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Free Head & Shoulder Chart patttern Screener - Short term

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NameSymbolCurrent PriceLeft ShoulderHeadRight ShoulderNeck LinePattern SinceLast ScreenedView In ChartsOther Patterns
Sanghvi Forging and Engineering SANGHVIFOR21.4502/01/202007/01/202010/01/202003/01/2020, 09/01/202016-Jan-2016-Jan-20Other Patterns
Accelya Solutions India Ltd. ACCELYA1035.3526/12/201930/12/201903/01/202027/12/2019, 01/01/202016-Jan-2016-Jan-20Other Patterns
Rolta India Ltd. ROLTA4.201/01/202007/01/202009/01/202002/01/2020, 09/01/202015-Jan-2015-Jan-20Other Patterns
Talwalkars Healthclubs Ltd. TALWGYM2.7527/12/201902/01/202010/01/202031/12/2019, 09/01/202014-Jan-2017-Jan-20Other Patterns
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. FLUOROCHEM574.320/12/201931/12/201908/01/202024/12/2019, 07/01/202013-Jan-2013-Jan-20Other Patterns
Sangam (India) SANGAMIND59.527/12/201902/01/202009/01/202030/12/2019, 06/01/202010-Jan-2013-Jan-20Other Patterns
Max Ventures and Industries Ltd. MAXVIL54.220/12/201930/12/201907/01/202023/12/2019, 06/01/202010-Jan-2013-Jan-20Other Patterns
Reliance Home Finance Ltd. RHFL2.027/12/201902/01/202008/01/202030/12/2019, 07/01/202010-Jan-2017-Jan-20Other Patterns
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