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Strong Downtrend for Short term TradersStrong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 100 Days Moving Average For Indian Stocks

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
ANG Industries ANGIND View In Charts 9.208/06/2016240 -7.75 45.72 More Patterns..
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. RUCHINFRA View In Charts 3.031/05/2016240 -3.10 50.82 More Patterns..
BS Ltd. BSLIMITED View In Charts 1.808/06/2016240 -9.20 83.64 More Patterns..
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd KSK View In Charts 10.5508/06/2016240 -20.00 65.47 More Patterns..
DB (International) Stock Brokers DBSTOCKBRO View In Charts 9.514/06/2016220 -9.75 50.65 More Patterns..
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. INTELLECT View In Charts 121.304/08/2016200 -89.25 42.39 More Patterns..
Pearl Global Industries PGIL View In Charts 113.1504/08/2016200 -104.00 47.89 More Patterns..
SQS India BFSI SQSBFSI View In Charts 535.702/09/2016180 -372.90 41.04 More Patterns..
OCL Iron and Steel OISL View In Charts 5.0502/09/2016180 -4.05 44.51 More Patterns..
GKW Ltd GKWLIMITED View In Charts 409.503/10/2016160 -142.50 25.82 More Patterns..
Noida-Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. NOIDATOLL View In Charts 11.3504/10/2016160 -10.50 48.05 More Patterns..
Indian Card Clothing INDIANCARD View In Charts 194.5503/11/2016140 -46.80 19.39 More Patterns..
Syncom Healthcare Ltd. SYNCOM View In Charts 5.7503/11/2016140 -2.50 30.30 More Patterns..
Gammon India Ltd. GAMMONIND View In Charts 9.903/11/2016140 -4.80 32.65 More Patterns..
Jyoti Structures Ltd. JYOTISTRUC View In Charts 9.102/12/2016120 -2.10 18.75 More Patterns..
Rei Agro Ltd. REIAGROLTD View In Charts 0.402/12/2016120 -0.050 11.11 More Patterns..
Prakash Constrowell PRAKASHCON View In Charts 4.0502/12/2016120 -1.05 20.59 More Patterns..
Motor and General Finance MOTOGENFIN View In Charts 31.721/12/2016100 -3.15 9.04 More Patterns..
Cambridge Technology Enterprises CTE View In Charts 87.4530/12/2016100 -3.15 3.48 More Patterns..
TTK Healthcare Ltd. TTKHLTCARE View In Charts 759.7530/12/2016100 -121.45 13.78 More Patterns..
8K Miles Software Services Ltd. 8KMILES View In Charts 561.730/12/2016100 -84.45 13.07 More Patterns..
Stampede Capital Ltd. STAMPEDE View In Charts 19.5530/12/2016100 -6.40 24.66 More Patterns..
Jindal Cotex JINDCOT View In Charts 12.2530/12/2016100 -2.45 16.67 More Patterns..

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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