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Intraday 13 D SMA Above 34 DMAIntraday 15 D SMA Above 50 DMAIntraday 20 D SMA Above 50 DMA
Intraday 20 D SMA Above 100 DMAIntraday 50 D SMA Above 200 DMA 
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Intraday Screener- 15 Day SMA crossing Above 100 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 15 SMALatest 100 SMAPrevious 15 SMAPrevious 100 SMALatest VolumeView In Chart
Aban Offshore Ltd.27.7027.600.10029.2829.2329.2229.3118601
Andhra Sugars Ltd.289.80289.150.650288.73287.76287.37288.038096
Arcotech Ltd.3.002.900.1002.332.272.252.2629810
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.56.1055.450.65055.4055.3555.4355.5314997 K
Corporation Bank23.3524.90-1.55019.7019.5519.2319.542261 K
D.B. Realty Ltd.9.108.700.4008.328.328.248.36160 K
Dhunseri Tea & Industries181.00170.4010.60171.40170.92169.96170.955106
FIEM Industries Ltd.454.80398.4556.35382.67381.85378.01381.69285 K
Fineotex Chemical27.3027.45-0.15028.0027.9628.0028.0395832
Graphite India Ltd.315.85302.3013.55301.50299.38299.44299.594024 K
Hinduja Ventures420.95331.6089.35328.38326.72321.26326.297851
IMP Powers22.1022.000.10021.5321.2521.1821.31240
Linc Pen and Plastics200.00195.504.50192.27192.13190.93192.1223283
Nila Infrastructures Ltd.4.754.90-0.1505. K
Pennar Industries Ltd.27.8527.95-0.10028.0727.9628.0028.0161690
Rajesh Exports Ltd.702.65707.70-5.050688.06687.48686.45687.56104 K
SEL Manufacturing Company0.7000.6500.0500.6770.6740.6700.67532392
Sirca Paints India Ltd. 249.95242.907.05206.98202.31201.33202.7628630
Steel Authority of India Ltd.38.5536.252.3038.3038.2338.1738.3544929 K
Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd31.9032.60-0.70029.5829.2829.1329.30171 K
TTK Healthcare Ltd.547.00545.351.65498.86496.35495.78496.8819247

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