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Intraday Screener- 5 Day SMA crossing Above 20 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 5 SMALatest 20 SMAPrevious 5 SMAPrevious 20 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
KSS Ltd.0.1500.1000.0500.1300.1250.1200.125442 K
Ashapura Minechem Ltd18.9518.050.90017.8317.6517.4417.58131 K
SANWARIA AGRO OILS L6.307.00-0.7005.635.495.285.488303 K
Supreme Petrochem Ltd.200.60204.00-3.400202.03201.85201.54201.893832
Finolex Industries Ltd.525.95516.109.85514.75511.87510.09510.9946906
Bang Overseas37.1538.45-1.30037.8137.2137.3237.4618352
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.90.6093.70-3.10094.6594.6494.5594.9058215
De Nora India224.00232.85-8.850231.17230.69230.74231.275091
Indo Count Industries32.4532.60-0.15032.4132.2732.2332.3055551
Visesh Infotechnics0.1000.0500.0500.0800.0730.0700.0732928 K
AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd.67.4566.900.55064.2263.7063.0563.42524 K
MVL Ltd.0.2000.1500.0500.1900.1880.1800.18848196
Sita Shree Food Products0.5000.4500.0500.4400.4280.4200.42350053
Vinati Organics2069.452171.55-102.1002130.032128.552127.562128.1038913
Whirpool Of India Ltd.1610.001583.4526.551582.631578.411571.531573.7569567
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.745.65704.3041.35710.65708.61703.44707.12109 K
Speciality Restaurants75.9580.40-4.45077.9577.4577.3677.6523419
Shirpur Gold Refinery16.4015.800.60015.5115.5015.4315.4439660
Gujarat Sidhee Cement19.2519.100.15019.1219.0619.0419.0524018
Aspinwall & Company Ltd.144.90145.70-0.800144.93144.88144.05145.0931
Mask Investments Ltd.39.9040.00-0.10040.0939.3339.5439.81101
Jet Knitwears Ltd.30.0031.40-1.40029.9929.6229.7229.866000
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd.112.50111.600.900111.84111.74111.69111.815600
Aster DM Healthcare Ltd.126.45126.150.300125.40124.55124.63124.96254 K
Pulz Electronics Ltd.42.0040.002.0040.8840.8640.0840.664000
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 5 SMALatest 20 SMAPrevious 5 SMAPrevious 20 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
Amber Enterprises India Ltd.835.00827.907.10826.12826.02824.77825.309841
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.15.4016.50-1.10014.2114.0913.7614.1828000
Dynemic Products Ltd.116.55116.050.500116.24115.69115.75115.838942
Rites Ltd.292.15291.550.600289.57289.46288.38288.99736 K

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