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Intrady Price crossing above 150 Day EMA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Current 150 EMAPrevious 150 EMALatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Bharti Infratel259.70246.0513.65254.32254.2529550 K13085 K
Eris Lifesciences Ltd.476.35443.5532.80468.34468.231528 K44018
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.66.9565.801.1565.9365.92282213
Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.300.00287.1512.85288.25288.10168001200
Jaypee Infratech Ltd.1.701.550.1501.651.65941 K241 K
Jindal Worldwide65.1062.752.3564.7864.78186 K217 K
KSS Ltd.0.1500.1000.0500.1130.112883 K1192 K
Kesoram Industries Ltd.60.7560.600.15060.6360.632064 K1517 K
Krebs Biochemicals & Industries90.0087.352.6588.7788.751830201
Malu Paper Mills25.4023.102.3025.2925.29107 K12069
OnMobile Global Limited34.0532.801.2533.9633.96350 K113 K
Renaissance Global Ltd.270.00252.1517.85259.97259.831557016092
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.125.00116.658.35119.78119.7110003000

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