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New Intraday Six Months Highs by Indian Stocks during market Hours.

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious 6 Month HighPrevious 6 Month High DateOne Year HighTwo Year HighTodays Volume
Abhishek Integrations Ltd.36.800.82237.5536.9025_Aug_202236.90015000
Andhra Cement0008.8523_Jan_202317.4537.500
AVSL Industries Ltd.000140.0513_Jan_2023140.05140.050
Axita Cotton Ltd.57.254.6660.1557.7005_Dec_2022001539 K
Bright Solar Ltd.9.104.609.108.7025_Jan_20238.8515.552571 K
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd.496.905.00496.90473.2525_Jan_2023473.25473.25389 K
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd.173.002.98174.00174.0018_Jan_2023174.00174.0060000
Cadsys (India) Ltd.39.654.8939.6539.6505_Sep_202252.0052.0010000
Continental Seeds And Chemicals Ltd.27.604.9427.6026.3025_Jan_202326.3026.3069993
Dynacons Systems and Solutions533.454.53535.85519.6025_Jan_2023519.60519.60360 K
Felix Industries Ltd.129.952.69132.85126.5525_Jan_2023126.55126.5564000
Grand Foundry Ltd.0005.2523_Jan_20235.255.650
GI Engineering Solutions0005.3023_Jan_20235.305.300
Gravita India493.05-3.31523.45523.0025_Jan_2023523.00523.001022 K
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme319.88-0.686331.75325.0024_Jan_2023325.00398.0036804
ICICI Prudential Nifty Alpha Low Volatility 30 ETF172.580.326200.00186.8414_Nov_2022187.20197.6064299
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious 6 Month HighPrevious 6 Month High DateOne Year HighTwo Year HighTodays Volume
ICICI PRUDENTIAL MUTUAL FUND - ICICI Prudential Nifty Midcap 150 ETF122.974.53139.00133.2008_Sep_2022133.20133.2082081
Indo Thai Securities416.155.00416.15396.3525_Jan_2023417.45496.2037373
Jindal Saw Ltd.116.605.86121.70118.2019_Jan_2023118.20147.6011331 K
Jupiter Wagons Ltd.112.550.446116.00113.0025_Jan_2023113.00113.00666 K
Kamat Hotels (India)131.501.08135.00135.0020_Jan_2023135.00135.00285 K
Keerti Knowledge & Skills Ltd.00036.1523_Jan_202336.1536.150
Mahickra Chemicals Ltd.000101.7525_Jan_2023101.75101.750
Mirae Asset Hang Seng TECH ETF 16.493.0016.9616.4911_Jan_202318.700407 K
MRO-TEK Realty Ltd.69.35-6.0380.7078.0020_Jan_202379.5079.50942 K
National Steel & Agro Industries5.
Nifty50 Div Point185.770185.77185.7725_Jan_2023189.37189.370
Oil India Ltd.239.101.40242.70242.3024_Jan_2023306.00306.00953 K
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.147.65-3.15154.15153.4025_Jan_2023194.95194.9513052 K
Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd.280.40-5.00300.00300.0025_Jan_2023300.00300.0031000
Persistent Systems Ltd.4576.95-0.3714705.004680.0023_Jan_20234954.004987.50752 K
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious 6 Month HighPrevious 6 Month High DateOne Year HighTwo Year HighTodays Volume
Raj Rayon Industries Ltd.52.151.9652.1551.1525_Jan_2023002715
Servotech Power Systems Ltd.221.605.00221.60211.0525_Jan_2023211.05211.05234 K
Sovereign Gold Bond 2.50% 2027 SR-III Ltd.0005395.0025_Jan_20235395.005395.000
SGBJAN26 Ltd.0005520.0025_Jan_20235520.005520.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% MAR 2024 Tr-III Ltd.0005655.0025_Jan_20235700.005700.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Mar 2025 Tr-VII Ltd.0005630.0025_Jan_20235630.005630.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% NOV 2023 Tr-I Ltd.0005648.0025_Jan_20235648.005648.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Nov 2024 Tr-VI Ltd.0005575.0025_Jan_20235575.005575.000
SGBNOV25IX Ltd.0005526.2024_Jan_20235526.205526.200
SGBNOV25VI Ltd.0005550.0024_Jan_20235550.005550.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.50% Oct 2027 Sr-VI 2019-20 Ltd.0005380.0025_Jan_20235380.005389.000
Sovereign Gold Bonds 2.75% Sep 2024 Tr-V Ltd.0005595.0025_Jan_20235595.005595.000
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd.0002210.4028_Nov_20222303.602602.000
Siddhika Coatings Ltd.195.003.28198.00192.0009_Dec_2022192.0006000
Spectrum Electrical Industries Ltd.157.754.99157.75150.2523_Jan_2023150.25150.252000
NameCurrent PricePrice Change %New HighPrevious 6 Month HighPrevious 6 Month High DateOne Year HighTwo Year HighTodays Volume
Stampede Capital Ltd.0000.95023_Jan_20230.9500.9500
Surani Steel Tubes Ltd.43.304.9743.3041.2525_Jan_202349.5549.55136 K
Surya Roshni Ltd.599.30-2.06634.00629.0019_Jan_2023629.00867.40673 K
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd.192.00-0.363202.00192.7025_Jan_2023192.70192.7028400
Univa Foods Ltd.0006.1023_Jan_20236.106.100
WS Industries00016.6023_Jan_202316.6016.600
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