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Daily Trending  

Stocks Forming Higher Highs & Higher Lows , Lower Highs & Lower Lows

Lower High Lower Lows- Medium term

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date View In Chart Other Patterns
MINI_NIFTY / CNX_100 11205.113-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
BANK NIFTY / BANKNIFTY 28098.813-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
S&P CNX NIFTY / NIFTY 11075.913-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 / NIFTY_MIDCAP_100 15967.413-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
NIFTY 500 / NIFTY_500 9050.8513-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns

Lower High Lower Lows- Long term

Name / Symbol Price Pattern Date View In Chart Other Patterns
Nifty MNC / NIFTY_MNC 12500.713-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
Nifty Pharma / NIFTY_PHARMA 8033.0513-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
Nifty Auto / NIFTY_AUTO 7360.613-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
Nifty Media / NIFTY_MEDIA 1917.013-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns
Nifty Metal / NIFTY_METAL 2444.113-Sep-19View in ChartsOther Patterns

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