ltd.SOFTTECHView In Charts53.043.9421More Patterns..
ANI Integrated Services Ltd.AISLView In Charts34.728.5278438More Patterns..
Avon Moldplast Ltd.AVONMPLView In Charts42.827.478421More Patterns..
Global Education Ltd.GLOBALView In Charts85.7578.2935416More Patterns..
Kapston Facilities Management Ltd.KAPSTONView In Charts98.083.54541More Patterns..
Reliable Data Services Ltd.RELIABLEView In Charts28.0523.8434More Patterns..
RKEC Projects Ltd.RKECView In Charts45.542.5424More Patterns..
Univastu India Ltd.UNIVASTUView In Charts78.172.542More Patterns..
Seya Industries Ltd.SEYAINDView In Charts404.95392.246More Patterns..
Grand Foundry Ltd.GFSTEELSView In Charts1.81.5540More Patterns..
Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.TRIVENIView In Charts50.8547.9442More Patterns..
Ballarpur Industries Ltd.BALLARPURView In Charts0.650.5448More Patterns..
Titan Company Ltd.TITANView In Charts1061.75998.0428More Patterns..
Grindwell NortonGRINDWELLView In Charts565.35513.3419More Patterns..
Adani Enterprises Ltd.ADANIENTView In Charts126.9121.15428More Patterns..
V-Guard IndustriesVGUARDView In Charts227.45217.35418More Patterns..
Brigade Enterprises Limit BRIGADEView In Charts265.8254.294412More Patterns..
JINDAL PHOTO LTD.JINDALPHOTView In Charts14.914.3423More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Havell's India Ltd.HAVELLSView In Charts657.2623.25429More Patterns..
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.MOTILALOFSView In Charts559.1489.1447More Patterns..
Golden TobaccoGOLDENTOBCView In Charts29.121.7450More Patterns..
PUNJAB CHEM & CROP PROTECTION PUNJABCHEMView In Charts522.95456.0427More Patterns..
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.KAJARIACERView In Charts471.9451.05445More Patterns..
Zensar Technolgies Ltd.ZENSARTECHView In Charts215.2206.047427More Patterns..
Unichem Laboratories Ltd.UNICHEMLABView In Charts174.05162.4415More Patterns..
SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES LTDSUVENView In Charts253.2218.5443More Patterns..
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.GESHIPView In Charts237.5211.65438More Patterns..
AVT Natural Products Ltd.AVTNPLView In Charts21.2518.8428More Patterns..
Banco Products (India) Ltd.BANCOINDIAView In Charts94.891.0452More Patterns..
Cambridge Technology EnterprisesCTEView In Charts26.925.1446More Patterns..
India Nippon ElectricalsINDNIPPONView In Charts314.25294.863444More Patterns..
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.M&MFINView In Charts305.45287.329425More Patterns..
SubrosSUBROSView In Charts218.3162.8446More Patterns..
PPAP AutomotivePPAPView In Charts173.95154.0420More Patterns..
Gufic BioSciences Ltd.GUFICBIOView In Charts57.2551.05439More Patterns..
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.AHLUCONTView In Charts308.7264.95445More Patterns..
AGC NetworksAGCNETView In Charts127.0571.95427More Patterns..
ADF Foods IndustriesADFFOODSView In Charts245.6226.0420More Patterns..
Diamond Power InfrastructureDIAPOWERView In Charts0.750.55423More Patterns..
Cantabil Retail IndiaCANTABILView In Charts221.45207.6419More Patterns..
Pennar Industries Ltd.PENINDView In Charts24.722.55443More Patterns..
WABCO IndiaWABCOINDIAView In Charts6088.86001.0419More Patterns..
Repco Home Finance Ltd.REPCOHOMEView In Charts312.65290.05420More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Gulshan PolyolsGULPOLYView In Charts39.132.65446More Patterns..
Jullundur Motor Agency DelhiJMAView In Charts22.820.2426More Patterns..
Goldiam InternationalGOLDIAMView In Charts90.787.5428More Patterns..
Cura TechnologiesCURATECHView In Charts1.250.918412More Patterns..
Sundaram Multi PapSUNDARAMView In Charts1.351.25414More Patterns..
