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Detailed Technical Analysis of stocks with Charts for Indian Stock Market

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Key Financial Data

High Market CapScreener 
Low Market CapScreener 
High EPSScreener 
High EPS TTMScreener 
PE Between 10 to 20Screener 

Bullish Chart Pattern Screener

Double BottomScreenerLearn
Support LineScreenerLearn
Reverse Head & ShoulderScreenerLearn
Triple BottomScreenerLearn

Bullish Candlestick Pattern

Bullish EngulfingScreenerLearn
Bullish HaramiScreenerLearn
Morning StarScreenerLearn
Bullish PiercingScreenerLearn
Three White SoldiersScreenerLearn

Bullish By Moving Average

Golden Cross-50/200 MAScreenerLearn
Stock Above 100 SMAScreenerLearn
Trending Up By SMAScreenerLearn
5 EMA Above 20 EMA ScreenerLearn
13 EMA Above 34 EMA Screener 

Bullish Technical Indicator

Macd Above SignalScreenerLearn
Trending ADX IndicatorScreenerLearn
Buying Pressure by CMFScreenerLearn
Above Bollinger BandsScreenerLearn
PSAR Bullish ReversalScreener 

Oversold Stocks

By Rising RSIScreenerLearn
By Williams %RScreenerLearn
By Money Flow IndexScreenerLearn
By Fast StochasticScreenerLearn
BY CCIScreenerLearn

Trending Stocks

Trending Up ScreenerLearn
Trending DownScreenerLearn
Daily Closing HigherScreenerLearn
Higher Highs/Higher LowsScreenerLearn

Support & Resistance

By Pivot PointScreenerLearn
Fibonacci 38.2 Support LevelScreener 
Near Fibonacci 61.8 Support LevelScreener 
By Camarilla Pivot PointScreenerLearn
By Woodies Pivot PointScreener 

Volatile/Beta Shares

High Beta StocksScreenerLearn
Volatile On Daily PeriodScreenerLearn
Volatile On Weekly PeriodScreener 
Volatile On Monthly PeriodScreener 
Low Beta StocksScreener 

Todays Gainer/ Loser/ Trade Activity

Gainers | Loser | Vol Shocker | High Avg Vol
Todays Top Gainers
Name Current PricePrevious Price% Gain
NTPC Ltd.134.65129.254.18
Jet Airways (India) Ltd.226.05218.553.43
Just Dial Ltd.627.15608.753.02
Castrol (India) Ltd.160.55156.42.65
GMR Infrastructure Ltd.17.417.02.35
Gainer | Loser | Vol Shocker | High Avg Vol
Todays Top Losers
Name Current PricePrevious Price% Loss
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.147.0157.05-6.399
NMDC Ltd.106.95113.65-5.895
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.130.55137.15-4.812
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.5.856.1-4.098
Bank of Baroda120.1125.2-4.073
Gainer | Loser | Vol Shocker | High Avg Vol
Todays Volume Shockers
Name JumpVolume (in K)Average Vol (In K)
Interglobe Aviation 275.45 %5332 K1420 K
NTPC Ltd. 156.43 %53779 K20972 K
Castrol (India) Ltd. 144.73 %5397 K2205 K
HDFC Bank Ltd. 134.12 %7600 K3246 K
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 117.80 %1715 K787 K
Gainer | Loser | Vol Shocker | High Avg Vol
Trading with High Average Volume
Name Current PriceAverage Vol (In K)
Suzlon Energy Ltd.6.7114 M
Reliance Communications Ltd.5.2580126 K
Reliance Power Ltd.10.6567251 K
Yes Bank Ltd.252.639541 K
Vodafone Idea Ltd.32.236425 K

Bearish Chart Pattern

Double TopScreenerLearn
Support LineScreenerLearn
Head & ShoulderScreenerLearn
Triple TopScreenerLearn
Descending TriangleScreenerLearn

Bearish Candlestick Pattern

Bearish EngulfingScreenerLearn
Bearish HaramiScreenerLearn
Dark Cloud CoverScreenerLearn
Evening StarScreenerLearn
Three Dark CrowsScreenerLearn

Bearish By Moving Average

Dead Cross-50/200 MAScreenerLearn
Stock Below 100 SMAScreenerLearn
Trending Down By SMAScreenerLearn
3 EMA Below 13 EMA ScreenerLearn
5 EMA Below 20 EMA Screener 

Bearish Technical Indicator

Macd Below SignalScreenerLearn
Bearish Reversal BY ADX ScreenerLearn
Selling Pressure by CMFScreenerLearn
Below Bollinger BandsScreenerLearn
PSAR Bearish ReversalScreener 

Overbought Stocks

By Falling RSIScreenerLearn
By Williams %RScreenerLearn
By Money Flow IndexScreenerLearn
By Fast StochasticScreenerLearn
BY CCIScreenerLearn

Qtrly Financial Data Turning
Negative To Positive

Operting ProfitScreener 

Annual Financial Data Turning
Negative To Positive

Profit Before TaxScreener 
Net ProfitScreener 
Operting ProfitScreener 

Continous Growth For Quarters

Earning Per Share(EPS)Screener 

Continous Growth for Years

Net Cash FlowScreener 

YoY Growth

Book Value/ShareScreener 

QoQ Growth

Earning Per Share(EPS)Screener 
Total IncomeScreener 

CAGR Growth 3 Yrs

3 Yrs Book Value/Share GrowthScreener 
3 Yrs Revenue/Sales GrowthScreener 
3 Yrs PBT GrowthScreener 

CAGR Growth 5 Yrs

5 Yrs Book Value/Share GrowthScreener 
5 Yrs Revenue/Sales GrowthScreener 
5 Yrs PBT GrowthScreener 

CAGR Growth 10 Yrs

10 Yrs Book Value/Share GrowthScreener 
10 Yrs Revenue/Sales GrowthScreener 
10 Yrs PBT GrowthScreener 

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