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Strong downtrend, Bearish stock in Indian Stock Market

Five days

Name Current Price Five days Old Price Price Diff (%)
PTL Enterprises 53.65160.95-66.667
Poly Medicure 277.35580-52.181
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceutical 62.8588.05-28.620
Refex Industries 19.0523.65-19.450
Northgate Com Tech Ltd. 0.70.85-17.647

Ten days

Name Current Price Ten days Old Price Price Diff (%)
PTL Enterprises 53.65146-63.253
Farmax India 0.050.1-50.000
VKS Projects Ltd. 0.050.1-50.000
Poly Medicure 277.35528.65-47.536
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceutical 62.8589.95-30.128

Fifteen days

Name Current Price Fifteen days Old Price Price Diff (%)
PTL Enterprises 53.65139.65-61.583
VKS Projects Ltd. 0.050.1-50.000
Poly Medicure 277.35528.25-47.496
Northgate Com Tech Ltd. 0.71.2-41.667
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceutical 62.8591.8-31.536

One Month

Name Current Price One Month Old Price Price Diff (%)
VKS Projects Ltd. 0.050.15-66.667
Farmax India 0.050.15-66.667
PTL Enterprises 53.65139.8-61.624
Northgate Com Tech Ltd. 0.71.55-54.839
Poly Medicure 277.35491.5-43.571

Three Months

Name Current Price Three Months Old Price Price Diff (%)
Shekhawati Poly-Yarn 0.451.5-70.000
Farmax India 0.050.15-66.667
VKS Projects Ltd. 0.050.15-66.667
PTL Enterprises 53.65135.35-60.362
Viji Finance 6.415.9-59.748

Six Months

Name Current Price Six Months Old Price Price Diff (%)
Mandhana Industries 20.75127.05-83.668
Energy Development Company Ltd. 34.1198.55-82.825
Prakash Constrowell 3.9518.45-78.591
Mahamaya Steel Industries 100.65374-73.088
Shekhawati Poly-Yarn 0.451.45-68.966

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