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Strong Downtrend for Mid term TradersStrong Downtrend for long term TradersStrong Downtrend for very long term Traders

Report on Stocks Trending Down By 15 Days Moving Average For Indian Stocks

Blue Chip Shares   Futures & Option Shares   Midcap Shares  
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Electrotherm (India) ELECTHERM View In Charts 169.2523/01/201740 -37.85 18.28 More Patterns..
FIEM Industries Ltd. FIEMIND View In Charts 850.8523/01/201740 -248.50 22.60 More Patterns..
Mahamaya Steel Industries MAHASTEEL View In Charts 109.7531/01/201735 -56.05 33.81 More Patterns..
HMT Ltd. HMT View In Charts 37.4507/02/201730 -4.90 11.57 More Patterns..
Hanung Toys and Textiles HANUNG View In Charts 4.5507/02/201730 -0.550 10.78 More Patterns..
SPL Industries SPLIL View In Charts 24.1514/02/201725 -2.40 9.04 More Patterns..
DB (International) Stock Brokers DBSTOCKBRO View In Charts 9.7514/02/201725 -2.85 22.62 More Patterns..
OM Metals Infraprojects OMMETALS View In Charts 40.7514/02/201725 -6.25 13.30 More Patterns..
Cimmco CIMMCO View In Charts 61.9514/02/201725 -6.85 9.96 More Patterns..
Hikal Ltd. HIKAL View In Charts 195.614/02/201725 -25.80 11.65 More Patterns..
Pratibha Industries Ltd. PRATIBHA View In Charts 11.6514/02/201725 -0.900 7.17 More Patterns..
Prakash Constrowell PRAKASHCON View In Charts 4.114/02/201725 -0.700 14.58 More Patterns..
Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd. ACCELYA View In Charts 1405.9521/02/201720 -124.85 8.16 More Patterns..
E-Land Apparel ELAND View In Charts 22.721/02/201720 -3.15 12.19 More Patterns..
Aries Agro ARIES View In Charts 147.7521/02/201720 -21.45 12.68 More Patterns..
Sreeleathers Ltd. SREEL View In Charts 127.021/02/201720 -26.15 17.07 More Patterns..
Bhandari Hosiery Exports Ltd. BHANDARIView In Charts2.6521/02/201720 -0.550 17.19 More Patterns..
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD. FACT View In Charts 33.601/03/201715 -0.450 1.36 More Patterns..
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. HINDPETRO View In Charts 510.9501/03/201715 -7.60 1.47 More Patterns..
Lypsa Gems and Jewellery LYPSAGEMS View In Charts 63.8501/03/201715 -4.75 6.92 More Patterns..
Cambridge Technology Enterprises CTE View In Charts 86.901/03/201715 -4.10 4.51 More Patterns..
MOIL Ltd. MOIL View In Charts 315.5501/03/201715 -27.05 7.90 More Patterns..
Supreme Infrastructure India SUPREMEINF View In Charts 89.4501/03/201715 -8.30 8.49 More Patterns..
NDTV Ltd. NDTV View In Charts 67.4501/03/201715 -4.40 6.12 More Patterns..
Aarti Drugs AARTIDRUGS View In Charts 567.1501/03/201715 -23.70 4.01 More Patterns..
ICSA (India) Limited ICSA View In Charts 2.8501/03/201715 -0.150 5.00 More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysLoss Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
HPL Electric & Power HPL View In Charts 104.6501/03/201715 -5.65 5.12 More Patterns..
PBA Infrastructure PBAINFRA View In Charts 21.9501/03/201715 -2.10 8.73 More Patterns..
Vaibhav Global VAIBHAVGBL View In Charts 385.601/03/201715 -30.05 7.23 More Patterns..
Indian Hume Pipe Company INDIANHUME View In Charts 377.201/03/201715 -19.10 4.82 More Patterns..
Sterling Biotech Ltd STERLINBIO View In Charts 4.0501/03/201715 -0.300 6.90 More Patterns..

(All analysis is based on End of Trade day's Value. Expected time of update is between 5 to 5.30 PM exchange time Zone)

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