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New Intraday Two Years Highs by Indian Stocks during market Hours.

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious Two Year HighPrevious Two Year High DateFive Year HighTodays Volume
AGI Greenpac Ltd.387.05-2.04407.70403.6022_Sep_2022564.001153 K
Asian Hotels (East)351.00-3.00379.80379.7520_Sep_2022455.7025607
A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd.17.654.7517.6516.8522_Sep_2022032000
Autoline Industries97.801.87103.9596.0022_Sep_2022123.50560 K
AVG Logistics Ltd.117.104.98117.10111.5522_Sep_202206000
AVSL Industries Ltd.100.054.98100.0595.3021_Sep_202295.303000
Blue Chip India0000.45019_Sep_20220.9000
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd.89.355.0289.3585.0822_Sep_20220129 K
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances1708.107.221734.001699.0022_Jul_20221699.00120 K
LT Foods Ltd.114.45-0.694117.70116.2522_Sep_2022116.255368 K
D.B. Realty Ltd.125.50-5.00138.70134.0514_Feb_2022134.057698 K
Diamond Power Infrastructure0001.9512_Sep_202225.200
Escorts Kubota Ltd.2076.65-2.362190.002144.0020_Sep_20222144.001378 K
GI Engineering Solutions0005.0519_Sep_20225.050
Global Education Ltd.369.70-5.00399.10389.1522_Sep_2022389.1533865
Hercules Hoists Ltd.216.90-2.71231.65227.0022_Sep_2022227.00434 K
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious Two Year HighPrevious Two Year High DateFive Year HighTodays Volume
Hotel Rugby0005.5519_Sep_20225.550
Indian Terrain Fashions69.70-4.5274.6074.2510_Jan_2022244.001026 K
I T C Ltd.346.400.391349.55348.7522_Sep_2022348.7522838 K
ITD Cementation India114.45-4.35121.95120.3022_Sep_2022235.202027 K
Jai Corp Ltd.194.701.33201.00200.7020_Sep_2022223.309259 K
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company463.151.45479.35462.5021_Sep_2022462.5052572
Keerti Knowledge & Skills Ltd.00032.8519_Sep_202232.850
KRBL Ltd.373.200.0402384.00381.3522_Sep_2022651.95976 K
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.12771.85-3.3113354.0013299.0022_Sep_202213299.006764
Lexus Granito(India) Ltd.93.054.9693.0588.6522_Sep_202288.6581000
Liberty Shoes Ltd.222.00-0.515231.70227.3021_Sep_2022281.50846 K
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.9343.45-0.6219451.009435.0022_Sep_20229996.40574 K
Mask Investments Ltd.65.604.9665.6062.5022_Sep_202262.50368
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd.900.70-1.72929.90928.8522_Sep_2022928.8510011
M K Proteins Ltd.358.904.99358.90341.8522_Sep_2022341.852000
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious Two Year HighPrevious Two Year High DateFive Year HighTodays Volume
Nifty Consumption7998.20-1.428146.958129.3022_Sep_20228129.300
Nifty FMCG44854.65-0.50145237.9545228.1022_Sep_202245228.100
Nifty GrowSect 158894.80-0.6308997.208979.7522_Sep_20228979.750
Oil Country Tubular13.304.7213.3012.9013_Oct_202167.4518904
Omax Autos Ltd.71.90-2.5176.9076.4013_Sep_2022215.90539 K
Omfurn India Ltd.00017.5022_Sep_202200
Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd.138.402.56138.50136.0022_Sep_20220100000
PC Jeweller Ltd.89.604.8689.7085.4522_Sep_2022600.652180 K
Pricol Ltd.175.45-2.37181.15180.6522_Sep_2022180.651000 K
PVP Ventures Ltd.11.154.6911.1510.6522_Sep_202210.65158 K
Regency Ceramics34.454.8734.4532.8522_Sep_202232.856326
Royal Orchid Hotels290.05-0.566307.90298.4522_Sep_2022298.45469 K
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.177.706.60189.80168.8022_Sep_2022168.8020565 K
Som Distilleries and Breweries110.554.99110.55110.0022_Sep_2022161.40646 K
Salasar Exteriors and Contour Ltd.336.804.99336.80320.8022_Sep_20220341 K
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious Two Year HighPrevious Two Year High DateFive Year HighTodays Volume
Softtech Engineers Ltd.188.004.56188.00185.0022_Sep_202204809
Sundaram Finance Holdings Ltd.93.058.01100.0094.7006_Aug_202102765 K
Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.190.951.19199.65196.9020_Sep_2022263.50740 K
Tube Investments of India Ltd.2772.351.252855.002823.0012_Sep_20220502 K
Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd.41.554.9241.5539.7022_Sep_202239.703000
The Western India Plywood Ltd.81.504.8981.5079.0022_Sep_202279.007938
WS Industries00015.1019_Sep_202215.100
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