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Intraday-Spinning Top Candlestick Pattern On Daily Chart

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious Pricelatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
63 Moons Technologies Ltd.73.3575.152060913858
Andhra Sugars Ltd.251.50255.654343271985
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.135.45136.50750514800
Astec Lifesciences Ltd.825.85811.959931655360
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd.3513.653542.202933454883
Atul Ltd.4537.454509.1573469773
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.80.1580.35983 K1794 K
Eris Lifesciences Ltd.447.45448.759118232747
Fine Organic Industries Ltd.1882.551867.00892920536
GIC Housing Finance Ltd.95.5598.652114 K14040 K
Gravita India44.5545.85122 K317 K
ICRA Ltd.2499.302503.001370961
KNR Constructions211.15215.5075168572 K
Linde India Ltd.621.20625.455561549021
Max Ventures and Industries Ltd.35.0534.805115166252
Minda Corporation70.7574.051709 K1170 K
NameCurrent PricePrevious Pricelatest VolumePrevious VolumeView In Chart
Pennar Industries Ltd.17.8517.75206 K279 K
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd.34.4534.05413716754
Responsive Industries86.3581.00186 K136 K
Sandhar Technologies Ltd.204.65196.55131 K18883
Security and Intelligence Services (India) Ltd.384.25383.056013528658
Shanthi Gears Ltd.87.5587.951802118071
Tokyo Plast International65.3560.601873486754
Transformers and Rectifiers India11.5511.45490 K594 K
United Spirits Ltd.588.55594.653086 K2353 K
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