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Stocks at 200 Day Moving Average Support for Indian Stock Market

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NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. ABIRLANUVO View In Charts 1287.11286.791342580.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILES - SYNTHETIC
Bhagyanagar India BHAGYNAGAR View In Charts 17.9517.93358698.0 More Patterns.. CABLES - TELECOM
GKW Ltd GKWLIMITED View In Charts 613.45612.821891.0 More Patterns.. FASTNERS
Graphite India Ltd. GRAPHITE View In Charts 75.0574.96129743.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRODES
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. BHEL View In Charts 136.8136.5686417480.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. INDRAMEDCO View In Charts 57.1557.0387227378.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
Sterlite Technologies Ltd. STRTECH View In Charts 87.4587.2558448020.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Cummins India Ltd. CUMMINSIND View In Charts 902.15899.917340907.0 More Patterns.. DIESEL ENGINES
JMC Projects (India) JMCPROJECT View In Charts 235.8235.20834292.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Ankit Metal and Power ANKITMETAL View In Charts 1.851.8445101927.0 More Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Lovable Lingerie LOVABLE View In Charts 252.6251.70350189.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Eimco Elecon (India) EIMCOELECO View In Charts 399.0397.5571452.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Essar Shipping ESSARSHPNG View In Charts 25.525.406122813.0 More Patterns.. SHIPPING
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng Exchange Traded Scheme HNGSNGBEES View In Charts 2056.112047.668.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Flexituff International FLEXITUFF View In Charts 200.0199.05442528.0 More Patterns.. PACKAGING
Jubliant Foodworks Limited JUBLFOOD View In Charts 1232.951227.07482089.0 More Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co GILLANDERS View In Charts 63.162.790711901.0 More Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE
Jyothy Laboratories Limit JYOTHYLAB View In Charts 295.0293.492183183.0 More Patterns.. PERSONAL CARE
Munjal Showa Ltd. MUNJALSHOW View In Charts 181.6180.64920522.0 More Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. J&KBANK View In Charts 70.0569.66851624710.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Hindusthan National Glass and Industries HINDNATGLS View In Charts 83.9583.446799.0 More Patterns.. Glass, Glass Product
Jenson and Nicholson JENSONICOL View In Charts 8.558.4985101242.0 More Patterns.. PAINTS
Alchemist Corporation Ltd. ALCHEM View In Charts 23.923.74939429.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
The Byke Hospitality Ltd. BYKE View In Charts 160.0158.91495947.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd. COFFEEDAY View In Charts 252.4250.54781340.0 More Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Orient Bell ORIENTBELL View In Charts 153.55152.41815972.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. THOMASCOOK View In Charts 196.75195.283249253.0 More Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Nu Tek India Ltd. NUTEK View In Charts 0.650.6447579013.0 More Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES
Everest Industries Ltd. EVERESTIND View In Charts 269.4267.0927818.0 More Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. RJL View In Charts 131.2130.00715843.0 More Patterns.. GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES
Indowind Energy Limited INDOWIND View In Charts 4.24.1612539173.0 More Patterns.. POWER
Ujaas Energy UJAAS View In Charts 23.122.8843391656.0 More Patterns.. POWER
Pitti Laminations PITTILAM View In Charts 41.2540.863823429.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd. FCEL View In Charts 22.021.791320830.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
AstraZenca Pharma India Ltd. ASTRAZEN View In Charts 1138.41127.0624010.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Ponni Sugars (Erode) PONNIERODE View In Charts 209.15207.03752251.0 More Patterns.. SUGAR
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF N100 View In Charts 301.99298.8132149.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
ESAB India Ltd. ESABINDIA View In Charts 584.35578.1751386.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRODES
Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd. IDBI View In Charts 71.971.13934242240.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Supreme (India) Impex SIIL View In Charts 70.870.03583636.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Cubex Tubings CUBEXTUB View In Charts 11.211.0758596.0 More Patterns.. METALS
