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Intraday Screener- Price crossing above 30 Day Moving Average

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Current 30 SMAPrevious 30 SMALatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Sanghi Industries63.9562.901.0563.3563.325300325362
KSS Ltd.0.1500.1000.0500.1230.123442 K1090 K
Ashapura Minechem Ltd18.9518.050.90017.9918.08131 K201 K
GRUH Finance Ltd.286.30282.304.00286.28286.912039 K541 K
Alpa Laboratories19.8016.503.3018.8118.89902188204
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.370.95370.000.950370.88370.933510320524
KEI Industries Ltd.471.30458.2013.10466.82467.318735453504
Steel Strips Wheels789.60782.307.30786.69786.731598517280
Pioneer Embroideries22.8021.751.0522.5422.6291237324
Celebrity Fashions6.556.150.4006.476.48722519470
Visesh Infotechnics0.1000.0500.0500.0700.0702928 K4863 K
MVL Ltd.0.2000.1500.0500.1900.19048196197 K
Jindal Cotex2.302.200.1002.272.291078814396
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme3036.002975.0760.932977.952976.2617424
Surana Telecom and Power4.404.050.3504.094.086537735461
Sanghvi Forging and Engineering20.3019.400.90020.0920.111525
Windsor Machines24.6524.95-0.30024.5725.8391420346 K
Hinduja Global Solutions641.05632.808.25635.73635.7965188902
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.745.65704.3041.35708.98708.12109 K4915
Swan Energy Ltd.105.00104.001.00104.64104.677120080634
Shirpur Gold Refinery16.4015.800.60015.7715.8539660116 K
Just Dial Ltd.783.75759.9023.85761.87760.402677 K2588 K
LIC NOMURA MF G-sec LT ETF19.9719.570.40019.9319.891460984
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd.112.50111.600.900112.34112.26560011200
Keerti Knowledge & Skills Ltd.75.7572.503.2574.7774.6980002000
Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.6.606.300.3006.396.4250193
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Current 30 SMAPrevious 30 SMALatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Palash Securities Ltd.41.9035.756.1540.7840.79296821079
Chalet Hotels Ltd.322.00313.058.95314.47315.004821938129
Vikas Multicorp Ltd.3.052.900.1502.982.987126 K2325 K
Gayatri Highways Ltd.0.7500.7000.0500.7420.7431776617943
Nifty50 Div Point61.8654.477.3956.9459.6000

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