Tara JewelsTARAJEWELSView In Charts0.80.617603435More Patterns..
MT EducareMTEDUCAREView In Charts37.4521.65463More Patterns..
Tribhovandas Bhimji ZaveriTBZView In Charts31.8530.0475More Patterns..
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.HATSUNView In Charts585.5572.4410More Patterns..
Umang Dairies Ltd.UMANGDAIRYView In Charts43.041.55417More Patterns..
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.NAGAFERTView In Charts4.14.0447More Patterns..
Poddar Pigments Ltd.PODDARMENTView In Charts145.45140.0443More Patterns..
Capital Trust Ltd.CAPTRUSTView In Charts72.4545.65466More Patterns..
The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd.TMRVLView In Charts14.09.35490More Patterns..
Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.GALAXYSURFView In Charts1306.11166.6417More Patterns..
DCB Bank Ltd.DCBBANKView In Charts193.8178.2527More Patterns..
HMT Ltd.HMTView In Charts12.211.5546More Patterns..
Indraprastha Gas Ltd.IGLView In Charts321.95298.0511More Patterns..
SML IsuzuSMLISUZUView In Charts595.75548.3544More Patterns..
Ambuja Cements Ltd.AMBUJACEMView In Charts197.55194.85512More Patterns..
Viceroy HotelsVICEROYView In Charts1.251.2549More Patterns..
KSS Ltd.KSERASERAView In Charts0.10.0551More Patterns..
Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd.NITINFIREView In Charts0.650.2516More Patterns..
Engineers India Ltd.ENGINERSINView In Charts95.592.5527More Patterns..
Shriram EPC Ltd. SHRIRAMEPCView In Charts10.17.25510More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
REC Ltd.RECLTDView In Charts138.55128.7526More Patterns..
MegasoftMEGASOFTView In Charts6.05.65535More Patterns..
Apollo Tyres Ltd.APOLLOTYREView In Charts163.3145.789525More Patterns..
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.AJANTPHARMView In Charts963.2850.15658More Patterns..
ArchiesARCHIESView In Charts16.8515.5519More Patterns..
Cybertech Systems and SoftwareCYBERTECHView In Charts45.539.2516More Patterns..
Orient AbrasivesORIENTABRAView In Charts16.8515.945510More Patterns..
Ucal Fuel Systems LtdUCALFUELView In Charts125.75109.6544More Patterns..
JTEKT India Ltd.JTEKTINDIAView In Charts68.262.8544More Patterns..
Zicom Electronic Security SystemsZICOMView In Charts1.050.85596More Patterns..
Rushil DecorRUSHILView In Charts174.35128.1557More Patterns..
Elgi Rubber CompanyELGIRUBCOView In Charts16.815.05516More Patterns..
CimmcoCIMMCOView In Charts16.7515.5503549More Patterns..
SuperhouseSUPERHOUSEView In Charts67.257.5545More Patterns..
Spice MobilitySPICEMOBIView In Charts7.455.8541More Patterns..
Nagreeka ExportsNAGREEKEXPView In Charts13.4511.35562More Patterns..
Indian Card ClothingINDIANCARDView In Charts83.581.0516More Patterns..
Shekhawati Poly-YarnSPYLView In Charts0.250.251More Patterns..
HILHILView In Charts1186.651099.2522More Patterns..
Gujarat Sidhee CementGSCLCEMENTView In Charts17.315.4833517More Patterns..
R*Shares Consumption FundRELCONSView In Charts48.2945.1153More Patterns..
Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.SHREEPUSHKView In Charts88.9582.45578More Patterns..
Balaxi Ventures Ltd.BALAXIView In Charts83.660.056More Patterns..
Kridhan Infra Ltd.KRIDHANINFView In Charts9.78.55514More Patterns..
Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.SIMBHALSView In Charts5.85.35528More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Sequent Scientific Ltd.SEQUENTView In Charts69.3564.8412513More Patterns..
Somi Conveyor BeltingsSOMICONVEYView In Charts12.2510.65547More Patterns..
Bandhan Bank Ltd.BANDHANBNKView In Charts458.45442.196525More Patterns..
Intense Technologies Ltd.INTENTECHView In Charts23.6522.9518More Patterns..
