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Monthly Candle Stick Pattern - Doji Formation Monthly Morning Doji StarMonthly Hammer At Downtrend
Monthly Hanging Man at UptrendMonthly Inverted Hammer FormationMonthly Inverted Hammer at Downtrend
Monthly Spinning TopMonthly Bullish MaruBozuMonthly Bearish MaruBozu
Monthly Bearish DragonFly DojiMonthly Bullish GraveStone Doji 

Monthly Hammer Candlestick Pattern in Indian Stock Market

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallView In Chart
Dev Information Technology Ltd.DEVIT80.520/09/2019falsefalsetruefalseView In Chart
Piramal Phytocare Ltd.PIRPHYTO25.030/08/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd.SAGARDEEP49.430/08/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Libas Designs Ltd.LIBAS59.030/08/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Jindal Poly Films Ltd.JINDALPOLY248.328/06/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
EIH Ltd.EIHOTEL167.6528/06/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Kesar Terminals and InfrastructureKTIL37.6528/06/2019falsefalsetruefalseView In Chart
Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund - CPSE ETFCPSEETF23.5630/04/2019falsefalsetruefalseView In Chart
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.REPL27.530/04/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
NELCO Ltd.NELCO257.3528/02/2019falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
DSPCDPSCLTD12.628/02/2019falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
GE Power India Ltd.GEPIL760.2528/02/2019falsefalsetruefalseView In Chart
Accuracy Shipping Ltd.ACCURACY37.428/02/2019falsefalsetruefalseView In Chart
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd.CREDITACC641.228/02/2019falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
Electrosteel Castings Ltd.ELECTCAST15.8531/01/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd.UTTAMSTL7.831/01/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Venky's (India) Ltd.VENKEYS1696.5531/01/2019falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Escorts Ltd.ESCORTS567.6531/12/2018falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
Indraprastha Gas Ltd.IGL339.331/12/2018falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
ESS DEE Aluminium Ltd.ESSDEE4.0531/12/2018falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Transport Corporation of India Ltd. TCI274.9531/12/2018falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded SchemeHNGSNGBEES3101.5331/12/2018falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.PRESTIGE302.431/12/2018falsefalsefalsetrueView In Chart
PSP Projects Ltd.PSPPROJECT513.3531/12/2018falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
Exide Industries Ltd.EXIDEIND181.630/11/2018falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
BLB Ltd.BLBLIMITED3.3530/11/2018falsefalsefalsefalseView In Chart
NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume FallView In Chart

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