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Intraday-CMF Very Strong Buying PressureIntraday-CMF Strong Buying PressureIntraday-CMF Some Buying Pressure
Intraday-CMF Strong Selling PressureIntraday-CMF Some Selling PressureIntraday-CMF Cross Above 0
Intraday-CMF Cross Below 0  
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Intraday - Very Strong Selling Pressure By CMF On Daily Chart

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
63 Moons Technologies Ltd.70.1571.85-1.70-0.633-0.45321532
Alkali Metals Ltd.44.9047.00-2.10-0.421-0.41834256
Alok Industries Ltd.37.1039.05-1.95-0.912-0.9171650 K
Alphageo (India)171.15176.60-5.45-0.442-0.28227463
Artemis Medicare Services Ltd.175.40179.90-4.50-0.420-0.3653576
Banswara Syntex66.9570.65-3.70-0.470-0.44928195
B.C. Power Controls Ltd.4.804.85-0.0500-0.526-0.51290748
Cadila Healthcare Ltd.353.80358.10-4.30-0.451-0.4642593 K
Capital Trust Ltd.77.1580.95-3.80-0.432-0.4046132
Cipla Ltd.632.30638.35-6.05-0.461-0.4385421 K
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd.29.0028.600.400-0.512-0.48511
Creative Peripherals & Distribution Ltd.73.5573.80-0.250-0.477-0.47727161
Cybertech Systems and Software40.3042.55-2.25-0.401-0.3887602
Filatex India25.2526.25-1.00-0.401-0.403135 K
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.218.00214.503.50-0.437-0.455244 K
GFL Ltd.97.5099.55-2.05-0.413-0.37150388
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
Grand Foundry Ltd.2.802.90-0.100-0.411-0.34950
H.E.G. Ltd.746.10774.40-28.30-0.425-0.407189 K
HG Infra Engineering Ltd.193.20189.703.50-0.467-0.48522433
ICRA Ltd.2484.002518.75-34.75-0.409-0.4181158
Invesco India Nifty Exchange Traded Fund1158.101160.30-2.20-0.464-0.4081
Keynote Financial Services Ltd.36.8538.75-1.90-0.412-0.405118
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.23.7524.25-0.500-0.562-0.442955 K
DSP Blackrock Liquid ETF1000.001000.000-0.469-0.48815929
Oil Country Tubular4.604.70-0.100-0.720-0.7126278
Optiemus Infracom Ltd.21.8022.90-1.10-0.452-0.4485012
Orient Press73.1571.401.75-0.412-0.351149
Pidilite Industries Ltd.1380.601395.35-14.75-0.410-0.415441 K
PNB Gilts Ltd.35.3535.300.050-0.432-0.312377 K
Remsons Industries68.5067.051.45-0.511-0.5191770
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
Ramkrishna Forgings161.45162.05-0.600-0.430-0.43589331
Rohit Ferro Tech1.201.25-0.050-0.443-0.4398502
Smartlink Holdings Ltd.68.1068.60-0.500-0.421-0.4337498
Speciality Restaurants30.3531.75-1.40-0.413-0.41658077
STI India3.753.700.0500-0.517-0.51740
Sundaram Finance Holdings Ltd.49.5049.80-0.300-0.611-0.5332201 K
Tata Chemicals Ltd.305.65298.357.30-0.438-0.5352447 K
TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd.345.00347.45-2.45-0.653-0.6474862
Tamilnadu Telecommunications1.801.85-0.050-0.675-0.65710
TRIDENT Ltd.6.456.60-0.150-0.549-0.5497237 K
Wheels India423.70433.55-9.85-0.606-0.61313043
Windsor Machines13.6513.95-0.300-0.451-0.43831830
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