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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with S

Blue Chip* Stocks Only   F&O** Stocks Only   Midcap*** Stocks Only  
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
S E Power SEPOWER Recent Patterns.. POWER8.755.3525.914750.0
S H Kelkar & Company Ltd. SHK Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 285.2208.0362.9241197.0
S P Apparels SPAL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 422.450.00.070266.0
S&P CNX NIFTY NIFTY Recent Patterns.. INDEX 9604.97893.89637.752.00553E8
SAB Events & Governance Now Media Ltd. SABEVENTS Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
Sadbhav Engineering Limited SADBHAV Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 314.55237.95350.077128.0
Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects Ltd. SADBHIN Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 105.0580.5121.0102902.0
Sagar Cements SAGCEM Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 849.8511.5942.1516521.0
Saksoft SAKSOFT Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 206.55154.05340.07013.0
Sakthi Sugars Ltd. SAKHTISUG Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 29.325.855.9143031.0
Sakuma Exports SAKUMA Recent Patterns.. TRADING 64.0548.782.020005.0
SAL Steel SALSTEEL Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 6.352.28.6560310.0
Salona Cotspin Ltd. SALONA Recent Patterns.. TEXTILES - COTTON 60.750.00.0808.0
Salora International SALORAINTL Recent Patterns.. CONSUMER DURABLES 57.1538.678.74054.0
Salzer Electronics Ltd. SALZERELEC Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 191.1166.25267.051858.0
Sambhaav Media SAMBHAAV Recent Patterns.. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING 7.73.559.623651.0
Sanco Industries Ltd. SANCO Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 115.430.1145.05683.0
Sandesh SANDESH Recent Patterns.. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING 885.05711.01088.01312.0
Sangam (India) SANGAMIND Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 281.25222.55325.8189876.0
Sanghi Industries SANGHIIND Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 77.547.0591.31181700.0
Sanghvi Forging and Engineering SANGHVIFOR Recent Patterns.. CASTINGS/FORGINGS 41.3533.353.021006.0
SANGHVI MOV SANGHVIMOV Recent Patterns.. ENGINEERING 239.45195.35288.745833.0
Sanofi India Ltd. SANOFI Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 4026.154001.04950.07196.0
SANWARIA AGRO OILS L SANWARIA Recent Patterns.. VANASPATI OIL 12.24.516.351168080.0
Sarda Energy and Minerals SARDAEN Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 251.5102.0296.274868.0
Saregama India Ltd SAREGAMA Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 230.55181.2328.867876.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Sarla Performance Fibers SARLAPOLY Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE MACHINERY 58.2553.580.078443.0
Sasken Communication Techno. Ltd. SASKEN Recent Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT 400.75301.0463.567363.0
Sastasundar Ventures Ltd. SASTASUNDR Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 122.640.5152.95123817.0
Sathavahana Ispat SATHAISPAT Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 36.936.05103.4162695.0
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. SATIN Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 299.45291.95716.097717.0
Savita Oil Technologies SOTL Recent Patterns.. PETROCHEMICALS 1178.2550.81178.22023.0
SBI ETF Banking SETFNIFBK Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 236.6170.1270.02893.0
SBI MF ETF Nifty Junior SETFNN50 Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 265.75194.3300.01017.0
SBI Mutual Fund - Gold Exchange Traded Scheme SETFGOLD Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 2635.12540.02972.34003.0
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. SCHNEIDER Recent Patterns.. POWER 138.65128.15173.75132636.0
SE Investments SEINV Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 162.35146.5307.257932.0
SEAMEC Ltd. SEAMECLTD Recent Patterns.. OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION 125.2576.4131.846060.0
SEL Manufacturing Company SELMCL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd. SELAN Recent Patterns.. OIL EXPLORATION/PRODUCTION 173.85154.6230.593302.0
Sequent Scientific Ltd. SEQUENT Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 107.3105.05152.8221439.0
Servalakshmi Paper SERVALL Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 3.252.654.610399.0
Seshasayee Paper and Boards SESHAPAPER Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 811.65247.25870.010012.0
