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Intraday-Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern On Daily Chart

Futures & Option Shares  
NameCurrent PricePrevious EOD PriceIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallVolumeView In Chart
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. 33.3532.95falsetruefalsefalse242 K
Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd.52.5049.95falsefalsefalsetrue7826
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1363.001340.20falsefalsetruefalse166 K
Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.1261.001225.95truefalsefalsefalse2070 K
Arman Financial Services Ltd.373.20355.45falsetruetruefalse50867
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd.42.7038.85falsetruetruefalse1577 K
Beardsell Ltd7.307.05truefalsefalsetrue1250
Bharat Dynamics Ltd.216.40191.40truefalsetruefalse448 K
Bharat Forge Ltd.231.75218.50falsetruetruefalse5030 K
CCL Products India Ltd.183.60178.05truefalsetruefalse549 K
CSB Bank Ltd.118.35112.40truefalsefalsefalse143 K
City Union Bank Ltd.118.65114.95falsetruefalsetrue1243 K
Cummins India Ltd.329.10287.15falsetruetruefalse5603 K
DIC India328.00295.20truefalsetruefalse2376
Damodar Industries18.9517.65falsetruefalsetrue2637
NameCurrent PricePrevious EOD PriceIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallVolumeView In Chart
Genus Paper & Boards Ltd.4.103.65truefalsetruefalse159 K
H.E.G. Ltd.559.55508.70truefalsefalsefalse231 K
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.2319.952243.05truefalsefalsefalse600 K
ICICI Securities Ltd.298.50275.15truefalsetruefalse666 K
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd.550.10549.50falsefalsefalsetrue2392
Igarashi Motors169.25162.85falsetruefalsetrue74643
Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.37.7536.55truefalsefalsetrue73799
Jubilant Industries88.8586.95truefalsetruefalse21004
KSB Ltd.440.10430.25falsefalsetruefalse20975
Kalyani Forge95.3590.85truefalsefalsefalse519
Khadim India Ltd.81.7081.55truefalsefalsetrue32117
Kitex Garments94.0090.35truefalsefalsefalse79117
Kotak NV 20 ETF - Regular Plan48.1047.31truefalsetruefalse18494
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.36.8535.10falsefalsefalsetrue2000
Madras Fertilizers13.1512.50truefalsetruefalse240 K
NameCurrent PricePrevious EOD PriceIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallVolumeView In Chart
Magma Fincorp Ltd.17.7516.95falsetruetruefalse413 K
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.157.20142.20falsetruetruefalse10125 K
Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Ltd.2.452.35falsetruefalsefalse792
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 27.4524.00truefalsetruefalse433 K
Metalyst Forgings Ltd.4.053.90truefalsefalsetrue551
NCC Ltd.18.2517.20falsefalsetruefalse41705 K
Nifty CPSE1330.901323.25truefalsefalsetrue0
PTC India Ltd.40.1539.70truefalsefalsefalse611 K
Page Industries16799.6016696.60falsefalsefalsefalse23998
Phoenix Mills Ltd.530.20506.10falsetruefalsetrue98865
Premier Explosives Ltd. 67.8064.55truefalsefalsetrue2257
Pricol Ltd.36.1534.55truefalsetruefalse109 K
RBL Bank121.70116.20falsetruetruefalse42655 K
Sakar Healthcare Ltd.52.4550.95falsefalsefalsefalse832
Subros138.00131.25falsefalsetruefalse214 K
NameCurrent PricePrevious EOD PriceIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallVolumeView In Chart
Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills15.2014.75truefalsefalsefalse1079
Tube Investments of India Ltd.309.95284.50falsefalsetruefalse161 K
VST Tillers Tractors651.00649.25falsefalsefalsefalse14667
Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd.29.0028.65falsefalsefalsefalse5878
Welspun Investments and Commercials144.95139.00falsetruefalsetrue71
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