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Intrady Price crossing Below 150 Day EMA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Day Price Change % Current 150 EMAPrevious Day 150 EMATodays VolumePrevious Day Volume
UPL Ltd.870.25950.30-8.424903.28903.7212905 K2657 K
KSB Ltd.700.00703.75-0.533701.64701.6637145257
Bang Overseas42.4044.40-4.50544.3244.3535154228
V.I.P. Industries Ltd.447.00459.30-2.678458.15458.30151 K149 K
Pearl Polymers12.6013.25-4.90613.1213.131516321750
Tokyo Plast International49.8551.65-3.48550.9350.941953497
Insecticides India635.90638.35-0.384636.84636.8555995050
Orient Press153.80161.40-4.709160.15160.24152992
VA Tech Wabag Limited305.20307.90-0.877305.74305.7581515177 K
Sakar Healthcare Ltd.59.4560.35-1.49159.7959.7943929508
Bandhan Bank Ltd.535.85543.55-1.417537.48537.50325 K1367 K
Palash Securities Ltd.40.5042.00-3.57141.1741.18517314358

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