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Intraday 20 D SMA Below 100 DMAIntraday 50 D SMA Below 200 DMA 
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Intraday Screener- 20 Day SMA crossing Below 50 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 20 SMALatest 50 SMAPrevious 20 SMAPrevious 50 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
3P Land Holdings Ltd.5.655.650.0006.
Akzo Nobel India Ltd.1956.001999.30-43.3001959.261974.211972.681970.979377
Apollo Micro Systems Ltd.69.4569.65-0.20073.9474.2874.6474.6020498
Arvind SmartSpaces Ltd.87.6586.750.90091.7291.7492.3991.776932
Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.1450.801455.80-5.0001517.051519.061521.871517.99426 K
Foseco India Ltd.1313.001302.6510.351325.161326.771327.201326.52207
Ginni Filaments Ltd.
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd.101.50100.001.50109.19109.28109.80109.53320 K
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.2037.452048.00-10.5502060.742067.502067.842066.14961 K
Hisar Metal Industries Ltd.48.8047.101.7050.9051.1651.2951.21126
JTEKT India Ltd.82.7083.70-1.00085.3385.3785.7085.5222261
Kilitch Drugs (India)114.95116.35-1.400120.52120.76121.36120.945817
LIC NOMURA MF G-sec LT ETF20.2020.25-0.05020.7220.7820.7820.772556
Laurus Labs Ltd.343.80336.557.25346.93347.79348.28347.82362 K
Neogen Chemicals Ltd.354.05357.90-3.850370.04371.68371.24371.0815014
Nifty FMCG30795.1030705.6089.5031209.8831236.0631289.7731191.670
PTC India Ltd.54.4054.75-0.35056.1756.1856.3156.22440 K
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Scheme3435.003443.80-8.8003432.143432.423433.233430.85978
SKM Egg Products Export (India)39.4539.050.40039.5839.6439.6939.679517
STEL Holdings61.5063.95-2.45068.4568.5768.9268.8825762
Savita Oil Technologies890.00874.2015.80896.68896.97899.58897.73551
Skipper Ltd.50.5050.200.30053.6853.9354.1054.0319307
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd.0.1500.200-0.0500.1670.1680.1700.168567 K
TPL Plastech Ltd.123.35121.751.60124.44124.62124.76124.42470
V-Guard Industries228.40230.00-1.600232.27233.08233.02233.00112 K
VLS Finance51.1551.150.00053.5053.5253.7053.568005
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 20 SMALatest 50 SMAPrevious 20 SMAPrevious 50 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd.58.0558.45-0.40061.7361.9662.1262.0211773
Vinyl Chemicals (India)61.2061.85-0.65063.1863.1863.3563.304736
Wockhardt Ltd.250.05247.053.00268.43269.70270.96270.75650 K
Xelpmoc Design and Tech Ltd.65.1067.80-2.70066.0966.1366.5366.16826

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