Setco Automotive SETCO Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES
Sezal Glass SEZAL Recent Patterns.. Glass, Glass Product 5.354.8511.153399.0
Shah Alloys SHAHALLOYS Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 18.07.2523.04145.0
Shakti Pumps (India) SHAKTIPUMP Recent Patterns.. COMPRESSORS / PUMPS 416.45104.1425.8960616.0
Shalimar Paints SHALPAINTS Recent Patterns.. PAINTS 260.0119.65320.6608305.0
Shankara Building Products Ltd. SHANKARA Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 694.550.00.0230193.0
Shanthi Gears Ltd. SHANTIGEAR Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 127.098.5143.467646.0
Sharda Cropchem Ltd. SHARDACROP Recent Patterns.. PESTICIDES AND AGROCHEMICALS 501.9335.3570.043802.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Sharda Motor Industries Ltd. SHARDAMOTR Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 1784.35801.52170.01618.0
Sharon Bio Medicine SHARONBIO Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS
Sheela Foam Ltd. SFL Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 1290.90.00.017497.0
Shekhawati Poly-Yarn SPYL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 0.350.252.25557911.0
Shilpa Medicare SHILPAMED Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 652.2442.0786.927205.0
Shilpi Cable Technologies SHILPI Recent Patterns.. CABLES - TELECOM 38.738.7252.0704233.0
Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. SCI Recent Patterns.. SHIPPING 69.855.585.851020960.0
Shirpur Gold Refinery SHIRPUR-G Recent Patterns.. MINING 135.471.8178.951525.0
Shiva Texyarn SHIVTEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 308.585.0373.06748.0
Shivam Autotech SHIVAMAUTO Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 50.0536.2563.65164372.0
Shoppers Stop Ltd. SHOPERSTOP Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 302.35268.0406.434514.0
Shree Cement Ltd. SHREECEM Recent Patterns.. CEMENT AND CEMENT PRODUCTS 17784.012810.020538.018851.0
Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. SHREEPUSHK Recent Patterns.. FERTILISERS 224.3104.9228.0185837.0
Shree Rama Multi Tech SHREERAMA Recent Patterns.. PACKAGING 12.95.3519.75150970.0
Shree Rama Newsprint RAMANEWS Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 28.9521.441.075990.0
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. RENUKA Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 13.7511.2519.151668520.0
Shreyans Industries SHREYANIND Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 165.7541.55207.4565495.0
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd. SHREYAS Recent Patterns.. SHIPPING 303.45191.05463.9560542.0
Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. SHRIRAMCIT Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 2187.951521.052610.029489.0
Shriram EPC Ltd. SHRIRAMEPC Recent Patterns.. ENGINEERING 25.3519.8541.096496.0
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. SHRIPISTON Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 1623.90.00.0452.0
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. SRTRANSFIN Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 993.65778.051324.4604820.0
Shyam Century Ferrous Ltd. SHYAMCENT Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 8.255.7511.2531870.0
Shyam Telecom SHYAMTEL Recent Patterns.. TELECOMMUNICATION - EQUIPMENT 23.523.3540.254025.0
Sicagen India SICAGEN Recent Patterns.. TRADING
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Sical Logistics Ltd. SICAL Recent Patterns.. TRADING 243.1123.3286.066279.0
Siemens Ltd. SIEMENS Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 1369.751012.01471.35229707.0
Signet Industries SIGNET Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 10.7510.044.72706650.0
SIL Investments SILINV Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 174.382.0223.94186.0
Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd. SIMBHALS Recent Patterns.. SUGAR 31.425.1561.4548275.0
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. SIMPLEXINF Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 421.25257.2437.824732.0
Simplex Projects SIMPLEX Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 30.8520.537.45166.0
Sintex Industries Ltd. SINTEX Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 28.9516.15121.42.1616E7
Sita Shree Food Products SITASHREE Recent Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING 5.554.816.333502.0
Siti Networks SITINET Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 30.550.00.0230534.0
Siyaram Silk Mills SIYSIL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 1878.2995.01913.03716.0
