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5 Day Below 20 day EMA13 Day Above 34 day EMA15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA
15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA20 Day Below 50 day EMA
15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA50 Day Above 100 Day EMA
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Screening of 13 days EMA crossing below 34 day EMA in Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Reliance Industries Ltd.RELIANCEView In ChartsREFINERIES1282.31903-Jun-19
PVR LimitedPVRView In ChartsMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT1629.416312-Mar-19
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.INDHOTELView In ChartsHOTELS146.311524-May-19
Vesuvius India Ltd.VESUVIUSView In ChartsREFRACTORIES1137.0511328-May-19
HCL Technologies Ltd.HCLTECHView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE1074.91312-Jun-19
Take Solutions Limited TAKEView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE128.4511427-May-19
Rallis India Ltd.RALLISView In ChartsPESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS148.211130-May-19
Jai Corp Ltd.JAICORPLTDView In ChartsSTEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS105.211524-May-19
Vardhman Textiles Ltd.VTLView In ChartsTEXTILES - COTTON1080.551706-Jun-19
Indo Rama Synthetics Ltd.INDORAMAView In ChartsTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC25.95111201-Jan-19
Jubliant Foodworks LimitedJUBLFOODView In ChartsFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING1277.951510-Jun-19
Oberoi Realty Ltd.OBEROIRLTYView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION513.3512413-May-19
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd.AJMERAView In ChartsSUGAR161.311328-May-19
MVL Ltd.MVLView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION0.2133108-Feb-18
Nu Tek India Ltd.NUTEKView In ChartsTELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES0.35113229-Oct-18
Alphageo (India)ALPHAGEOView In ChartsOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION431.2511328-May-19
IG PetrochemicalsIGPLView In ChartsCHEMICALS - ORGANIC261.051903-Jun-19
Ramky InfrastructureRAMKYView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION100.1511524-May-19
Camlin Fine SciencesCAMLINFINEView In ChartsCHEMICALS - ORGANIC45.6511031-May-19
Mawana SugarsMAWANASUGView In ChartsSUGAR42.611427-May-19
Ind-SwiftINDSWFTLTDView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS4.611523-May-19
GSS InfotechGSSView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE112.41903-Jun-19
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Visesh InfotechnicsVISESHINFOView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE0.051390NA
Capri Global CapitalCGCLView In ChartsFINANCE162.25116217-Oct-18
Bhageria Industries Ltd.BHAGERIAView In ChartsDYES AND PIGMENTS252.611427-May-19
PNB Housing Finance Ltd.PNBHOUSINGView In ChartsFINANCE770.7511427-May-19
Sandhar Technologies Ltd.SANDHARView In ChartsAUTO ANCILLARIES279.3513102-May-19
Madhya Pradesh Today Media Ltd.MPTODAYView In ChartsMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT36.11303-Jun-19
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.MARUTIView In ChartsAUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS6581.6521327-May-19
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.JKLAKSHMIView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS354.321622-May-19
Praj Industries Ltd.PRAJINDView In ChartsENGINEERING130.752931-May-19
GRUH Finance Ltd.GRUHView In ChartsFINANCE - HOUSING293.5526801-Mar-19
Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd.HINDOILEXPView In ChartsOIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION117.226801-Mar-19
GHCL Ltd.GHCLView In ChartsCHEMICALS - INORGANIC236.8525227-Mar-19
MOIL Ltd.MOILView In ChartsMINING149.9521327-May-19
Symphony Ltd.SYMPHONYView In ChartsCONSUMER DURABLES1177.82931-May-19
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.MCXView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS789.8526408-Mar-19
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.SCHNEIDERView In ChartsPOWER92.621327-May-19
Hinduja VenturesHINDUJAVENView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE362.8525425-Mar-19
Thirumalai ChemicalsTIRUMALCHMView In ChartsCHEMICALS - ORGANIC78.621030-May-19
TRFTRFView In ChartsENGINEERING120.1521424-May-19
Precision Wires IndiaPRECWIREView In ChartsMETALS190.3521327-May-19
Hinduja Global SolutionsHGSView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE634.12931-May-19
Deccan CementsDECCANCEView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS397.5521424-May-19
