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New Intraday Six Months Lows by Indian Stocks during market Hours.

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New LowPrevious 6 Month LowPrevious 6 Month Low DateOne Year LowTwo Year LowTodays Volume
D.B. Realty Ltd.4.05-4.714.054.2508_Apr_20204.254.25980 K
Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd.18.00-2.9618.0018.5507_Apr_202018.5518.553000
Future Consumer Ltd.6.354.965.756.0508_Apr_20206.056.0523198 K
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.100.954.9991.3596.1508_Apr_202096.1596.151669 K
Future Retail Ltd.67.004.9360.7063.8508_Apr_202063.8563.854536 K
Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.89.504.9981.0085.2508_Apr_202085.2585.25287 K
Gati Ltd42.50-2.3042.2542.8025_Mar_202035.1535.15229 K
Grand Foundry Ltd.1.20-
Infomedia Press Ltd.2.10-2.332.052.1508_Apr_20202.152.155355
Inox Leisure Ltd.231.75-1.47230.05231.5025_Mar_2020231.50187.90228 K
Jiya Eco-Products Ltd.6.901.476.706.8008_Apr_202006.80264 K
Khandwala Securities Ltd.11.00-4.3511.0011.5008_Apr_202011.3511.35164
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd.229.25-1.44225.00228.6003_Apr_2020228.60228.6030355
N K Industries Ltd.8.05-
NaMEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd.10.754.889.7510.2508_Apr_202010.2510.25784 K
Oberoi Realty Ltd.303.00-1.11302.00305.0008_Apr_2020305.00305.00482 K
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New LowPrevious 6 Month LowPrevious 6 Month Low DateOne Year LowTwo Year LowTodays Volume
Prataap Snacks Ltd.470.00-2.74469.90470.0003_Apr_2020470.00470.003813
Praxis Home Retail Ltd.35.75-4.9235.7537.6008_Apr_202037.6037.60169
Repco Home Finance Ltd.112.254.47104.05106.4003_Apr_2020106.40106.4048074
Sadbhav Engineering Limited24.602.9323.2523.5508_Apr_202023.5523.55756 K
Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd.11.25-0.88110.8011.3508_Apr_202011.3511.3580175
Sarveshwar Foods Ltd.8.55-3.398.458.8508_Apr_20208.858.859600
SecUR Credentials Ltd.17.70-4.8417.7018.6007_Apr_202018.6018.603600
Vikas Multicorp Ltd.0.950-5.000.9501.0008_Apr_202001.00185 K
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