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Intraday Screener- 15 Day EMA crossing Below 50 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 15 EMALatest 50 EMAPrevious 15 EMAPrevious 50 EMALatest VolView In Chart
California Software14.6014.200.40015.5615.6015.7015.6424850
GTL Infrastructure Ltd.0.4000.450-0.0500.5050.5130.5190.51722517 K
General Insurance Corporation of India Ltd.233.80236.70-2.900246.34247.47248.13248.02533 K
Golden Tobacco29.9530.00-0.05030.6630.7230.7730.752296
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.1984.252006.20-21.9502026.552029.322032.592031.161212 K
Indoco Remedies152.45147.405.05153.45153.53153.60153.5816620
Jamna Auto Industries39.9540.35-0.40041.9042.0842.1842.17624 K
Kirloskar Electric Company Limited 9.959.900.05010.2610.2710.3010.2929142
Maharashtra Scooters4487.554512.40-24.8504547.234553.004555.754555.674048
Minda Corporation90.5091.80-1.30091.6791.7791.8491.82101 K
Omax Autos Ltd.43.2042.600.60046.0446.2746.4446.4020509
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.14.0014.05-0.05014.2114.2214.2414.22222
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.127.00126.950.050129.55129.66129.91129.77104 K
Sandhar Technologies Ltd.240.00239.700.300244.39244.62245.01244.813196
THE RUBY MILLS LTD188.00187.900.100195.31195.90196.36196.222347

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