SJVN Ltd. SJVN Recent Patterns.. POWER 31.825.9536.6676502.0
SKF India Ltd. SKFINDIA Recent Patterns.. BEARINGS 1570.91190.51748.57902.0
SKIL Infrastructure SKIL Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION37.517.6541.25957600.0
Skipper Ltd. SKIPPER Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 192.65126.15214.0130540.0
SKM Egg Products Export (India) SKMEGGPROD Recent Patterns.. FOOD AND FOOD PROCESSING 70.350.086.916957.0
Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. SMARTLINK Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - HARDWARE 91.774.5123.729559.0
SML Isuzu SMLISUZU Recent Patterns.. AUTOMOBILES - 4 WHEELERS 1274.05951.01433.830296.0
SMS Pharmaceuticals SMSPHARMA Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 81.280.05115.195415.0
Snowman Logistics Ltd. SNOWMAN Recent Patterns.. TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT 54.348.193.95523535.0
Sobha Ltd. SOBHA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 379.85216.05450.0436113.0
Solar Industries India SOLARINDS Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 838.0588.0915.015046.0
Som Distilleries and Breweries SDBL Recent Patterns.. BREW/DISTILLERIES 149.4110.3210.964760.0
Soma Textiles and Industries SOMATEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 12.455.017.0519379.0
Somany Ceramics SOMANYCERA Recent Patterns.. Ceramic & Granite 766.8461.0840.031207.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Somi Conveyor Beltings SOMICONVEY Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS
Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. SONASTEER Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 83.043.8589.95297055.0
Sonata Software Ltd. SONATSOFTW Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 148.6137.9224.0141321.0
SORIL Infra Resources Ltd. SORILINFRA Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 131.784.3247.4202488.0
South Indian Bank Ltd. SOUTHBANK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 26.918.5527.62.99983E7
Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd. SPIC Recent Patterns.. FERTILISERS 26.2517.431.9983369.0
Speciality Restaurants SPECIALITY Recent Patterns.. HOTELS 81.759.5103.036821.0
Spentex Industries SPENTEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 3.12.758.225132.0
Sphere Global Services Ltd. SPHEREGSL Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 62.3547.8585.0107194.0
Spice Mobility SPICEMOBI Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - HARDWARE 13.812.021.048845.0
SPL Industries SPLIL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 19.8519.1538.959226.0
SPML Infra SPMLINFRA Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 111.448.5126.865288.0
SQS India BFSI SQSBFSI Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE 526.45489.051194.814375.0
Sree Rayalaseema Hi Strength Hyp SRHHYPOLTD Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 131.369.05178.07062.0
Sreeleathers Ltd. SREEL Recent Patterns.. LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS 138.497.1199.03811.0
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. SREINFRA Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 103.1556.05116.42797520.0
SRF Ltd. SRF Recent Patterns.. TEXTILES - SYNTHETIC 1608.91196.651970.0171924.0
Sri Adhikari Brothers Television SABTN Recent Patterns.. MEDIA228.45221.1305.034728.0
Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd. SRIPIPES Recent Patterns.. METALS 320.35234.8399.5113247.0
SRS Ltd SRSLTD Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 2.952.912.351450830.0
Stampede Capital Ltd. STAMPEDE Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 19.550.00.05017710.0
Standard Industries Ltd. SIL Recent Patterns.. CHEMICALS - ORGANIC 24.7519.7532.229531.0
Star Paper Mills STARPAPER Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 204.8540.15219.8128809.0
State Bank of India SBIN Recent Patterns.. BANKS 284.0194.6315.31.79974E7
State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. STCINDIA Recent Patterns.. TRADING 144.6586.05251.472388.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Steel Authority of India Ltd. SAIL Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 58.4540.768.67796910.0
Steel Strips Wheels SSWL Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 848.9378.15953.38923.0
STEL Holdings STEL Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 77.4525.8591.8539196.0
Sterling Biotech Ltd STERLINBIO Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 4.352.956.8118492.0
Sterling Tools STERTOOLS Recent Patterns.. FASTNERS249.5586.4287.925001.0
