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Strong Downtrend for Short term TradersStrong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 200 Days Moving Average For Indian Stocks

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Lyka Labs LYKALABS View In Charts 54.3529/08/2016240 -12.05 18.15 More Patterns..
Ramco Systems Ltd. RAMCOSYS View In Charts 358.229/08/2016240 -155.25 30.24 More Patterns..
Majesco Ltd. MAJESCO View In Charts 356.929/08/2016240 -146.95 29.17 More Patterns..
TRF TRF View In Charts 204.529/08/2016240 -87.75 30.03 More Patterns..
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. GLAXO View In Charts 2381.5529/08/2016240 -597.70 20.06 More Patterns..
Surana Industries SURANAIND View In Charts 3.4529/08/2016240 -2.05 37.27 More Patterns..
Petron Engineering Construction PETRONENGG View In Charts 128.529/08/2016240 -21.05 14.08 More Patterns..
Blue Dart Express Ltd. BLUEDART View In Charts 4005.9529/08/2016240 -1077.10 21.19 More Patterns..
Hanung Toys and Textiles HANUNG View In Charts 4.2529/08/2016240 -0.700 14.14 More Patterns..
Orchid Pharma Ltd. ORCHIDPHAR View In Charts 25.129/08/2016240 -13.50 34.97 More Patterns..
Lycos Internet Ltd. LYCOS View In Charts 6.7529/08/2016240 -3.40 33.50 More Patterns..
Tilak Nagar Industries Ltd. TI View In Charts 11.6529/08/2016240 -4.10 26.03 More Patterns..
AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd. AXISCADES View In Charts 141.329/08/2016240 -66.50 32.00 More Patterns..
Wockhardt Ltd. WOCKPHARMA View In Charts 569.9529/08/2016240 -250.10 30.50 More Patterns..
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. RUCHINFRA View In Charts 2.9522/08/2016240 -2.60 46.85 More Patterns..
NRB Industrial Bearings NIBL View In Charts 28.729/08/2016240 -14.05 32.87 More Patterns..
Unity Infraprojects Ltd. UNITY View In Charts 6.7529/08/2016240 -4.75 41.30 More Patterns..
Just Dial Ltd. JUSTDIAL View In Charts 349.9529/08/2016240 -155.60 30.78 More Patterns..
GKW Ltd GKWLIMITED View In Charts 435.613/10/2016210 -103.35 19.18 More Patterns..
Nitesh Estates NITESHEST View In Charts 9.014/10/2016210 -4.05 31.03 More Patterns..
The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited UNITEDTEA View In Charts 312.810/10/2016210 -65.20 17.25 More Patterns..
GM Breweries GMBREW View In Charts 402.614/10/2016210 -161.70 28.65 More Patterns..
Kavveri Telecom Products KAVVERITEL View In Charts 10.1510/10/2016210 -3.50 25.64 More Patterns..
BF Utilities Ltd. BFUTILITIE View In Charts 339.414/10/2016210 -219.50 39.27 More Patterns..
RattanIndia Power Ltd. RTNPOWER View In Charts 5.9514/10/2016210 -2.80 32.00 More Patterns..
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd. TEXMOPIPES View In Charts 20.9509/01/2017150 -2.40 10.28 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Jaihind Projects JAIHINDPRO View In Charts 5.5529/09/2016150 -0.450 7.50 More Patterns..
D.B. Realty Ltd. DBREALTY View In Charts 37.009/01/2017150 -1.00 2.63 More Patterns..
TGB Banquets and Hotels TGBHOTELS View In Charts 51.8509/01/2017150 -13.70 20.90 More Patterns..
Divi's Laboratories Ltd. DIVISLAB View In Charts 657.2509/01/2017150 -76.90 10.47 More Patterns..
UFO Moviez India Ltd. UFO View In Charts 346.909/01/2017150 -68.55 16.50 More Patterns..

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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