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Intraday Screener- 15 Day EMA crossing Above 50 Day MA

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Price Change Latest 15 EMALatest 50 EMAPrevious 15 EMAPrevious 50 EMALatest VolView In Chart
Alok Industries Ltd.2.502.400.1002.042.011.971.9922992 K
Asian Hotels (West)332.00319.6512.35296.37294.96291.28293.457999
Astec Lifesciences Ltd.395.00397.90-2.900372.02371.54368.74370.5915404
Hinduja Ventures420.95331.6089.35336.16328.86324.04325.10726
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.10.609.900.7008.818.648.568.5617668 K
Impex Ferro Tech0.3500.400-0.0500.3200.3180.3160.31711812
Jindal Worldwide64.8562.202.6560.6860.3660.0860.18125 K
Linc Pen and Plastics200.00195.504.50189.50188.70188.00188.245052
Mukand Engineers16.2513.552.7012.4012.2311.8512.0673419
Nifty Media1978.551939.1539.401849.581839.921831.161834.260
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.34.0037.25-3.25028.3028.2827.4828.056000
SEL Manufacturing Company0.7000.6500.0500.6520.6510.6450.64957183
Tainwala Chemicals and Plastics (India)56.8547.409.4550.9150.8050.0650.56950
Visesh Infotechnics0.1000.0500.0500.0650.0630.0600.0623773 K

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