Sterlite Technologies Ltd. STRTECH Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 156.473.0170.6860419.0
STL Global SGL Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 15.32.5519.65132932.0
Strides Arcolab Ltd. STAR Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 879.2848.01274.7291560.0
Subex Ltd. SUBEX Recent Patterns.. COMPUTERS - SOFTWARE
Subros SUBROS Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 243.177.2266.776642.0
Sudarshan Chemical Industries SUDARSCHEM Recent Patterns.. DYES AND PIGMENTS 377.95119.0455.35210232.0
Sujana Metal Products SMPL Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 1.951.853.8154267.0
Sujana Universal Industries Ltd. SUJANAUNI Recent Patterns.. CONSUMER DURABLES
Sumeet Industries SUMEETINDS Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 33.2511.0545.11331420.0
Summit Securities SUMMITSEC Recent Patterns.. FINANCE 614.3290.9748.75194.0
Sun Pharma Advanced Resea SPARC Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 274.7270.0414.9175819.0
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. SUNPHARMA Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 502.6492.65854.955136190.0
Sun TV Network Ltd. SUNTV Recent Patterns.. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 781.45335.1946.01514440.0
Sundaram Brake Linings SUNDRMBRAK Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 457.25255.1569.029235.0
Sundaram Finance Ltd. SUNDARMFIN Recent Patterns.. FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 1477.51102.01740.126804.0
Sundaram Multi Pap SUNDARAM Recent Patterns.. PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 3.052.355.95331432.0
Sundaram-Clayton SUNCLAYLTD Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 4061.251951.24516.04968.0
Sundram Fasteners Ltd. SUNDRMFAST Recent Patterns.. FASTNERS387.85156.8426.9130933.0
Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd SUNFLAG Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 35.423.242.15183639.0
Sunil Hitech Engineers SUNILHITEC Recent Patterns.. POWER 13.07.56523.452585880.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Sunteck Realty Ltd. SUNTECK Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 467.6174.6487.9134995.0
Super Spinning Mills SUPERSPIN Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 17.06.6521.2295660.0
Superhouse SUPERHOUSE Recent Patterns.. LEATHER AND LEATHER PRODUCTS 152.6125.05179.815617.0
Suprajit Engineering SUPRAJIT Recent Patterns.. AUTO ANCILLARIES 248.75153.65262.9570799.0
Supreme Industries Ltd. SUPREMEIND Recent Patterns.. PLASTIC AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS 1163.75730.51219.9580390.0
Supreme Infrastructure India SUPREMEINF Recent Patterns.. CONSTRUCTION 71.8568.2123.850743.0
Supreme Petrochem Ltd. SUPPETRO Recent Patterns.. PETROCHEMICALS 385.05162.05446.8123437.0
Supreme Tex Mart SUPREMETEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS
Surana Industries SURANAIND Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 3.62.358.7515021.0
Surana Solar SURANASOL Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 21.218.334.6301226.0
Surana Telecom and Power SURANAT&P Recent Patterns.. CABLES - TELECOM 4.654.27.9535939.0
Surya Roshni Ltd. SURYAROSNI Recent Patterns.. STEEL AND STEEL PRODUCTS 262.1148.4299.8772036.0
Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills SURYALAXMI Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 106.8102.75165.558200.0
Sutlej Textiles and Industries SUTLEJTEX Recent Patterns.. TEXTILE PRODUCTS 902.0546.0963.35398.0
SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES LTD SUVEN Recent Patterns.. MEDICAL 187.1149.0227.0338482.0
Suzlon Energy Ltd. SUZLON Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 19.1512.022.256.20576E7
Swan Energy Ltd. SWANENERGY Recent Patterns.. TRADING 126.6558.0213.85441913.0
Swaraj Engines Ltd. SWARAJENG Recent Patterns.. DIESEL ENGINES 1797.61092.051985.06109.0
Swelect Energy Systems SWELECTES Recent Patterns.. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 414.6275.5459.029142.0
Symphony Ltd. SYMPHONY Recent Patterns.. CONSUMER DURABLES 1324.81071.051570.036833.0
Syncom Healthcare Ltd. SYNCOM Recent Patterns.. PHARMACEUTICALS 5.655.59.6136111.0
Syndicate Bank SYNDIBANK Recent Patterns.. BANKS 75.8559.295.07672960.0
Syngene International Ltd. SYNGENE Recent Patterns.. MISCELLANEOUS 454.9376.0663.2195704.0

*Blue Chip - Shares that are part of BSE 30, Nifty 50, BSE 100, CNX 100, CNX Nifty Junior
**Shares in which F&O (Futures & Options) can be played
***Midcap - Shares that are part of CNX Midcap, Nifty Midcap,BSE Midcap

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