Sangam (India) SANGAMIND View In Charts 276.15272.99229596.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Shoppers Stop Ltd. SHOPERSTOP View In Charts 377.2372.7523004.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
TV Today Network Ltd. TVTODAY View In Charts 302.1298.51854693.0 More Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
BGR Energy Systems Ltd BGRENERGY View In Charts 114.25112.896180914.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Automotive Axles Ltd. AUTOAXLES View In Charts 635.85627.55513611.0 More Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. AMARAJABAT View In Charts 891.6879.369302296.0 More Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Bank of Maharashtra. MAHABANK View In Charts 31.1530.717394128.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd. SADBHIN View In Charts 96.8595.47585132.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Hindustan Media Ventures HMVL View In Charts 275.25271.23138341.0 More Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Gujarat NRE Coke (DVR) GUJNREDVR View In Charts 2.252.2167521711.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Bharat Electronics Ltd. BEL View In Charts 1228.01209.79225072.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRONICS - INDUSTRIAL
Vijay Shanthi Builders VIJSHAN View In Charts 10.09.8487532363.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Take Solutions Limited TAKE View In Charts 163.85161.269269549.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Amrutanjan Health Care AMRUTANJAN View In Charts 441.4434.43921915.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
KSB Pumps Ltd. KSBPUMPS View In Charts 631.6620.8238546.0 More Patterns.. COMPRESSORS / PUMPS
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. OFSS View In Charts 3646.83583.7551475.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Golden Tobacco GOLDENTOBC View In Charts 42.842.05513473.0 More Patterns.. CIGARETTES
Oricon Enterprises Ltd. ORICONENT View In Charts 60.058.9518277875.0 More Patterns.. PACKAGING
AGC Networks AGCNET View In Charts 74.973.572536634.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Magnum Ventures MAGNUM View In Charts 3.13.04455726.0 More Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Thermax Ltd. THERMAX View In Charts 836.75821.549668.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
TVS Srichakra TVSSRICHAK View In Charts 2519.82472.746813.0 More Patterns.. TYRES
Kec International Ltd. KEC View In Charts 136.15133.585211425.0 More Patterns.. TRANSMISSION TOWERS
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. STCINDIA View In Charts 118.6116.292236153.0 More Patterns.. TRADING
Surana Solar SURANASOL View In Charts 24.423.924298482.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
GAIL (India) Ltd. GAIL View In Charts 365.55358.3951410810.0 More Patterns.. GAS
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. AUROPHARMA View In Charts 787.8772.1581812540.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Fag Bearings India Ltd. FAGBEARING View In Charts 4071.33990.12556.0 More Patterns.. BEARINGS
Kernex Microsystems (India) KERNEX View In Charts 39.5538.745511362.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Dhunseri Tea & Industries DTIL View In Charts 286.3280.4385141.0 More Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE
EIH Ltd. EIHOTEL View In Charts 114.55112.14697411.0 More Patterns.. HOTELS
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. PRESTIGE View In Charts 184.85180.954184905.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
IFB Industries Ltd. IFBIND View In Charts 387.05378.88316723.0 More Patterns.. CONSUMER DURABLES
Tara Jewels TARAJEWELS View In Charts 42.041.1065128842.0 More Patterns.. GEMS, JEWELLERY AND WATCHES
JBF Industries Ltd. JBFIND View In Charts 210.95206.451104837.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILES - COTTON
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
MRF Ltd. MRF View In Charts 36300.335523.48459.0 More Patterns.. TYRES
Andhra Cement ANDHRACEMT View In Charts 7.857.67925343331.0 More Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. MANGCHEFER View In Charts 45.944.88718650.0 More Patterns.. FERTILISERS
Snowman Logistics Ltd. SNOWMAN View In Charts 71.4569.87173399180.0 More Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
DCM DCM View In Charts 89.0587.046255800.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Oriental Hotels Ltd. ORIENTHOT View In Charts 24.0523.508535911.0 More Patterns.. HOTELS
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. GESHIP View In Charts 341.75333.815101913.0 More Patterns.. SHIPPING
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. GLENMARK View In Charts 856.25836.246483840.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd ARIHANT View In Charts 42.0541.05971484.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Jaypee Infratech Ltd. JPINFRATEC View In Charts 9.89.564752023520.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
NaMEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd. MEP View In Charts 43.9542.888197193.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
D.B. Realty Ltd. DBREALTY View In Charts 51.450.1398273411.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
BEML Ltd. BEML View In Charts 1033.11006.85299298.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Cipla Ltd. CIPLA View In Charts 567.2552.731776630.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Sunteck Realty Ltd. SUNTECK View In Charts 232.85226.84894197.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd. SELAN View In Charts 202.4197.14661563.0 More Patterns.. OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION
ICSA (India) Limited ICSA View In Charts 2.852.775539406.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Gokaldas Exports Ltd. GOKEX View In Charts 77.975.8443892169.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
McDowell Holdings MCDHOLDING View In Charts 27.626.847546184.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF BSLNIFTY View In Charts 91.2688.7569447.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Action Construction Equipment Ltd. ACE View In Charts 42.841.6215301909.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. TNPETRO View In Charts 21.520.895395997.0 More Patterns.. PETROCHEMICALS
Reliance Industries Ltd. RELIANCE View In Charts 1020.5990.9952527360.0 More Patterns.. REFINERIES
Bhartiya International BIL View In Charts 530.95515.19717026.0 More Patterns.. LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS
Times Guaranty TIMESGTY View In Charts 21.1520.5152678.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Tulsi Extrusions Limited TULSI View In Charts 3.753.63553830.0 More Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
H.E.G. Ltd. HEG View In Charts 161.75156.74226532.0 More Patterns.. ELECTRODES
ibn18 Broadcast Ltd. TV18BRDCST View In Charts 40.9539.67582712080.0 More Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
OPTO CIRCUITS (I) LTD. OPTOCIRCUI View In Charts 11.7511.3841095590.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Container Corporation of India Ltd. CONCOR View In Charts 1362.11319.65190492.0 More Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Unity Infraprojects Ltd. UNITY View In Charts 12.2511.8608127842.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Skipper Ltd. SKIPPER View In Charts 158.15153.121150241.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
S E Power SEPOWER View In Charts 7.16.872756998.0 More Patterns.. POWER
Union Bank of India UNIONBANK View In Charts 136.2131.6995976680.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Jindal Worldwide JINDWORLD View In Charts 151.7146.653893.0 More Patterns.. TRADING
GMR Infrastructure Ltd. GMRINFRA View In Charts 13.4513.00229720320.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Navkar Corporation Ltd. NAVKARCORP View In Charts 197.05190.41383020.0 More Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Sezal Glass SEZAL View In Charts 7.16.86055326.0 More Patterns.. Glass, Glass Product
UCO Bank UCOBANK View In Charts 41.239.8078773996.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Jindal Saw Ltd. JINDALSAW View In Charts 51.850.0472836221.0 More Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Bharti Airtel Ltd. BHARTIARTL View In Charts 352.6340.622840070.0 More Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - SERVICES
ICICI Bank Ltd. ICICIBANK View In Charts 248.45239.6461.47279E7 More Patterns.. BANKS
Agro Tech Foods Ltd. ATFL View In Charts 525.0506.37933109.0 More Patterns.. SOLVENT EXTRACTION
Jocil JOCIL View In Charts 190.3183.5189534.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
Ansal Housing and Construction ANSALHSG View In Charts 24.6523.7728828.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Syndicate Bank SYNDIBANK View In Charts 75.572.75823388300.0 More Patterns.. BANKS
Arvind Ltd. ARVIND View In Charts 312.8301.4341630650.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Ganesh Housing Corporation GANESHHOUC View In Charts 79.5576.651316695.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Lloyd Electric and Engineering Ltd LLOYDELENG View In Charts 259.5250.014232626.0 More Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd. HCC View In Charts 22.421.58053554160.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
TVS Motor Company Ltd. TVSMOTOR View In Charts 306.4295.1782140530.0 More Patterns.. AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS
Jyoti Structures Ltd. JYOTISTRUC View In Charts 13.3512.8582458416.0 More Patterns.. TRANSMISSION TOWERS
Atlas Cycle Industries ATLASCYCLE View In Charts 208.65200.90213310.0 More Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
