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Double Bottom Chart Pattern  

Report on Indian Stocks with Double Top formation

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Stock Name/ Symbol Other Chart PatternsCurrent Price/ Average Volume (in thousands)Pattern Desc
GNA Axles / GNA View Other Recent Patterns 503.75 / 81209
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Double Top Pattern for Equity GNA Axles was formed on 26/04/2018 with first Top at price of 551.45 on 16/04/2018 , and second Top was formed on 23/04/2018 with closing price of 567.6. Midpoint was formed on 18/04/2018 with a price of 536.55. Also, together with the price movement, volume was also supportive of classic double Top formation as volume (720890) of first Top was higher than volume (210722) of second Top. Although, this was first detected on 26/04/2018 But using other software algorithm it was also visible till 30/04/2018
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