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Intraday Screener - ADX -DI Crossing Above +DI On Daily Chart

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change ADX Previous ADXTodays VolumeView In Charts
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd18.6019.35-0.75016.6317.6014518
AYM Syntex Ltd.30.1030.70-0.60011.6912.1117445
BKM Industries Ltd.0.7500.7000.05029.8131.42114 K
Bhageria Industries Ltd.91.0092.05-1.05012.6513.4411464
Burnpur Cement1.301.35-0.05021.9723.3111814
Damodar Industries24.8525.50-0.65023.0824.644240
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd.0.5000.5000.00030.7832.3315964
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.2821.502905.65-84.15023.7024.461368 K
Filatex India34.4535.10-0.65010.499.47190 K
Ganesha Ecosphere235.15238.95-3.80017.6718.604770
Globus Spirits130.10131.65-1.55025.9127.1779991
HOV Services47.8048.85-1.05025.3327.077725
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd.47.2546.350.90012.4712.577337
Inox Wind Ltd.34.1534.050.10025.7327.67173 K
JINDAL PHOTO LTD.12.6512.600.0508.689.151655
JMT Auto Ltd.1.351.350.00015.6516.6686404
Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi22.0022.20-0.20010.9510.922632
Kwality Ltd.2.402.50-0.10025.4527.34374 K
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.78.7081.00-2.30019.2920.393000
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.368.80369.95-1.15020.8021.9811239
Mcnally Bharat Engineering4.554.550.00018.2519.2641355
Nifty50 TR 1x Inv338.90342.15-3.25018.2518.830
Nifty50 TR 2x Inv386.35390.05-3.70017.7718.350
Onelife Capital Advisors6.306.60-0.30027.4629.072444
Orient Electric Ltd.184.25187.90-3.65025.5727.3490632
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd987.00969.9017.108.478.444531
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change ADX Previous ADXTodays VolumeView In Charts
Ortin Laboratories Ltd.8.458.95-0.50010.8511.435248
Patspin India5.355.200.15012.6913.235549
Petron Engineering Construction8.458.050.40029.6631.58107
Pidilite Industries Ltd.1324.451331.05-6.60012.2112.92287 K
Reliance Communications Ltd.0.9000.950-0.05028.2930.211895 K
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.28.5530.05-1.50011.4411.9518000
SEL Manufacturing Company0.8000.850-0.05028.3530.0745227
TRIDENT Ltd.7.5066.80-59.30034.0131.0315896 K
Talbros Automotive Components112.00113.60-1.60010.589.9613023
The Grob Tea Company Ltd.430.00437.75-7.75023.3124.60264
Total Transport Systems Ltd.30.9032.50-1.60022.2723.523000
UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund3375.003368.056.9515.6716.87194
Vaibhav Global797.50818.10-20.60032.3434.478810
Westlife Development Ltd.347.25350.65-3.40022.9924.7527118

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