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Report Generated on : 20-May-19 16:13

Intraday Screener- 20 Day EMA crossing Above 50 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Day Price Change % Todays 20 EMATodays50 EMAPrevious Day20 EMAPrevious Day50 EMATodays VolumePrevious Day Volume
Bharti Airtel Ltd.340.10328.453.55330.47330.08329.46329.677713 K4042 K
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.1451.451361.906.581361.791356.331352.351352.456210 K2776 K
Bharat Electronics Ltd.99.3091.957.9990.6190.1089.6989.7217283 K6984 K
REC Ltd.145.55136.306.79141.32141.24140.88141.064710 K3617 K
Polyplex Corporation559.95516.408.43515.28513.24510.58511.33215 K34233
GTN Industries10.309.755.649.549.539.469.5054001003
Gandhi Special Tubes378.10352.307.32351.00350.19348.15349.05126882801
FCS Software Solutions Ltd.0.2500.20025.000.2200.2190.2170.218247 K372 K
KEI Industries Ltd.409.45388.005.53394.08393.20392.46392.54114 K113 K
KNR Constructions239.90230.354.15237.42237.30237.16237.19353 K41629
D.B. Corp Ltd.197.05187.155.29188.13187.73187.19187.358509754451
Welspun Investments and Commercials150.85148.151.82143.60143.41142.84143.11563251
Parag Milk Foods Ltd.249.45243.502.44242.20242.02241.44241.72189 K80383
Capacit'e Infraprojects Ltd.236.00230.502.39228.01227.63227.17227.29129 K184 K
ICICI500 Ltd.154.17149.563.08150.99150.92150.65150.791479176
NIFTY 5009671.909329.703.679437.419429.279412.739419.3700
Nifty 2006106.005888.903.695947.485938.655930.795931.8200

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