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Intrady Price crossing Below 30 Day EMA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Current 30 EMAPrevious 30 EMALatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Adroit Infotech Ltd.5.605.85-0.2505.725.7380686
Berger Paints India Ltd.483.45497.95-14.50493.29493.901001 K1136 K
Bharat Electronics Ltd.69.0574.45-5.4073.2373.469661 K7161 K
Blue Coast Hotels4.004.20-0.2004.094.091002
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd.104.40107.85-3.45106.29106.4212001200
Divi's Laboratories Ltd.1877.001989.05-112.051977.831983.611165 K937 K
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD.30.1532.40-2.2530.5030.50106 K855 K
Gillette India Ltd.5158.005470.10-312.105429.385448.101110318508
Indoco Remedies200.05210.40-10.35203.39203.691803570736
Marico Ltd.265.50274.85-9.35273.26273.972864 K3457 K
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF564.00588.89-24.89584.65586.082118519373
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.1022.851124.25-101.401114.431120.60190 K1369 K
Nifty FMCG26358.8027319.20-960.4027019.6627064.8600
Northgate Com Tech Ltd.0.8500.900-0.0500.8860.889101565000
OCL Iron and Steel2.052.20-0.1502.192.20814519110
SBIETFQLTY Ltd.91.0092.77-1.7792.5092.6050763119
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Current 30 EMAPrevious 30 EMALatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Sequent Scientific Ltd.73.5077.80-4.3073.5973.67868 K416 K
Sri Adhikari Brothers Television1.151.25-0.1001.221.231653065
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1959.001971.80-12.801967.191968.0096972324 K
Transwind Infrastructures Ltd.3.253.40-0.1503.263.2640004000
Uttam Value Steels Ltd.0.0500.100-0.0500.0820.0812579 K4413 K
Vardhman Polytex3.253.35-0.1003.293.291970672
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