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Intraday 3 D SMA Above 13 DMAIntraday 5 D SMA Above 15 DMAIntraday 5 D SMA Above 20 DMA
Intraday 13 D SMA Above 34 DMAIntraday 15 D SMA Above 50 DMAIntraday 20 D SMA Above 50 DMA
Intraday 20 D SMA Above 100 DMAIntraday 50 D SMA Above 200 DMA 
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Intraday Screener- 15 Day SMA crossing Above 100 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 15 SMALatest 100 SMAPrevious 15 SMAPrevious 100 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
Bil Energy Systems0.9000.8500.0500.6800.6760.6600.678280 K
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.4.754.350.4003.973.973.913.96465 K
E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd.214.90214.000.900180.81179.13177.01179.231320 K
Energy Development Company Ltd.6.155.700.4505.
Gallantt Metal28.0027.350.65025.5325.4125.2625.479667
Hindustan Motors Ltd7.507.150.3504.744.584.504.56351 K
Kanani Industries2.752.650.1002.332.292.292.3110786
Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd.15.4514.950.50012.6212.6112.3412.62304 K
PNB Gilts Ltd.35.3533.701.6527.0126.9826.3526.914965 K
Relaxo Footwears Ltd755.45776.90-21.45672.71665.39662.76664.08295 K
Swaraj Engines Ltd.1275.601247.6028.001131.231119.811115.911119.414341
Zuari Agro Chemicals92.0091.600.40084.7984.7884.2885.1058644
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