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Strong Downtrend for Short term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 50 Days Moving Average For Indian Stocks

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Tree House Education & Accessories Ltd. TREEHOUSE View In Charts 33.330/10/2015240 -241.30 87.87 More Patterns..
ESS DEE Aluminium Ltd. ESSDEE View In Charts 58.022/12/2015205 -221.05 79.22 More Patterns..
SRS Ltd SRSLTD View In Charts 6.5528/01/2016180 -10.50 61.58 More Patterns..
Parenteral Drugs (India) PDPL View In Charts 26.328/01/2016180 -30.15 53.41 More Patterns..
Lycos Internet Ltd. LYCOS View In Charts 8.528/01/2016180 -17.85 67.74 More Patterns..
Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. RUCHINFRA View In Charts 4.2512/01/2016180 -4.95 53.80 More Patterns..
Goenka Diamond and Jewels GOENKA View In Charts 0.821/03/2016135 -0.600 42.86 More Patterns..
GEMINI Communicatio GEMINI View In Charts 1.920/05/2016105 -0.500 20.83 More Patterns..
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. KELLTONTEC View In Charts 121.620/05/2016105 -51.45 29.73 More Patterns..
Metkore Alloys Industries METKORE View In Charts 2.120/05/2016105 -0.700 25.00 More Patterns..
Ramco Systems Ltd. RAMCOSYS View In Charts 475.710/06/201690 -219.30 31.55 More Patterns..
Just Dial Ltd. JUSTDIAL View In Charts 449.3510/06/201690 -203.25 31.14 More Patterns..
Idea Cellular Ltd. IDEA View In Charts 80.010/06/201690 -23.50 22.71 More Patterns..
Majesco Ltd. MAJESCO View In Charts 436.7510/06/201690 -117.95 21.26 More Patterns..
Tata Elxsi Ltd. TATAELXSI View In Charts 1342.4510/06/201690 -453.30 25.24 More Patterns..
Pratibha Industries Ltd. PRATIBHA View In Charts 16.010/06/201690 -13.60 45.95 More Patterns..
MT Educare MTEDUCARE View In Charts 136.301/07/201675 -30.65 18.36 More Patterns..
RS Software (India) Ltd. RSSOFTWARE View In Charts 69.801/07/201675 -32.10 31.50 More Patterns..
MindTree Ltd. MINDTREE View In Charts 479.001/07/201675 -194.90 28.92 More Patterns..
SQS India BFSI SQSBFSI View In Charts 775.101/07/201675 -225.80 22.56 More Patterns..
Shakti Pumps (India) SHAKTIPUMP View In Charts 133.1525/07/201660 -23.00 14.73 More Patterns..
Saregama India Ltd SAREGAMA View In Charts 234.425/07/201660 -52.85 18.40 More Patterns..
Power Mech Projects Ltd. POWERMECH View In Charts 482.225/07/201660 -80.85 14.36 More Patterns..
Microsec Financial Services MICROSEC View In Charts 50.725/07/201660 -22.05 30.31 More Patterns..
Mohit Industries MOHITIND View In Charts 41.025/07/201660 -27.90 40.49 More Patterns..
Future Enterprises Ltd. FEL View In Charts 15.625/07/201660 -7.40 32.17 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
BS Ltd. BSLIMITED View In Charts 4.4525/07/201660 -6.90 60.79 More Patterns..

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