Rushil DecorRUSHILView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS514.4524111-Apr-19
India Nippon ElectricalsINDNIPPONView In ChartsAUTO ANCILLARIES402.052704-Jun-19
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
UFO Moviez India Ltd.UFOView In ChartsMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT199.1521424-May-19
RBL BankRBLBANKView In ChartsBANKS621.326801-Mar-19
TCI Express Ltd.TCIEXPView In ChartsTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT638.32931-May-19
Prataap Snacks Ltd.DIAMONDYDView In ChartsFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING901.42704-Jun-19
Sumit Woods Ltd.SUMITView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION41.025629-Jan-19
Hexaware Technologies Ltd.HEXAWAREView In ChartsCOMPUTERS - SOFTWARE355.9532015-May-19
Bank of BarodaBANKBARODAView In ChartsBANKS116.631324-May-19
Canara BankCANBKView In ChartsBANKS258.553211-Jun-19
Carborundum Universal Ltd.CARBORUNIVView In ChartsABRASIVES338.93831-May-19
Mukta Arts Ltd MUKTAARTSView In ChartsMEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT40.231324-May-19
Gateway Distriparks Ltd.GDLView In ChartsTRAVEL AND TRANSPORT132.0531817-May-19
Andhra Sugars Ltd.ANDHRSUGARView In ChartsSUGAR330.6531621-May-19
Kiri Industries Ltd.KIRIINDUSView In ChartsDYES AND PIGMENTS505.231227-May-19
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd.DEEPAKFERTView In ChartsFERTILISERS127.531227-May-19
Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.BOMDYEINGView In ChartsTEXTILES - SYNTHETIC109.953930-May-19
MRF Ltd.MRFView In ChartsTYRES54724.73604-Jun-19
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.J&KBANKView In ChartsBANKS41.1535914-Mar-19
Munjal Showa Ltd.MUNJALSHOWView In ChartsAUTO ANCILLARIES147.753930-May-19
Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd.BHARATFINView In ChartsFINANCE883.63211-Jun-19
HSIL Ltd.HSILView In ChartsCONSTRUCTION251.736112-Mar-19
BF Utilities Ltd.BFUTILITIEView In ChartsPOWER182.9531227-May-19
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.ALKYLAMINEView In ChartsCHEMICALS - ORGANIC809.63310-Jun-19
Mangalam Cement Ltd.MANGLMCEMView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS238.131227-May-19
Globus SpiritsGLOBUSSPRView In ChartsBREW/DISTILLERIES132.953211-Jun-19
Granules IndiaGRANULESView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS97.036927-Feb-19
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
NCL IndustriesNCLINDView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS140.031423-May-19
Shreyans IndustriesSHREYANINDView In ChartsPAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS139.631324-May-19
Lambodhara TextileLAMBODHARAView In ChartsTEXTILE PRODUCTS40.653930-May-19
Brooks LaboratoriesBROOKSView In ChartsPHARMACEUTICALS45.431227-May-19
STI IndiaSTINDIAView In ChartsTEXTILE PRODUCTS8.153331-May-19
Zenith ExportsZENITHEXPOView In ChartsTEXTILE PRODUCTS50.336506-Mar-19
Banaras BeadsBANARBEADSView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS42.2533030-Apr-19
N K Industries Ltd.NKINDView In ChartsSOLVENT EXTRACTION35.953211-Jun-19
KDDL Ltd.KDDLView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS425.63211-Jun-19
Shankara Building Products Ltd.SHANKARAView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS476.134308-Apr-19
Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd.DIXONView In ChartsELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT2192.0531227-May-19
Bandhan Bank Ltd.BANDHANBNKView In ChartsBANKS539.937618-Feb-19
Kalpatarus Hospitality & Facility Mgt. Ser. Ltd.KHFMView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS36.15335NA
Felix Industries Ltd.FELIXView In ChartsMISCELLANEOUS17.03706-May-19
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd.RIILView In ChartsENGINEERING298.141028-May-19
Bank of IndiaBANKINDIAView In ChartsBANKS84.341028-May-19
ACC Ltd.ACCView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS1509.1541620-May-19
Bajaj Auto Ltd.BAJAJ-AUTOView In ChartsAUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS2836.248108-Feb-19
Ambuja Cements Ltd.AMBUJACEMView In ChartsCEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS205.641127-May-19
GIC Housing Finance Ltd.GICHSGFINView In ChartsFINANCE - HOUSING242.341323-May-19
Supreme Petrochem Ltd.SUPPETROView In ChartsPETROCHEMICALS210.154731-May-19
Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.DHAMPURSUGView In ChartsSUGAR195.7541127-May-19
KRBL Ltd.KRBLView In ChartsFOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING323.741224-May-19

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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