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Intraday-CMF Strong Buying PressureIntraday-CMF Some Buying PressureIntraday-CMF Very Strong Selling Pressure
Intraday-CMF Strong Selling PressureIntraday-CMF Some Selling PressureIntraday-CMF Cross Above 0
Intraday-CMF Cross Below 0  
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Intraday - Very Strong Buying Pressure By CMF On Daily Chart

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
ABSLNN50ET Ltd.211.82236.74-24.920.4620.46739
Alok Industries Ltd.4.304.100.2000.7090.7903942 K
Asahi India Glass Ltd.149.50150.90-1.400.5040.5076347
Axisnifty ETF1001.001010.00-9.000.4610.47717
Bigbloc Construction Ltd.29.9028.501.400.6460.525244
CKP Leisure Ltd.4.254.45-0.2000.4550.5228000
Emkay Taps & Cutting Tools Ltd.96.60101.55-4.950.5590.560600
Eurotex Industries and Exports8.858.450.4000.7200.7121113
Future Consumer Ltd.6.656.95-0.3000.4290.534458 K
Gayatri Projects9.358.950.4000.7000.640599 K
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme350.00343.306.700.5290.62696
ICICI Prudential Liquid ETF1000.00999.990.01000.5320.65438705
Innovative Tyres & Tubes Ltd.6.406.4000.4350.4053000
JIK Industries0.3000.30000.5760.51226639
Khandwala Securities Ltd.12.5012.80-0.3000.4100.400109
LOTUS EYE 23.0022.200.8000.5350.5435512
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
Liquid Bees1000.001000.0000.4970.5051396 K
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd.88.9589.95-1.000.6380.6416000
Mcnally Bharat Engineering2.302.200.1000.4000.39516224
Mirc Electronics Ltd.3.953.800.1500.4850.02601958 K
Mittal Life Style Ltd.92.1091.900.2000.4240.6143750
Modi Rubber Ltd.26.7026.75-0.0500.7560.7351
NBI Industrial Finance Company Ltd.1399.551399.5500.5120.41850
Nalwa Sons Investment630.00689.55-59.550.5540.6414499
Orient Green Power Company Ltd.1.551.500.0500.8550.85457045
Praxis Home Retail Ltd.41.6043.75-2.150.8190.83551
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd.1.901.95-0.0500.6950.6582567
SKM Egg Products Export (India)30.9029.401.500.4150.38526408
SKS Textiles Ltd.33.3535.10-1.750.8040.8011000
Sakthi Sugars Ltd.10.308.701.600.4110.209555 K
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Ltd.25.5024.001.500.6020.5889000
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change CMF Previous CMFTodays VolumeView In Charts
Stampede Capital Ltd.0.4000.40000.4110.41559032
Sterling And Wilson Solar Ltd.84.0080.004.000.5540.492271 K
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd.0.1500.1000.05000.4750.446189 K
Summit Securities315.65302.3013.350.6350.6304673
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd.64.5564.75-0.2000.4080.4002369
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