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Free Head & Shoulder Chart patttern Screener - Short term

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NameSymbolCurrent PriceLeft ShoulderHeadRight ShoulderNeck LinePattern SinceLast ScreenedView In ChartsOther Patterns
Dharani Sugars and Chemicals DHARSUGAR7.0506/11/201913/11/201919/11/201907/11/2019, 15/11/201921-Nov-1927-Nov-19Other Patterns
Shah Alloys SHAHALLOYS8.5501/11/201913/11/201919/11/201907/11/2019, 18/11/201921-Nov-1921-Nov-19Other Patterns
Westlife Development Ltd. WESTLIFE353.9525/10/201906/11/201918/11/201930/10/2019, 13/11/201921-Nov-1922-Nov-19Other Patterns
Electrotherm (India) ELECTHERM130.0527/10/201905/11/201915/11/201929/10/2019, 14/11/201920-Nov-1920-Nov-19Other Patterns
KSB Ltd. KSB678.7531/10/201906/11/201915/11/201901/11/2019, 14/11/201920-Nov-1920-Nov-19Other Patterns
Siyaram Silk Mills SIYSIL222.923/10/201904/11/201913/11/201929/10/2019, 11/11/201920-Nov-1928-Nov-19Other Patterns
RS Software (India) Ltd. RSSOFTWARE19.1524/10/201931/10/201908/11/201925/10/2019, 07/11/201920-Nov-1904-Dec-19Other Patterns
Standard Chartered PLC STAN57.530/10/201906/11/201914/11/201931/10/2019, 13/11/201920-Nov-1926-Nov-19Other Patterns
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