Landmark Property Development Company LPDC View In Charts 3.93.75414007.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Castex Technologies Ltd. CASTEXTECH View In Charts 11.1510.73233965320.0 More Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Parabolic Drugs PARABDRUGS View In Charts 6.86.5445319911.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Indo Thai Securities INDOTHAI View In Charts 24.9524.01075479.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Company Ltd. PKTEA View In Charts 144.95139.487738.0 More Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE
Nitesh Estates NITESHEST View In Charts 13.6513.1257293266.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd. EXCEL View In Charts 35.834.422749819.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Ginni Filaments Ltd. GINNIFILA View In Charts 22.221.344127799.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Nila Infrastructures Ltd. NILAINFRA View In Charts 13.8513.3135323938.0 More Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION
Xpro India XPROINDIA View In Charts 47.946.043312444.0 More Patterns.. PACKAGING
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. GSKCONS View In Charts 6249.56004.1811390.0 More Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
International Paper APPM IPAPPM View In Charts 291.2279.69869808.0 More Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Shree Rama Newsprint RAMANEWS View In Charts 23.8522.907228067.0 More Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. APLLTD View In Charts 640.45615.124111371.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Merck Ltd. MERCK View In Charts 735.65706.23416408.0 More Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
RattanIndia Infrastructure Ltd. RTNINFRA View In Charts 3.63.45525823175.0 More Patterns.. POWER
Repro India REPRO View In Charts 441.45423.6246121.0 More Patterns.. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING
JSW Energy Ltd. JSWENERGY View In Charts 79.075.79132476780.0 More Patterns.. POWER
V-Mart Retail VMART View In Charts 520.05498.9056154.0 More Patterns.. RETAIL
Williamson Magor and Company WILLAMAGOR View In Charts 65.5562.87329697.0 More Patterns.. FINANCE
Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. GODFRYPHLP View In Charts 1165.051117.21124404.0 More Patterns.. CIGARETTES
Morarjee Textiles MORARJEE View In Charts 43.8541.99219735.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILES - COTTON
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price200 Day SMAAverage VolumeOther Recent PatternsSector
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. WALCHANNAG View In Charts 154.4147.832149084.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. IRB View In Charts 235.8225.6191770080.0 More Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT
Cantabil Retail India CANTABIL View In Charts 74.270.978825813.0 More Patterns.. RETAIL
SANWARIA AGRO OILS L SANWARIA View In Charts 6.15.8345276495.0 More Patterns.. VANASPATI OIL
McLeod Russel India Ltd. MCLEODRUSS View In Charts 187.5179.272713970.0 More Patterns.. TEA AND COFFEE
Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi JMA View In Charts 195.0186.3971297.0 More Patterns.. AUTOMOBILES - 2 AND 3 WHEELERS
FERT. & CHEM. TRAVANCORE LTD. FACT View In Charts 23.9522.89246560.0 More Patterns.. FERTILISERS
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. TCS View In Charts 2572.052456.271126320.0 More Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Ingersoll Rand (India) Ltd. INGERRAND View In Charts 735.35701.99416656.0 More Patterns.. COMPRESSORS / PUMPS
Bata India Ltd. BATAINDIA View In Charts 543.4518.744747315.0 More Patterns.. LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays CCHHL View In Charts 12.8512.26472299.0 More Patterns.. HOTELS
Nitin Spinners NITINSPIN View In Charts 69.966.7097115233.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Tainwala Chemicals and Plastics (India) TAINWALCHM View In Charts 44.842.7274538.0 More Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. BRFL View In Charts 167.5159.74842651.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Rane Engine Valves RANEENGINE View In Charts 500.8477.3071740.0 More Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sita Shree Food Products SITASHREE View In Charts 12.1511.578529649.0 More Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING
Castrol (India) Ltd. CASTROLIND View In Charts 425.65405.5631528390.0 More Patterns.. PETROCHEMICALS
Praj Industries Ltd. PRAJIND View In Charts 92.087.5567965886.0 More Patterns.. ENGINEERING
Patspin India PATSPINLTD View In Charts 9.458.9927510968.0 More Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Zuari Agro Chemicals ZUARI View In Charts 170.0161.74338838.0 More Patterns.. FERTILISERS
Plastiblends India PLASTIBLEN View In Charts 431.7410.4724912.0 More Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS

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