Shree Vasu Logistics Ltd.SVLLView In Charts126.6113.114517More Patterns..
Sirca Paints India Ltd. SIRCAView In Charts180.85164.0525More Patterns..
Embassy Office Parks REIT Ltd.EMBASSYView In Charts379.72355.0518More Patterns..
Creative Peripherals & Distribution Ltd.CREATIVEView In Charts72.9565.4316526More Patterns..
Goldstar Power Ltd.GOLDSTARView In Charts27.024.4489519More Patterns..
Krishana Phoschem Ltd.KRISHANAView In Charts52.0546.1866518More Patterns..
Kshitij Polyline Ltd.KSHITIJPOLView In Charts30.823.6017513More Patterns..
Manav Infra Projects Ltd.MANAVView In Charts5.255.07763523More Patterns..
Milton Industries Ltd.MILTONView In Charts14.310.7271511More Patterns..
TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd.TCNSBRANDSView In Charts673.0620.05626More Patterns..
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd.LASAView In Charts10.19.45665More Patterns..
Modi Rubber Ltd.MODIRUBBERView In Charts38.036.2218624More Patterns..
Nifty50 Div PointNIFTY_DIV_PTView In Charts96.2344.1911642More Patterns..
Nifty50 Value 20NIFTY50_VAL20View In Charts5125.05060.15639More Patterns..
KPIT Technologies Ltd.KPITTECHView In Charts91.8573.519650More Patterns..
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.MACPOWERView In Charts109.191.4632More Patterns..
Mohini Health & Hygiene Ltd.MHHLView In Charts15.2513.8561More Patterns..
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd.LAXMICOTView In Charts13.111.0614More Patterns..
Parin Furniture Ltd.PARINView In Charts70.0563.0473624More Patterns..
Allied Digital Services LADSLView In Charts13.5510.3641More Patterns..
NIIT TECHNOLOGIES LTDNIITTECHView In Charts1360.71191.2613More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent PricePsar Current Trend For SessionsPrevious Trend For SessionsOther Recent Patterns
Everest Industries Ltd.EVERESTINDView In Charts310.1294.517644More Patterns..
Visaka IndustriesVISAKAINDView In Charts284.05263.0640More Patterns..
Fortis Healthcare Ltd.FORTISView In Charts121.55111.3612More Patterns..
Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.APOLLOHOSPView In Charts1451.11287.2567More Patterns..
LOTUS EYE LOTUSEYEView In Charts19.8515.55624More Patterns..
Hinduja VenturesHINDUJAVENView In Charts308.75280.05644More Patterns..
Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.TNPLView In Charts173.0151.05644More Patterns..
Vardhman Textiles Ltd.VTLView In Charts896.95875.0651More Patterns..
Alok Industries Ltd.ALOKTEXTView In Charts2.752.6563More Patterns..
Ceat Ltd.CEATLTDView In Charts867.5776.2643More Patterns..
Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.KALPATPOWRView In Charts465.95447.35626More Patterns..
Bharat RasayanBHARATRASView In Charts4435.553820.0620More Patterns..
Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.CENTURYPLYView In Charts126.45112.0624More Patterns..
Global Vectra HelicorpGLOBALVECTView In Charts57.3541.0638More Patterns..
Lumax Auto TechnologiesLUMAXTECHView In Charts77.572.05641More Patterns..
Sarla Performance FibersSARLAPOLYView In Charts23.322.0638More Patterns..
Talbros Automotive ComponentsTALBROAUTOView In Charts103.0595.5645More Patterns..
AMD Industries Ltd.AMDINDView In Charts18.411.8627More Patterns..
Lyka LabsLYKALABSView In Charts16.215.75674More Patterns..
AMJ Land Holdings LtdAMJLANDView In Charts16.7514.367More Patterns..
Shalimar PaintsSHALPAINTSView In Charts69.7564.5642More Patterns..
Neuland LaboratoriesNEULANDLABView In Charts459.1445.05617More Patterns..
NHPC LIMITEDNHPCView In Charts23.2521.3875626More Patterns..
Vadilal IndustriesVADILALINDView In Charts557.95502.6610More Patterns..

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