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Intraday 3 D SMA Above 13 DMAIntraday 5 D SMA Above 15 DMAIntraday 13 D SMA Above 34 DMA
Intraday 15 D SMA Above 50 DMAIntraday 20 D SMA Above 50 DMAIntraday 15 D SMA Above 100 DMA
Intraday 20 D SMA Above 100 DMAIntraday 50 D SMA Above 200 DMA 
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Intraday Screener- 5 Day SMA crossing Above 20 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 5 SMALatest 20 SMAPrevious 5 SMAPrevious 20 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.1784.751767.4017.351648.881623.501606.221616.6692053
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd.360.40346.8013.60347.63345.84344.07344.859300 K
Alkem Laboratories Ltd.2350.802350.8002354.992353.682354.862355.91133 K
Allcargo Logistics Ltd.84.7081.653.0580.9280.7779.8280.59276 K
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.690.60683.656.95664.61660.61656.76659.802882 K
Bharti Airtel Ltd.581.45558.4523.00565.26564.37561.19564.5520620 K
EIH Associated Hotels245.00243.501.50242.42241.47241.04242.683500
Eros International Media Ltd.19.8018.001.8018.3418.1717.9518.121177 K
Goldstone Technology8.658.95-0.3008.718.648.678.6737374
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.1885.201889.45-4.251820.681804.351797.951798.534430 K
J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.718.65714.204.45709.09703.26701.66702.901250 K
Lakshmi Finance & Industrial Corporation Ltd. 59.9049.959.9547.2144.6643.6843.7216852
Liberty Shoes Ltd.147.10128.8018.30129.31128.92125.37128.392708 K
NELCO Ltd.208.40195.9512.45197.45196.15195.14195.64437 K
Nalwa Sons Investment651.00656.35-5.35653.57651.88651.54652.8581
Neogen Chemicals Ltd.525.25525.55-0.300497.09494.32489.80491.17132 K
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 5 SMALatest 20 SMAPrevious 5 SMAPrevious 20 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
One Point One Solutions Ltd.13.2512.350.90012.7912.7812.7112.7320211
Patel Integrated Logistics22.6520.602.0521.1221.0920.8920.94123 K
Pfizer Ltd.4122.854181.80-58.954055.444053.904051.184052.8649958
Responsive Industries86.0581.005.0580.6179.7878.8879.27186 K
S Chand & Company Ltd.50.0047.652.3545.9244.9744.7144.82104 K
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd.29.3029.40-0.10026.6126.0925.7825.962077 K
UTISXN50 Ltd.299.90292.287.62285.85285.00282.06284.1444
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