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Intraday Screener- 3 Day EMA crossing Above 13 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 3 EMALatest 13 EMAPrevious 3 EMAPrevious 13 EMALatest VolView In Chart
SKF India Ltd.1860.751863.85-3.1001856.361853.611851.971852.421292
Everest Industries Ltd.327.30326.251.05327.13327.13326.96327.106689
Blue Star Ltd.711.50709.951.55710.28709.83709.06709.5520801
BSEL Infrastructure Realty1.151.150.0001.
Take Solutions Limited 102.65102.100.550102.12102.11101.60102.0259996
Petronet LNG Ltd.239.65236.503.15238.83238.70238.01238.541419 K
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd.5.405.400.0005.355.355.305.3443050
Ansal Housing Ltd.4.354.250.1004.
FIEM Industries Ltd.389.95384.205.75387.84387.07385.73386.596775
Nagreeka Exports13.8012.601.2013.3413.2912.8913.21796
KEI Industries Ltd.462.00454.357.65461.52461.44461.03461.3582275
Subex Ltd.5.505.450.0505.475.475.445.46600 K
Nagreeka Capital and Infrastructure6.906.500.4006.776.696.646.66321
Next Mediaworks Ltd.12.7511.800.95012.4012.2512.0412.176138
McDowell Holdings19.8016.503.3018.1817.1216.5616.6711575
Nahar Capital and Financial Services66.0064.401.6065.2765.1464.5465.001210
SJVN Ltd.24.5024.400.10024.4224.4024.3524.381050 K
Ausom Enterprise32.7032.250.45032.3232.2131.9532.13392
WABCO India6118.706079.9538.756103.966095.216089.226091.302258
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF109.67107.302.37108.76108.31107.85108.08105
Cigniti Technologies273.00270.003.00270.88270.58268.76270.186160
Intellect Design Arena Ltd.225.35222.702.65223.75223.72222.15223.45148 K
Sanco Industries Ltd.16.6016.75-0.15016.5616.5516.5116.5430375
Aspinwall & Company Ltd.140.00134.505.50137.98137.20135.95136.73819
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 3 EMALatest 13 EMAPrevious 3 EMAPrevious 13 EMALatest VolView In Chart
Mold Tek Technologies50.7049.651.0550.2250.0349.7549.927921
GNA Axles230.90226.304.60227.84227.48224.79226.9130032
JITF Infralogistics Ltd.7.357.000.3507.
Somi Conveyor Beltings14.8012.352.4513.5512.8412.3012.512388
Mohini Health & Hygiene Ltd.17.0016.550.45016.7916.6616.5816.6024000
Shanti Overseas (India) Ltd.27.4024.103.3025.7225.1924.0424.8218000
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.1036.351030.805.551031.081030.991025.811030.107661
Trejhara Solutions Ltd.13.3512.750.60012.8212.5612.2912.431535
Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd.22.9022.000.90022.1022.0421.3121.9012000
Fine Organic Industries Ltd.1435.001426.458.551430.551427.401426.101426.1319604
Nifty IT15638.1515597.8040.3515576.3815537.6515514.6015520.900

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