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Fibbonacci Retracement Levels of Bharat Forge (BHARATFORG)

Fibonnaci Retracements levels of Bharat Forge Ltd.

Period Main Trend Trend Start Price / Date Trend End Price / Date 23.6% 38.2% 50% 61.8% 76.4% View In Charts
Short Term Down Trend 481.80 / 04-Jul-19 430.05 / 22-Jul-19 442.26/
Near Resistance
449.82 455.92 462.03 469.59 View In Charts
Medium Term Down Trend 503.00 / 28-May-19 430.05 / 22-Jul-19 447.27/
Retraced From Resistance
457.92 466.52 475.13 485.78 View In Charts

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