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Intraday Screener- 5 Day SMA crossing Above 20 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 5 SMALatest 20 SMAPrevious 5 SMAPrevious 20 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
AMJ Land Holdings Ltd19.5018.900.60019.1119.0919.0019.041349
Airan Ltd.13.5512.401.1511.4711.0610.8910.9346167
Asian Paints Ltd.1750.651738.2012.451729.001723.031722.041724.09802 K
BGR Energy Systems Ltd29.7529.450.30030.0630.0329.9730.0835389
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd.16.7016.250.45016.3716.3216.2116.334884
Confidence Petroleum Ltd.27.0526.900.15025.7925.7425.2325.83179 K
Cubex Tubings12.9512.250.70012.1012.0811.9412.05356
Gayatri Projects79.1576.352.8074.7372.8473.1373.72247 K
Godrej Properties Ltd.930.80902.1528.65897.63894.02890.83893.46560 K
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd.706.00693.6512.35691.18689.57686.31688.014360
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.534.40529.454.95524.03521.15520.47520.6584832
Kavveri Telecom Products2.502.400.1002.362.332.282.34529
Kokuyo Camlin77.4574.153.3072.6872.1171.6471.8243518
Lloyds Steels Industries0.5500.5000.0500.5200.5150.5100.512502 K
Manappuram Finance Limited173.20165.907.30162.45160.74159.76160.239828 K
Motor and General Finance38.5036.751.7536.1836.1635.8836.012959
Navin Fluorine International Ltd.909.35887.3522.00895.41889.82886.93889.41176 K
Sintercom India Ltd.68.0068.000.00068.3868.3668.3868.412000
Solar Industries India1053.001050.152.851044.341043.711041.081041.573399
Surana Solar5.855.600.2505.765.755.745.753218
The Investment Trust of India Ltd.122.90117.954.95119.85119.70119.09119.762200
Transwarranty Finance5.554.650.9004.294.023.933.9683971
Vascon Engineers Limited13.6512.401.2512.5512.4612.2412.42627 K
Zota Health Care Ltd.190.50190.450.050186.26185.31185.01185.2327913

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